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3/29/23  10:31 am
Commenter: Patti O.

Proposed changes to app renewals for waivers

The proposed changes would be detrimental to clients receiving the waiver.  If passed, it would violate provider choice rights and limit choices for clients.  It would also limit the compensated hours for parent/spouse regardless of how many hours the client has been approved to receive.  Requiring parent/spouse caregivers to be employed with an agency would cut the already low pay of the caregiver because the agency is going to get their cut and it provides more stress on the caregivers.

Staffing and nursing agencies have failed Virginia consumers for years.  They have high staff turnover, poor quality of staff is provided or staff simply don’t show up, and they have often times put client safety in jeopardy (which my family has experienced several times).  Why do you want to continue to burden families with dealing with these stressful issues on top of caring for their loved one?  

Behavior issues of some clients, low pay with no benefits, level of care of the client are just some of the issues which make it impossible to find caregivers outside of the family.  Thank God for family caregivers who continue to step up for their loved ones giving them quality care, love and support they need to be able to live in their community and participate in community activities which should be the ultimate goal!

Parent and spouse caregivers already are monitored monthly, quarterly and annually by service facilitators, DMAS case managers and MCO providers.  This provides oversight for any problems, non compliance and fraud.  Why do you want to add another layer costing the state more money?  That money would be better spent in funding more waiver slots so that more Virginians wouldn’t have to wait so long for waiver services.

Parents/Spouses/Clients should have the freedom of choice to use an agency or consumer directed care.  Removal of consumer directed care for in home parents of minors and spouses forces them to have to use an agency which may or may not agree to hire the parent/spouse and it takes away their freedom of choice.  Please don’t take that away!!!!! 

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