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3/29/23  9:25 pm
Commenter: Jurij Hiltajczuk

Please do not try to fix what works

I am writing to ask that DMAS not change the consumer-directed care model currently in place. Changing it would place more stress and hardship on the parents of disabled children.


Finding attendants who can meet the needs of our 22-year-old son has been impossible -- especially for the pay offered. Our son has non-verbal autism, severe intellectual disability, apraxia and a seizure disorder.


Forcing parents to hire outside help by themselves or through agencies just adds more pressure on families already dealing with the stresses of caring for their special needs child. Also, the question arises, no matter whether hired directly by us or through a company, how are these people supposed to be trained for the specific challenges at hand and who is supposed to adequately screen them (can agencies be trusted with that task)? And, finally, who is liable if, God forbid, something were to happen? Is that a burden that’s fair to place on parents on top of what they already bear? 


Parents know their children and their needs better than anyone else. Governor Glenn Youngkin made that point regarding the school system, so shouldn't it also apply to all parents and children, no matter what the situation?

If parents or other relatives are able to care for their disabled children, let them. Don’t try to change or fix what’s not broken and, above all, don’t add more stress to the lives of people already dealing with far more than their fair share of it.

Whatever the motive here, please let common sense prevail.


Jurij Hiltajczuk

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