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3/10/23  9:32 am
Commenter: Ann Masch / Family

Support Consumer Driven Choice

Governor Youngkin and Michael Webert PLEASE  stop this assault on the rights and well being of Virginia’s citizens with disabilities!! Consumer driven care is about dignity and efficiency and to think that this is under attack from people elected to maintain the rights disabled Virginians  is unconscionable.  Advocates for the disabled know more than their share of one step forward two steps back. This decision to take away a parent’s ability to care for their child and force the use of an agency is cruel and ineffective. The cost of caring for our children, who you obviously see as a burden to be unloaded, will  not be reduced by this move. It will simply be money redirected away from our individuals to the middleman (an agency that probably funded your campaign) and less going to the individual in terms of the care they want, need, and deserve. You talk about less government interference but you literally are aiming yo tell my daughter who can and cannot help her with hygiene (bathing, toileting, and menstrual care.) How dare you?! Governor Youngkin you solicited the Christian vote in your campaign. You came to my church. “Whatsoever you do for the least of My brothers you did for Me.” That’s from the gospel of Matthew. Our children ARE the least of your brothers- through no fault of their own. I guess the words of Jesus Christ Himself aren’t good enough for you? You wouldn’t have allowed Mary to care for her son? Because a lack of care for our children will be the true result of this decision. Employees call out sick. Mothers don’t. Employees don’t show up. Families do. Employees sometimes don’t care about the quality of their work. Fathers do. Who will suffer? The individual who qualified for this benefit, that’s who. You’re changing the goal post. That is so unfair to the mothers and fathers who have slogged through the failures of low standards and the accompanying bureaucracy for decades. You want MORE FAILURE for our kids? Leave the consumer driven component alone when it comes to the waivers!!!! Unless you have a child with disabilities severe enough to find yourself in our shoes you don’t have a clue what’s needed for them to thrive. It’s so damn hard.  Virginia is still under investigation by the DOJ for a failure to protect the rights of individuals with special needs. It’s a disgrace that you want to undo the progress made by Virginia to care for its disabled citizens. 

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