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3/29/23  4:44 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Response to Medicare Waiver Changes Proposal

As an individual with central core disease, a rare form of muscular dystrophy, who has experienced the benefits of this program and known family as well as friends who have also utilized this system, I formally encourage the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services to continue with the consumer-directed option. As it's name implies, a consumer-directed model allows for greater individuality and accommodations as these elements are designed/provided in direct conjunction and collaboration with the individual receiving services. Namely, consumer-directed services, place the "consumer" as the formal leader and organizer. Specifically have the consumer and related parties operate within this position can provide direct input and make necessary adjustments, alterations that would take a formalized agency significantly longer to enact. Finally, consumer-directed services should continue as this system inherently ascribes to the believe that the individual and their close significant other know what is best for them in terms of services that designed for enhancing overall success as well as quality of life.  

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