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3/31/23  12:00 am
Commenter: Anonymous

Please Reconsider

Imposing these restrictions will only make it more difficult to meet people’s needs and will actively undermine the families who are depending on the program.

A transition from the consumer directed care program to an agency driven program will only exacerbate any current issues and create more hurdles for affected families.

My brother is a disabled adult that requires care and suffers from anxiety, particularly around people and especially those entering the home. It’s important for us that we are able to have family members care for him because it’s significantly less stressful to be around people he’s been familiar with since birth and are already fully equipped to care for him in the ways that best suit him. He has a right to always be comfortable and safe in his own personal environment.

Additionally, limiting the hours to 40 or less doesn’t make sense, as many people genuinely require 40+ hours of care. I fail to understand how implementing this restriction even guards against fraudulent misuse of the system in the first place. Removing respite hours is another “safeguard” that will undoubtedly have a negative impact on both the legally responsible adults and the disabled individuals receiving care.

Please reconsider these changes.

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