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3/22/23  8:42 pm
Commenter: Robyn Bailey

Keep Consumer Directed Services

I am formally requesting you keep consumer directed services for parents of children regardless of age, with disabilities. Have a child with unique needs prohibits me from going to work outside of my home. Outside help is unreliable, hard to find, and not willing to work for $12.70 hour. Let alone the liability of putting another adult in my home to care for my non verbal child. My child can not tell me if someone is abusing his, hurting him, feeding him, or providing him care. My son deserves to have someone who respects him and his privacy as his caregiver. Unless you have walked one second in a parent like me shoes, you have no idea how much stress is added to a family with special needs. Honestly, shame on you for even causing me additional stress for no valid reason. 

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