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Comment Title Commenter
The need for parent pay Reginald Chappelle  3/31/23  11:41 pm
Keep parents as caregivers Anonymous (215890)  3/31/23  12:00 am
Please Reconsider Anonymous (215891)  3/31/23  12:00 am
This program needs to stay the same Anonymous (215889)  3/30/23  11:59 pm
Allowing parents to be paid providers. Barbara S Mease  3/30/23  11:58 pm
In House EOR IS NOT A CONFLICT OF INTEREST Father, EOR, and Back Up Unpaid Caregiver  3/30/23  11:58 pm
Please do not change the parental and legal guardian program Anonymous (215886)  3/30/23  11:57 pm
Prevent Homelessness of Parent Caregivers Mary Galmore  3/30/23  11:53 pm
Respite pay is deserved Anonymous (215882)  3/30/23  11:49 pm
Waiver Education Pat Hall  3/30/23  11:42 pm
Proposed Changes to HCBS Waiver Concerned Parent of a teenager with multiple disabilities  3/30/23  11:40 pm
There IS no Respite Available Autism Momma - DD Waiver  3/30/23  11:32 pm
Parent Caregiver of High Needs Minor Son Wendy Little  3/30/23  11:09 pm
Please keep parent as caregiver option Lisa Cusano  3/30/23  11:07 pm
Need for Family caregivers Anonymous (215862)  3/30/23  10:59 pm
Keep the consumer directed option for paid family members. Don't remove this choice! Sabrina Redd  3/30/23  10:40 pm
Consumer direct Otha Newton  3/30/23  10:40 pm
Comment Isaiah hyman jr  3/30/23  10:39 pm
Dont do This GARY  3/30/23  10:35 pm
Current Rate of Autism 1 in 36 Children- Allow Parents to be paid the Authorized Hours Anonymous (215851)  3/30/23  10:35 pm
Continue to allow parents to be paid caregivers. Monika T.  3/30/23  10:26 pm
Voice For the Voiceless Julia Newton  3/30/23  10:23 pm
Do Not Change to Agency Directed Anonymous (215843)  3/30/23  10:10 pm
Concerned Parent of Autistic Son Julie R  3/30/23  10:00 pm
Public Comment: Opposition to Proposed Changes to Consumer Directed Care Program KD  3/30/23  9:49 pm
Concern with Proposed Regulations A E  3/30/23  9:44 pm
Support Virginia families. Don't add obstacles. Meghan Ashburn, Not an Autism Mom LLC  3/30/23  9:42 pm
Concern for how changes impact individuals with Down syndrome Jennifer Case, Virginia Down Syndrome Association  3/30/23  9:17 pm
Severely disabled adults' rights are being violated if CD choice is abolished Disabled Adult  3/30/23  9:07 pm
Comments on proposed waiver changes Concerned Parent  3/30/23  9:02 pm
Public Comment against agency care vs parental care Cynthia Maurice  3/30/23  8:56 pm
Consumer Directed Care Ebone  3/30/23  8:42 pm
Once again Virginia proves it is one of the worst in the nation for those with disabilities mother of an autistic, bipolar adult who has severe behaviors  3/30/23  8:21 pm
Keep Live-In Paid Parents/Caregivers as attendants through Consumer-Directed option DC  3/30/23  7:50 pm
Keep Consumer Directed Services Anonymous (215766)  3/30/23  7:46 pm
Agencies Cannot Compete w/a Parent - Please do not change the program for parents nor guardians Anonymous (215751)  3/30/23  7:03 pm
I Oppose the Changes - This is one step towards more institutions in VA Anonymous (215749)  3/30/23  6:47 pm
Public Comment in Support of The Arc of Virginia's Recommendations The Arc of Southside  3/30/23  6:33 pm
Public Comment from Child with Waiver 14-year-old with a waiver  3/30/23  6:30 pm
FIS / BI Waiver Lynn Downs, The Arc of Warren  3/30/23  6:24 pm
Keep consumer directed services! Anonymous (215736)  3/30/23  6:23 pm
Please Do not Limit, modify nor eliminate the Consumer Directed Programs for Parents Anonymous (215732)  3/30/23  6:14 pm
Please continue the waiver, it would be devastating to my health and family Andrea Holdren  3/30/23  5:34 pm
Please continue the waiver, it would be devastating to my health and family Andrea Holdren (Moms in Motion)  3/30/23  5:31 pm
Please protect parents with children who have complex medical conditions Anonymous (215704)  3/30/23  5:08 pm
Concerns about proposed changes Anonymous (215702)  3/30/23  5:05 pm
Concerned parent Anonymous (215692)  3/30/23  4:45 pm
Keep Consumer Directed as is - not regulated Kim B  3/30/23  4:37 pm
Comments in Support of The Arc of Virginia's Recommendations Lucy Beadnell  3/30/23  4:21 pm
Part V of V Virginia Association of Centers for Independent Living  3/30/23  3:56 pm
Part 4 of 5 Virginia Association of Centers for Independent Living  3/30/23  3:55 pm
Part 3 of 5 Virginia Association of Centers for Independent Living  3/30/23  3:53 pm
Part 2 of 5 Virginia Association of Centers for Independent Living  3/30/23  3:51 pm
Part 1 of 5 Virginia Association of Centers for Independent Living  3/30/23  3:50 pm
No care for my 14 year old Christina Beachner  3/30/23  3:49 pm
FIS application consumer choice and consumer direction Valley Associates for Independent Living, Inc  3/30/23  3:35 pm
Echo The Arc of Virginia's Comments Heather A Denman  3/30/23  3:33 pm
Consumer Directed Services John Boylan  3/30/23  3:21 pm
continue to allow parents to be paid Eric Novak  3/30/23  3:16 pm
1915(c) HCBS Waiver Application: Concern re: limits on parents/guardians as reimbursed attendants Christina Novak, Parent of child with rare genetic disorder  3/30/23  3:08 pm
Spouses Anonymous (215533)  3/30/23  3:03 pm
Add Supported Living to BI Waiver services Anonymous (215528)  3/30/23  2:57 pm
Please continue to allow parents to be paid attendants for their disabled children Tracy Journell  3/30/23  2:25 pm
PUBLIC COMMENT Anonymous (215430)  3/30/23  2:04 pm
Parents as paid caregivers Abigail Duran  3/30/23  2:01 pm
Medicaid Waiver Consumer Directed Care Laurin Jessup  3/30/23  1:57 pm
Please do not remove the consumer direct option for parents Anonymous (215416)  3/30/23  1:55 pm
Please don't do this; please keep parents as paid attendants Stephen Fountain  3/30/23  1:22 pm
Continue to allow parents to br paid attendant Tiffany Girardi  3/30/23  12:49 pm
Continue to allow parents to be attendants Mike Rey  3/30/23  11:41 am
Keep Consumer-Directed Model Anonymous (215289)  3/30/23  10:27 am
Please continue to allow parents the care for their disabled children Bethany  3/30/23  10:13 am
We need things to get better, not harder. Anonymous (215282)  3/30/23  10:09 am
Please do not do this please continue to allow this to be an option it is not fair to all involved Anonymous (215267)  3/30/23  9:42 am
Without Parent caregivers, my son has no care Katelyn Hansen  3/30/23  8:51 am
Please don’t take this from family MAHBOUBEH esfahani  3/30/23  8:10 am
Continue to allow parents as attendants Anonymous (215217)  3/30/23  7:54 am
Parents and Spouses Should be Caregivers Justin Rushing  3/30/23  6:10 am
Problems all around Richard P  3/30/23  5:08 am
Danger to children Anonymous (215204)  3/30/23  3:18 am
Ending parental provisions for CD puts consumer at great risk Anonymous (215203)  3/30/23  3:10 am
Consumer Directed Care Kristy Price  3/30/23  2:04 am
Consumer direct services Hana  3/29/23  11:18 pm
Employment & Day Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/29/23  10:41 pm
Consumer Directed Services Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/29/23  10:40 pm
Other Services - AT/ EM/ TC/ ECT/ PM Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/29/23  10:39 pm
Supported Living Definition Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/29/23  10:37 pm
Waiver Administration Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/29/23  10:32 pm
Group Day Backup Plan Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/29/23  10:30 pm
Don’t deny disabled people choice in caregivers Ann Masch  3/29/23  10:29 pm
With the public health emergency ending difficult challenges still exist M. Baker  3/29/23  10:12 pm
Use Performance Measures instead of Ending Valuable Programs Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/29/23  10:06 pm
Statistics re your decision Heather T  3/29/23  10:04 pm
Barriers to Employment due to Workplace Assistance Policy Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/29/23  10:03 pm
Assistive Technology Doesn't Reflect National Trends Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/29/23  9:57 pm
Personal Care by Legally Responsible Individuals Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/29/23  9:50 pm
Virginia can do better Lisa Charles  3/29/23  9:39 pm
Supported Employment Access Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/29/23  9:37 pm
Individual Supported Employment - Personal Care Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/29/23  9:35 pm
Keep the program. Help our children, don’t harm them. I Faszewski  3/29/23  9:31 pm
Assessment Methods - Individual Satisfaction Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/29/23  9:28 pm
Please keep the consumer-directed care option. Help the children and their families. Don’t hurt th Anonymous (215050)  3/29/23  9:26 pm
Please do not try to fix what works Jurij Hiltajczuk  3/29/23  9:25 pm
Proposed changes Anonymous (215043)  3/29/23  9:08 pm
Please do not add another expensive, dysfunctional layer of bureaucracy as a barrier to care! Experienced Professional Parent Caregiver  3/29/23  9:02 pm
Please Don't Change Consumer Directed Care Lynn Kessler-Hiltajczuk  3/29/23  8:48 pm
Parents as paid caregivers Jane Stanley  3/29/23  8:37 pm
Please reconsider changes proposed Anonymous (215027)  3/29/23  8:32 pm
Keep Appendix K Adam Smith  3/29/23  8:23 pm
PUBLIC COMMENT:Appendix K is a necessity for the children it serves and caregiving families Valerie Smith  3/29/23  8:03 pm
Fighting the good fight: Keep consumer directed services! Anonymous (215011)  3/29/23  8:02 pm
Parents and Spouses should be approved caregivers Anonymous (215006)  3/29/23  7:47 pm
Keep consumer-directed care option. Don’t make things harder for parents of disabled children Cari Crosby  3/29/23  7:03 pm
Consumer Directed Care Alicia Janolino  3/29/23  6:55 pm
No mandate for agency directed Lili  3/29/23  6:16 pm
I oppose requirements that parents be employed by an agency to be Medicaid waiver providers Mary Anna Dunn  3/29/23  6:07 pm
Keep Consumer directed / parents as paid attendants Anonymous (214964)  3/29/23  6:06 pm
Retain flexibility for paid family caregivers who are legally responsible individuals. Teresa L. Champion, Virginia Autism Project  3/29/23  5:43 pm
Work With Parents, Not Against Us Anonymous (214950)  3/29/23  5:41 pm
Keep Consumer Directed an option Lisa Charles  3/29/23  5:00 pm
Proposed Changes Loretta McMahon  3/29/23  4:52 pm
Comments regarding FIS and BI waivers B Bowen  3/29/23  4:44 pm
Response to Medicare Waiver Changes Proposal Anonymous (214919)  3/29/23  4:44 pm
Just wrong Sharon Ledford  3/29/23  4:17 pm
Please do not remove the consumer direct option for parents. Anonymous (214910)  3/29/23  4:03 pm
Please support parents as caregivers Emily M Hall  3/29/23  2:58 pm
PUBLIC COMMENT Do not remove the Consumer Directed service model Anonymous (214900)  3/29/23  2:57 pm
Parents as paid attendants Victoria T.  3/29/23  2:35 pm
Moms In Motion Comments on Draft FIS Waiver Renewal Application Moms In Motion  3/29/23  2:14 pm
These proposed changes takes away consumer/parent/spouses choice Anonymous (214857)  3/29/23  1:24 pm
VBPD Comment on Draft FIS Waiver Renewal Application - Part 2 of 2 Virginia Board for People with Disabilities  3/29/23  1:19 pm
It's hard to find Respite!! Ninsa Perez  3/29/23  1:19 pm
VBPD Comment on Draft FIS Waiver Renewal Application - Part 1 of 2 Virginia Board for People with Disabilities  3/29/23  1:12 pm
DMAS Action Anonymous (214817)  3/29/23  11:34 am
Parents and Spouses should be approved caregivers Anonymous (214807)  3/29/23  11:14 am
Proposed changes to app renewals for waivers Patti O.  3/29/23  10:31 am
Please continue to support parents Caroline Levy  3/29/23  9:18 am
Please don't make it difficult or impossible for parents to remain caregivers for their disabled chi Kathryn  3/29/23  8:29 am
Taking away our choice is discriminatory Courtney Berry  3/29/23  2:10 am
One would need to walk in our shoes to understand. Carol Green  3/28/23  10:54 pm
Making Consumer-directed option for parents to care for their family member as a paid PCA Permanent Steven Shepski  3/28/23  9:46 pm
Please do not make this change - Make a stand for our families Donna Hall  3/28/23  9:39 pm
Consumer direct service Minakshi Vashisht  3/28/23  9:37 pm
Parents opposed to changes regarding Appendix K Bryan & Sarah Gilreath  3/28/23  9:28 pm
Parents as caregivers Anonymous (214614)  3/28/23  9:25 pm
Parents Remain Attendants for Minors Rebekah Guthrie  3/28/23  8:50 pm
Please make parents of minor kids and spouses paid caregiver permanently Anonymous (214580)  3/28/23  8:49 pm
Keep parents as caregivers Kelly Kiser  3/28/23  8:18 pm
Medicare waiver and family caregivers Bernard Adelsberger  3/28/23  7:13 pm
Caregivers-liveIn Attendant Shannise Walker-Leave policy in place  3/28/23  6:49 pm
Consumer Direct is the Best Option for Care for our Children and Families in Virginia Catherine Shelton  3/28/23  6:16 pm
No interventions to deescalate a behavior Anonymous (214567)  3/28/23  5:32 pm
Disagreement with Policy change Anonymous (214533)  3/28/23  4:31 pm
I oppose the 40 hour cap and no respite hours for parents that have children with disabilities. Michelle plecker  3/28/23  4:19 pm
Opposing DMAS Action Deborah Walters  3/28/23  3:56 pm
Waivers SHERREll Trottman  3/28/23  3:24 pm
Disappointed Anonymous (214525)  3/28/23  3:15 pm
You allow the state workers to double dip Anonymous (214516)  3/28/23  2:33 pm
Parents with disabled kids Redrena J Snead  3/28/23  2:16 pm
Parents as care givers Anonymous (214457)  3/28/23  2:08 pm
Please Make Grandparent/Grandparents/Parent/Spouse Paid Attendants Permanent Linda Roberts  3/28/23  2:04 pm
This is a ridiculous proposal. Children's parent is the best to be a caregiver. Staci Marshall  3/28/23  2:03 pm
Support Parents Continued Care for their Children under Direct Care Charlotte Richardson  3/28/23  1:38 pm
The need for parent pay Reginald Chappelle  3/28/23  1:02 pm
Handicapped children and parents as consumer direct attendants Tory Waller  3/28/23  12:46 pm
Opposing Anonymous (214394)  3/28/23  12:39 pm
This is wrong Tonya L. Cressell  3/28/23  12:37 pm
Concerned parent and care giver Anonymous (214389)  3/28/23  12:21 pm
dLCV Comment on DRAFT FIS Waiver Renewal Application disAbility Law Center of Virginia  3/28/23  10:47 am
PLEASE keep parents as personal care attendants K Degan  3/28/23  9:56 am
Please make parent & spouse paid attendants permanent Anonymous (214286)  3/28/23  8:44 am
Addressing Concerns Regarding the Proposed Changes to Caregiver Waiver Program Jessica  3/28/23  12:30 am
Public Comment - Oppose new regulations -- Keep Consumer Direct/Pay parents M. Arias  3/28/23  12:08 am
Inaccessible Waiver Services - TC Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/27/23  11:36 pm
Consumer Choice & Direction of Family Personal Care Attendants Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/27/23  10:46 pm
Parents/ Spouses as Paid Attendants Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/27/23  9:08 pm
Assistive Tech Criteria Omission Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/27/23  9:04 pm
Disparity for Children with Disabilities - EPSDT AT Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/27/23  9:03 pm
Telehealth for HCBS Karen Tefelski, VaACCSES  3/27/23  8:55 pm
PUBLIC COMMENT - CONSUMER-DIRECTED CARE Vivian Evett  3/27/23  8:46 pm
Opposition Anonymous (214181)  3/27/23  8:15 pm
Please do not take this program away Keith Robinson  3/27/23  7:58 pm
Opposed Tammy Nemeth  3/27/23  7:57 pm
Consumer Direct Care T Lowry  3/27/23  5:28 pm
Family matters Alice Bryant  3/27/23  4:44 pm
PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS AWAY FROM OUR KIDS keeling  3/27/23  3:57 pm
Regarding proposals to limit Parents & Families Members from Being Waiver Caregivers Sara Breaux  3/27/23  2:33 pm
Virginia Medicaid Waivers E. Natalia Santos  3/27/23  1:46 pm
Family members caregivers/ Parent caregiver Gloria  3/27/23  1:12 pm
Public comment , waivers Shirley  3/27/23  12:36 pm
Family Members as Caregivers Must Continue Larry Dockery  3/27/23  11:58 am
Allow Parents to Continue to be Paid Consumer Directed Attendants Gayla Timm  3/27/23  11:41 am
Regarding new regulations for Virginia Medicaid waivers Tsega Gebre  3/27/23  11:28 am
Please Don’t Oppress Parent Caregivers Louis Massett  3/27/23  10:48 am
Any benefit of this change is overwhelmed by the increased stress this introduces into families Robert Garwood  3/27/23  10:27 am
Please Continue to Allow Parents to be Paid Caregivers for their Disabled Children Jill Carroll  3/27/23  10:08 am
Opposition to new regulations for Virginia Medicaid Waivers Alexis Downey  3/27/23  9:50 am
Support parents as caregivers to their children with disabilities! Melissa Chabot  3/27/23  9:03 am
Please keep the current consumer-directed care policy Anonymous (213956)  3/27/23  8:51 am
Changes are Unfair Ravi Shankar Duvvuru  3/27/23  8:01 am
Virginia Medicaid waivers Brian  3/27/23  7:56 am
Comment about proposed regulations Cindy Bendel  3/27/23  7:49 am
Changing the consumer direct method will become big burden to the families with disabled persons.  Raj  3/27/23  6:49 am
Let’s do better VA - Let’s work together to create sustainable change and support Jan Shea  3/27/23  5:16 am
How will the new DMAS caregiving benefit anyone? Anonymous (213912)  3/27/23  12:10 am
Possible New Medicaid Rule for Family as Personal Care Aides Sabrina Davidson-Ratcliffe  3/26/23  11:57 pm
Please make parent & spouse paid attendants permanent Anonymous (213906)  3/26/23  11:47 pm
Please make parents as paid care givers in VA permanent Chait J  3/26/23  10:03 pm
DMAS - propose regulations Marta Maldonado  3/26/23  7:19 pm
Consumer Directed Care/Appendix K Medicaid CCC+ Waiver Cassie Kreiler  3/26/23  7:18 pm
Please allow family members as paid caregivers Anonymous (213848)  3/26/23  7:14 pm
Keep paying family caregivers Anonymous (213847)  3/26/23  7:02 pm
Bad Policy, not lawful. Anonymous (213837)  3/26/23  6:27 pm
Public Comment L. Morales  3/26/23  4:27 pm
Please do not take away consumer directed care Marcie Farmer  3/26/23  11:45 am
Please do not take away consumer directed care Tessa  3/25/23  11:03 pm
Please keep family caretakers secure in taking care of their loved ones Tina Washington  3/25/23  8:51 pm
Parent caregiver’s Melissa hicks  3/25/23  7:47 pm
Public comment direct family caregivers B Alexander  3/25/23  6:59 pm
Public comment direct care Dawn Barrett  3/25/23  6:43 pm
My wife is caregiver to our handicap son and our total care patient mother in our home James A Murdoch sr  3/25/23  4:38 pm
Impossible to find caregivers already to keep waiver recipients at home. Lee Monaco  3/25/23  4:28 pm
Discrimination Jessica Monaco  3/25/23  4:27 pm
Do not take away their care provider Denise Melton  3/25/23  1:10 pm
Why of all things is the state considering making life harder for children with disabilities? Chris  3/25/23  12:49 pm
Rethink this Proposal. We will not stand for it. SHONTA MILLS  3/25/23  12:33 pm
Opposition to DMAS proposal Barbara Nagy  3/25/23  12:17 pm
Live in attendant /for 96 year oldmother Joyce Hudson  3/25/23  12:04 pm
Family caregivers Anonymous (213609)  3/25/23  12:04 pm
Parents as paid caregivers Rita  3/25/23  9:20 am
Parent's as caregivers Yolanda Ross  3/25/23  2:07 am
Famly caregivers Deanne McNulty  3/24/23  11:37 pm
Please keep parents as paid care attendants as it’s always been difficult to hire and retain attenda Sarah Blunkosky, parent and SEIU VA 512 Union Member  3/24/23  10:26 pm
Proposed Action to Discontinue Parent Child Care Angel  3/24/23  8:40 pm
There is no care other than family Brandy Payne  3/24/23  8:04 pm
Medicaid changes for disability childrens families Anonymous (213508)  3/24/23  6:48 pm
Parent caretakers/ keep it for the children's sake Laurie  3/24/23  6:17 pm
Consumer direct service Minakshi Vashisht  3/24/23  5:54 pm
Keep Consumer Direct as option for parents as paid caregivers Irma Bailey  3/24/23  5:42 pm
Keep Consumer-Direct Services T Reynolds (Parent-Caregivier)  3/24/23  5:03 pm
A child with a disability and their familiar environment Anonymous (213501)  3/24/23  4:53 pm
The DMAS action Barb Nagy  3/24/23  4:50 pm
Medicaid Assistance Services is proposing paid parents of children with a disability Antionette Arrington  3/24/23  4:40 pm
Termination of Appendix K Flexibility Allowing Parents of Minor Children to Provide Care Kathleen Dillon  3/24/23  4:20 pm
Parent and family caregivers. Anna M SALKAY  3/24/23  4:17 pm
Keep consumer directed care Lauren  3/24/23  4:14 pm
Cosumer direct Anonymous (213493)  3/24/23  3:56 pm
Better pay and benefits Tonya L. Cressell  3/24/23  3:41 pm
Keep Consumer Direct for parents of disabled adults living in their home / FIS waiver KTB  3/24/23  2:05 pm
Concerned Parent Anonymous (213426)  3/24/23  11:45 am
Opportunities for Improvement r/t barriers in 1915(c) HCBS Waiver: Draft VA.006.05.00Jul 01, 2023 Donna Schminkey  3/24/23  11:42 am
Please keep the freedom of choosing an attendant. Anna Swanson  3/24/23  11:25 am
Personal Care Attendant hours Tiffany Kimbrough MD  3/24/23  10:04 am
Family Knows Best - Keep Consumer Directed Care an option! Cathryne  3/24/23  9:51 am
Abuse Anonymous (213394)  3/24/23  8:57 am
Keep the option for parents to be paid attendants under Consumer-Directed Services Dan and Sivan Meliza  3/24/23  8:46 am
Please don't take consumer directed care away Teresa Bridges  3/24/23  8:22 am
Think before you act Anonymous (213388)  3/24/23  8:07 am
Please make Consumer Directed care permanent Anonymous (213387)  3/24/23  5:46 am
Think first please Anonymous (213385)  3/23/23  10:50 pm
Please make current consumer-directed care options permanent! Anonymous (213382)  3/23/23  10:23 pm
Public Comment Joseph Reintges  3/23/23  10:06 pm
Please Allow Parents to Remain as Attendants in the Consumer Direct Program Concerned Parent  3/23/23  9:23 pm
Support families instead of complicating our lives Christine Perry  3/23/23  7:29 pm
Please protect our disabled children and loves ones Robin Duncan  3/23/23  5:56 pm
Consumer Directed, Family Provided - Please Don’t Make Our Lives Harder Anonymous (213339)  3/23/23  4:34 pm
Paid Parent Care Attendants Raye A.  3/23/23  2:58 pm
Don't remove the spousal and/or parent provisions for Consumer-Direct services Dee Green (Parent/Caregiver)  3/23/23  2:05 pm
Paying family caregivers through consumer-directed services is good policy! Karrin Lukacs  3/23/23  1:41 pm
Public Comment Amanda Carpio  3/23/23  1:15 pm
Please take into consideration Julia Moffett  3/23/23  11:32 am
Please allow us to be heard...We MUST keep parents as PCA's through consumer directed services. Wendy  3/23/23  11:21 am
please keep consumer-direct option Cathryn Delgado  3/23/23  11:15 am
Consumer Directed Care Norma Draper  3/23/23  10:58 am
HCBS Waiver Application Concerns B Sellers  3/23/23  10:42 am
Please maintain the Consumer direct option Anonymous (213242)  3/23/23  10:21 am
DMAS appendix K flexibility Emily  3/23/23  10:16 am
Please Keep Consumer-Directed model of services for Parents and make Permanent Christina O'Neal  3/23/23  10:13 am
Keep consumer directed model for paid attendants Nate Crowley  3/23/23  10:10 am
Keep Consumer Direct Options for Parents Tammy C Hudson  3/23/23  9:35 am
Please make current consumer-directed care options permanent! Melissa S  3/23/23  9:12 am
Please keep consumer directed services Anonymous (213214)  3/23/23  9:07 am
Please do not take away the choice to use the Consumer-Directed model of services Anonymous (213213)  3/23/23  8:53 am
Keep the Consumer-Direct option for spouses and parents of minors Willona D Reynolds (Parent/EOR)  3/23/23  8:19 am
Please don't end the program Kris Pondo  3/23/23  8:16 am
Please do not take away our choices! Amber Stingel  3/23/23  8:07 am
Consumer direct services don't take it away Tina  3/23/23  7:53 am
Keep Consumer Directed Option Devin Smorto  3/23/23  7:12 am
Be smart about this. Keep the policy. Anonymous (213195)  3/22/23  11:57 pm
Is life not hard enough for the disabled and their families? Anonymous (213192)  3/22/23  11:32 pm
Please do not take away paid attendant care Kelly Creekmore  3/22/23  11:23 pm
Why do we have to keep fighting? Anonymous (213170)  3/22/23  10:53 pm
Keep consumer directed model Anonymous (213094)  3/22/23  9:38 pm
Parents as Paid Caregivers for Disabled Children under Consumer Direct Model eliza burk  3/22/23  9:08 pm
Keep Consumer Directed Services Robyn Bailey  3/22/23  8:42 pm
Parents as Paid Caregivers for Disabled Children under Consumer Direct Model Rhonda R  3/22/23  8:41 pm
Please don’t take this away Anonymous (213087)  3/22/23  8:27 pm
Allow Parents To Be Caregivers For Minors Anonymous (213085)  3/22/23  8:25 pm
Allow Live In Consumer Directed Caregivers Leslie McClary  3/22/23  8:04 pm
Stand with our Disabled Children -- Allow Parents to be Paid as Caregivers Anonymous (213082)  3/22/23  7:34 pm
Continue the direct care option for patients David Koroma  3/22/23  7:26 pm
Keep Appendix K Anonymous (213078)  3/22/23  7:16 pm
Parents as attendants saves the state money Garland Alvey  3/22/23  6:58 pm
Retain Consumer Directed Care Tanya H  3/22/23  6:56 pm
Retaining parents as caregivers is crucial. Laura Mann  3/22/23  6:18 pm
Public Comment - Keep Consumer Directed Option Nicole B.  3/22/23  5:44 pm
Please keep parental attendant option Krystal  3/22/23  5:43 pm
Please keep parents and spouses as attendants Anonymous (213068)  3/22/23  5:04 pm
Please Allow Parents to Remain Attendants!! Jen Jackson  3/22/23  4:47 pm
Keep Parents as Paid Attendants Anonymous (212960)  3/22/23  4:20 pm
Public policy allowing spouses to be care attendents Angela Switzer  3/22/23  4:18 pm
Please don't exclude Consumer Directed in Parental Payments Kathryn Rohr  3/22/23  4:13 pm
Changes violate consumer choice and rights Anonymous (212929)  3/22/23  4:08 pm
Concerned parent/caregiver Alice Fox  3/22/23  4:08 pm
FAMILY SHOULD BE INCLUDED - From a Caregiver Anonymous (212927)  3/22/23  4:05 pm
Concerned parent Teresa Lankford  3/22/23  3:54 pm
I’m a homecare worker Shana Boston  3/22/23  2:01 pm
Submitted on behalf of VNPP, Inc. Jennifer Fidura  3/22/23  10:13 am
Agency-Directed, really? Anonymous (212840)  3/22/23  9:46 am
Finally Got Help and Now It's Being Taken Away Tesha  3/22/23  9:00 am
Proposed Waiver Changes Concerned Parent  3/22/23  12:47 am
Concerned Parent Anonymous (212833)  3/21/23  10:10 pm
Concern Parent Anonymous (212832)  3/21/23  9:48 pm
Caregiver parent Kristen hart  3/21/23  9:39 pm
Parent of minor April  3/21/23  9:33 pm
Concerned about the proposed changes to parent caregivers Catherine Vaughan  3/21/23  9:13 pm
Agency-directed care adds more work for parents Cindy Hart, parent  3/21/23  2:24 pm
Consumer directed should be consumer choice Anonymous (212820)  3/21/23  2:24 pm
Only source of income Anonymous (212731)  3/21/23  11:16 am
The best need of a child Anonymous (212673)  3/21/23  9:22 am
Public comment Limya Elshazli  3/20/23  10:52 pm
Parents as Caregivers Lane Catlett  3/20/23  8:04 pm
parent caregiver for minor Yukiko Dove  3/20/23  5:16 pm
Do Not Remove or Limit Appendix - Help Virginia Families with Loved Ones with Devastating Injuries Pamela Catindig  3/20/23  3:59 pm
Children under 18 will lose services Anonymous (212638)  3/20/23  3:38 pm
Parents as caregivers should be made permanent. Concerned Parent  3/20/23  2:56 pm
Parent Caregivers Anonymous (212633)  3/20/23  2:47 pm
We need you to stand with us Distressed guardian  3/20/23  2:11 pm
Parents as Caregivers and Waiver Pay Anonymous (212626)  3/20/23  1:54 pm
Loss of self-directed options for parents in the Waiver George N Rathbone  3/20/23  12:48 pm
Public Comment Anonymous (212591)  3/20/23  11:10 am
This policy violates Olmstead - does VA care at all? Anonymous (212561)  3/20/23  10:30 am
Parent care is best care!!! Anonymous (212519)  3/20/23  8:31 am
Keep paid parental aids Anonymous (212515)  3/20/23  6:48 am
Please HELP the disabled and their families, not make it harder for them. Distressed Grandmother  3/19/23  7:39 pm
Public Comment Margie Crotts  3/19/23  3:03 pm
These proposals make no sense Wendy Talley  3/19/23  2:26 pm
Virginia Medicaid should not take away choice of care from disabled families - this is harrassment. Parent of a disabled child  3/19/23  1:14 pm
Re: Concern Parent/Caregiver anonymous (212482)  3/19/23  8:27 am
Proposed changes would be detremental to my family Christine Kirch  3/19/23  8:10 am
Give parents respite!!!! Anonymous (212478)  3/18/23  9:24 pm
Don't take away Consumer Directed Services Concerned Parent  3/18/23  7:47 pm
Keep consumer directed parent as attendant option Anonymous (212476)  3/18/23  7:19 pm
To many issues with agency care Anonymous (212473)  3/18/23  5:50 pm
Why I'm Appalled at These Proposals Carla F. Ward  3/18/23  5:47 pm
Hurting struggling families without reducing government spending Struggling parents of special needs kid  3/18/23  5:26 pm
Family Caregivers Karen Kowalski  3/18/23  5:14 pm
Family Care Givers Anonymous (212469)  3/18/23  4:49 pm
Concerned parent Sridhar Kommidi  3/18/23  4:37 pm
Unrealistic changes will cause harm to families Extremely concerned parent  3/17/23  7:38 pm
Bad for the disabled, their families, and taxpayers, but a big win for agencies' pocketbooks? Elisa Fleming  3/17/23  3:42 pm
Initiative infringes upon rights of most vulnerable among us Diana D  3/17/23  2:09 pm
Please allow parents to be caregivers to their children we are best trained. Eileen candelaria  3/17/23  6:56 am
SOF Veteran Caring for Wife 20+ Years Shane Phillips  3/17/23  12:29 am
Parents and Family Must Remain a Simple Uncomplicated Option As Caregivers Andy  3/16/23  10:10 pm
A parent with 30 years experience in this Anonymous (212009)  3/16/23  8:21 am
Parents as Caregivers and agencies Denise  3/16/23  1:51 am
Public Comment Anonymous (211999)  3/15/23  7:59 pm
Public Comment Anonymous (211988)  3/15/23  4:31 pm
Severe disability, consumer directed and 40 hours Anonymous parent  3/15/23  1:35 pm
40 hour limit Anonymous (211842)  3/14/23  6:02 pm
Agency Directed requirement Anonymous (211841)  3/14/23  5:59 pm
Agency Directed requirement Anonymous (211840)  3/14/23  5:59 pm
Parents as caregivers Kate Reiff  3/14/23  4:21 pm
Do Not Change to Agency Directed Anonymous (211709)  3/14/23  10:38 am
Virginia wants to look good on paper to feel boast themselves April Coleman  3/13/23  8:25 pm
Parent is the best caretaker for their kids Parent  3/12/23  10:31 pm
Parent Care works Beat as Consumer Directed not agency care Linda Matherne  3/12/23  2:32 pm
Please Do Not take away the rights of parents to be caretakers to their children with disabilities Anna  3/11/23  5:42 pm
Public Comment – FIS and BI Waiver Renewal Application Stephanie Brennell  3/11/23  5:21 pm
Insurmountable barriers to already overburdened paid parent caregivers... Lauren Schooler  3/11/23  11:35 am
Public comment Argentina Lebretton  3/11/23  8:47 am
PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS AWAY FROM FAMILIES Anonymous (211478)  3/10/23  9:53 pm
Reimbursing Legally Responsible Individuals Beth  3/10/23  6:14 pm
For the love of G-d Anonymous (211373)  3/10/23  12:19 pm
Public Comment Kelly Ligon  3/10/23  12:01 pm
Stop!!! We need to protect the rights of our families! Anna Thomas, Moms In Motion  3/10/23  11:01 am
Please help us- don't take away Parent cargiving options Rachael Perrott  3/10/23  10:09 am
You should be wanting to help those that are in need Concern Citizen  3/10/23  9:49 am
Consumer Directed Care L Eagan  3/10/23  9:43 am
Support Consumer Driven Choice Ann Masch / Family  3/10/23  9:32 am
Lack of Equitable Care/Discrimination by DMAS for Waiver Participants Under 18 B Goodwin  3/10/23  8:41 am
Public Comment T. Carroll  3/10/23  8:01 am
Public Comment P williamson  3/10/23  5:45 am
Consumer Directed Care MaryJo & Michael Bartels  3/9/23  10:08 pm
PUBLIC COMMENT Joel Raupp  3/9/23  9:39 pm
Changes to DMAS Appendix K Elizabeth Emmett  3/9/23  9:25 pm
Public Comment Rachel  3/9/23  9:21 pm
Please don’t put more obstacles up Sandra Phillips  3/9/23  8:47 pm
No Agency Direct Melissa  3/9/23  8:45 pm
Public Comment Katherine Gianino  3/9/23  8:19 pm
No agency directed Kim lieberman  3/9/23  8:17 pm
Public comment Jennifer Sheets  3/9/23  8:02 pm
Please listen to families Lisa Giamette  3/9/23  7:45 pm
Do Not Change To Agency-Directed Sara Camak  3/9/23  7:42 pm
Fighting for our kids personal care. Angela H  3/9/23  7:38 pm
CONSUMER DIRECTED CARE Deanna Plebuch  3/9/23  9:49 am
1915(c) HCBS Waiver Application: Concern re: limits on parents/guardians as reimbursed attendants Angela Cimmino  3/8/23  11:04 pm
Community waivers/parent caregivers Laurel  3/7/23  4:59 pm
Agency Directed slap in the face Ashley Grant  3/4/23  11:08 am
workplace assistance Shirley A Lyons  3/1/23  1:08 pm

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