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3/30/23  10:13 am
Commenter: Bethany

Please continue to allow parents the care for their disabled children

I am submitting this public comment because i am truly concerned for the well being of my special needs son. He is 9, has developmental disabilities that include no use of one side of his body, limited speech, ADHD, and anxiety. The benefit of being able to be a paid caregiver for my son has been a astronomical help for my family. Even before covid, it has been so hard to find steady care for my son. And now its impossible! It is like a revolving door and it is detrimental to my son who already has anxiety. The care me and my husband provide is the best and it is reliable. It is so hard to find someone who can lift him up, cut up his food, assist with toileting, help him with changing clothing, assist with meds...what we do is a labor of love. When i tell people the pay and the benefits i get laughed at or i get someone who wont show up, not professional nor gives my son the dignity he deserves. To continue this benefit will give parents that peace of mind. Please, i plead with you to not take away a parents ability to be a paid attendant for their vulnerable special needs children. This makes it easier for parents instead of harder. We already have to jump through so many hoops on a daily basis. Children & parents will be negatively impacted by this change. I once again ask to please not take away a parents ability to be a paid attendant! My sons health and quality of life depends on this!!! 

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