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3/21/23  2:24 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Consumer directed should be consumer choice

Please don’t take the option to use parent/guardian caregivers through consumer directed away. Although this started due to a public health emergency and that is ending, there are still repercussions that affect everyone. As often happens it affects special needs families the most. Many businesses can’t find enough workers to operate properly. Personal attendants are no different, they are hard to find! My daughter has been on the waitlist for a community engagement program for over a year, they can’t find enough workers. And they pay more than attendant or respite through consumer directed! Many families had to start using parent caregivers during covid because they had no choice. Now this has become a way of life. Many have had to quit jobs/careers to stay home with disabled family members. Do you actually think there is a line of attendants waiting impatiently to work with our loved ones for 12.70 an hour and no benefits to speak of? Taking away parent caregivers, who are dependable and caring actually puts our disabled loved ones at risk. What happens when they cannot find caregivers and become desperate? Will we be back to institutions? In my case, we are saving the state money because an agency or outside caregiver would want a lot more hours than we are currently using. Family members work cheap and keep disabled loved ones safe. Don’t make life harder than it already is. 

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