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3/30/23  4:37 pm
Commenter: Kim B

Keep Consumer Directed as is - not regulated

As a parent attendant to a son in a power wheelchair that needs help with everything related to daily living, these new regulations cause more stress, time loss, & work for families that are consumed with quality, safe, attentive care for their loved ones. Those caring are focused on the loving care of their family members with little time for anything else, let alone working outside the home or having the time & energy to run a home business. Putting more restrictions, hoops to jump through, & stress of having strangers inside your home monitoring your care for your own loved one is a waste for everyone involved.  Parents know how to care for their children without extra work put on them to keep up with more restrictive rules. Parents taking care of their children save the government money as the government doesn't have to pay for more group homes & institutions to care, house, & oversee their special needs clients.

Please keep things simple & minimally regulated for parent attendants so that we can focus on quality care for our precious children.

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