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3/25/23  4:38 pm
Commenter: James A Murdoch sr

My wife is caregiver to our handicap son and our total care patient mother in our home

Hello, I am writing you because many face a looming threat as primary caretakers,  which is also a primary concern. After all, many rely on the income granted by the waiver. After all, they have to stay at home and care for loved ones. Because many agencies cannot, such as one rule attendants can't issue medication yet relatives can. There are very Suttle laws and rules with Medicaid, Virginia, and federal law that make this system look like shark-infested waters with no way out. I would like to know who I need to address to help lead the charge this can hurt so many people who are at risk, during COVID-19 all states found more social, equity, and equality ways to do things, thus political parties involved are playing with people's health, income and lives again, this respectfully cannot go unchallenged, otherwise many will suffer without a voice. With all due respect after covid-19, no one wants strangers in their home unless they have no choice. What level of training would be required and just how would these people get this training, when some already have it, so you would take away there income, the last checked Virginia was the forth richest state within the United States. So after Covid-19 those who have real jobs who taking of family members now have be trained and certified on how to care for there own family members, thats seems to be personally insulting. It should be noted this would also affect areas such mental health in the homes where many patients/ caregivers and providesrs live, look at what happened at central state. The key words to this caring, commonsense and realistic timely training otherwise this process is wrong and unfair to all involved, plus in some cases this stuff also links in to areas such as FMLA on the federal and state level.


Please see the attached information below and thank you for any help you can offer.

Links below:

In closing: This subject directly links to mental health and must be addressed fairly, with equity, and equality, if many lose this type of help, how will they live, and how will they care for their loved ones? 

Thank you,



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