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Board for Architects, Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, Certified Interior Designers, and Landscape Architects Regulations [18 VAC 10 ‑ 20]
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Develop regulations for a mandatory continuing education requirement for architect, professional engineer, and land surveyor licenses.
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CLOSED     Opened on 3/3/2008 and Ended on 5/2/2008

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Mandated Continuing Education Requirement -- Against James F. Holdener, PE, The MITRE Corporation  5/2/08  9:45 pm
Continuing Education Requirements Need Clarity and Improvements Before Adoption Carey Johnston  5/2/08  9:31 pm
Continue the Traditional PE Robert W. Jorgenson, PE  5/2/08  8:55 pm
Unnecessary Mandate Shayne Smith, PE  5/2/08  5:35 pm
Find no value in the proposal Richard L. Larson  5/2/08  4:05 pm
Mandatory continuing education is impracticable and unnecessary. Joseph L. Spruill -- Joseph L. Spruill, AIA  5/2/08  3:14 pm
Continuing Education(CE) already happening on the job Paul Quattrociocchi, PE  5/2/08  3:12 pm
Additional burden, "NO" CE for PE Arun Mehta, P.E.  5/2/08  3:04 pm
Continuing Education Comment J. Dan Kinard, P.E., R.C.D.D.  5/2/08  2:49 pm
Oppose 18 VAC 10 - 20 Kipp J. Yule, PE  5/2/08  2:47 pm
Comments on PE Continuing Education Requirement Regulations Todd Bockwoldt  5/2/08  2:07 pm
I oppose the CE credit requirements Raghunath Parthasarathi, P.E.  5/2/08  1:42 pm
Continuing Education for Professional Engineers Emil Matula  5/2/08  1:11 pm
A Request to the Board and An Appeal to My Fellow Professionals William P. Corish, P.E., Corish Engineering, Front Royal, Virginia  5/2/08  12:44 pm
CE Requirement - JUST A NEW BUSINESS B. Shah, P.E.  5/2/08  10:20 am
We are Professionals... Pete Petersen, CB Richard Ellis  5/2/08  8:35 am
Vote "NO" CE For PE's Joseph Pfab, PE  5/2/08  6:55 am
Second comment in opposition to the continuing education requirement Martin S. Lane Ph.D  5/1/08  11:30 pm
Vote No Craig W. Talcott P.E.  5/1/08  9:10 pm
Complete Waste of Time S. W. Scallion, P.E.  5/1/08  7:27 pm
Unnecessary Enforcement of Law Jim Purdy, PE  5/1/08  6:47 pm
I oppose continuing education program Bryan Jones, LS  5/1/08  5:26 pm
I am 100% opposed to a continuing education requirement. Spencer Adsit  5/1/08  3:54 pm
What's the Problem Being Solved? Maurice W. Pitt, National Nuclear Security Administration  5/1/08  9:54 am
Vote NO William B. Bott PE  5/1/08  6:51 am
CE is an inefficient solution for a non-existent problem James K. Fishback, PE  4/30/08  1:25 pm
One last blast of the AIA Apxtect  4/30/08  10:17 am
PE Continuing Education Requirements R. Morgan Burrow Jr., P.E., R. Morgan Burrow P.E. & Assoc., P.C.  4/30/08  12:23 am
Economic Impact is not Clearly Summarized - Why? David Darling  4/29/08  11:10 pm
Comment on 18 VAC 10-20-683 Paragraph C.5.b John Neal Dalton, PE  4/29/08  9:45 pm
Continuing education courses Sachchida N. Gupta, P.E., M.A.S.C.E. - President SNG Engineering, Inc.  4/29/08  4:18 pm
Calendar year for earning continuing education credits J. Paul Davis, P.E.  4/29/08  3:15 pm
CE Jay Maji P.E.  4/29/08  11:10 am
Serves no useful purpose Thomas E. Brannen, P.E. Brannen Engineering Services, P.C.  4/28/08  11:35 am
No to Forced Education A Virginia Architects Perspective  4/28/08  8:44 am
Best Handled Through Employment Chain Of Command Frank Mezzanotte, PE, MSc, Supervisor, Transmission Planning, ISO-NE  4/28/08  7:49 am
Scuttle this requirement Cathy C. Roberts, Ph.D., P.E.; college dean  4/27/08  11:30 am
(Copy of letter to DPOR Executive Director) R.L.  4/27/08  1:09 am
Continuing Education Requirement Chris Klasing, JCK Associates, Inc., Greenville, SC  4/24/08  9:28 pm
I oppose mandated CE requirements. Alan Batson, architect  4/24/08  3:03 pm
APELSCIDA Implementation of Continuing Education Law Dean Schleicher, P.E., Technical Director, Donald L. Blount and Associates  4/24/08  2:27 pm
Out of state license holder Charles E. Venditti, PE Marathon Oil Company  4/24/08  2:04 pm
Continuiing Education Requirements for Engineers Charles H Heaton  4/24/08  10:39 am
Opposed to Continuing Education Requirement for PEs Joseph R Pincus  4/23/08  10:00 pm
Mandatory Continuing Education for Engineers Stephen J. Hatch, P.E.  4/23/08  4:54 pm
Proposed Contining Education Rules leave much to be desired Thomas A. Westbrook, P.E.  4/23/08  2:45 pm
Mandatory Continuing Education - What's the Problem? Joshua W. Elvove, PE, CSP  4/23/08  2:32 pm
No need for additional requirements Donald Prunty JR, P.E.  4/23/08  11:17 am
Required reading in lieu of classes makes more sense Jack Martin  4/23/08  11:08 am
CE not a burden Karyn Moreland, P.E.  4/23/08  10:27 am
No to Continuing Education Kevin J. Johnson, P.E.  4/23/08  9:56 am
Exemptions William Irby, P.E.  4/22/08  6:20 pm
This needs a lot of thought Charles N. Calvano, Naval Postgraduate School  4/22/08  3:53 pm
CE William Hoge P.E.  4/22/08  1:41 pm
Require CE for code reviewers, officials; "Related experience" Jeremy Fretts, Niles Bolton Associates  4/22/08  1:23 pm
My view on Continuing Education requirements for State licensure R. H. Edwards / Niles Bolton Associates  4/22/08  12:18 pm
We may not like the new mandatory CEP, but it appears we're stuck with it. James Kyle  4/22/08  10:14 am
Election to Professional Boards, appointment to State Committees and conference attendence C. Flint Webb, P.E.  4/21/08  11:22 pm
Don't Add More Red Tape Robert Thompson, P.E.  4/21/08  3:34 pm
In opposition to CE Paul Jennette  4/21/08  3:21 pm
mandatory continuing education program Goldfarb Notkins+More  4/21/08  11:00 am
mandatory continuing education program Goldfarb Notkins+More  4/21/08  11:00 am
mandatory continuing education program Goldfarb Notkins+More  4/21/08  11:00 am
This should not be a requirement. Ronald Gordon Jr., CLS  4/21/08  10:38 am
PEs with the Federal Government Fernando Angelelli, Jr., U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  4/21/08  9:08 am
Continuing Education Requirements for PEs Robert D. Steele PE  4/21/08  7:03 am
Vote NO Thomas L. Brandon, PhD, PE  4/20/08  1:37 pm
What problem does this continuing education requirement solve? Tom Welch, PE  4/18/08  9:33 pm
Say No to Mandatory Continuing Education William Plymale, PE  4/18/08  4:25 pm
continuing education for professional engineers James Roger Jones  4/18/08  11:17 am
Continuing education Looking for a better Solution  4/18/08  10:48 am
Continuing Education John F. Hill, Jr. LS  4/17/08  4:01 pm
Criteria for Continuing Education Carolyn Langelotti, P.E.  4/17/08  1:00 pm
NO! Krista Minotti Schauer, Architect  4/16/08  3:18 pm
VA Association of Surveyors Supports Continuing Education Douglas Richmond, President, Virginia Association of Surveyors  4/16/08  9:16 am
CE requirements Jay Maji PE  4/15/08  4:42 pm
Practicing Engineers Don't Need This Stephen W. Bobiak, Jr. P.E. - Paragon Engineering Corporation  4/15/08  3:10 pm
CE requirements Anonymous PE  4/15/08  3:09 pm
The proposal "winners" are inconsequential William Eisenhauer, PE  4/15/08  12:09 pm
NO to proposal for c.e.u. requirement Norton  4/15/08  11:09 am
No CE Requirement Necessary Chesterfield County  4/15/08  10:22 am
Don't see the benefit R.M. Lloyd, PE, PTG  4/14/08  9:23 pm
No required CE! Susan Cheek, architect  4/14/08  2:59 pm
Need for Continuing Education Dennis Johnson, POWER Engineers  4/14/08  12:29 pm
APELSCIDLA mandatory education program for PE Sung Kim  4/14/08  10:14 am
Strongly support CE requirements, if AIA credits are accepted. Al Cox, FAIA  4/12/08  6:48 pm
Continuing Education Exemption for Age Gordon S. Quesenberry  4/12/08  11:42 am
NO CE for PEs Richard M. Neville, P.E.  4/11/08  7:13 pm
Forced Education is Wrong Ananomous  4/11/08  2:59 pm
Vote NO David Forsythe P.E.  4/11/08  2:06 pm
PEs in overseas Ersin Kasirga, PE, PMP  4/10/08  4:30 pm
In favor of CE Craig D. Perl, P.E., City of Alexandria  4/10/08  10:50 am
CE Anonymous PE for 20 plus years  4/10/08  9:45 am
CE has done little, if anything in other states Dave Hornsby, PE  4/9/08  3:11 pm
Proposed Continuing Education Requirement and Deployed Members of the U.S. Military Pete Stemniski, P.E.  4/9/08  12:17 pm
Staying Current - At Our Pace Andrew Miller, PE, LS Fairfax County  4/9/08  11:45 am
Yes Providing... Kimberly Belfour, AIA  4/9/08  11:21 am
Comments on Proposed Continuing Education (CE) Text Ronald N. Kirkpatrick, PE, Fairfax County DPWES  4/9/08  9:30 am
Vote NO on Continuing Education Requirement Kristin L. Allen  4/9/08  8:45 am
Vote NO to proposed Mandatory Continuing Education Ed Morsi, P.E., Alpha Corporation  4/8/08  2:25 pm
Continuing Professional Competency John Hamilton  4/8/08  2:08 pm
Keep the process simple Thom Lowther, American Institute of Architects  4/8/08  9:23 am
No demonstrated need for CE in Virginia John W. Ostergren, Jr., P.E. also FAA ATP with CFII ASMEL - Ostergren, P.C.  4/7/08  11:51 pm
CE is REQUIRED, Post Constructive Comments John G. Kuykendall, PE, Virginia Tech  4/7/08  4:48 pm
Vote No To CE! Tara Anderson, P.E., USDA-NRCS  4/7/08  3:28 pm
Continuing educational can be heavily monetarily influenced John Peterson, PE, LEED AP; EYP mcf, a subsidiary of HP  4/7/08  2:51 pm
PE CE Requirements James C. Owens, P.E.  4/7/08  11:41 am
Vote No to Continuing Education Chad Slothower, Erdman Anthony  4/7/08  8:02 am
Do Not Live In The Area Bruce Zimmerman  4/6/08  7:40 pm
CE requirement for maintaining licensure is a bad idea Frederick Clapp  4/6/08  12:54 pm
Continuing Education- Allow AIA credits and other states comp. requirements Frank D. Mileto AIA  4/6/08  10:33 am
Proposed Continuing Education Steve K. Yates, P.E.; Volvo Construction Equipment  4/5/08  3:04 pm
PE CE is not possible to effectively regulate. Michael S. Abbott, P.E.  4/5/08  1:46 pm
CE Pre Approval and exemptions. Will Nash, L.S. #1966  4/4/08  10:10 am
Continuing Education Credits Jeffrey S. LaPierre, PE  4/4/08  8:05 am
Mandatory continuing education Shawn Saunders, Dell Computer  4/3/08  10:46 pm
C.E. (SHORT VERSION, see above) -- NOOOOO BLACKWELL ENGINEERING  4/3/08  4:40 pm
CE credits to keep a license - NO! Gerald H. Crowther, P.E.  4/3/08  3:49 pm
Continuing Ed Credit (CE) Comments Bruce A. Tschantz, P.E. (incl Va), Prof. Emeri., Univ. of Tenn., Knoxville  4/3/08  1:01 pm
CE A P.E.  4/3/08  12:37 pm
The 2008 Continuing Education Debate American Institute of Architects  4/3/08  12:17 pm
Continuing Education Jeffrey Zehner / ENSR Corporation  4/2/08  10:52 pm
Problems with Continuing ED from a Former APELSCIDLA Board Chairman Richard Davenport, P.E. Former Chairman APELSCIDLA Board & Engineering Sect  4/2/08  10:48 pm
Webinars Must be Allowed Dean Westman, Whitman Requardt & Associates  4/2/08  6:18 pm
Public Safety justifies any usurpation? Shawn Emmons  4/2/08  6:08 pm
Please limit the CE requirements to 12 contact hours /year, to conform to most other jurisdictions Kenneth R. Stock, Heartland Group LLC, Architects and Engineers  4/2/08  12:00 pm
One more burden that we don't need. Do not approve this. Dan R. Brooks, P. E., Brooks Engineering  4/2/08  11:52 am
Necessary and Overdue Daniel Gradishar, P.E.  4/2/08  10:14 am
Continuing education for licensed professionals Marion C. David, R.A.  4/2/08  9:58 am
Opposed to Continuing Education Requirements Thomas Trenkle, PE  4/2/08  8:58 am
Against Mandatory CE program for PE's S.G. Papadopoulos,PE - Consulting Engineer  4/1/08  4:37 pm
Sponsor Debra L. Brand, Jefferson Lab  4/1/08  3:21 pm
Credit Hours Debra L. Brand  4/1/08  3:18 pm
No need for this, particularly now. George H. Harris. PE  3/31/08  4:21 pm
CE a good idea, but we need autonomy in choosing the CE Steven A. Jones, P.E.  3/31/08  3:25 pm
Experience vs. AIA Linwood Gardner, RA  3/31/08  2:04 pm
required continuing education requirements james bates, registered architect  3/31/08  1:49 pm
Scarcity of CE for Railway Engineering Russell McDaniel, PE, Norfolk Southern Railway  3/30/08  9:52 pm
Multiple state license holders need more efficient process Scott Richards, PE  3/30/08  5:17 pm
Flexibility necessary for multi-state registrants and specialized practices Karl Lahm, PE  3/30/08  11:03 am
Negative Opinion of Continuing Education Requirements David Duerr, P.E., 2DM Associates, Inc.  3/29/08  1:12 pm
In Opposition William A. Fox, PE  3/29/08  10:21 am
Against Mandatory CE Requirement Rick Vollmer, P.E.  3/29/08  3:19 am
Vote NO to required continuing education for P.E.'s Chris Hamilton, P.E.  3/28/08  4:50 pm
Continuing Education JAmes L. Getaz III, P.E., Shockey Precast Group  3/27/08  11:41 am
Continuing Education Cliff Conner  3/27/08  11:17 am
Continuing Education - Comment Jeffrey C. Head, P.E.  3/27/08  11:02 am
Support Continuing Education in Virginia Paul Crumpler PE  3/27/08  10:09 am
Continuing Education (CE) A P.E . who teaches and understands economics  3/27/08  9:15 am
I have a license in N.Y. We have to take 3 courses every year. It is expensive in time. But most of Jitendra B. Singh  3/26/08  1:37 pm
Most Engrs consider that continuing education is a necessity, to get ahead, but not by govt reg. James Stangenberg, The Robert B. Balter Company  3/26/08  12:32 pm
Vote NO on CE Joe Browen  3/26/08  7:34 am
On the Job Training is the Best Continuing Education Ronald Lee White, RA  3/25/08  4:33 pm
Inconsistent with other states and impractical Dwight Baker, PE; MITRE Corp.  3/25/08  4:26 pm
Recommendations for Continuing Education Policy Donald Jacobson, PE, Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division  3/25/08  4:24 pm
Need to recognize CEU equivalents Jules Cohen, P.E., Self-employed Consulting Engineer  3/25/08  11:23 am
Relax - Education Requirements Are Not A Burden Chuck Fleming PE, City of Hampton  3/25/08  10:56 am
One more is now a law Sam Kirby  3/25/08  7:49 am
Continuing Education Requirements for Renewing PE Jen Burrell  3/25/08  7:09 am
Vote No. Requirements for Reciprocity. Robert F. Hynes, PE  3/25/08  12:44 am
Who stands to gain from this? Anonymous (1253)  3/25/08  12:41 am
Opposed to continuing education requirement for Professional Engineers. K. M. Klaber, US Dept. of Defense  3/24/08  11:08 pm
NO! To Mandatory Continuing Education. Macon Smith, Architect  3/24/08  5:28 pm
Voting No For Continuing Education David Alcorn, P.E.  3/24/08  4:42 pm
Continuing Education Dennis Ray Varney, PE, LS  3/24/08  4:27 pm
Opposed to CE requirements Stephen King, P.E.  3/24/08  3:59 pm
Mandatory Continuing Educaiton Program Stephen S Szoke, Portland Cement Association  3/24/08  1:19 pm
Excessive Burden Brandon R. Bagwell, PE US Navy Combatant Craft Division  3/24/08  12:46 pm
PLEASE VOTE NO TO MANDATORY CONTINUING EDUCATION Charles E. Rozier, L.S., Colonial Lands Surveying and Mapping  3/24/08  11:25 am
Grandfather Clause J. Calvin Holcombe, Architect  3/24/08  11:00 am
The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions. Peter Brunsgaard, P.E.  3/24/08  10:48 am
Generous Carryover Policy David Loduca, PE PB Americas, Inc.  3/24/08  9:46 am
Develop voluntary continuing education course. Jerry G. Williams, P.E., Ph.D  3/23/08  9:00 pm
If done right it is not cumbersome (Govt DAWIA Cont Learning reqt) Jason T Marshall PE  3/22/08  7:50 pm
Another Vote Against Roberto Mata, PE  3/22/08  6:29 pm
continuing education robert berger  3/22/08  4:26 pm
Strongly oppose and if a reality should only apply to new PE's Timothy Cherry  3/22/08  3:34 pm
Continuing Education for PEs David K. O'Flynn, PE  3/22/08  2:38 pm
Continuing Education Anthony Basile  3/22/08  3:38 am
Implementation of CE Kurt J. Heinz, P.E.  3/21/08  10:53 am
Apply requirement only to newly licensed PE's Sidney M Skjei, P>E>  3/21/08  10:11 am
Define Requirements of CE Douglas Henderson, PE  3/21/08  10:01 am
No objection if it's real education, but is it? Timothy J. Duffy, AIA  3/21/08  1:31 am
Individual and Corporate Burden Dr. Carl S. Pates, PhD, PE  3/20/08  10:17 pm
Not in favor, More a burden than an aid, JUST SAY NO Darin DeBlasio, RA  3/20/08  8:24 pm
Doctors and Lawyers have CE requirements; why not Engineers? Robert G. Brooks, PE  3/20/08  5:02 pm
We need consistency with other states to help those registered in several. MILFORD BRINTON, P.E., CB&I, TYLER, TEXAS  3/20/08  4:38 pm
Comments on Proposed MCE Regulations Edward Westerman, P.E. (VA Society of Professional Engineers)  3/20/08  4:13 pm
Provide an exemption for "Retired Status" C.D. Cobb, P.E.  3/20/08  3:33 pm
Seeking details of what the 16 hours of approved education activties will look like Hunter L. Barnes  3/20/08  2:15 pm
Keep price low Ty Brady, L.S.  3/20/08  1:33 pm
Continuing Education Darryl Merchant  3/20/08  1:20 pm
Proposed Continuing Education Regulations Henry Burke, Retired Civil Engineer  3/20/08  12:07 pm
No on proposed regulation change, continuing education should remain voluntary Stephen M. Platt, PE, LS  3/20/08  11:18 am
Suggested Change to text. Thomas Wayne Harding, PE, M.ASCE  3/20/08  10:45 am
Support Craig Weaver, PE  3/20/08  10:21 am
Engineering Continuing Education Requirements - Good Idea, Poor Execution Darrin Geldert, PE  3/20/08  9:41 am
Those who can, do; those who can't, teach; those who can't teach, push CE. Thonas Graham, RA  3/20/08  8:54 am
Multiple Condemnations of Continuing Education for PE's Dr. Donald L. Goddard PhD PE Retired Professor  3/20/08  1:28 am
This is a big burden to the smaller firms & for what value? The free market will weed out laggards. Nick Alten, PE BetterSpace, LLC  3/20/08  12:49 am
People!!! This already existing legislation passed under HB 1054 in 2006 Frank Richardson / Virginia Association of Surveyors, Inc.  3/19/08  5:55 pm
No to continuing education requirements William Fletcher, VP ,Kohler Associates Architects  3/19/08  4:26 pm
PDH's in reasonable quantities are preferred. Matthew Hilbush, President of Mainstay Engineering  3/19/08  12:48 pm
Continuing Education versus B+30 Sam Kirby,P.E., F&R  3/19/08  12:29 pm
JUST SAY NO !!!!!! Darin DeBlasio, RA  3/19/08  10:25 am
My work requires extensive travel to overseas USG buildings leaving me no time for continuing ed. Joel Edillon, P.E. - U.S. State Department.  3/19/08  9:42 am
Continuing education for PEs William G. Thomas, PE, Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center  3/19/08  9:31 am
A funny story with serious implications Anonymous (1137)  3/19/08  8:25 am
Identify Need and Demonstrate Program's Utility Dave Turner, Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding - Newport News  3/18/08  11:16 pm
Leave us alone Samuel Hepford, AIA  3/18/08  10:06 pm
Mandated Continuing Education is unnecessary LT Brian Clapp, PE, PMP; White House Military Office  3/18/08  8:48 pm
Why? William A. Lucas, P.E. - retired engineer living in Florida  3/18/08  7:58 pm
CONTINUING EDUCATION FOR VIRGINIA P.E. LICENSE Uday Kari, Riverside Technology  3/18/08  4:21 pm
Why is this necessary? John S. henley, PE  3/18/08  3:40 pm
Proposed Mandatory Continued Education Program Rudi J. van Leeuwen, PE  3/18/08  2:07 pm
Graduate Programs and Broad Interpretation John Thompson  3/18/08  1:07 pm
Hurt the commonwealth and drive engineers away Robert Moore, P.E. Hewlett Packard  3/18/08  11:20 am
Additional sources of CPE credit Morgan Hurley  3/18/08  9:56 am
CEU Usefullness Loren D. Raap, PE  3/18/08  9:37 am
Proposed rule would have no benefit to me. Phillip Garber, P.E., City of Charlottesville  3/18/08  8:10 am
Virginia Licensure Exemptions: Effects on Continuing Education Requirement Anonymous (1121)  3/17/08  7:47 pm
Continuing Education requirement Darryl Hampton / SDDCTEA  3/17/08  7:32 pm
Against Continueing Education for Professional Engineers Brian K. Williams, P.E., Continental Automotive Systems  3/17/08  7:10 pm
CE- Opposed but what is the point? Elizabeth Platt, PE  3/17/08  6:21 pm
Continuing Education Requirement YOUSUF, Mohammed, P.E.; Department of Defense  3/17/08  4:51 pm
CEU's Mark Lindsey AIA, NCARB  3/17/08  4:37 pm
Opposed to Continuing Education Dennis P. Murtland, P.E., Dominion Building Group  3/17/08  3:32 pm
Not opposed but need to expand options Randy L Weingart, Luck Stone Corporation  3/17/08  3:30 pm
Continuing Education is a noble idea, but has yet to be made more than an expensive waste of time. Jim Plowden, Plowden Engineering  3/17/08  2:14 pm
Vote Against CE Requirements Pete Aitcheson, US Department of Health and Human Services  3/17/08  2:03 pm
Is is too late to reverse the law? Janet P. Procida, Architect  3/17/08  12:14 pm
CE is a solution looking for a problem. Cody Francis, PE  3/17/08  12:11 pm
Professional organization involvement Douglas C. Gilman, P.E. Chesterfield Utilities  3/17/08  11:05 am
Proposed Continuing Education needs a solid plan and benifit study Robert Prior, US Naval Air Warfare Center  3/17/08  10:57 am
CE for PE's and Land Surveyors James McKnight, McKnight & Associates P.C. Land Surveying  3/17/08  9:51 am
STOP THIS CRAP Roger Morgan, AIA  3/17/08  9:43 am
Continuing Education Anonymous, LS  3/17/08  7:16 am
No need for CE Greg Kemp  3/17/08  6:54 am
Please Review the Objective Rick Schoenthaler  3/17/08  1:16 am
I am in favor of the rules as written - These are very minimal requirements Doug Richmond, GeoMetrics GPS, Inc..  3/16/08  10:54 pm
Continuing Education for Architects-Keep it simple Cary Gill. AIA  3/16/08  9:49 pm
Continuing Ed - vote no Kevin Smola, Kevin A. Smola & Assoc  3/16/08  7:39 pm
Looks good on paper, but real-word implementation suspect Jay Rule, MeadWestvao  3/16/08  2:55 pm
Support Continuing Education - Yes Michael W. Hoover LS  3/16/08  12:37 pm
Continuing Education Requirement Burdensome and Unnecessary Daniel Young, PE  3/16/08  12:25 pm
Continuing Education Wayne Schleder  3/16/08  11:28 am
Reasonable CE Requirements Isam Z. Bandak, PE  3/15/08  4:39 pm
Mandatory Continuing Education Requirements Stephen G. Kopach, LS  3/15/08  10:45 am
CE credits Anonymous PE  3/15/08  1:29 am
Continuing Education Requirements for PE's Henry Burruss, AREVA NP  3/14/08  5:10 pm
No value for PE's - a goldmine for the continuing education cabal Thomas E. Richards, PE  3/14/08  4:30 pm
Ben Buckner avoided CE States David A. Bess, L.S., ACS Design, LLC  3/14/08  3:13 pm
Objection to Proposal Requiring Continuing Education Credits Wendell A. Trivette, P.E., Porter-Gaud School  3/14/08  3:03 pm
DPOR must do much more Y Wang, Axxis Corporation  3/14/08  12:12 pm
CEU Credits from other states Erich B.Strong-Rogers Lovelock and Fritz  3/14/08  10:37 am
CEU Credits from other states Erich B.Strong-Rogers Lovelock and Fritz  3/14/08  10:36 am
Mandatory Continuing Education not needed J. Robert Blawas, Mechanical Engineer  3/14/08  9:16 am
Must not be approved in present form-will do harm Joseph Dove  3/13/08  9:38 pm
The Cost of a Mandatory Program Will Not Be Significantly Beneficial Norman James Willis, Architect  3/13/08  9:30 pm
Mixed bag for military Lt Col Justin Davey, US Air Force  3/13/08  6:27 pm
Proposed new Continuing Education Rqmt Tom Nyman, PE 7097  3/13/08  6:13 pm
Continuing Education for all PE's    3/13/08  4:16 pm
Maximize Flexibility and Minimize Administrative Burden David Ray Finnell, P.E. - HK Systems, Inc.  3/13/08  4:05 pm
How did this get through the General Assembly??? Brian F Cleary P.E., GJB Engineering Inc  3/13/08  4:04 pm
CE what? Speciality, P.E.  3/13/08  3:54 pm
PE holders working overseas! Ersin Kasirga, Parsons Corporation  3/13/08  2:19 pm
I'm for it Robin Neff, PE Canam Steel Corporation  3/13/08  1:51 pm
Either set a quantifiable standard or leave it alone John Miles, BE&K  3/13/08  1:40 pm
CEU Requirement Proposal David Rodler SK&A  3/13/08  12:59 pm
Exceptions for older surveyors William (Bill) Sikes, Christopher Consultants  3/13/08  12:54 pm
Additional Burdens For An Already Overburdened Engineer Steve Zellner - Navy NAVFAC MIDLANT  3/13/08  11:55 am
Suggestions Gina Dubbe  3/13/08  11:54 am
OPPOSED to mandatory continuing education J. Michael Papit AIA  3/13/08  11:35 am
Vote No Eric Fennell, P.E. VA,FL,AL,MS,LA,AR,KS,MD,TX,OK  3/13/08  10:19 am
It is devastating for engineers! More money for academia! Valery Tsimmerman, P.E. ORAH Constructice Technologies, Inc.  3/13/08  10:18 am
I support the proposal Paul Cimaglia, PE, LEEP AP; Dunlap & Partners Engineers  3/13/08  10:14 am
NO to Continuing Education Requirement Paul D. Julian, PE, PLS  3/13/08  9:44 am
Continuing Education (CE) Jaydeb Maji, PE  3/13/08  9:29 am
Please No!! Charles Rich  3/13/08  8:22 am
People who actually do the work in the field are educated everyday! Susan Benson, LSB - Odyssey Associates, Inc.  3/13/08  8:12 am
Engineers stationed overseas Lillian Pfluke, PE, American Battle Monuments Commission  3/13/08  4:29 am
Jack Reid sponsored this bill in 2006 A repeat customer  3/12/08  10:49 pm
CE Done Right Brady E. Todd, PS  3/12/08  9:42 pm
For mandtory continuing education Curtis R. Jennings, Jr.  3/12/08  6:11 pm
CE helps the economy ! David A. Bockian, A.I.A., NCARB, Design Constructors, Inc.  3/12/08  5:14 pm
Proposal not complete - no criteria for acceptable courses Michael Klemen  3/12/08  3:02 pm
I have experience with this, this is a well intentioned idea, but will yield no beneficial result Gary Moline P.E. Project Electrical Engineer/Manager - Polysius Corporation  3/12/08  2:55 pm
Continuing Ed requirement is the law and not and option Leslie S. Vincent, P.E. Virginia Division of Mined Land Reclamation  3/12/08  2:53 pm
Do Field Trips and Webinars Count Towards CE? Dean C. Westman, WR&A  3/12/08  1:38 pm
against proposed regulated CE requirement john yeisley  3/12/08  1:18 pm
Continuing Education is good, but should be limited. R. Wayne Farmer, Farmer Surveys, Inc.  3/12/08  11:45 am
PE CEU Requirements Nelson Burks  3/12/08  11:28 am
Continuing Education for Engineers Dennis Tignor, PE, CWI Principal Engineer, Retired Duke Energy Corporation  3/12/08  11:12 am
Continuing Education - A worthwhile tool Gary Simpson, LS  3/12/08  10:11 am
Completely Opposed to Plan. Is of No Practical Benefit and Causes Harm to Practicing Engineers Jim Studer, Civil Engineer  3/12/08  9:40 am
Proposed continuing education requirement Robert Boucheron, Architect  3/12/08  9:36 am
CE is Good, Mis-Managed Gov. Regulation is Terrible Idea Douglas Potts, SIT  3/12/08  9:19 am
Virginia gives in to trend that is meaningless and for show only. Jeff Hinson, Allegheny Power  3/12/08  8:54 am
Preapproval of Courses and Instructors is a Must! anonymous surveyor  3/12/08  8:39 am
Forced education is wrong - Sic semper tyrannis (Thus always to tyrants) Anonymous (1035)  3/12/08  7:33 am
Reciprocity Richard A. Rader, Leo W. Rader Surveyors, Inc.  3/12/08  5:59 am
Mandatory Continuing Education Glen Anders, AIA ; TranSystems  3/12/08  2:52 am
Consider out-of-state residents Jonathan Trail, PE and Director at Merced Systems, Inc.  3/11/08  11:55 pm
Will This Improve Our Craft? Don Rainey, RAINEY ENGINEERING  3/11/08  8:56 pm
Waste of Time Ralph V. Locurcio, PE; Professor, Florida Institute of Technology  3/11/08  8:34 pm
Continuing Education Frank H. Annessi PE  3/11/08  8:27 pm
Comments against the proposal Gregory Cross, PE, Federal govt.  3/11/08  7:45 pm
I do not need Continuing Education Courses Maurice Najarian, PE  3/11/08  5:27 pm
Continuing Education Criteria for Professional Engineers David W. Rudy PE, CDP, Retired  3/11/08  5:24 pm
No value added to society Mike Paoli, P.E., student  3/11/08  5:13 pm
This action will actually reduce the number of PE's in the state and therby reduce VA state income Patrick Osborne, PE  3/11/08  5:08 pm
DPOR has not done their job George Miller, PE  3/11/08  4:11 pm
A Flawed Concept Patrick W. Collins, RA, U.S. Department of State  3/11/08  4:05 pm
The straw that broke the camel's back. John F. Kolb, PE #019298  3/11/08  3:15 pm
CEU - irrelevant at best, more bureaucracy for sure Robert Osborne AIA  3/11/08  2:53 pm
Vote NO John Piggott, Ph.D., PE, US Army Corps of Engineers  3/11/08  2:14 pm
Vote NO for mandatory continuing education for PE in VA R. Gordon Kirk , Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering Professor  3/11/08  1:44 pm
Mandatory Continued Education for Licensure renewal John Clarke LS / Burgess & Niple,Inc.  3/11/08  1:33 pm
Exemptions for Geotechnical Work Norman J. Cohen  3/11/08  12:07 pm
Continuing education unnecessary Tim Hayes, PE  3/11/08  11:59 am
The idea is fine, but the devil is in the details. Pio F. Masone, P.E.  3/11/08  11:26 am
Allow for Broad & Flexible Training E. Daryl Merryman, P.E.; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  3/11/08  11:24 am
Against mandatory CE requirements Paul Becker, TriMech Solutions, LLC.  3/11/08  10:37 am
long overdue, perhaps now we will smoke out all those Wisconson & Texas write-in PE's Dept of Defense  3/11/08  10:35 am
Just say NO to Continuing Education - theory and reality... Eric Zimmerman, PhD, PE, US Army Topographic Engineering Center  3/11/08  10:33 am
Consistancy between States Richard Galpin, PE  3/11/08  9:29 am
The Myth of Continued Education Scott Detienne, RA, CPP, CCS, AHC, BSCP  3/11/08  9:13 am
No to continuing education Katherine Garstang, Architect  3/11/08  8:29 am
Continuing Education is Pointless Russell J. Neithammer, Chief Electrical Egnieer  3/11/08  7:50 am
North Carolina words for Inactive License D. B. Darling, PE  3/11/08  12:45 am
Proposals for implementation D. B. Darling, PE  3/11/08  12:23 am
Comments on Economic Impact Analysis supporting proposed regulations Glenn G. Jenkins, P.E.  3/10/08  11:21 pm
Comments on proposed regulations to implement Continuing Education reqmt. Glenn G. Jenkins, P.E.  3/10/08  11:19 pm
Continuing Education, a Great Thing John Ozmore, AIA  3/10/08  9:32 pm
Not necessary. I have seen no improvement in the quality of services from those allready doing this Mark J. Wenger AIA  3/10/08  9:28 pm
Does this serve our goals of regulation? Daniel Mullins, PE  3/10/08  9:11 pm
Military PE's Joe DuFresne, U.S. Coast Guard  3/10/08  8:59 pm
Real engineering is more valuable than CEUs. Also, undue burden on international WATSAN workers. Kevin Bingley, PE  3/10/08  7:23 pm
Consistency PLEASE!!! Phillip D. Ozell, AIA Ozell Stankus Assoc ATL, GA (registered in 20 states)  3/10/08  5:21 pm
How do you define continuing education? Miles M. Potter, Vista Design, Inc.  3/10/08  4:50 pm
Military Engineers - exemption Patrick Hogeboom U.S. Army  3/10/08  4:42 pm
Continuing Education is Part of Business Jeffrey Roberts, PE - Jacobs Carter Burgess, Inc.  3/10/08  4:28 pm
Credits for other STATE CE regs?? Robert P. Sutton, P.E. Sutton Engineering Services, Inc.  3/10/08  3:35 pm
We do not need continuing education Len Dolby, Marston & Marston  3/10/08  3:25 pm
Virginia Vote No for mandatory Continuing Education Peter P. Andreu, Jr., Architect  3/10/08  3:25 pm
Continuing Education Reqt -- Unnecessary Mathew D. Bliven, PE, U. S. Coast Guard  3/10/08  3:24 pm
Also strongly opposed to the proposed mandatory PE educational requirements: Brian A. MacDonald, Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding - Newport News  3/10/08  3:23 pm
PDU's and cost Larry Stearns, Independent Consultant  3/10/08  3:06 pm
The Law is the Problem - Not Necessarily the Proposed Regulation Scott C. Flieg, PE DON - Naval Reactors  3/10/08  2:30 pm
Yes only if attending and presenting papers at conferences such as TRB, ITE are counted as credit Bahram Jamei  3/10/08  2:29 pm
Virginia PE Continuing Education Proposal Donald J. Liberatore, PE  3/10/08  2:25 pm
CE Requirements for PEs should be Technical and Funded by the State of Virginia Dr. Michael L. Stallard, P.E., Brinjac Engineering  3/10/08  2:24 pm
Continuing education requirenents for engineers registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia N. R. McKinley  3/10/08  2:06 pm
CE for Engineers Bill Mc Hale P. E. EPA/ NOWCC.  3/10/08  2:01 pm
CE program for engineers Bill Mc Hale,P.E. EPA/ NOWCC  3/10/08  1:55 pm
Doubt need for Continuing Education for PEs Jack L. Eden, P.E.  3/10/08  1:20 pm
Military PE Dan Stoddard, PE (US Navy)  3/10/08  12:58 pm
I am opposed to the CE for Licensing. CE comes through practice. Marlin G. Lord AIA Architect  3/10/08  12:42 pm
Continuing Education Roy E. Easter of Roy E. Easter, Inc.  3/10/08  12:12 pm
Mandatory continuing education requirement for PEs William Jones, Harris Corporation  3/10/08  11:27 am
Do Your Professional Homework…Don’t Implement Blindly!! Michael A. Bohlmann, P.E. # 026058, Dept of the Navy  3/10/08  11:25 am
P.E. Continuing Education Requirement Vincent Riccobono, P.E.  3/10/08  11:22 am
Education is good, but preapproval is necessary Bob Farmer, Farmer Surveys, Inc.  3/10/08  11:20 am
Continuing Education is an overburden to selp-deciplined learner Beida Xie, Roy D. McQueen & Associates  3/10/08  11:15 am
Calculation of creditable hours Brendan M. Burns, PE. US Dept of Energy  3/10/08  11:00 am
PE continued Education Requirements Mohammad Azmi, PE, PhD, CTE, Inc.  3/10/08  10:35 am
Please, if you do it, do it right! Donald DeWolfe Ehre, PE, PLLC  3/10/08  10:10 am
Specialized methodology for meeting Continuing Education (CE) requirements Rudolph F. Guercia  3/10/08  9:58 am
It's about time Virginia Marc D. Doiron LS - City of High Point, NC  3/10/08  9:55 am
Professional Judgement and a Sunset Clause Hamilton Palmer  3/10/08  9:39 am
CE - a bust ! State of VA, please take note of these comments. Dave S - another PE - registered in VA, DC & MD  3/10/08  9:31 am
CE Hour Requirement Overstated, Improvement to Public Safety Questionable Robert Eure, PE  3/10/08  9:24 am
Common sense problem Ion Stanciu,PE  3/10/08  9:22 am
Continuing Education Ronald W. Trostel, P.E., Home Inspections of Northern Virginia  3/10/08  9:16 am
Cointuing eduction is a must Mohamed Kadasi, PE, LSA Inc.  3/10/08  8:59 am
Continuing Education is a Daily Requirement Scott H. Alley, L.S., President, ASA Surveying & Mapping  3/10/08  8:37 am
Mandatory PE license Cathy Roth  3/10/08  8:32 am
Age Exemption Dennis Merida, FHWA  3/10/08  8:01 am
Continuing Education Credits Kevin Wood, LS  3/10/08  7:52 am
Continuing Education Requirement for Professional Engineers Edward De Santis, P.E., Consulting Geotechnical Engineer  3/9/08  10:41 pm
Self Directed Continuing Education. James B. Jones  3/9/08  9:30 pm
Continuing Ed- Basic Engineering Requrement=If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It William W. Hays III, PE  3/9/08  9:15 pm
No to continuing education requirement Arnold Guevara, Senior Executive Service  3/9/08  8:28 pm
CE requirements, exemptions and fair application Malcolm Lyle, PE  3/9/08  6:08 pm
Value to Society Questioned Jeffrey Tubello, DMJM Aviation/AECOM  3/9/08  5:58 pm
Voluntary guidelines better than a mandate. Robert Floersheim  3/9/08  5:57 pm
How do you define a Sponsor or Instructor? Dean C. Westman, P.E. ASCE National Capital Section  3/9/08  5:33 pm
I di not agree with mandatory education for PEs. Lawrence Lussier, PE.  3/9/08  5:02 pm
No need for requirement Gary L. Brown, P.E.  3/9/08  4:53 pm
Continuing Education Requirements Walter J Ramsey, RJ & Associates, Inc.  3/9/08  4:39 pm
Unnecessary Bureaucracy Charlie Kubic, LT, CEC, USN, P.E.  3/9/08  3:52 pm
CE Must Be Meaningful John O. Roderique, P.E.  3/9/08  3:29 pm
Vote no Robert E. Coffey, Jr. P.E.  3/9/08  3:28 pm
Continuing Education program Siddharth Shah P.E.  3/9/08  3:05 pm
Continuing Education Requirement for PEs Wasteful, and Pandering to Non-Productive Special Interests Stephen, Rodgers, PE, U.S. Navy & Department of Engergy  3/9/08  1:20 pm
Consider the economic costs of this proposal. Douglas A. Campbell P.E.  3/9/08  1:11 pm
Terrible idea that won't go away unless.... Al Snyder, PE - Mech Contractor  3/9/08  12:57 pm
Strongly Opposed to Proposed Changes Brian W. Russell, PE  3/9/08  12:40 pm
Good idea but too restrictive - do what Texas does Prof. Ted Rappaport, The University of Texas at Austin  3/9/08  12:17 pm
Continuing Education doesnt add value John J. Muller, PE  3/9/08  11:35 am
Ineffective and a waste of time and money by all Robert Ellis, PE  3/9/08  11:09 am Anthony Szewczyk  3/9/08  10:51 am
HB1054 will cost the APELSCIDLA board $400,000 per year Sean Brady, PE  3/9/08  10:08 am
Having had to obtain CE credits for the past 15 years in another state......... Roger Goodwin, P.E.  3/9/08  12:20 am
Time to get Reciprocity in Ohio James Kainec  3/8/08  9:27 pm
Most states already require this. It's a good idea. Matt Pesce, Facility Strategies Group, LLC  3/8/08  9:07 pm
No To Generating Any More $$$ For AIA Or NCARB Mark Woodward / Landmark Architects & Master Builders  3/8/08  6:49 pm
CE should be flexible, allowed online & decided by regulant Greg Budnik, P.E., President, GJB Engineering Inc.  3/8/08  5:44 pm
Grandfather current engineers / Excempt Higher Ed Frank P Salzano, PE Salzano Concrete, LLC  3/8/08  4:58 pm
Continuing Education is not the answer Greg Budnik, P.E., President, GJB Engineering Inc.  3/8/08  4:56 pm
Need for Continuing Education Not Substantated by Facts and Cost-Benefit Analysis! Nikolay Voutchkov, Poseidon Resources  3/8/08  4:42 pm
CE requirements should be left up to the Professional's discretion Frank F. Potts, Jr. L.S.  3/8/08  4:31 pm
Grandfather Those Already On The Books Doug Bellomo, PE  3/8/08  4:28 pm
no option for a NO VOTE! Read David Darling's post. Chris Lowe, PE - MA Engineering Consultants  3/8/08  4:18 pm
This Hokie votes NO ! John Reeke, MS, PE  3/8/08  4:03 pm
P.E. Continuing Education - In Opposition to Requirements for Continuing Education Debra Gillilan, P.E.; Virginia Department of Transportation  3/8/08  4:01 pm
If Mandatory - Spread Requirements Out Arthur M. Valente, Architect  3/8/08  3:32 pm
Continuing Education For Professional Engineers Thomas F. O'Kane, Jr., Dir. of Public Works, Charlotte County, Florida  3/8/08  3:02 pm
Question cost / benefit of Continuing Education requirement Christopher Meehan, P.E. VA license #12217  3/8/08  2:54 pm
Make allowances for current training obligations Brad Payne  3/8/08  2:38 pm
Procedures to qualify c.e.u activities Frank Spielberg. P.E., Vanasse Hangen Brustlin  3/8/08  1:56 pm
Use of in CE providers John F Horn, Cal-Tech Inc  3/8/08  1:20 pm
Proposal unnecessary Charles Ader, PE  3/8/08  11:58 am
VOTE NO! Steven Sunderman / RRMM Architects  3/8/08  11:53 am
CE requirement for licensse renewal Robert R. Daniels, PE  3/8/08  11:45 am
Subsidy for Educators, no value for working Engineers AGAINST the rule Will Roberts PE  3/8/08  11:20 am
Engineering CE has little worth Brian Weaver, PE, Constellation Energy  3/8/08  11:19 am
Continuing education for Professional engineers is a wast of time and money Ronald Grandmaison  3/8/08  11:15 am
Poses unnecessary burden on retired persons wishing to maintain professinal status David A. Jones, PE, Retired  3/8/08  10:58 am
Say No to the proposed continued education regulation Roy Chapman, Architect  3/8/08  9:28 am
Suggest exemption for those with advanced degrees Anonymous (896)  3/8/08  5:05 am
A new way to solve a right triangle Michael A. Grigsby  3/8/08  3:05 am
No to continuing education Aaron Park, P.E.  3/8/08  1:36 am
It's a done deal fellow PEs - it is Virginia law and not subject to cancellation by our comments! David Darling  3/8/08  12:29 am
Please vote NO on continuing education requirement for registered architects in Virginia. Richard Curd, RA  3/8/08  12:18 am
Absolutely Not Necessary Yao Q. Lu, Virginia Department of Transportation  3/7/08  10:45 pm
Clarify the period / 16 vs 15 / Coordinate Requirements with Other States John M. McConaghy VA PE 10025  3/7/08  10:35 pm
CE is a needless expense and burden on working professionals Robert Jones, PE  3/7/08  9:47 pm
Opposition to Mandatory Education for lIcensure Dennis Neil Rankins  3/7/08  9:23 pm
Worthless Requirement that does not protect the public or enhance professionalism David Darling, P.E.  3/7/08  9:16 pm
I have no problem with CEU's, Just the Dates for completion James C Buie, AIA, NCARB, ICC President James C Buie Architect, Inc  3/7/08  8:06 pm
Are there quantifiable benefits? And to whom? Mark Brinckerhoff, RA  3/7/08  7:21 pm
Professional Organizational Standard(?) Michael Stumbaugh  3/7/08  7:01 pm
What's the objective here?? Harvey Beckham  3/7/08  5:31 pm
Continuing Education Mark Perry, LSIT  3/7/08  5:03 pm
Disagree with CE requirement Vince Renaud, Principal, ComputerSite Engineering  3/7/08  4:54 pm
A mandatory continuing education program for PE Tin Nguyen  3/7/08  4:18 pm
Against! Alternative is VA sponsored internet class or exemption when not working as a PE. Joseph Bonometti, Ph.D., PE  3/7/08  4:04 pm
Life Long Learning for Civil Engineering Paul W. Mayne, P.E., PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology  3/7/08  3:55 pm
Yes to CES, No to MCE! John J. Egan, AIA  3/7/08  3:53 pm
CE requirements serve politics not people Harley E. Joseph, Jr., PE, President, Joseph, Cox & Associates, Inc.  3/7/08  3:47 pm
Incomplete Continuing Education Richard C. Elliott PE , Beardsley Design Associates  3/7/08  3:46 pm
On the fence for many reasons concerning CE for Professionals Brent D Phillips, PE, LC; Phillips Engineering, PLLC  3/7/08  3:16 pm
Not in favor of mandatory CE -- Is it law? Jonathan Adams, PE  3/7/08  3:09 pm
Education is a MUST Chris Capozzi, LS, URS Corporation  3/7/08  3:07 pm
Say No to CE requirements for PE Randall N. Gattis  3/7/08  3:05 pm
The proposed regulations aren't clear enough and are an added burden Jeff Carr, L.S., W.W. Associates, Inc., Lynchburg, VA  3/7/08  3:05 pm
Took long enough Peter Skaredoff, PE - Clark Nexsen  3/7/08  3:04 pm
Do it Once and Do it Right John Roberts, LS, City of Virginia Beach  3/7/08  3:02 pm
need pre-approved classes and providers Michael L. Parrish LS  3/7/08  2:57 pm
No to continuing education David Ford PE, Fed Gov  3/7/08  2:56 pm
divide $ jack macdonald, architect  3/7/08  2:10 pm
Continuing education is an essential part of being a professional. Thomas Wallen, P.E., Thomas J. Wallen, P.E., Attorney at Law, L.L.C.  3/7/08  2:06 pm
Required CEU credits for Engineers David Rasnick, Summit Engineering, Inc.  3/7/08  2:04 pm
"biennium" requirement needs a "biennium" transition period - VA fin data was no $$ for 2 biennium Robert G. Semelsberger, Ph.D., PE,  3/7/08  1:51 pm
In favor of Continuing Education; Will only help Jeffrey Smeraldo, LS PHR+A surveying Director Leesburg  3/7/08  1:50 pm
No Continuing Education Required P. Scott Morris, Akima Construction Services  3/7/08  1:31 pm
Mandatory CE, waste of time and money. Dennis Hall, LS  3/7/08  1:30 pm
Please vote NO Gregory A. Wolven, P.E.  3/7/08  1:30 pm
Is the State Trying to Discourage PE's? Anonymous (854)  3/7/08  1:27 pm
C.E. courses that I have taken do not improve the way I practice. Continuing practice does! Jerry Dixon, JD Architectural Studio, Ltd.  3/7/08  1:26 pm
No to Continuing Education Michael J. Bogenreif, P.E.  3/7/08  12:55 pm
C.E. needs to be defined better before approval. Kurt Sisson, National Gallery of Art  3/7/08  12:51 pm
Continuing Education will mean older PE.'s will discontinue their P.E. license James S. Taylor, Brown, Williams, Moorhead & Quinn, Inc.  3/7/08  12:06 pm
My vote is 'no'; courses offered will likely not have much technical content (e.g. ethics, surveys) Berton J Braley III, Edge Space Systems  3/7/08  12:04 pm
Minimal Value-Maximum Feel Good A. S. McGraw, II PE  3/7/08  11:59 am
On the job experience is enough! Mark Lukhard, PE  3/7/08  11:50 am
CE Requirements & Registered Virginia Architect & Emeritus AIA Member Status Harry B. Adreon, AIA  3/7/08  11:41 am
Vote NO, practicing PE's are already staying current, it's part of our job's Anatoly Gregor PE, DAI Engineering/Architecture  3/7/08  11:39 am
you are creating a monster Rod Smith,PE; Waste Resources, Inc.  3/7/08  11:37 am
Propose collective contribution to provide free internet classes to reduce cost burden on licensees Sunil Kabra  3/7/08  11:28 am
Opposed to this Regulation Gregory Flory, P.E.  3/7/08  11:24 am
Absolutely the last thing we need is more government oversight. Vote NO to this. Keith Scott, Rosney Co. Architects  3/7/08  11:16 am
Continuing Education-yes, More Red Tape--No! Nickie D. Mills, PE, Abbott Engineering and Surveying  3/7/08  11:05 am
Emeritus Status for retired profesionals? Otto H. Hartenstein, RA  3/7/08  11:01 am
CE should not be the priority Joseph Fuentes, Federal Gov  3/7/08  10:52 am
Theory versus Practice Charles E. A. Bowles, LS  3/7/08  10:43 am
Government-required CE is not beneficial. John Daws, Daws Engineering LLC  3/7/08  10:42 am
No need for Continuing Education It adds no Value to Professional Engineering Reinhard O'Neill, Goneill Enterprises, LLC  3/7/08  10:39 am
Yes, Provided "Education" is interpreted broadly Mark E. Cacamis  3/7/08  10:29 am
Cost to Taxpayers Chaz Weaver, PE (VDOT)  3/7/08  10:29 am
Don't Do IT !! Grier Fleischhauer, P.E.  3/7/08  10:28 am
Professional Continuing Education Paul Kidd  3/7/08  10:26 am
PEs take equivalent college semester every two years - how ridiculous! David A. McDaniel, PE, Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center  3/7/08  10:19 am
Yes to Continuing Education Paul deC. Holt, Jr., LS - Director of Surveying- Patton Harris Rust & Assoc  3/7/08  10:13 am
No compelling reason Carl R. Klee, PE, U. S. Department of Energy  3/7/08  10:04 am
Twilight of our Careers Mario B. Ginnetti  3/7/08  9:50 am
Continuing Education Format Troy D. Williams, LS Hurt & Proffitt, Inc.  3/7/08  9:41 am
"Mandatory Continuing Education" is a HUGE waste of time and a distraction to professional engineers Mark Stevenson, ARCADIS  3/7/08  9:34 am
I recommend No / Continuing education not necessary for those doing current engineering work. David J. Van Petten, PE (Lic. No. 028961), Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding  3/7/08  9:26 am
Practice relevant CE is long overdue. Donald Caskie / Bay Design Group, PC  3/7/08  9:03 am
Continuing Education Richard Fralin. LS  3/7/08  9:03 am
I recommend No / Continuing education not necessary for those doing current engineering work. Dave Van Petten, Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding - Newport News  3/7/08  9:01 am
Make Requirements Consistent with Other States Ed Harris, O'Neal Engineering  3/7/08  8:59 am
CEUs-A Waste of Money William L Bush, PE  3/7/08  8:53 am
Over Burdening the Professional Kevin Nelson, L.S.  3/7/08  8:50 am
Continuing Education Andre' J.Perrin  3/7/08  8:48 am
A bad idea and another unnecessary expense to practicing engineers. Steven Giannino, Tetra Tech Inc  3/7/08  8:27 am
Continuing Education Requirements Steve Kernodle, Fluor Corp.  3/7/08  8:14 am
Opposed to the continuing education requirement for Professional Engineers George H. Gardner. P.E.  3/7/08  8:07 am
CEU Dennis W. Heuer, PE  3/7/08  8:03 am
CE for Architects Steve Hinrichs, AIA  3/7/08  7:56 am
AIA lobby at work again Dan Friedman  3/7/08  7:48 am
Opposed to continuing education John Osborne, Smurfit Stone Corp.  3/7/08  7:22 am
Continuing Education - Money Making Racket or Real Value Marshall E. Caudle, RA  3/7/08  7:16 am
CE has little value Ted Achorn, Senior Engineer, The Boeing Company  3/7/08  6:44 am
Strongly oppose CE requirement Thomas Melton  3/7/08  6:15 am
No Continuing Education for PE Michael K Sheaffer, PhD, PE  3/6/08  11:55 pm
It is a good idea Daniel E. Mossien, RA, NCARB Mossien Associates Architects, PC  3/6/08  11:07 pm
AIA push has arrived Hunter Bristow, RA  3/6/08  11:06 pm
This is just a burden to Professional Engineers that already know what they have to do Gene Mach, TSS  3/6/08  10:41 pm
Continuing Education T. Varnum Philbrook, PE - Philbrook Engineering  3/6/08  10:04 pm
I have 65,000 hours of continuing training; it's called the active practice of engineering Harry R. Abendroth  3/6/08  9:03 pm
I have held a Virginia PE license since I took the exam in 1962.this is probably the end I want to comment but the program won't take my comments  3/6/08  8:48 pm
This will probably mean I can't keep my PE license I have held a Virginia PE license since I took th ROBERT R. SCOTT PE  3/6/08  8:08 pm
Continued Education Gerald Friedel P.E. Davis Bowen & Friedel Inc  3/6/08  7:50 pm
Bad idea with no obvious merit Ray Schneider, Schneider Systems Services  3/6/08  7:32 pm
A mandatory continuing education program for Architect, professional engineer, and land survey. Jeelani Gulam, P.E, President J & Z Engineering, Inc.,  3/6/08  7:23 pm
Support for continuing education Jerome Hall, PE  3/6/08  6:49 pm
Vote No to CE, Vote No to the CE $$ shakedown John Gorman, Gorman Architects plc  3/6/08  6:45 pm
No benefit of PE Continuing Education Timothy M. Tilley, P.E./CPE, EnviroSep Fluid & Heat Recovery Systems  3/6/08  6:31 pm
An Excellent Example of Bureaucracy at its Worst Clinton E Kisner, Architect  3/6/08  6:23 pm
My knowledge is not your knowledge Richard D. Martin, Architect  3/6/08  6:18 pm
No to Continued Education Mark Heinrich, PE  3/6/08  6:04 pm
Strongly Opposed to Mandatory CE Timothy M. Scruby, PE  3/6/08  5:21 pm
Continuing Education Robert Schemmerling, P.E.  3/6/08  5:16 pm
Vote No Roy Waugh, License No. 18683  3/6/08  5:12 pm
parity with existing Continuing Ed Credit requirement in NC? Daniel H. Davis, P.E.  3/6/08  5:12 pm
Cfhan't take it anymore Virginia Land Surveyor  3/6/08  5:11 pm
an unnecessary evil Daniel H. Davis, P.E.  3/6/08  5:07 pm
Issues with Continuing Ed Bill Loving, registered architect  3/6/08  5:05 pm
Continuing Education for PE / Waste of Time and Money John Ryan, PE  3/6/08  5:03 pm
In Support of Continuing Education Harold W. Cox, Architect  3/6/08  4:58 pm
Continuing Education Land Surveyors: M. E. DUFF, Jr., LS, Baldwin & Gregg, LTD./ Eastern Shore Surveyors  3/6/08  4:52 pm
Make CEU an on line course with offerings contracted by the State Willis C. Barrow P.E.  3/6/08  4:51 pm
Continuing Education Requirements for VA P.E's. David W. Clark, Public Works Director, Town of Nags Head, NC  3/6/08  4:46 pm
VOTE NO! Ziba Parsa, CDCI, Inc  3/6/08  4:35 pm
All professionals should oppose the adoption of continuing education. Arthur F. Edwards L.S. #1420  3/6/08  4:34 pm
Maintain the Status Quo David J. Lyles, P.E.  3/6/08  3:58 pm
Cost vs. Benefit - Look at the numbers James Campbell, P.E., AREVA NP Inc  3/6/08  3:57 pm
16 hours, vs. 15 TOm Shelmerdine  3/6/08  3:09 pm
Waste of Time & Money William Boyd, AIA, Fairfax County Public Schools  3/6/08  3:03 pm
Continuing Education for Professional Engineers Sushil Nagpaul  3/6/08  2:56 pm
Please do not make this mandatory! Jennifer Gibbs, PE  3/6/08  2:51 pm
Vote NO to Continuing Education Requirements For Engineers Thomas B. Leiby, PE, T-Solutions, Inc.  3/6/08  2:47 pm
Conitnuing Education is needed by all Professionals Frank Richardson / Virginia Association of Surveyors, Inc.  3/6/08  2:36 pm
Why only 8 hours? Anonymous (763)  3/6/08  2:33 pm
Cost of Continuing Education Courses Frank Richardson / Virginia Association of Surveyors, Inc.  3/6/08  2:31 pm
Proposed Mandatory Continuiing Education for PE's Thomas Carcaterra, Thomas A Carcaterra, P.E.  3/6/08  2:02 pm
Cont. Ed. is useless and a waste of time Richard A. Loftis  3/6/08  2:00 pm
Continued Ed. Brent Evans, LS  3/6/08  1:56 pm
C.E. requirement for licensing Jeffrey T. Collins P.E.,C.L.S. President, Townes Site Engineering,PC  3/6/08  1:46 pm
Continuing Ed. William P. Gimbel of William P. Gimbel, LS (land surveyor #1395)  3/6/08  1:25 pm
No to continuing education rule change for Architects Robert Hines, self employed  3/6/08  1:25 pm
No to continuing education rule change for Architects Robert Hines  3/6/08  1:24 pm
CE sounds useful but will not protect the public nor help the engineer. Robert D. Prince, P.E. Tryck, Nyman, Hayes, Inc.  3/6/08  1:24 pm
Continuing Education implicit in accepting License Walter Legg, PE, Dept of Defense  3/6/08  1:23 pm
continuing ed Peter J. Rayna, PE - Department of the Navy  3/6/08  1:20 pm
Continuing Education for Land Surveyors and all Professionals is needed Frank R.  3/6/08  1:17 pm
Why is this necessary? Zan Cartwright, Architect  3/6/08  12:49 pm
I am licensed in 4 states what if they ask for continuing education courses too Mirali Mirtaghavi  3/6/08  12:18 pm
CE - 40 hours per week Elizabeth Easter, P.E.  3/6/08  12:14 pm
Degradation of Principles John E. Pandolf, P.E. #0402 025669, NASA Langley Research Center  3/6/08  12:11 pm
Unfair to Disabled or Retired Engineers Q. G. Gennaro, Disabled  3/6/08  12:00 pm
Please Vote No on Continuing Education Requirements Dan Mason, PE  3/6/08  11:48 am
No to C.E. Requirement Robert C. Leary, AIA Horizon Commercial Group, Inc.  3/6/08  11:45 am
EIA is in error; costs low, no tangible benefit. Jobs program funded by Professionals/Customers Roger Thiesfeld PE  3/6/08  11:41 am
It's obvious the PEs in here dislike this idea! David A. McDaniel, PE, Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center  3/6/08  11:23 am
Individuals Responsibility Jason Wright RA  3/6/08  11:12 am
No Continuing education for P.E.'s Eric Krupacs, P.E.  3/6/08  11:07 am
Windfall for educators, loss for public John R. Anderson, PE  3/6/08  11:01 am
CEU's for Non-practicing Professionals Only Eric W. Inman  3/6/08  10:54 am
Vote "NO" to continuing education regulations. John Parris, Northrop Grumman  3/6/08  10:48 am
The State is Challenging Each Professional's Integrity Matthew L. Rush, P.E.  3/6/08  10:37 am
Nay to Propose Gary K. Rogers, PE, PhD  3/6/08  10:33 am
Continuing Education - Validating Virginia BPOR Effectiveness? Harold Seelig, M, PE  3/6/08  10:31 am
Vote NO? Charles Yarbrough  3/6/08  10:25 am
Is this prudent use of Commonwealth Resources/Funds? Robert Brown, Urban, Ltd.  3/6/08  10:15 am
Mandatory Continuing Education L. Baxter Lawrence, Architect  3/6/08  10:15 am
Waste of time and money VOTE NO !!!!!!! Frank Salzano, PE Salzano Concrete, LLC  3/6/08  10:05 am
Mandatory Continuing Education Darrell S. Larsen, P.E.--retired  3/6/08  10:04 am
Continuing engineering preparation is important enough for regulation. A. Sidney Roberts, Jr., PhD, PE(VA), retired  3/6/08  9:38 am
No to More Red Tape Neil E. Bristow, Neil E. Bristow Architect  3/6/08  9:37 am
Continuing Education Michele Schwartz, Architect  3/6/08  9:37 am
RE: Mandatory CE for APELSCIDLA L. P. Delaney, R.A., Corps of Eng, Medical Facilities Ctr of Expertise  3/6/08  9:33 am
PLEASE USE SOME SENSE AND WISDOM… Mack M. B. Homsi, P.E. / ClarkNexsen  3/6/08  9:06 am
Marginal value Thomas Storrs, Storrs Design Group  3/6/08  8:59 am
Vote NAY but please offer an alternate solution Stephen Rosen, Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding  3/6/08  8:47 am
CE in regards to Ethics Reid Church, Simmons Newsome, P.C.  3/6/08  8:27 am
Good idea that needs massaging James Davis, PE City of Staunton  3/6/08  8:12 am
CE will profit those who cannot do, but can teach Reid Church, Simmons Newsome, P.C.  3/6/08  8:01 am
Vote No - Transportation economy doesn't support this. Jason Williams, P.E., VDOT  3/6/08  7:57 am
Misplaced Priorities Jerry B. Robertson, PE Ex. Dir., Va. Applied Tech. & Prof. Devel. Center  3/5/08  10:59 pm
Sponsored versus Self Directed Continuing Education Debbi LoCicero, AIA, Dir, Biomedical Research Lab Program, US Army HFPA  3/5/08  10:57 pm
Who are you trying to kid John Gartland, RA  3/5/08  10:30 pm
Re: Mandatory Continuing Education Jeffrey L. Adelman, PE, Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding  3/5/08  10:29 pm
CE is not necessary Sean Cantrell, PE Marshall Mechanical  3/5/08  10:29 pm
Is this a law just to pass a law? Klaus J. Worrell, P.E., Klaus J. Worrell, P.C.  3/5/08  10:07 pm
Little or no value added by CE Chris Campbell, PE, MBA  3/5/08  9:24 pm
Continuing Education for P.E.'s Avis Stanley  3/5/08  9:21 pm
Legislating common sense Terry Watson, P.E.  3/5/08  9:20 pm
A Strong Board Effort to Define Implementation Essential to Success Marc Kreider, P.E., Dominion Engineering, Inc.  3/5/08  9:18 pm
Vote NO to proposed continuing education requirements Benjamin Tritt, Naval Surface Warfare Center  3/5/08  9:09 pm
Why is this necessary? Russell Deane, P.E.  3/5/08  9:06 pm
This isn't that difficult............ Marvin H. Wright, P.E. BE&K Engineering  3/5/08  8:58 pm
The Last thing we need Bill Pearson, P.E., Quantum Power  3/5/08  8:58 pm
Ridiculous proposal James Kern, PE  3/5/08  8:32 pm
Well-intentioned law, vague regulation, will the devil be in the implementation guidance? Kyle Ivar Winter, P.E.  3/5/08  8:21 pm
The law of unintended consequences James R. Scavone  3/5/08  7:40 pm
no value Louis Robbins P.E. DBIA  3/5/08  7:40 pm
Continuing Education Requirement Weldon Spurling, II, County of Fairfax, Public Schools  3/5/08  6:59 pm
Mandatory Continuing Education /Against the proposal Steven M. McLain, P.E., Panda Energy  3/5/08  6:44 pm
Vote Nay to Mandatory Continuing Education Peter J. Collis, P.E.  3/5/08  6:36 pm
There needs to be a waiver based upon age Greg Knight, Norfolk Naval Shipyard  3/5/08  6:06 pm
Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) / Against the proposal Paul S. Muller, PE, Muller Engineering Associates, PC  3/5/08  5:23 pm
Waste of Time & Money James E. Wirkner, P.E., Wirkner & Associates  3/5/08  5:21 pm
Cost / benefit is not there Monte Lewis  3/5/08  5:15 pm
This web site is entirely too complicated, requiring too much time to drill down into various levels Carroll D. Childers , I Consult  3/5/08  5:13 pm
Another attempt by the Academic Elite to limit the competition from practicing engineers John S. Duckworth P.E. Retired Federal Energy Regulatory Commission  3/5/08  5:07 pm
Professional Engineering Continuing Education Comments in Opposition. Martin Stakes Lane Ph.D, PE no.8507  3/5/08  4:59 pm
Unnecessary Additional Burdens on the Best of the Best Mr. T. Timm, P.E., President, TIMM Engineering  3/5/08  4:39 pm
Continuing Education is a waste of time Rosemary F. Owens, P.E.  3/5/08  4:27 pm
i don't need continuing education Andrew Kestner, Kestner-Werner, LLC  3/5/08  4:08 pm
This is an inconvenient fleecing of us Professional Engineers David A. McDaniel, Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center  3/5/08  3:55 pm
Continuing Education Requirement for the PE Tim Hodges, Virginia Military Institute  3/5/08  2:33 pm

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