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3/15/23  4:31 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Public Comment

I strongly oppose the proposed change to parents caring for consumers through the state waiver system requiring them to register through an agency versus working directly as currently allowed.
The reasons are as follows 
— most importantly by changing to agency on directed model you are removing consumer rights to choose who will work with them
— Working through an agency the hours are limited to 40 per week thus imposing limit on consumer’s allowable resources.
— Agency can pay less than allowed hourly rate under current consumer directed model
— Agency will add additional financial burden to the already underfunded system with their additional inflated fees.
—Through the agency model parents cannot drive consumers to appointments or day programs thus limiting their access to waiver services

Overall this proposed change would greatly limit resources used through the waivers and in no way enhance. I am curious as to how someone in DMAS thinks Agency directed is a better consumer choice though the waivers.

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