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3/30/23  2:25 pm
Commenter: Tracy Journell

Please continue to allow parents to be paid attendants for their disabled children

Please continue to allow parents to be paid attendants for their disabled children.  In the past,  we have tried several different agencies & have had numerous direct support providers in my home to help care for my disabled son that have not worked out at all. Most of the time it was a challenge to just get a person to apply for the position but even if they did, they didn't stay on long & some just never came back.  While he was still enrolled in school, this wasnt as big as a problem as now that he's an adult & home all day.  If I were to go back to work outside the home & hire someone to take care of him during those hours & they are late coming to work,  dont show up at all, need to leave earlier than scheduled  - then I have to leave work or miss the whole day, eventually I will no longer have a job myself.  My son has multiple disabilities and non verbal autism is one of them & as a parent with a child that can't tell you what happened when they are left alone with this stranger & are acting out you can only assume the worst.  I personally love my son with all of my heart & can't live with myself knowing something us wrong but they can't tell you what.  Since I have been able to be his paid attendant, the stress & worry for the both of us that has been lifted is enormous.   He has really came out of his shell & is more talkative & expressive & is finally making more eye contact & everything.   I really wish this option for parents would always be an option for us & them.  I am begging you to please reconsider & continue to allow parents like me to be paid attendants for our children under Consumer Direct Services as it is now.   

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