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3/29/23  8:58 am
Commenter: Elizabeth Bagby


My husband is a low functioning paraplegic with many complications. He requires 24/7 support that includes a lot of hands on medical care. Even when he goes to a hospital, I have to be present for some tasks that regular nursing staff are not routinely trained to perform. There are no Medicaid home health providers that can give him the care he needs.

CCC Plus Waiver Program changed our lives! Recently coming from a state that wouldn't even except Federal Medicaid, imagine my relief in learning that Virginia had a program that would allow me the dignity of earning a living wage while caring for my husband. His injury robbed us both of our livelihoods and a future family with children. We lost everything and had been living on less than a thousand dollars a month and EBT for 4 years. This program has allowed us to have an almost normal life. 

If I hadn't stayed with my husband despite all the hardships, he would be in a state nursing facility. The part time hourly wage that I receive under the CCC Plus Waiver Program and my vigilant care that keeps him out of the hospital surely costs Virginia less than turning him over to the state or a medical facility.

Lastly, having the Consumer-Directed Model of Services open to ANYONE but a minor's parent or spouse is confounding. These are the people that want to take care of their loved ones more than any other person! My husband & I should not be forced to get a divorce in order to qualify under the same terms as any Tom, Dick, or Harry from off the street.

Please make the Parents of Minor Children & Spouses a permanent part of the Consumer-Directed Model of Services. It is what's best for our loved ones and for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Respectfully Yours,  Elizabeth A. Bagby


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