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3/10/23  9:49 am
Commenter: Concern Citizen

You should be wanting to help those that are in need
It is quite dishearting to hear what you want to take away. What is working should be left alone. Parents/family members have had to step in to take over the role of paid caregiver because the agency directed can't find staff with such low pay. Why would someone work with someone at such a low wage when they can go to Target or Walmart and get paid more. Just remember parents/family members who are caring for their child/adult that is disabled a lot of agencies do NOT have the staff to meet the needs. These individuals deserve the respect. IF you want to make a difference in a person's life with development disabilities, then you change VA Medicaid laws to allow ALL Children with a Development Disability to have straight Medicaid. (many states from California to Pennsylvania have those little loop holes that don't look at Parents income and allow the person with disability to get Medicaid.) Now is not the time to take away from people with disabilities it is time to give to those who take care of them and its time to take better care of individuals with developmental disabilities. In the end who are the ones who know their children the best? The parent& the family member. (just know when parents are the caregiver, it is last resort because Agencies did not work out. PAY MORE and HOPEFULLY more people will sign up to want to work for Agencies. Just know the wage you are paying the staff no one can live on it alone in Virginia. Most agency directed caregivers work 2 to 3 jobs just to keep their heads above water. Be Kind, Be Respectful, Give Grace to those who are taking care of God's chosen Special Children.
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