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3/10/23  8:41 am
Commenter: B Goodwin

Lack of Equitable Care/Discrimination by DMAS for Waiver Participants Under 18

I have three children with waiver services. They are still under 18 and have SIGNIFICANT disabilities. My wife had  to quit her  job last year because she was UNABLE to continue to miss work and was going to be fired. I had attendants QUIT due to the level of needs, physical harm my children caused them, along with the poor pay and benefits. We tried agency years ago and they never showed up on time, or would not show up AT ALL! They also CANNOT DRIVE CHILDREN UNDER 18 & KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEIR CARE! I have had to become an attendant to make it through these hard times, & I was able to find someone good BUT THEY CAN ONLY WORK Weekends or evenings! Forcing us to go through an agency due to my wife needing to be an attendant, prohibits our family from actually using caregivers that we find that will be able to take care of my children and help PART of the time. It does not allow for this mixture. It builds barriers for parents to handle transition from caregiver to caregiver, when we are actually able to find people. The turnover rate for attendant AD and CD is HIGH. You can’t say that isn’t true. You should absolutely not force families to go to an agency until you can guarantee that children under the age of 18 can be cared for appropriately by agency staff. THEY REFUSE TO EVEN DRIVE CHILDREN!!! They know nothing about care for children. There may be some out there who are, but there is not enough to ensure proper care of these Medicaid waiver participants, who are under the age of 18, and that is therefore discriminating against them due to age. my children are being discriminated against by DMAS  because they are under the age of 18 DMAS is not giving them equal opportunities as those above the age of 18. The care is not out there via agency directed services-it’s not equitable for those under 18. Until you can guarantee the equability of agency directed services for those under 18, these proposed regulations are discriminatory & HURT CHILDREN & FAMILIES WITH DISABILITIES!! You need to LITERALLY PUT YOURSELF IN OUR SHOES!  How would you work if an attendant didn’t show up? If all of a sudden someone quit  and you and/or the agency could not find coverage FOR MONTHS?? This is the reality we live in every single day, and not just until our children turn 18…. For the rest of our lives. How would you keep a roof over your family’s head?  We are just trying to make it through and care for our children. We are not trying to just make money. We are trying to care for our children who REALLY need this care. There is no one out there for thousands of us. If you don’t see that, then please open your eyes becaus Our children depend upon it!!

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