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3/16/23  10:10 pm
Commenter: Andy

Parents and Family Must Remain a Simple Uncomplicated Option As Caregivers

I completely agree with the comments such as the one made below.  I am usually proud of our commonwealth, but the treatment of our adults sons and daughters with varying disabilities in the commonwealth is demoralizing.  Like many commenters have said parents/grandparents/siblings are the best providers because they know our children, have flexible schedules and are willing to provide care.   Moreover, I have seen personally wide variety in the quality of non-family care givers. As stated earlier this comment aligns with mine:

"A simple internet search will show that Va continues to rank low in providing appropriate support for its disabled population. This is one example. What purpose would be served by making overextended, stressed, parents qualify through an agency to care for their own children? Absolutely no purpose except to discourage them which is likely the true purpose of this. Then what? There are no caregivers willing to work for this low pay with no benefits. These agencies have already proven themselves incapable. So what next? Where does this leave our loved ones with disabilities? It’s time for Virginia families to stand up for their rights, and possibly seek out legal help. This is nothing less than harassment at this point."


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