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3/28/23  1:38 pm
Commenter: Charlotte Richardson

Support Parents Continued Care for their Children under Direct Care

I support parents maintaining continuous care for their children under Direct Care.   Such changes can be very disruptive to child, parent and their household.   Maintaining continuity of care promotes the continued thriving of these children.  Changing therapeutic approaches by care givers means children must go through an adjustment process and not all children especially children with physical, mental and emotional challenges may not have that smooth transition needed to foster a healthy relationship between children and their new caregivers.  More importantly, it becomes very difficult for parents when situations arise that dictate parents intervene.  In my personal case,  I care for my 100 year old mother,  since 2013, and early in her dementia, she never wanted or tolerated persons outside the family caring for her.  Parents should have first choice and that choice should include respite care because family members can become overwhelmed and burned out but they never give up. 

Please allow parents the ability to maintain continuity of care for their children with respite options.   Children often mistake such actions as parents not wanting to deal with them. 

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