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3/22/23  10:53 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Why do we have to keep fighting?

Our loved ones with special needs, who already have SO MANY OTHER OBSTACLES TO OVERCOME, should be priority. Which is why parents and those who care for these people are CRYING from the rooftops for the post pandemic benefits of live in attendants/parents and spouses as paid caregivers to remain as is, permanently. Our loved ones should not have to be FORCED to be cared by unskilled, low paid, attendants who see our child as no more than a paycheck. These proposed changes are going to DESTROY and disrupt everyday life for those who have become accustomed to having g those who love them be able to take care of them. We know our children, parents and spouses better than anyone. We cannot expect our loved ones to be cared for in a respectful and dignified way by strangers for the current wages. Target and Walmart pay far more than caring for our most vulnerable population along with benefits. We would be stupid to think that these changes have our vulnerable population in mind. My child’s father was able to quit his job and care for our child in a way no one was ever able to do before due to thee changes. Her constant routine change and attendant change made her everyday life a nightmare. Her father has done tremendous amounts of work with her and has stabilized and contributed to her overall growth these past two years in a way NO ONE ELSE could. All for her right to be cared for by those who love and know her best, to be stripped away. This is insane and infringes on so many rights to our healthcare system that we have just seemingly (though for a short period of time) made STRIDES and leaps to change, just for it to be a smack in the face. WHEN WILL WE START PUTTING OUR VULNERABLE POPULATION AT THE TOP OF THE LIST? When there’s another global pandemic and we all of a sudden “care” again??

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