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3/9/23  8:47 pm
Commenter: Sandra Phillips

Please don’t put more obstacles up

Life as the parent of a person with disabilities is not easy. We did not ask to be taken on this path, our family members did not ask to be disabled. But CD care has been a Godsend. While working full time, I had in-home care. They did not show up( car trouble, snow, no reason) , I had money and other things taken. When I became his caregiver, all this changed. To remove this benefit would be throwing yet another obstacle up for us. Negotiating all the therapies, the paperwork, the requirements is mind boggling. There are days when I am so stressed I feel like giving up. I am on high alert all the time. This has given me some peace of mind and security. Please listen to those affected the most, parents and caregivers.come and walk a few miles in our shoes. See how difficult it is to find help,especially with low pay, no benefits. We have so many hoops to jump through and any relief is much appreciated. Thank you for your time

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