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Stormwater Management Regulations AS 9 VAC 25-870 [4 VAC 50 ‑ 60]    (Renumbered)
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Amend Parts I, II, and III of the Virginia Stormwater Management Program Permit Regulations to address water quality and quantity and local stormwater management program criteria.
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CLOSED     Opened on 6/22/2009 and Ended on 8/21/2009

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Comment Title Commenter
Rainwater Harvesting Corey Simonpietri, ACF Environmental  6/23/09  1:42 pm
Support regs as proposed -clarification Darwin S. Braden  6/25/09  9:04 am
adopt proposed storm water management sarah Bell  6/27/09  8:04 am
Enough said! Linda Martenson  6/27/09  9:19 am
Not perfect, but Virginia needs regulations Jared Knicley  6/30/09  11:55 am
Shenandoah Valley Support For Proposed Stormwater Regulations Kate Giese Wofford, Shenandoah Valley Network  6/30/09  12:14 pm
keep the river pure HIDDEN ACRES GUNS  6/30/09  4:06 pm
Proposed Storm Water Management Jay Cohen, Boyce  6/30/09  4:44 pm
Improve the quality of our rivers and streams Donald Essman  6/30/09  6:31 pm
Stormwater regulations John Mayeux Why Build Green  6/30/09  10:53 pm
Post Construction Stormwater Permits Ned Stone  7/1/09  5:35 pm
Stormwater Regs 1,2, 3 and 13 Gina Faber, Sustainable Loudoun  7/2/09  6:52 pm
better storm water regulation john mathwin  7/3/09  8:10 am
Stormwater Management Program Permit Regulations Robert Rosenthal, VP for Policy, Virginia Council Trout Unlimited  7/4/09  3:29 pm
cleaning up the waters/land Nellie Santinga  7/6/09  10:01 am
Clean Water Is Important David Cartier  7/6/09  1:58 pm
please pass this regulation! Erin May  7/6/09  2:36 pm
Protection of rivers from new development runoff Tom Fore, 17317 Pickwick Dr., Purcellville, VA 20132  7/6/09  2:38 pm
Hearing on Clean Water Doug Jackson  7/6/09  4:01 pm
Proposed Stormwater Management legislation Nora Marsh  7/6/09  5:18 pm
Proposed Stormwater regulations Cynthia Horen  7/7/09  11:40 am
Stormwater Regulations Wendy Hamilton, Preserve Frederick  7/7/09  1:37 pm
Runoff from development Lawrence Baldwin Jr  7/8/09  10:20 am
Stormwater Regulations Benjamin Ray, concerned citizen  7/8/09  10:21 am
New regulations to control water polution from new development Selden M. Small, private citizen, former board member of FOR  7/8/09  10:28 am
Support clean water Jessica Barton  7/8/09  10:40 am
Pass Regulations in current form Rebecca Kurylo  7/8/09  10:41 am
Stormwater Regulations Scott W. Olsen, Virginia Resident  7/8/09  11:13 am
Pass proposed stormwater regulations Kandy A. Hilliard, former Stafford County Supervisor  7/8/09  11:26 am
stormwater runoff regs david pricer FOR  7/8/09  12:34 pm
Protect water for the economy Rick Estes, private citizen  7/8/09  1:18 pm
Pass the proposed regulations Christiana Bradley  7/8/09  1:32 pm
Proposed stormwater regulations Charles S. Rowe  7/8/09  2:21 pm
Strong Support for Proposed 'LID' Stormwater Regulations. Please Vote in Favor! Tom Van Arsdall, private citizen  7/8/09  3:34 pm
Water Quality Bruce Dieter  7/8/09  3:48 pm
Stormwater Regulations Brinkley Sharpe, Student  7/8/09  4:12 pm
pass stormwater regulations in their entirety Emma Mitchell  7/8/09  4:18 pm
PLEASE pass the proposed regulation Konrad Heller  7/8/09  4:39 pm
Some Foresight, Please Warren E. DeArment, Private Citizen  7/8/09  4:53 pm
Stormwater runoff; protect our water D stiles private citizen  7/8/09  5:09 pm
This is a Baldface Attempt to Circumvent the Legislative Process to Restrict Property Rights Mark Slusher  7/8/09  5:14 pm
Do not modify the Va. Storm Water Regulations Peter Mitchell  7/8/09  6:21 pm
Phosphorous removal and stormwater regulations Richard Souter, WVS Companies  7/8/09  6:22 pm
Control Polluted Runoff from New Development. Philip Maisel  7/8/09  6:52 pm
pass the proposed regulations in their current form Christine Abeel  7/8/09  7:19 pm
Proposed Regulations to control Pollution from Development Suzette Barclay, a citizen of Fredericksburg, VA  7/8/09  7:21 pm
Pass this Action Whitney Hosey  7/8/09  10:14 pm
Virginia Stormwater Management Program Permit Philip Latasa, Friends of Accotink Creek  7/8/09  11:16 pm
Amend Virginia Pollution Abatement General Permit Philip Latasa, Friends of Accotink Creek  7/8/09  11:19 pm
Storm Water Regulations Douglas E. Albertson  7/9/09  7:53 am
regulatory action Mr. and Mrs. John Franke  7/9/09  9:11 am
Stormwater Regulations Lee Hilbert, Concerned Citizen  7/9/09  9:13 am
Stormwater Regulations Martin Tillett, Citizen  7/9/09  11:27 am
Stormwater Regulations Jonathan Ridout - VA Resident  7/9/09  11:44 am
Cost/Benefit? Cliff Bickford  7/9/09  12:22 pm
Please do not water down the new proposed stormwater regulations. Thomson Kuhn  7/9/09  12:57 pm
Please Pass the Regulations as Proposed Jennifer Gron  7/9/09  1:27 pm
Please pass the present Virginia Stormwater Water Quality Proposal Seth Craig, Private Citizen  7/9/09  5:06 pm
I storngly urge that the necessary tax money be raised to allow improved regulations for runoff. Joan Bitely, Falls Run Environmental Enthusiasts  7/9/09  6:41 pm
Support of new Virginia stormwater regulations Jennifer Allen  7/9/09  8:16 pm
VA Stormwater Regulations Laurel Major  7/9/09  10:04 pm
Support of Storm Water Management Ammendment Tim Collins  7/9/09  10:21 pm
Pass Proposed Stormwater Regulations Janet Wright, Virginia resident  7/9/09  10:27 pm
Clean water is a valuable resource Jim Lynch  7/10/09  10:14 am
Pass the proposed regulations Erick G. Hagstrom  7/10/09  10:15 am
Pass Stormwater Regulations Jason Pope, Stafford County  7/10/09  12:00 pm
Regs should be adopted in their current form Joshua Maddox  7/10/09  12:07 pm
PASS THE REGULATIONS AS PROPOSED! Melissa Maddox  7/10/09  12:20 pm
Reject proposed storm-water regs - unintended consequences will be devastating to the environment George Nyfeler, Branch Manager, McCrone, Inc (Civil Engineering firm)  7/10/09  4:36 pm
Pass in current form the amendments to Virginia's Storm Water Managment Program Todd Holderman  7/10/09  5:35 pm
Pass the pollution control regulation! Tyler Taylor  7/11/09  8:13 pm
This regulation has been developed to do the job of cleaning up the rivers and Bay. Pass it! Susan Godfrey  7/11/09  8:54 pm
What else are we going to have to do ? Whitlow Landscaping Inc.  7/11/09  10:48 pm
Bad for environment and economy - Don't pass Stefan Brooks  7/13/09  8:11 am
Please pass the regulations as proposed Norma Vogt  7/13/09  9:58 am
Keep Virginia Competitive - Approve These Changes! Christopher Sonne, PE, LEED AP; Civil & Environmental Services, LLC  7/13/09  11:14 am
Pass proposed regulations to control runoff from development Sandra Cash Howson, Friends of the Rappahannock  7/13/09  12:16 pm
stormwater regulations Katherine Podlewski  7/13/09  12:43 pm
Stormwater Regulations Bruce Milam  7/13/09  1:21 pm
Stormwater regulation proposals Taylor Cantrell, Virginia Resident  7/13/09  1:55 pm
silt and trash in Bryan Park waterways Sally Chamberlin, President, Friends of Bryan Park (Richmond)--FOR  7/13/09  4:30 pm
Storm Water Rules Bill Towler - President - Grove Avenue Pharmacy  7/13/09  9:39 pm
Stormwater regulations Frank Cihlar  7/13/09  10:26 pm
PASS the proposed Stormwater regulations Charlie Kaiman, Virginia resident  7/14/09  10:13 am
Please pass the proposed stormwater regulations in their current form Paul Gill  7/14/09  12:11 pm
Storm Water Runoff Regulations Roger Petersen, LivinGreen Homes by Scandia  7/14/09  1:19 pm
Please support new proposed regulations to control poluttion from development Eric P Mens, Daughters of Suburbia  7/14/09  3:42 pm
save our water Fran Garber  7/14/09  4:59 pm
Revise Part II of the Stormwater Regulations so they don't promote further sprawl Rob Lanphear  7/14/09  11:48 pm
For Parts I, II, and III Capt. Mike Ostrander, James River Fishing School  7/15/09  6:32 am
please pass the stormwater regulations Emily  7/15/09  11:54 am
Approve New Stormwater Regulations Ben Sedlins  7/15/09  11:56 am
Stormwater regs James Bingham  7/15/09  11:57 am
Support proposed Regs J. Pasay  7/15/09  11:58 am
clean water for all Virginians Rachel Baker  7/15/09  12:00 pm
Support Stormwater Regulations Mallory D  7/15/09  12:01 pm
Support for new stormwater regulations Alex Hardee  7/15/09  12:01 pm
Pass the regs! Sarah Tracy-Wanck  7/15/09  12:02 pm
please pass the stormwater regulations Dana Richards and family  7/15/09  12:02 pm
adopt stormwater regs and see benefits now Carly  7/15/09  12:04 pm
Pass the regulations C McCoull  7/15/09  12:07 pm
Adopt stormwater regulations! Victoria Diaz-Bonilla  7/15/09  12:08 pm
Virginia Stormwater Regulations Frank Reyes  7/15/09  1:27 pm
The Bay and the rivers in Virgina need all the help they can get! Elizabeth Willis  7/15/09  2:45 pm
Cheaper in the long run to prevent pollution when developing new construction. Dawn C. Shank, Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers Assoc.  7/15/09  4:06 pm
Proposed Stormwater Regulations Faye Andrashko  7/16/09  11:14 am
stormwater criteria changes Anne Little, Director, Tri-County/City Soil and Water Board  7/16/09  7:37 pm
Recommend immediate Approval of text as ammended Gregory L. Cebula, Director-at-Large TCCSWCD, State of VA  7/16/09  11:23 pm
Prohibitive costs, no relocation here, non-Ches-Bay watershed affected, agriculture not addressed Cory Benson, Grattan Associates  7/17/09  11:00 am
rainwater issue Cathy Johnson  7/17/09  11:03 am
VA stormwater quality critetria Samuel C. Smart O.D.  7/17/09  3:38 pm
clean water Mr. and Mrs. John Franke  7/19/09  12:33 pm
Stormwater Regs/ All areas of the community must help protect the water quality of Virginia's rivers Rebecca Reed, Friens of Stasfford Creeks, Friends of the Rappahannock  7/19/09  6:07 pm
If its important, then let the legislature deal with it per the VA Constitution Bruce Milam  7/20/09  10:48 am
stormwater legislation Nancy P. Cawood, northern Virginia resident for 30+ years  7/20/09  1:15 pm
stormwater legislation Nancy P. Cawood, northern Virginia resident for 30+ years  7/20/09  1:16 pm
stormwater legislation Nancy P. Cawood, northern Virginia resident for 30+ years  7/20/09  1:17 pm
A Step in the Wrong Direction Chris Shust  7/20/09  1:27 pm
We are a huge source of the problem...we must be the pioneers of solution. Andrew D Mueller, US Fish and Wildlife Service  7/20/09  2:05 pm
Please pass stormwater regulation to protect the Bay Lillian Kafka, Fredericksburg Virginia resident  7/20/09  4:12 pm
PASS IT AS IT IS!!!!!!! Charles Hyatt  7/20/09  5:04 pm
Approve and Implement the Proposed Stormwater Runoff Regulations Ridgway M. Hall, Jr.  7/21/09  11:25 am
Adjust to encourage smart growth Daniel Nairn  7/21/09  2:46 pm
About time! Deana Crumbling  7/21/09  6:34 pm
New Regulations to stop polluted runoff Thomas Y. Savage  7/22/09  12:00 pm
New regs on runoff from new development Richard H Kiehna  7/22/09  12:05 pm
Proposed Stormwater Regulations Shenandoah Forum  7/23/09  8:49 am
The Bay vs uncontrolled develpment Zach Santulli  7/23/09  9:53 am
Storm-water Management Regulation Changes / NO Fred Norman, CVC LLC  7/24/09  4:15 pm
Revise Stormwater Regulations to promote redevelopment, not sprawl! Jonathan Jackson  7/27/09  1:49 pm
These are just a few reasons why the proposed ordinance is bad policy for Virginia Mark Slusher  7/28/09  4:46 pm
I support the new regulations! It's time to clean up our water!!!! Beth Wilson - York County Waterways Alliance  7/29/09  11:30 pm
Urging Swift and Complete Adoption of Proposed Regulations Leslie Middleton, Charlottesville  7/30/09  5:18 pm
Pass the Proposed Regulations Joseph Thompson Smarts Creek Enterprises LLC  7/31/09  11:27 am
Senator Deeds' Comments On the New VSMP Amendments R. Creigh Deeds  7/31/09  5:16 pm
reject new regulations Bob Bailie  8/1/09  10:16 am
Virginia Stormwater Regulation could hampen capital investment in State Owen Matthews, Kings Dominion  8/1/09  12:07 pm
Support stormwater changes Kim Sandum, Community Alliance for Preservation, Rockingham  8/1/09  6:58 pm
Regulation Cost Robert Connelly  8/2/09  10:50 am
Proposed DCR Regulations Jim Smyers  8/2/09  11:46 am
new Storm water regs Craig Disesa  8/2/09  12:58 pm
DO NOT approve these regulations. They will encourage sprawl and discourage business Marc Weiss  8/2/09  4:36 pm
Support for Proposed Regulations Lance Courtright  8/3/09  9:34 am
Every good move you make counts! Ernie Rojas  8/3/09  9:44 am
Rainwater runoff regs sam mumper  8/3/09  10:51 am
pass the storm water regulations!!! Michael T. Cash, private citizen  8/3/09  11:03 am
Support for proposed stormwater regulations Mark Zimmerman, Friends of the Shenandoah River & Trout Unlimited  8/3/09  12:52 pm
Do not pass these new regulations Rick  8/3/09  2:28 pm
Support Stormwater Regulation Amendments Robert E. Jordan  8/3/09  4:16 pm
DO NOT support these radical changes to the Storm Water Regulations Junie West, Timmons Group  8/4/09  10:56 am
Now is the time to take healing action. Boyd Post  8/4/09  4:50 pm
Developers should clean up after themselves. Catherine Mendoza  8/4/09  5:52 pm
Pass the stormwater regs Miguel Mendoza  8/4/09  5:55 pm
Stormwater Regulations Deirdre Cochran  8/7/09  9:03 am
Storm Water Ed Steinbeck  8/7/09  12:08 pm
James River stormwater runoff Mark McNitt  8/7/09  12:44 pm
Support for proposed stormwater regulations Elizabeth Cottrell, Owner Riverwood Technologies  8/7/09  3:30 pm
Stormwater regs for cleaner water John Cottrell, M.D., riparian landowner  8/7/09  3:32 pm
Amending regs on stormwater runoff Mary Ann Moxon  8/7/09  4:58 pm
Please adopt stricter storm water management requirements Patricia VonOhlen  8/8/09  3:04 am
Stormwater Pollutes Reservoirs James Shelton, Hands Across the Lake  8/8/09  2:00 pm
Proposed Storm Water Regulations David & Yvonne Campbell  8/8/09  8:44 pm
I urge the state of Virginia to adopt strong stormwater regulations. April Moore, a concerned citizen in Shenandoah County  8/8/09  9:00 pm
proposed water regulations Tanya Bohlke, Retiree  8/9/09  4:24 am
Yes, adopt stronger controls Roger Diedrich  8/9/09  8:32 pm
Stormwater regulations Mark Feldpausch  8/9/09  8:51 pm
New Runoff Rules for Chesapeake Bay: comments Leonard Hughes  8/10/09  11:57 am
Do not pass stormwater regulations Phil  8/10/09  3:11 pm
Proposed Stormwater Management Regulations Warren Wakeland, Home Building Association of Richmond  8/11/09  10:06 am
Stormwater Regulations Enos Richardson, Jr.  8/11/09  3:47 pm
Support new stormwater regulations Mike Leonard  8/11/09  4:02 pm
Hypocrisy abounds in land use law opinion Bruce Milam  8/11/09  4:04 pm
No, do not pass new regulations Corey Dean  8/11/09  4:37 pm
Reducing Stormwater Run Off Mary Beth Mains, Friends of Bryan Park, Richmond, VA  8/11/09  4:45 pm
Say No to Stormwater Regulations! Jean A. Depcrynski  8/12/09  8:01 am
Do NOT pass the proposed regulations Kevin McNulty  8/12/09  8:06 am
Storm water Management (4 VAC 50-60) Duane S. Parrott, Jr.  8/12/09  8:14 am
Comments on Proposed Regulations Nicholas Walker  8/12/09  8:39 am
No to new stormwater regulations Glenn  8/12/09  9:29 am
Please Say NO! Sarah  8/12/09  2:14 pm
GRACRE Opposes Revisions to Current Regulations Greater Richmond Area Association for Commercial Real Estate  8/13/09  11:36 am
Storm-water regulations Joan Comanor, Lord Fairfax Soil and Water Conservation District  8/13/09  2:44 pm
DCR Stormwater Regulations-This comment is worth reading Jeffrey T. Collins  8/13/09  2:51 pm
Storm Water Managements regulations Scott P. Smith, President of Soil Consultants Inc.  8/13/09  4:52 pm
Proposed Stormwater regulations John Olivieri, Associated Development Management Corp.  8/13/09  4:53 pm
stormwater bateman custom consruction, llc  8/13/09  6:33 pm
Stormwater requirements Skip Eastman, Chesapeake Structural Systems  8/13/09  7:48 pm
Stormwater management John Scott, Builders FirstSource  8/14/09  7:47 am
Stormwater Regulations Mark Hassinger, WestDulles Properties  8/14/09  9:59 am
NO to Proposed Virginia Stormwater rRegulations Peter Eckert, Virginia Association for Commercial Real Estate  8/14/09  10:31 am
VOTE NO Cynthia Couch  8/14/09  10:34 am
Stormwater Comments Tyler Craddock, Virginia Chamber of Commerce  8/14/09  10:34 am
Proposed Virginia Stormwater Management Program Regulations Chris Lupia, The Engineering Groupe  8/14/09  10:37 am
VOTE NO ON PROPOSED VA STORMWATER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM REGULATIONS Melanie Holloway, Holladay Properties, Inc.  8/14/09  10:46 am
Virginia Stormwater Management Program Richard L. Dickens, Jr.  8/14/09  11:44 am
PLEASE VOTE NO ON PART II OF THE PROPOSED STORMWATER REGULATIONS Steve Lawson, The Lawson Companies  8/14/09  11:48 am
Stormwater rules Alvin Owens  8/14/09  12:53 pm
Proposed DCR stormwater regulations - Part II technical standards Robert Duckett, Peninsula Housing & Builders Association  8/14/09  2:05 pm
Opposed to Proposed Virginia Stormwater Management Regulations William Rucker  8/14/09  2:19 pm
New Stormwater Regs Tom Page, GS Virginia  8/14/09  2:39 pm
Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board Katie Peterschmidt, Architect  8/14/09  5:00 pm
Effects on Cost of Housing Ronald Fowler, Realtor  8/14/09  5:29 pm
Vote No on Part II of Sormwater Regs. Ronnie Herring  8/14/09  6:10 pm
Promoting Citizen Stormwater Pollution Prevention Robert Arner  8/15/09  9:22 am
Virginian Stormwater Pollution Prevention Robert Arner  8/15/09  9:24 am
I am opposed proposed increased storm water regulation. Malcolm H. Hines,Joyner Fine Properties  8/16/09  2:36 pm
Proposed Virginia Stormwater Regulations (4 VAC 50-60). Allen Loree, Allen Loree Homes LLC  8/16/09  8:51 pm
Sstorm Water Management Plan Ben Hudson; Northern Neck Homes, Inc.  8/17/09  7:36 am
VSMP Technical Criteria Need Significant Revision Before Implementation Barrett Hardiman, HBAV  8/17/09  9:15 am
Re-evaluate Alternatives Dennis Cronk  8/17/09  9:33 am
Polluted Waters in the James River Raymond Vaughan  8/17/09  10:06 am
Part II, Va. SWM Regulations Mark Rinaldi  8/17/09  11:05 am
stormwater runoff-support for new regs Corinne Schmidt  8/17/09  12:10 pm
Undue burden?? Rich Coffman, Citizen  8/17/09  12:48 pm
I am opposed to the regs as currently written Lee Hilbert, Concerned Citizen  8/17/09  1:47 pm
Approve the amendments without substantive changes Patrick Felling, Virginia Policy Coordinator, Potomac Conservancy  8/17/09  3:05 pm
Virginia Stormwater Management Regulations (Proposed) June Barrett-McDaniels, PE,CFM  8/17/09  3:45 pm
Support amendments to the Virginia stormwater management program permit regulations John Haldeman, James City County Citizens' Coalition  8/17/09  3:58 pm
Vote NO to Part II of proposed Stormwater Regulations William B. Garrett  8/17/09  4:02 pm
Stormwater runoff can be managed John Enright  8/17/09  5:14 pm
New Regulations have a Noble Goal, but WILL NOT be Effective. Vote No. Charlie Armstrong  8/17/09  6:01 pm
Support for the proposed regulations John Tippett, Friends of the Rappahannock  8/18/09  10:08 am
Proposed Stormwater Regulations Charlie Loudermilk - Winchester TU  8/18/09  10:11 am
Too Many Questions and Uncertainties Remain Hans Klinger  8/18/09  11:21 am
Regulation Needs Revision to Save Bay and Preserve Economic Vitality Neil Williamson, Free Enterprise Forum  8/18/09  11:46 am
We Need to think Bigger and Smarter than the Proposed Regulations J. Glenn Muckley, P.E.; Citizen  8/18/09  12:39 pm
Comments on the Proposed Stormwater Regulations Changes John Bumgarner, Duke Realty Corporation  8/18/09  1:17 pm
Vote No on Part II of the Proposed Virginia Stormwater Regulations Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB) Virginia Beach  8/18/09  3:01 pm
Oppose these regulations! Tom Dillon, concerned citizen  8/18/09  3:29 pm
VOTE NO ON PART II OF THE PROPOSED VIRGINIA STORMWATER REGULATIONS Michelle Wilson-Johnson, Shenandoah Valley Builders Association  8/18/09  3:37 pm
Pass meaningful requirements that address real problems Joseph McClellan  8/18/09  4:56 pm
Proposed regulations needs to be revised Brenda Samuel - citizen  8/18/09  5:00 pm
Proposal to address unintended consequences David Slutzky  8/19/09  10:18 am
Proposed Stormwater Regulations Hugh Woodle, a Concerned Citizen  8/19/09  10:21 am
These regulations aren't going to fix the problem... Keith Oster, PE, Prime Design Engineering  8/19/09  10:53 am
Comments from a Program Administrator Glenn Brooks, P.E., of Albemarle County  8/19/09  11:09 am
Do NOT pass the new water quality regulations F. P. Parker  8/19/09  11:23 am
Stormwater Regulations - please vote no Leslie Ridout - VA Citizen  8/19/09  11:23 am
storm water Tony Godbolt  8/19/09  11:42 am
Applause to DCR, Stormwater needs to be addressed now! George L. Ohrstrom II, Clarke County residnent  8/19/09  11:43 am
Vote No to new Regulations Jeff Collins, Townes Site Engineering  8/19/09  11:45 am
Do not Approve this legislation Shelby Perkins  8/19/09  12:29 pm
NO to proposed stormwater regs as written Gray Stettinius  8/19/09  12:30 pm
Regulatory Changes to Storm Water Discharges Scott Camp  8/19/09  1:07 pm
No to Stormwater Regulations Steve Thomas  8/19/09  1:22 pm
These regulations seem to excessive. Stephen L. Barcena, Baseline, Inc. Land Surveying  8/19/09  1:34 pm
Stormwater Regs Ralph L. Costen, Jr.  8/19/09  1:45 pm
Vote No to Proposed Stormwater Regulations David Fahy  8/19/09  2:17 pm
Proposed Stormwater Management Regulations; Soil and Water Conservation Board Shawn Callahan, Sean Horne - Roanoke Regional Home Builders Association  8/19/09  2:34 pm
New SWM Regulations Mike Blake, Welford Engineering  8/19/09  3:03 pm
Proposed Storm Water Regulations David Owen, Boone Homes, Inc.  8/19/09  3:28 pm
Vote NO! Rand Sompayrac  8/19/09  4:01 pm
Proposed Amendments to Virginia's Stormwater Regulations Bob Brown, Urban, Ltd.  8/19/09  5:07 pm
Proposed Stormwater Regulations and Nutrient Reduction Robert P. Kerr, President, Kerr Environmental Services  8/19/09  6:42 pm
No on Stormwater regulations The Nolde Company, Inc  8/20/09  6:51 am
Issues with Proposed Stormwater Regulations Ronald L. Willard, II  8/20/09  8:21 am
This will have long lasting negative impacts on the State's economy. Vote No John A Nolde III  8/20/09  8:26 am
Vote No. NCRE  8/20/09  8:29 am
Vote NO on stormwater regulations Susan Hadder  8/20/09  8:37 am
Vote NO on Part II of the Proposed Virginia Stormwater Regulations. Nikhil Deshpande, Rinker Design Associates, P.C.  8/20/09  9:28 am
AGAINST Proposed Regulations M.D. Marshall, concerned citizen  8/20/09  9:38 am
Definition of Large Construction Activity / Runoff Reduction Worksheets Michael Bumbaco, Kerr Environmental Services Corp.  8/20/09  9:59 am
Vote NO - many concerns and issues are still unresolved Youngblood, Tyler and Associates, P.C.  8/20/09  10:14 am
Stormwater Part 2 Vote NO William R. Hestand, PE, LS  8/20/09  10:26 am
Proposed Stormwater regulations Doug Westmoreland, AIA  8/20/09  10:38 am
Save the Bay - Yes - But do it effectively A Condlin  8/20/09  10:45 am
Stormwater Regulations Richmond Association of REALTORS┬«  8/20/09  10:48 am
Storm Water Regulations George Moore - Citizen  8/20/09  11:01 am
DCR - new stormwater regulations J. Thomas Gale, L.S., Roudabush, Gale & Assoc., Inc.  8/20/09  11:24 am
Proposed Regulations Will Be Very Expensive and Aren't Properly Designed to Help the Bay John Easter  8/20/09  11:25 am
VOTE NO ON PART II OF THE PROPOSED VIRGINIA STORMWATER REGULATIONS Meredith R. Ward, EIT, Valley Engineering Surveying Planning, SVBA  8/20/09  11:34 am
NO to Proposed Virginia Stormwater Regulations Vicki Stitzer  8/20/09  11:39 am
Opposed to new regulation as currently drafted Robert Tulloh  8/20/09  12:19 pm
Now is the time to reduce pollution from stormwater run-off Margaret Lorenz, Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoa River  8/20/09  12:59 pm
Please give existing Regs a chance before shooting ourselves in the foot! Jerry L. Brunk, PE, LS  8/20/09  1:04 pm
NO to Stormwater Regulations Taylor Goodman  8/20/09  1:07 pm
Vote NO as currently drafted Paul F. Hinson, P.E., LEED AP  8/20/09  1:25 pm
Vote No on Part II Sarah Kellam  8/20/09  1:56 pm
VOTE NO THOMAS KELLAM  8/20/09  1:58 pm
Stormwater management regs. joan girone--Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce  8/20/09  1:59 pm
Proposed Stormwater Regulations Bill Barnett  8/20/09  1:59 pm
Proposed Stormwater Regulations Bill Barnett  8/20/09  1:59 pm
Vote NO Gary vanAlstyne, Concerned Citizen  8/20/09  2:06 pm
Proposed Stormwater Regulations Jeanne Puricelli  8/20/09  2:16 pm
Proposed Revisions to Virginia Stormwater Management Program Permit Regulations Dick Johns, Middle Atlantic Section of Professional Golfers' Association  8/20/09  2:22 pm
Stormwater and Phosphorus Runoff Robert Rucks, L.F. Jennings, Inc.  8/20/09  2:30 pm
Vote NO on Part ll of the proposed stormwater regulations Frank Bradley, Bradley Properties  8/20/09  2:38 pm
TJPED Board Resolution for postponement of regulations Michael Harvey, TJPED  8/20/09  2:39 pm
Karst comments for prop. Stormwater Regs Shelby T. Hertzler, PE (former TAC member from the Shenandoah Valley)  8/20/09  2:51 pm
Vote No on Part II of Proposed Stormwater Regs Timothy P. Cleary, P.E. Charles Ross Homes, Williamsburg, VA 23188  8/20/09  2:52 pm
Vote NO on Part II of The Proposed Virginia Stormwater Regulations G. Archer Marston, III, P.E.  8/20/09  3:05 pm
virginia storm water management program proposed changes Steve Weinstock  8/20/09  3:07 pm
virginia storm water management program proposed changes Steve Weinstock  8/20/09  3:07 pm
Storm Water Regulations - vote no R Herwig, Concerned Rural Citizen  8/20/09  3:14 pm
Is Virginia Still Open for business or is it under Stormwater????? John Jay Schwartz, MCR, RPA...Have Site Will Travel, Ltd.  8/20/09  3:17 pm
Vote NO for changing stormwater regulations! Clarke C. Jones  8/20/09  3:37 pm
Please vote NO for the change of stormwater regulations Lois W. Jones  8/20/09  3:39 pm
Please vote NO to Part II Robert F. Jansen, P.E., President, Jansen Land Consulting, LLC  8/20/09  3:39 pm
Vote NO to change of stormwater regulations William H. Jones, Jr.  8/20/09  3:42 pm
Vote NO on part II Tammy Farrish  8/20/09  3:47 pm
Vote NO to proposed changes in stormwater management regulations Trischa Jones  8/20/09  4:08 pm
Part II of the Proposed Storm Water Regulations Edwin W. Lynch  8/20/09  4:13 pm
I support the Commonwealth's changes to the stormwater management regulations. The proposals to ame Hal Wiggins, citizen  8/20/09  4:14 pm
Chesapeake Bay needs time not these regulations Royce Hylton, Brunk & Hylotn Engineering, Inc.  8/20/09  4:30 pm
Chesapeake Bay needs time not these regulations Royce Hylton, Brunk & Hylotn Engineering, Inc.  8/20/09  4:30 pm
All sectors should do their fair share. Valley Conservation Council  8/20/09  4:51 pm
Regulations are NOT ready Lois Haverstrom, Citizen  8/20/09  4:55 pm
Proposed Stormwater Management Regulations Lisa Anne Hawkins, Lenhart Obenshain PC  8/20/09  5:08 pm
Proposed Stormwater Management Regulations Charles Rotgin, Jr. Great Eastern Management Company  8/20/09  5:11 pm
new proposed regulations Jay B Lafler  8/20/09  5:42 pm
Vote No On Part II James Murphy  8/20/09  5:48 pm
Please do not pass the regulations Stuart Grattan  8/20/09  6:33 pm
Virginia Stormwater Management Program Permit Regulations Charlotte Hughes, Citizen  8/20/09  6:50 pm
Against the proposed regulations - consequences would be detrimental Janet Bowers  8/20/09  11:16 pm
Stormwater Regulations will guarantee sprawl and hard times for Virginia's economy Dave Anderson, PE - Richmond, VA  8/20/09  11:29 pm
Please vote NO to Part II of the proposed Virginia Stormwater Regulations Carolyn Oster, PE Prime Design Engineering, P.C.  8/20/09  11:58 pm
Support for Stricter Storm Water Regulations Diana Parker, Past Chair, Falls of James Group Sierra Club  8/21/09  7:49 am
Please Don't Pass These Regulations Eric Rowland, Virginia Resident  8/21/09  7:50 am
Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) Permit Regulations John Hitchingham  8/21/09  8:28 am
No, these regs won't do the job. The farmers will make millions with the new plan that works. J. Mark Sowers  8/21/09  8:41 am
Proposed Stormwater Regulations, 4VAC50-60 Jeffrey Sitler, University of Virginia  8/21/09  8:44 am
Vote NO on Part II Jamie Boyers  8/21/09  9:07 am
Stormwater Management Program Permit Regulations Margaret Garigan  8/21/09  9:09 am
Comment on proposed post-construction stormwater permit regulations Stan Oaks, Jr.  8/21/09  9:19 am
Post-Construction Storm Water Permits. Martin Wall  8/21/09  9:24 am
VOTE NO -- regulations will harm commercial development, economic development in Virginia Concerned commercial development companies  8/21/09  9:26 am
post construction water management and poultry waste Marion H. Cooper, citizen  8/21/09  9:35 am
New regulations are too extreme Caleb Hurst  8/21/09  9:35 am
Do Not Implement These Regulations Robert P. Hodous, Citizen  8/21/09  9:47 am
Proposed Virginia Stormwater Management Program Permit Regulations Daun Klarevas, christopher consultants  8/21/09  9:54 am
Stormwater Regs Bay Design Group  8/21/09  10:01 am
Stormwater Management Improvements are needed, but these regulations need significant revision Paul Anderson  8/21/09  10:04 am
Improve the Health of the Bay Using a Fair and Reasonable Approach Valerie W. Long  8/21/09  10:05 am
DO NOT PASS THEsE REGULATIONS The Drees Company  8/21/09  10:13 am
Stormwater Regulations Headwaters Soil and Water Conservation District - Land Use Committee  8/21/09  10:22 am
Vote NO on Part II Greg Dempsey  8/21/09  10:29 am
Stormwater Augusta Farm Bureau Federation  8/21/09  10:32 am
stormwater runnoff Lawrence Chenkin PE  8/21/09  10:44 am
More work is necessary on Stormwater Regulations Carrie Coyner  8/21/09  10:55 am
Proposed Stormwater Regulations Alvin S. Mistr, Jr.  8/21/09  11:02 am
Proposed Stormwater Regulations-DO NOT ADOPT AS CURRENTLY WRITTEN Shawn A. Smith  8/21/09  11:03 am
Support for Amendments to Virginia's Stormwater Management Program David Phemister, The Nature Conservancy  8/21/09  11:06 am
Va. Agribusiness Council comments regarding proposed Stormwater Management Regulations Katie K. Frazier, Virginia Agribusiness Council  8/21/09  11:26 am
Proposed Stormwater Regulations Hank Meyer  8/21/09  11:34 am
Vote No on the purposed amendent. Liston Laine  8/21/09  11:37 am
Vote NO on Part II Christina Saltarelli  8/21/09  11:39 am
Stormwater Management Regulations [4 VAC 50 ? 60] CHRISTOPHER H. LYNT  8/21/09  11:41 am
Proposed Amendments to Parts I, II, III and XIII of the Virginia Stormwater Management Program Permi Karen W. Forget, Lynnhaven River NOW  8/21/09  11:46 am
VA SWM Regulation Revisions Andre R. Fontaine, PE Environmental Systems & Solutions, LLC  8/21/09  11:59 am
Chair Emmett Hanger comments on behalf of Commission Rappahannock River Basin Commission  8/21/09  12:03 pm
Support for Stormwater Regulation changes Justin Laughlin  8/21/09  12:50 pm
VEDA's Position on Stormwater Regs Virginia Economic Developers Association  8/21/09  1:01 pm
The complexity/unknown associated costs may be the greatest impediment to an effective program Steven Pandish, LEED AP, William H. Gordon Associates  8/21/09  1:20 pm
stormwater regs George Haw land owner Hanover county  8/21/09  1:55 pm
Vote NO to Part II of the Stormwater Management Regulations Jonathan Fairbanks, PE Fairbanks & Franklin  8/21/09  2:11 pm
Vote Not to Part II of the Virginia Stormwater Management Regulations Steven M. Worthington  8/21/09  2:14 pm
Proposed Stormwater Regulations; Offsets Chesapeake Bay Nutrient Land Trust  8/21/09  2:17 pm
Do Not Pass David Smith; Concerned Citizen  8/21/09  2:45 pm
Support for proposed regulations on behalf of Virginia Conservation Network affiliated nonprofits Nathan Lott, Virginia Conservation Network  8/21/09  2:52 pm
Vote NO to Part 2 of the Technical Criteria of the stormwater regulation changes Michael Elander, Timmons Group  8/21/09  3:10 pm
Vote No - Technical Criteria Keith Stanley, Timmons Group  8/21/09  3:12 pm
Stormwater Regs Kevin Seaford  8/21/09  3:14 pm
Proposed Regs Don't Go Far Enough Jason Halbert  8/21/09  3:17 pm
No to more regulation. Help keep business in Virginia Vernon McClure  8/21/09  3:30 pm
No to technical regulations Derrick Johnson  8/21/09  3:32 pm
Vote No on Part II of the Proposed Virginia Stormwater Regulations Richard E. Collier, R. E. Collier, Inc.-Builder  8/21/09  3:44 pm
Proposed Stormwater Regulations Ted Miller, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.  8/21/09  3:45 pm
VOTE NO on the proposed stormwater regulations John Bennett, P.E., Concerned Citizen, Timmons Group  8/21/09  3:51 pm
4VAC50-60 Debra Brand, Jefferson Lab  8/21/09  3:55 pm
4VAC50-60 Debra Brand, Jefferson Lab  8/21/09  3:55 pm
No to Part II of the stormwater regulations Billy Walter, Timmons Group  8/21/09  4:00 pm
4VAC50-60 Debra Brand, Jefferson Lab  8/21/09  4:00 pm
It's time! William Howard, The Downstream Project  8/21/09  4:00 pm
Vote NO Stormwater Regulation Changes Kathleen Halpaus  8/21/09  4:01 pm
Please vote NO Christina Smith, private citizen  8/21/09  4:16 pm
Storm water management Terry Jones  8/21/09  4:18 pm
As a practicing drainage engineer I should welcome all additional tightening of regulations Mark B. Parrott,P.E.  8/21/09  4:18 pm
Part II Technical Criteria Need Further Refinement Before Implementation Andrew Gould, P.E., Timmons Group Stormwater Services Manager  8/21/09  4:21 pm
There's a balance to environment and affordable homes - but this isn't it. Bob Shaffer  8/21/09  4:22 pm
stormwater regs need more time to get it right Michael Pellis, AIA, LEED AP  8/21/09  4:26 pm
Just Say No Mitch Bowser, Citizen  8/21/09  4:27 pm
Opposed to current proposed revisions of Virginia stormwater regulations David Lesser, DML Development LLC  8/21/09  4:28 pm
Pending Stormwater Regulation Changes Roger Rodriguez  8/21/09  4:36 pm
Parts I, II, and III Stormwater Regulations Connie Bennett, PE, York County Dept of Environmental & Development Svs  8/21/09  4:40 pm
Save the Bay - but do not rush to implement these flawed regulations Paul Trapp - Concerned Virginia Citizen  8/21/09  4:53 pm
Reject Part 2 (Tech Criteria) of the Stormwater Regs Ivan Wu  8/21/09  4:58 pm
Don't be short sighted.. VOTE NO! D. Bryant Gammon, PE  8/21/09  5:03 pm
VOTE YES to the Stormwater Regulations Shenandoah Riverkeeper  8/21/09  5:45 pm
VOTE YES to the Stormwater Regulations Ed Merrifield - Potomac Riverkeeper  8/21/09  5:45 pm
Stormwater Runoff Regulations Pete Moxon  8/21/09  5:53 pm
Need for regulations and enforcement Christina J. Luman-Bailey, Hopewell City Council  8/21/09  6:09 pm
Disagree with Proposed Revisions to Stormwater Regulation Mark Huffman, P.E.  8/21/09  6:32 pm
Stand Fast for Clean Water! SUPPORT NEW REGULATIONS Linda Dort, Century 21 AdVenture  8/21/09  6:33 pm
Vote NO! Angela Smith  8/21/09  6:45 pm
For Proposed Regulations Wesley Stien  8/21/09  8:49 pm
Proposed Virginia Stormwater Regulations Richard Costello, AES Consulting Engineers  8/21/09  11:08 pm
YES - Please Pass Post Construction Stormwater Regulations Jeff Kelble - Shenandoah Riverkeeper  8/21/09  11:49 pm

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