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3/30/23  6:47 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

I Oppose the Changes - This is one step towards more institutions in VA

 Please do not change the Consumer Directed Care program aimed at people who are "legally responsible" for children with disabilities. Please do not remove respite hours nor move this program to an agency driven program. If this program changes there is a concern that it could impose undue and a negative impact on the parents and legal guardians, as well as the children. My concern is if the agency will have ample number of workers to be able to cover the needs of the child. Many agencies continue to be understaffed, due to the poor pay, no benefits and harsh hours. Agencies, ultimately, cannot fully serve the needs of every child nor the family with a child with a disability.  Please consider area who do not have access to agencies.  What happens to those families and what happens to the children who needs the program? Services will be held because of the lack of access to services. 

Consumer Directed Care was set up to help people with disabilities stay home in an environment they choose to live, to be safe and to live with dignity. I realize that Viriginia is one of only a few states who continues to fund and build institutions for people with disabilities. The removal of the program and transitioning it towards agency driven program further moves this program towards people being governed by an institution - an agency. 

I ask, that you do not remove the program nor change it to agency driven. Also, do not cap the hours to 40 hrs and remove the respite hours of countless families who continue to need this program for their children. Keep the program as it is because it will unjustly impact children and families; in ways you can't begin to imagine. 

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