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3/30/23  6:23 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Keep consumer directed services!

I am a concerned mother and caregiver under consumer directed with Mom's In Motion as a service facilitator and I am wholeheartedly opposed of the plan to shift paid caregivers away from consumer directed to become employees of an agency. This change will negatively impact so many disabled individuals as well as their families. I know it's hard to understand and comprehend all it takes to care for a special needs individual unless you've been in our shoes but it's literally a full time, around the clock job. A job in which pays a laughable hourly wage ($12.70 an hour) that not many will want to take after seeing all of the job's requirements/duties, and warnings of things that could likely happen.  Please reconsider the proposed change and allow parents and spouses to continue to be paid caregivers for their loved ones, give parents and spouses the peace of mind knowing that their loved one isn't being abused or neglected by a stranger, and give our loved ones the common decency to not have a stranger have to change them and bathe them. 

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