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3/23/23  10:10 am
Commenter: Nate Crowley

Keep consumer directed model for paid attendants

I am the attendant for my son, who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, he needs round the clock help with all aspects of his life (Has been wheelchair bound for the last 5 years). He is currently 15 years old and his needs continue to change/be more intensive. Charlie is in clinical trials that directly can improve the deterioration of his body. Covid, Flu, other airborne illnesses are of constant concern for us (his parents) to continue his clinical trials. In addition, he has had 2 instances of being in the hospital for over a week at a time, due to getting the flu/pneumonia. We had to stop using the attendants who helped before due to covid/flu...etc. Allowing me to be his attendance has been a godsend for our family. I can take care of his needs without as much concern about him getting sick. Not having to worry as much about sending him to the hospital or not being able to continue in his drug trials. Please continue with the current consumer directed model and make no changes to the current paid attendant policies. This would have a huge negative impact on my family and my son's health would be more likely compromised. Charlie needs these services and it's paramount for the current laws to stay in place for his continued care. Thank you for your consideration. 

Nate Crowley 

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