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Stormwater Management Regulations AS 9 VAC 25-870 [4 VAC 50 ‑ 60]
Action Amend Parts I, II, and III of the Virginia Stormwater Management Program Permit Regulations to address water quality and quantity and local stormwater management program criteria.
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Comment Period Ended on 8/21/2009
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8/21/09  6:33 pm
Commenter: Linda Dort, Century 21 AdVenture

Stand Fast for Clean Water! SUPPORT NEW REGULATIONS
As a REALTOR in the Commonwealth it is clear to me that the VAR is making wild, unsubstantiated speculations saying improvements toward cleaner water would “further reduce Virginia’s weakened homebuilding industry”. Ridiculous!  There are many builders who are heeding the Buyers' call by building smaller homes in walkable, non-sprawling communities; and some have backlogs! Reports state clearly that today’s buyers want walkable communities with trees, not sprawl. Many successful,conscientious builders are observing sound, sustainable practices utilizing Rain Gardens, green roofs and “building with trees” as part of the solution, not shoving more debris and pollution in our drinking waters .
 As our population increases, we must take a firm stand to continue to reduce the damage our storm water runoff inflicts on our Rivers, using sound practices. Back tracking on the Commonwealth’s positive efforts to improve storm water systems thus reducing runoff entering our Rivers, would be costly in many important ways.  It would foul the very source of our own drinking water further, thus increasing the amount of chemicals we use to make it potable. Why would we dump more silt and pollution into or Rivers just as we are seeing small improvements in the restoration of our rivers and increased population of creatures like the Blue Crab? We would also be washing away years of work, and State and Local funds used in bettering our Rivers water quality if this proposed change did not materialize. 
 Stand firm with long term vision for healthy Virginia Rivers and Smart storm water management practices that will allow these contaminants to filter through the earth slowly, thus supporting cleaner water for humans and aquatic life, more robust tourism, and a more prosperous economy in all sectors, including Real Estate for years forward.
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