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3/30/23  5:34 pm
Commenter: Andrea Holdren

Please continue the waiver, it would be devastating to my health and family

To whom it may concern,


I am asking you to continue the waiver to allow spouses to be caregivers to their spouse. I am currently being cared for by my spouse after habing 2 failed spine surgeries. Moms in Motion is my facilitator and I'm so grateful for their organization as well as Anthem Healthkeepers CCC plus insurance. I have many more surgeries ahead of me. In August of 2022 I had 2 surgeries for Bertolotti Syndrome, a rare spine deformity. Both were unsuccessful and I have yet another spine surgery for degenerative discs disease and a severe herniated disc L4-L5 on June 29, 2023,  then I will have another surgery for the Bertolotti Syndrome within the year. On top of the spine surgeries, I have had knee surgery, left hand & elbow, and right hand & elbow on April 6th 2023. I am unable to drive, walk without a walker, do self care, nor household chores. My husband has had to quit his job and become my caregiver due to my needs and allow me to stay in the comfort of my home. I did not feel comfortable with an unknown caregiver driving me to appointments nor coming in my home around my children especially when my 5 yr old son is Autistic and non verbal. I was also diagnosed with CPPD disease which causes great pain as well as deterioration of the joints. As I go through the rest of my life I face great difficulties and challenges with my health. I would love nothing less than staying in the comforts of my home and for my spouse to be able to care for me since he knows me as well as my illnesses. It scares me to think I'd have to hire an unknown person to take care of me let alone try to find someone with all the nursing shortages. 


Please please continue this waiver with no expiration. Its so important & necessary for not just myself but other families. We definitely do jot need anymore stress or worry added on to what we are currently dealing with. 


Andrea Holdren 


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