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Commonwealth of Virginia Health Benefits Program [1 VAC 55 ‑ 20]
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On this Action: 
This action will amend section 1VAC 55 320(E) to include adults, other than spouses and incapacitated adult children, as participants in the Health Benefits Plan for State Employees
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CLOSED     Opened on 11/23/2009 and Ended on 12/23/2009

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NO cost to the taxpayers. Need to support. Gary Nimax  12/23/09  11:59 pm
Yes, Support Cherry  12/23/09  9:28 pm
This will REMOVE people from the welfare rolls. taxpayer  12/23/09  6:25 pm
In Strong Support for a needed measure Paul Snodgrass, George Mason University  12/23/09  6:05 pm
Equal taxes should earn equal benefits Andrea Martens  12/23/09  5:40 pm
I strongly support this proposal Anne-Magali Sanchez  12/23/09  5:40 pm
total support: long overdue Joao Sousa, George Mason University  12/23/09  4:55 pm
Strongly support Winston Barham, University of Virginia  12/23/09  4:32 pm
It's time for Change for Access to Health Benefits for Virginia State Employees John Nickels  12/23/09  4:10 pm
it is a matter of justice The Rev. Kelly M. Sisson, Pastor - Glade Church, Blacksburg  12/23/09  3:55 pm
I am in complete support! Eleanore Ashman  12/23/09  3:21 pm
Strongly support Danny Axsom, Virginia Tech  12/23/09  3:00 pm
Thanks for broadening access to health care Mark Barrow  12/23/09  2:51 pm
Health Insurance University of Virginia  12/23/09  2:49 pm
Oppose State Employee Benefits for "Other Qualifying Adults" Cathy Marshall  12/23/09  2:37 pm
benefits Scott Burger  12/23/09  1:20 pm
a step in the right direction craig smith  12/23/09  1:10 pm
Other Qualified Adult Health Benefits Mary B. McKinley, University of Virginia  12/23/09  12:43 pm
A step in the right direction Stephen Nash, George Mason University  12/23/09  12:41 pm
in support of this bill Blaise Gaston  12/23/09  11:09 am
Yes to access to health care insurance benefits Cali Gaston  12/23/09  11:05 am
This bill is good for all Virginians Valentina Brashers, University of Virginia  12/23/09  11:02 am
Strongly Support Kenny Marotta, University of Virginia  12/23/09  10:42 am
This is a win-win-win proposal. Anne Beckley, College of William & Mary  12/23/09  10:42 am
This is an important step in recognizing the contributions of our LGBT colleagues.... Jeff Wing, VCU  12/23/09  10:37 am
a good plan Brian Murphy  12/23/09  10:34 am
Thank you in advance, Virginia, for doing the right thing Derek Mathis, College of William & Mary School of Law  12/23/09  10:22 am
Strongly in favor of this proposal. Stephen Bach  12/23/09  9:37 am
I support this measure! Rick Ferenci  12/23/09  8:40 am
OQA benefits many kinds of families Mark Ferguson  12/23/09  7:12 am
support Christopher Holstege  12/23/09  6:58 am
Support for Expanded Health Care Benefits UVA Faculty Senate's Faculty Recruitment, Retention, & Welfare Committee  12/23/09  6:23 am
Healthcare expansion Josh Pritchett, Jr  12/23/09  5:20 am
Please pass this proposal. It would make VA a more competitive in recruiting workers. Jason  12/23/09  1:58 am
Equality for all Matthew brandon  12/23/09  1:20 am
I favor, esp. since no cost to state Ron  12/22/09  11:29 pm
In favor of this action Daniel Wille  12/22/09  10:31 pm
Please support this proposal Bill Fogarty  12/22/09  9:40 pm
it will not raise taxes Jack Censer, George Mason U.  12/22/09  9:13 pm
Great idea A  12/22/09  8:04 pm
In strong support of this proposal. Aaron Palmore  12/22/09  8:01 pm
I Am In Favor Craig S Lovelace  12/22/09  6:40 pm
Health Benefits William J. Hausman, College of William and Mary  12/22/09  6:00 pm
Expansion of Insurance Coverage to Others John Hill, Principal, Grimm + Parker Architects  12/22/09  5:37 pm
Stay focused!! KP  12/22/09  5:30 pm
About time for equality Terence Johnson  12/22/09  5:12 pm
Extension of Health Benefits- No Cost to Taxpayers Joshua Pennise, former state employee  12/22/09  5:09 pm
A Positive Step Deborah Bebout, The College of William & Mary  12/22/09  4:53 pm
I am in favor of this proposal. Briana Edelman  12/22/09  4:30 pm
Why so Angry? Leisa Meyer, The College of William and Mary  12/22/09  3:42 pm
Strongly Recommend Approval Chuck Almquist No Organization  12/22/09  3:38 pm
Expanded Benefit Option will help Virginia, not hurt Fay Spence, Attorney  12/22/09  3:38 pm
Health Care Benefits--Extended to adults other than spouse.... Tom White, William and Mary  12/22/09  3:05 pm
In strong Support/Vice President University Life Sandy Scherrens George Mason University  12/22/09  2:36 pm
Strongly support UVA Employee  12/22/09  2:26 pm
a rational way of offering coverage that doesn't cost anyone but the employee lynn noland  12/22/09  1:53 pm
NOT in favor! Judith Morris, UVA  12/22/09  1:44 pm
Please Support this long overdue legislation Jeffrey Voigt  12/22/09  1:02 pm
In full support Jen, George Mason Univ.  12/22/09  12:44 pm
All Virginians should have access to affordable health care. Ira Bashkow  12/22/09  12:08 pm
In Strong Support! Virginia Evans  12/22/09  11:44 am
Strongly support this! John Bozeman  12/22/09  11:36 am
In Strong Support Morrie Scherrens, George Mason University  12/22/09  11:30 am
Fair Treatment for All Virginians Brent Davis  12/22/09  10:51 am
Partner Benefits Barbara Munjas  12/22/09  10:51 am
Yes -- Need this flexibility George Mason University employee  12/22/09  10:47 am
strong support Melissa Capers  12/22/09  10:32 am
Absolutely! Lise Dobrin  12/22/09  10:32 am
Strongly Support This Action Ric Chollar, George Mason University  12/22/09  10:09 am
Positive Direction Val Guffy  12/22/09  10:05 am
Do not support because nothing is free Dana Brown, Taxpayer  12/22/09  9:33 am
STRONGLY in favor Jennifer Atkinson, George Mason University  12/22/09  9:03 am
Long overdue Shirley Cline, Virginia Tech  12/22/09  8:43 am
Support Healthy Virginia Citizens Jennie West  12/22/09  8:41 am
it is about time... Mina Ingraham  12/22/09  8:28 am
I favor this action Anne Martin  12/22/09  7:54 am
This is Only Fair BSled  12/22/09  6:21 am
I Support this Legislation Scott Kimbriel  12/22/09  12:14 am
amendment of section 1VAC 55 320(E) Julie Carter, Private Citizen  12/22/09  12:09 am
Not the best solution, but a good step David Sacks, State employee  12/21/09  11:26 pm
Equality Not Opinion Jeremy Ruark  12/21/09  11:11 pm
Strongly support Chuck and Debbie Epes  12/21/09  10:20 pm
forward progress is appreciated! Quillin Jennifer Drew, Citizen  12/21/09  10:04 pm
In favor of Health Benefits Plan for OQA Linda  12/21/09  9:42 pm
Proposal to expand the state health care plan Dawn Caughey  12/21/09  9:34 pm
In favor Jessica Folkart, Virginia Tech  12/21/09  9:31 pm
I agree and support this wholeheartedly! Carol Blum Papillon  12/21/09  9:14 pm
Equality For Every Family Sara Gaborik, Former Senior Assistant Public Defender  12/21/09  9:13 pm
government should extend state health benefits to a qualified member of the employees household Heidi Trester  12/21/09  8:04 pm
I guess the loaves and fishes story is not enough to persuade republican religious folks. erehwon  12/21/09  7:31 pm
Benefits Lynn Burton  12/21/09  7:30 pm
benefits for domestic partners elizabeth mandell - univeristy of virgina  12/21/09  7:25 pm
One partner's fine, plus own kids Fred Krohn, Vanishing Tower  12/21/09  6:57 pm
Bravo, Gov. Kaine! Catarina Krizancic, University of Virginia  12/21/09  6:54 pm
It's About Time... Rashaunda Jackson, James Madison University  12/21/09  6:38 pm
Extension of insurance to an additional adult in same household. michael campbell  12/21/09  6:38 pm
The "deserving" and "undeserving"--we can do better!! D. Patricia Gray, VCU School of Nursing  12/21/09  6:32 pm
Equal rights for everyone Jennifer Halpin, George Mason  12/21/09  5:57 pm
Yes C. Martin  12/21/09  5:56 pm
One for All and All for One Glenn Thomason  12/21/09  5:52 pm
I earnestly support - it's a matter of justice & morality Rev. Rob Vaughn, Ph.D. Community of Faith United Methodist Church  12/21/09  5:47 pm
One for All and All for One Glenn Thomason  12/21/09  5:40 pm
Yes! Rev. Sarah McQueen  12/21/09  5:32 pm
Support of proposal Jonathan Lebolt, PhD, LCSW  12/21/09  5:28 pm
yes female employee, George Mason University  12/21/09  4:59 pm
Many Good Rreasons to Support this Proposal Joseph LaMountain  12/21/09  4:58 pm
Overdue, cost-neutral step needed to retain best faculty Janice Dean, University of Virginia  12/21/09  4:50 pm
Only Fair Paxton Marsall  12/21/09  4:35 pm
Overwhelmingly in favor Ed Holloway  12/21/09  4:33 pm
I am amazed at the "Christians" who oppose this legislation. What would Jesus do? John B.Nicholson, III  12/21/09  4:29 pm
Yes to this action and to increasing coverage in Virginia UVa  12/21/09  4:26 pm
I support the proposed health care change Cindy Cutler  12/21/09  4:18 pm
These benefits have been shown by Fortune 500 companies to pay off in attracting top talent! Lee Kennedy, Information Resources Professional  12/21/09  4:13 pm
I Fully Support This Bill Michael McHugh  12/21/09  4:02 pm
Finally, Virginia, there is a real NEW DEAL! Charles H. Ford, Professor and Chair, History, Norfolk State University  12/21/09  3:54 pm
This needs to happen - NOW RBS  12/21/09  3:50 pm
Please take VA out of the dark ages and include adults, other than spouses and incapacitated adul Martine Strohmeyer, Mother, Grandmother, Educator, Artist, Human Rights Act  12/21/09  3:46 pm
Yes! Matt Litchfield  12/21/09  3:41 pm
No funding for insurance for gay partners Andrew  12/21/09  3:41 pm
Fair Law Sheila Hess  12/21/09  3:35 pm
Definitely in favor! Nita and Bob Jones - Private Citizens  12/21/09  3:28 pm
I strongly support this legislation Jennifer  12/21/09  3:26 pm
Long over due Sher, Retired Professor, Virginia Citizen  12/21/09  3:25 pm
What year is this? "1909"? Dexter Tenney  12/21/09  3:24 pm
In favor Anne Paris  12/21/09  3:23 pm
Real Help for All Families Lisa Payne  12/21/09  3:22 pm
Glad to see this--VA is finally entering the 21st century. Robin Sanborn  12/21/09  3:21 pm
It's about time! Michael  12/21/09  3:10 pm
I'm all for it! Karen Sokohl  12/21/09  3:10 pm
Equality Holly Holub  12/21/09  3:06 pm
please change extreme insurance discrepancy in households Linda Kendall  12/21/09  3:05 pm
Inclusion in state health benefits Diana G. Westbrook  12/21/09  3:00 pm
YES YES YES Ashley Florence  12/21/09  2:59 pm
Equal Pay and Equal Benefits Eva Freund  12/21/09  2:59 pm
Must take steps needed to expand health insurance coverage to all Robbyne Jones  12/21/09  2:50 pm
Totally Support this move Raheel Qayyum  12/21/09  2:20 pm
Absolutely in favor of this needed improvement Marva A. Barnett  12/21/09  2:02 pm
I support this Fred Piercy, Virginia Tech  12/21/09  1:54 pm
Yes to Expanded Health Care Benefits! Susan McKinnon, University of Virginia  12/21/09  1:44 pm
Absolutely agree Jocelyn Sanders, Virginia Tech  12/21/09  1:29 pm
In absolute agreement! Cassie Hays, Woodson Institute, UVA  12/21/09  11:52 am
In favor - pass CES  12/21/09  7:59 am
Marriage Doesn't Make a Family Samantha Thomas  12/21/09  7:49 am
Health insurance for family members of Virginia employees Andrew Kohen, James Madison University  12/21/09  1:06 am
Wonderful news! Jody Wagner, RNC  12/21/09  1:03 am
100% smith will  12/20/09  11:26 pm
Approve this and extend domestic partnership & marriage rights for all Virginians! DK  12/20/09  9:42 pm
Health care access should not be punitive Mary Alison Galway  12/20/09  4:39 pm
Help VA compete at NO cost Jay Fisette, Vice Chair, Arlington County Board  12/20/09  4:19 pm
Long overdue Vincent Savaglio  12/20/09  4:05 pm
Yes, absolutely! It is the right thing to do. Christina Hoffman  12/20/09  12:55 pm
other qualified adult program paul barolsky  12/20/09  11:57 am
An Excellent Improvement Meghan Connell  12/20/09  11:42 am
In favor -- this is long overdue Michelle Benecke, Virginia resident and UVA graduate  12/20/09  10:52 am
Absolutely agree! Bev Rainey  12/20/09  10:16 am
Fair and Just Ruth L. Barolsky  12/20/09  10:10 am
In favor Karen Enger  12/20/09  9:57 am
I strongly support this. Anya Hawthorn  12/20/09  9:14 am
Justice for all Dick Bauman, PFLAG  12/20/09  8:54 am
Finally Lee Fineman  12/20/09  8:35 am
Health Care Benefits to Unrelated Adults - Support Jeff Ciucias  12/20/09  8:31 am
It only makes perfect sense Beth  12/19/09  10:09 pm
Yes, I strongly support this proposal Susan Crawford  12/19/09  10:03 pm
OQA is part of keeping the Commonwealth's universities national leaders Jeff Trammell, William and Mary  12/19/09  9:08 pm
Expanded Health Coverage is Reasonable and Right David Benson  12/19/09  5:56 pm
Yes-VA must think forward, not backward Faculty member at a state university  12/19/09  5:44 pm
a fair compromise tevyn east  12/19/09  4:29 pm
NO, NO, NO Tom  12/19/09  4:22 pm
This Change Should Be Made Norman Hall  12/19/09  4:03 pm
Pass this legislation!! Anthony Bankhead  12/19/09  3:55 pm
Please pass this bill Coral Gundlach  12/19/09  3:50 pm
YES to this important (and long overdue) policy change! Sean Tai  12/19/09  3:37 pm
health benefits for qualified adults Eva McMahan  12/19/09  2:57 pm
Providing the benefits, paid by the beneficiary, at no cost to the state Jolynne Flores  12/19/09  2:27 pm
ACCESS to health insur for household members-elderly parents & adult students. Support Plus One. Jan Altman, Virginia Commonwealth University  12/19/09  2:24 pm
domestic partnership benefits J Leonard  12/19/09  2:20 pm
Virginia Should be a leader in equality Matthew LaChance, Human Rights Campaign  12/19/09  2:09 pm
step towards equality j kennedy  12/19/09  2:05 pm
Support Proposal Richard West  12/19/09  1:47 pm
In Support of Expanded Access to Health Benefits for VA State Employees Jonathan Moore  12/19/09  12:28 pm
Extend Coverage--the Civilized Decision Dan Deans  12/19/09  11:39 am
Healthcare for partners is the right thing to do go forward Virginia Monica Fleischmann  12/19/09  11:27 am
important issue catherine haney  12/19/09  10:06 am
We need this coverage Tony DeRosa, MD  12/19/09  9:53 am
Long Overdue CHMathews  12/19/09  9:48 am
Has anyone even considered? Anonymous (when did we stop caring about privacy?)  12/19/09  9:25 am
Treat all workers equally Melissa Bollbach  12/19/09  9:24 am
Health Care for All Elaine Hammond  12/19/09  6:40 am
Long overdue Zachary Palmese  12/19/09  5:39 am
Very much in favor of this Tory Kennedy  12/19/09  3:01 am
So, why is this a new concept in VA in the 21st Century? StephenVA  12/19/09  3:00 am
Absolutely YES Chris Burrs  12/18/09  11:44 pm
Good for VA and Virginians Ryan Byrnes  12/18/09  11:36 pm
Yes, Please! Clarisa Marcus  12/18/09  11:34 pm
Finally! David Brue Brown  12/18/09  11:32 pm
yes to benefits for all adults Dorothy Couchman  12/18/09  11:23 pm
I Support Expanded Access to Health Benefits for VA State Employees Frederick Bowers  12/18/09  11:10 pm
Expanded Access to Health Benefits for Virginia State Employees Nicholas Penning  12/18/09  11:02 pm
ABSOLUTELY YES David Hazard  12/18/09  10:49 pm
We need this! Get this passed! Patrick Hughes  12/18/09  10:48 pm
strongly support George Mason University  12/18/09  9:57 pm
Finally...bringing back common sense to America Anna Romig Nickels, VA citizen & tax-payer  12/18/09  9:49 pm
Yes, absolutely Tammy Kronebusch  12/18/09  9:47 pm
About time, yes dennis lockard  12/18/09  9:42 pm
Emphatically support extending benefits Sarah Betzer, University of Virginia  12/18/09  9:40 pm
Strongly support the change! Mayra Andujar, VA taxpayer  12/18/09  9:28 pm
an important step forward Rebecca Harris  12/18/09  8:55 pm
I support this. Ismael Medina  12/18/09  8:42 pm
Yes on Partner Benefits Seth Kaye, UVA  12/18/09  8:27 pm
About time Katie Rhinehart, Taxpayer  12/18/09  8:02 pm
A step towards equal rights Eileen Morrison  12/18/09  7:54 pm
Proposal no extra cost to taxpayer and does NOT undermine C. Honeycutt  12/18/09  7:40 pm
'Bout Time! Lisa Fritz  12/18/09  7:32 pm
In favor Rebecca  12/18/09  7:24 pm
Absolutely overdue. James Jarrell  12/18/09  6:45 pm
Strongly Support Roderick Ingram  12/18/09  6:33 pm
Equality for All EliseG  12/18/09  6:20 pm
How does this hurt anyone..?...Lets do it !! Frank House,Roanoke Equality  12/18/09  6:20 pm
I support amending Section IVAC 55 320(E) Martha McQuade, business owner, McQuade Byrum PLLC  12/18/09  6:05 pm
Bravo Marquita Hil  12/18/09  6:03 pm
Yes!!!! Fran Harbour  12/18/09  6:02 pm
I strongly support this. Christien Roi Wilson Mitchell  12/18/09  5:56 pm
in favor emily  12/18/09  5:44 pm
Household Benefits Phillip J. Lavezzo  12/18/09  5:41 pm
Adult Household Benefits Dr. Donald K. Ourecky, Genetics Professor  12/18/09  5:40 pm
Proposal to provide health benefits to adult live-in partners of State Employees Andre Sauvageot, Interstate Traveler Company, LLC  12/18/09  5:35 pm
Equality for all CJ  12/18/09  5:32 pm
Make VA more attractive to live and work in C. Martin  12/18/09  5:23 pm
Including "otherwise qualified adults" is good business Becky Carroll, Ph.D.  12/18/09  5:20 pm
Make VA more attractive to live and work in C. Martin  12/18/09  5:20 pm
Support this common sense initiative Jonathan, Equality Loudoun  12/18/09  5:14 pm
Equal Rights For All Jeff Cunningham, Hampton University  12/18/09  5:13 pm
support Elizabeth McCarthy  12/18/09  5:08 pm
Support of insurance coverage for an "otherwise qualified adult" living in household Ken McCreary  12/18/09  5:03 pm
In favor of expanding coverage Rebecca Stone, George Mason University  12/18/09  4:49 pm
I Support This Proposal Vance P. Hedderel  12/18/09  4:27 pm
ABSOLUTELY in support Lauren Granger  12/18/09  4:27 pm
Yes! Jenna Krotke, University of Virginia  12/18/09  4:26 pm
In Favor Of Domestic Partner Benefits! James M Hewitt  12/18/09  4:25 pm
Long Overdue! Olivia Marshall  12/18/09  4:19 pm
in favor of this change Judith Reagan, University of Virginia  12/18/09  4:15 pm
This is a great idea and will make Viriginia an even better place to do business and attract a compe Kevin Chandler, Graduate Student at Georgetown University  12/18/09  4:10 pm
Long overdue! Dale Barnhart  12/18/09  4:05 pm
Long Overdue! Amanda Noriega  12/18/09  4:05 pm
employee health benefits for domestic partners Thelma Y. Carroll  12/18/09  4:04 pm
A step toward a healthier Virginia Sharon Babcock, James Madison University  12/18/09  4:03 pm
Long overdue Brooke Taylor  12/18/09  3:54 pm
In support of domestic partner benefits! Robert Donahue  12/18/09  3:51 pm
I support this change Christian Steinmetz, University of Virginia  12/18/09  3:46 pm
good for Virginians B. Riley, Ph.D. (DBHDS)  12/18/09  3:45 pm
Eqality for ALL!! Buffy, Disabled Veteran/Taxpayer  12/18/09  3:35 pm
Please support this action in order to support all Virginia families and attract the best workforce Carly Smith  12/18/09  3:35 pm
Health Insurance for otherwise qualified adults Marcia Bailey  12/18/09  3:25 pm
SOS Dana  12/18/09  3:18 pm
In Favor Brian Smith, University of Virginia  12/18/09  3:16 pm
Please support. Margret Hjalmarson, George Mason University  12/18/09  3:16 pm
A small step in the right direction. Robert Stilling  12/18/09  3:16 pm
Approve this Change Now! Stacey Fraser  12/18/09  3:08 pm
I am proud that Virginia is finally opening their eyes. Linda Elliott, James Madison University  12/18/09  3:08 pm
Consider equality Meg M.  12/18/09  3:05 pm
It's about time we entered the 21st century... Dr. A. Gabbard-Alley, Professor Emeritus  12/18/09  3:03 pm
Keep moving forward Nic.  12/18/09  2:59 pm
an invaluable idea Rachel Lindsey, George Mason U  12/18/09  2:53 pm
Absolutely YES! Michael G  12/18/09  2:53 pm
In Favor Jae Berry  12/18/09  2:46 pm
VA resident Jae Berry  12/18/09  2:45 pm
This is after all the 21st century. Yes!!! N. Puryear  12/18/09  2:44 pm
In Favor! Steve Thomas  12/18/09  2:43 pm
Penny wise, pound foolish... Charles Bizzell  12/18/09  2:39 pm
Yes! Christine Ciambella, George Mason Law Library  12/18/09  2:38 pm
In favor Melanie Fraim  12/18/09  2:38 pm
Have we learned nothing from our past? Cherie Sederquist, retired teacher, industrial management, & business owner  12/18/09  2:33 pm
In favor: Attract the best and brightest Brian Sandoval  12/18/09  2:30 pm
It's about time! Amanda Young  12/18/09  2:28 pm
I support expanded accessiblity of health benefits for Virginia employees! Cathryn Oakley  12/18/09  2:26 pm
Keep Virginia's Business Climate Competitive Greg Phillips  12/18/09  2:25 pm
In Support Karen Foote  12/18/09  2:25 pm
Health insurance for all, once and for all! Joanne Smith-Knauf  12/18/09  2:24 pm
In favor Catherine Conley  12/18/09  2:24 pm
Excellent! Cynthia Gilliatt, retired JMU Faculty  12/18/09  2:22 pm
Pleasant Surprise Corey  12/18/09  2:21 pm
Support Katherine Weber  12/18/09  2:20 pm
Great. I fully support it Garry Hartsock Retired Virginia Taxpayer  12/18/09  2:20 pm
I support this effort - cost argument doesn't hold water! Jessica H.  12/18/09  2:19 pm
It's about time Thomas Rimington  12/18/09  2:18 pm
Health care for Other Qualified Adults -- I approve Julie Fitzgerald  12/18/09  2:18 pm
It's about time Lane  12/18/09  2:18 pm
Absolutely support this! Equality is always important, and this costs VA nothing to implement. Matthew Nickels, U.S. DOT  12/18/09  2:17 pm
In Favor Shawn Oates  12/18/09  2:15 pm
No brainer-Long overdue Suzanne Weaver  12/18/09  2:14 pm
Absolutely Kyle Austin  12/18/09  2:13 pm
health care for in home adult Janet Worsham  12/18/09  2:12 pm
Favor Amy Corning  12/18/09  2:10 pm
I also wish.... Christina Nienaber - George Mason University  12/18/09  2:02 pm
of course! Elayne Kornblatt Phillips  12/18/09  2:01 pm
A step in the right direction Meena Rajan, George Mason University  12/18/09  1:54 pm
Yes! Christina Nienaber - George Mason University  12/18/09  1:11 pm
There is no cost to the taxpayer Alexandra Rebhorn  12/18/09  1:06 pm
Let's not stray from the point Lori Petterson  12/18/09  12:57 pm
Strongly in favor of this--long overdue! Alexis Andres, UVA  12/18/09  12:57 pm
Terrific! Amy L  12/18/09  12:48 pm
I support Jennifer  12/18/09  12:40 pm
Viable option Lori Petterson, George Mason University  12/18/09  12:38 pm
I support it, but within certain parameters Dan Taggart, George Mason University  12/18/09  12:31 pm
I support this! C.R. Heaton  12/18/09  12:30 pm
Absolutely Essential State Employee, George Mason University  12/18/09  12:18 pm
Proposal Costs Nothing! Nancy Maddox  12/18/09  12:01 pm
I very strongly support this action Justin Belsley  12/18/09  11:53 am
support Marguerite Brunner, UVA  12/18/09  11:36 am
Yes! Meg  12/18/09  11:23 am
In Favor Rob Izzo, University of Virginia  12/18/09  11:21 am
Essential Christopher Aubin, College of William & Mary  12/18/09  11:00 am
I applaud this change to expand coverage to adults residing in the same household Elizabeth Friberg  12/18/09  10:54 am
Strongly support this change in benefits Cindy Reynolds, UVA  12/18/09  10:37 am
Sounds great James Calloway  12/18/09  10:26 am
In Favor Aaron Gilley, University of Virginia  12/18/09  10:10 am
Yes. Definately Needed. BB  12/18/09  9:54 am
Depends on who will be covered! Anita Jacobson - UVA  12/18/09  9:15 am
Necessary Marge Rogan  12/18/09  8:50 am
Are you crazy? Forrest Johnson, UVA  12/18/09  6:42 am
About time! Rachel, University of Virginia  12/17/09  11:24 pm
Coverage of Randall Smith  12/17/09  9:44 pm
This is revenue neutral. Melissa Coburn  12/17/09  8:38 pm
Expanded benefits Bruce Stark  12/17/09  8:35 pm
I support the expanded coverage. Pat Bloom  12/17/09  8:22 pm
Excellent! D Spivey  12/17/09  8:15 pm
Strongly support this proposal B. Mahone, UVa employee  12/17/09  6:48 pm
Strongly in favor; cost-neutral Dan Heuchert, U.Va.  12/17/09  4:48 pm
Strongly in Favor K. Mason UVA  12/17/09  4:21 pm
Stongly support! Richard Friend  12/17/09  4:09 pm
For those in opposition... Dan Finn, University of Virginia  12/17/09  3:59 pm
I support this proposal! Jessica Rodriguez, UVA  12/17/09  3:51 pm
Full Support Steve E., TCC  12/17/09  3:43 pm
I support this change. D. M.  12/17/09  3:18 pm
Bill would be revenue neutral and help recruit and retain skilled professionals Mary Brackett, UVA  12/17/09  3:18 pm
finally! DJD  12/17/09  3:09 pm
Thank you Female state employee  12/17/09  3:04 pm
In support of expanding health benefit Kristin Bell  12/17/09  2:41 pm
I support this initiative 100% L. V.@ UVA  12/17/09  2:21 pm
Its the right thing to do Jonathan  12/17/09  11:51 am
In support Paul Harrill, Virginia Tech  12/17/09  11:46 am
Absolute support! June Frinks, Citizen, State Employee  12/17/09  10:25 am
Strongly support Laura Hawthorne, Fluvanna County voter  12/17/09  10:15 am
Strongly in Favor Anne Dornberg  12/17/09  10:06 am
Finally, a spark of humanity in VA state health benefits Nancy Jurek  12/17/09  9:22 am
Health Benefits to Other Qualified Adults Kellie Fischer-Johnson  12/17/09  9:07 am
It's good to hear this is being considered! Sandra, Virginia Tech  12/17/09  9:04 am
"With liberty and justice for all!" Edward Spencer, Virginia Tech  12/17/09  8:52 am
Simply the right thing to do. STRONGLY SUPPORT! Sally Burger  12/17/09  8:46 am
Support! Very necessary Yaira Resto  12/17/09  7:31 am
Absolutely support. It's about time! Elizabeth Wittner  12/16/09  10:40 pm
the individual, not the state, would pick up 100 percent of the cost of the insurance Bevelry, VT wife  12/16/09  10:16 pm
This Social Justice issue needs our support Pat Lloyd Virginia Voter  12/16/09  9:57 pm
Full support John O'Brien  12/16/09  9:25 pm
Welcome Innovation for Virginia Barbara Ellen Smith, Virginia Tech  12/16/09  9:23 pm
Great step forward! Bryan Garey, UVa Human Resources  12/16/09  8:42 pm
strongly support Jill Kiecolt  12/16/09  8:31 pm
Strong support Karen Hult, Virginia Tech faculty member  12/16/09  7:50 pm
All family members deserve health care Georgette Yakman  12/16/09  7:44 pm
strongly support E G  12/16/09  7:19 pm
Support for Proposed Action Hal Irvin, Virginia Tech  12/16/09  6:47 pm
I strongly support this change. Virginia Rovnyak  12/16/09  6:31 pm
common decency Anna Hebner  12/16/09  5:16 pm
Proposed Change to State Health Benefits: benefits for same-sex partners of UVa faculty/staff John  12/16/09  5:14 pm
Yes Cliff Maxwell, UVa  12/16/09  5:10 pm
a strong yes Gary Downey  12/16/09  5:08 pm
yes - extend benefits within households susan Trulove, Virginia Tech  12/16/09  5:04 pm
Long overdue! Jeffrey Bonacci, M.D. Western State Hospital  12/16/09  5:04 pm
Plus One Judy Sewell, (Voting Citizen)  12/16/09  5:00 pm
In Support of Bringing Virginia Forward Kenneth Belcher, Virginia Tech  12/16/09  4:56 pm
GREAT IDEA!!! FCM  12/16/09  4:48 pm
A step forward for fairness, business and healthcare Catherine Leslie, UVA, DBHDS  12/16/09  4:33 pm
Fair, no cost to state, and long overdue Michael J. Smith, University of Virginia  12/16/09  4:26 pm
Absolutely essential Sue Ott Rowlands  12/16/09  4:26 pm
Support for expansion of health benefits William FitzPatrick  12/16/09  4:24 pm
Healthcare for qualifying household members Jane Mahone  12/16/09  4:20 pm
Good idea! Long overdue! Ted Fuller, Virginia Tech  12/16/09  4:14 pm
Expanding the State's Health Benefit Plan to include an adult in household other than spouse Jean & Thomas Washburn, citizens  12/16/09  4:05 pm
NONONO S  12/16/09  3:55 pm
Absolutely the right course Andrew Becker  12/16/09  3:53 pm
Extended Health Benefits for Extended Family Members Jane Wemhoener  12/16/09  3:47 pm
An excellent idea Richard Shryock  12/16/09  3:41 pm
About time & NO cost to taxpayer! Alison Galway  12/16/09  3:41 pm
Support this Measure Matthew Gabriele, Virginia Tech  12/16/09  3:39 pm
Yes, finally common sense fairness and equality Lisa Kennedy  12/16/09  2:28 pm
Letter of Support from U.Va., GMU, and W&M Susan Carkeek, VP of Human Resources, University of Virginia  12/16/09  1:47 pm
Makes Sense Victoria Olwell, University of Virginia  12/16/09  1:47 pm
Welcome to the 21st Century! Zell Murphy  12/16/09  1:19 pm
Strongly support Peter Baker, UVA  12/16/09  12:37 pm
Support Susan White, VCU  12/16/09  12:01 pm
I give unequivocal support Stephen Arata, University of Virginia  12/16/09  11:19 am
Time to end restricted access to state health care Carol Schwobel, Virginia Tech  12/16/09  11:16 am
About Time Jeffrey Mann, Virginia Tech  12/16/09  10:53 am
Good public policy. James Wagoner, Advocates for Youth  12/16/09  9:57 am
No cost equality FOR ALL! Jennifer Novesky  12/16/09  8:58 am
Absolutely! Nicole Novesky  12/16/09  8:08 am
Just say No PLEASE T. Frye  12/16/09  8:02 am
Fully Support, Long Overdue Cat Thrasher, University of Virginia  12/16/09  7:17 am
Fair treatment Julia Hebner  12/15/09  10:40 pm
Proposal supports a better VA Eric Williams  12/15/09  9:41 pm
In support James Watkins, VCU  12/15/09  8:45 pm
a welcomed change Shu-chen Chen, The University of Virginia  12/15/09  8:45 pm
It could save money for the state and the consumer M. Smith  12/15/09  8:12 pm
Equitable health coverage is fair and will benefit the whole Commonwealth Matthew Charpentier  12/15/09  7:34 pm
Support Cynthia Martin, James Madison University  12/15/09  7:31 pm
This Doesn't Cost TaxPayers One Penny Kathy Doxsee  12/15/09  4:36 pm
GREAT! Stephanie Byrnes  12/15/09  3:39 pm
Yes, help all kinds of families provide Allison Pugh  12/15/09  3:14 pm
YEA Shawn McNulty  12/15/09  2:57 pm
It's about time! Patty Sauls, ROSMY  12/15/09  2:40 pm
100% support E Fuller, UVA  12/15/09  2:26 pm
In Support Emily Beckman  12/15/09  2:24 pm
What a Happy Holiday gift from Gov. Kaine! Martha Harper, VCU  12/15/09  2:09 pm
health care regulations Betsy Tucker, UVa  12/15/09  2:01 pm
Health Benefit IK, MD  12/15/09  2:00 pm
Shooting down the opponents of this proposal Tom Osborne  12/15/09  1:37 pm
Strongly in support of extending benefits to ensure real equality for all Virginians. Sheila Crane, University of Virginia  12/15/09  1:31 pm
In Favor Joseph Allen  12/15/09  12:48 pm
Absolutely vital, and long overdue James Coan, Assistant Professor, University of Virginia  12/15/09  12:43 pm
Support for Equal Benefits for GLBT Families G R, a Virginian  12/15/09  12:32 pm
My Adult Daughter with Diabetes. Megan  12/15/09  12:21 pm
It's about time!!! Rebecca P. Peters, University of Virginia  12/15/09  12:21 pm
Yes Gregory Hays  12/15/09  12:15 pm
It's only humane! D L Belew  12/15/09  12:10 pm
yes, please! Karen  12/15/09  10:40 am
This is very important legislation Debra Aaron  12/15/09  10:38 am
Support this measure David Drachsler  12/15/09  10:34 am
This important change has my full support! Laura Moore, University of Virginia  12/15/09  10:32 am
In Favor Nicolas Medevielle, College of William and Mary  12/15/09  10:23 am
Support the Legislation Mary Jo Provenzano, Manassas, VA  12/15/09  9:46 am
Good for all concerned and the right thing to do! John Alexander, University of Virginia  12/15/09  9:26 am
In Favor George Martinez  12/15/09  9:13 am
I (Heart) VA For This J.D.G  12/15/09  3:25 am
In the interest of the Commonwealth Michael Halleran, College of William and Mary  12/14/09  11:20 pm
A Just and Reasonable Proposal Thomas Wood, Citizen  12/14/09  8:27 pm
Very much in favor Forrest Meghan George, GMU employee  12/14/09  5:34 pm
California does this M. Fenwick  12/14/09  5:33 pm
Action to amend section 1VAC 55 320(E) to include adults, other than spouses and incapacitate John L. Marshall, Jr.  12/14/09  5:15 pm
Great idea and about time. R. Claire Snyder-Hall  12/14/09  5:01 pm
YES!! Pixie E. Curry  12/14/09  4:59 pm
This action important for VA's quality workforce Cathy Howard, VCU  12/14/09  3:24 pm
STRONGLY SUPPORT! Liz Spurlin, Homemake and Military (Retired) Wife  12/14/09  2:52 pm
Someone now knows who you are. Solomon Genn  12/14/09  1:44 pm
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! Melissa Terrell, VCU  12/14/09  1:41 pm
Important and necessary Teresa Longo  12/14/09  1:37 pm
against! Brenda Clark  12/14/09  1:28 pm
I am against this stupid idea! William D. Clark  12/14/09  1:23 pm
This makes sense Angelica - VCU  12/14/09  1:22 pm
In Favor Ingrid Manning, VA Resident  12/14/09  1:09 pm
Great Change! Bart  12/14/09  12:51 pm
Yes, please Gail Coe  12/14/09  12:45 pm
Support 100% Richard Miller, University of Virginia  12/14/09  12:19 pm
support David Vinson  12/14/09  12:11 pm
competitiveness Manuel A. Perez-Quinones  12/14/09  11:42 am
Inclusive Actions Kevin McDonald, Virginia Tech  12/14/09  11:37 am
Support for this measure Jennifer Underwood, state employee  12/14/09  11:19 am
It is about time! Beth Brooker  12/14/09  10:43 am
Please understand the true purpose of this C.P. Koelling  12/14/09  10:40 am
Extended Insurance Debbi Atkins - Virginia Tech  12/14/09  10:24 am
I support the proposal Jim Tokuhisa  12/14/09  9:47 am
Expanded benefits for state employes including same sex partners, others Barbara Hardman  12/14/09  9:34 am
Extending Health Benefits to Same-Gender partners is only fair. Michael Blum  12/14/09  9:19 am
At long last Ellie Sturgis, Virginia Tech  12/14/09  8:41 am
Finally! Alyssa Freeman  12/13/09  8:53 pm
About Time Michael Clarke  12/13/09  8:03 pm
Other Qualified Adults Norman Jenkins  12/13/09  7:49 pm
In favor Margery Tobey, Virginia Commonwealth University  12/13/09  5:48 pm
Strongly Support Suzann Wilson Matthews, William and Mary  12/13/09  4:37 pm
Long overdue Laura Buell, Virginia Commonwealth University  12/13/09  1:45 pm
Strongly in Favor!!! Crystal Mario  12/13/09  11:31 am
Fully in support Bruce Ellsworth, UVA  12/13/09  11:31 am
Strategies to retain and attract state employees Sallie Eissler and Corbin Eissler  12/13/09  9:16 am
Virginia could really be for lovers? Meghan Mullaney  12/12/09  12:40 pm
Focus on jobs/roads/schools/etc.-not this issue Rick McDonald  12/12/09  12:09 pm
Yes Sarah  12/12/09  11:04 am
Positive step forward for family health care Edward Sewell  12/12/09  10:43 am
Pro Sergio Ferrarese, The College of William and Mary  12/12/09  10:10 am
I support this. MikeN  12/12/09  9:54 am
Firm belief in human rights John Riofrio, taxpayer and citizen  12/12/09  9:49 am
Fully Support Expansion of Benefits Robert L. Reis II, College of William and Mary  12/12/09  9:05 am
A Step in the Right Direction Dr. Thomas Becher  12/12/09  8:26 am
Benefit expansion Christine Harmon  12/12/09  7:11 am
in favor of amendment Giulia Pacini  12/12/09  6:53 am
Fairness for all adults Roy Chan, College of William & Mary  12/12/09  12:13 am
Gov. Kaine's proposal for extending benefits Sheila C. Whitcomb  12/11/09  6:24 pm
A critical action in support of Virginia's employees and their families Virginia M. Ambler, College of William and Mary  12/11/09  6:21 pm
It is time for Virginia to Move Forward Ross C. Edmonds, Virginia Tech  12/11/09  5:37 pm
Smart move forward Ed McPherson, private citizen  12/11/09  5:21 pm
definitely support Elena Prokhorova, College of William and Mary  12/11/09  5:04 pm
Will Help Beleagured State Universities Remain Competitive Jayne Barnard, William & Mary  12/11/09  4:51 pm
I support this measure as a step towards fairness. And it costs the taxpayers nothing. Ted Siedlecki  12/11/09  4:27 pm
It's about time! Kimberly Renner, College of William & Mary  12/11/09  4:02 pm
Fairness, Access, and Competitiveness Robert Leventhal  12/11/09  4:02 pm
loophole-I am opposed! Janet Smith  12/11/09  3:51 pm
Equalilty Carla Costello / College of William and Mary  12/11/09  3:47 pm
I support the proposal College of William and Mary  12/11/09  3:40 pm
Strongly in favor Patrick Graydon, University of Virginia  12/11/09  3:36 pm
YES, expand health benefits! George Greenia / College of William & Mary  12/11/09  3:15 pm
This is just good business Richard Fleming, UVA  12/11/09  2:31 pm
In favor of support Thomas Payne  12/11/09  2:27 pm
This is welcome indeed! Jennifer Taylor, College of William and Mary  12/11/09  2:18 pm
Agree Jobila Williams, College of William and Mary  12/11/09  2:11 pm
YES! It's about time. A'ishah Hils, UVA  12/11/09  1:46 pm
I think we should put healthcare back into the health providers hands. Our GOV is too big as it is. DBG  12/11/09  1:43 pm
It's about time unmarried state employees have some of the same benefits as married employees. David Lampo, Log Cabin Republicans of Virginia  12/11/09  1:38 pm
Strong Support Teresa Haller  12/11/09  1:20 pm
I agree with Ellen J Bass: it's good business Melinda Baumann, University of Virginia  12/11/09  1:19 pm
I fully support this proposed regulation to modify state health benefits for Ellen J. Bass  12/11/09  11:56 am
In favor of the proposal Rodney Davis, University of Virginia Alumnist  12/11/09  11:47 am
VA constitution violation John Dunn  12/11/09  11:43 am
Not, No, Hell NO! Michael Schmidt, Citizen, Tax Payer, Producer  12/11/09  9:38 am
I strongly support this! Antonia LoLordo, University of Virginia  12/11/09  9:13 am
The point Brian Hulse  12/11/09  9:08 am
Healthcare expansion Gail Frye  12/11/09  7:56 am
health care benefits expansion Helen Scherck  12/11/09  7:54 am
STRONGLY support!!! Ken Victor  12/10/09  10:49 pm
NO WAY! Nadine Justus  12/10/09  10:46 pm
Strong support for this plan Charlotte J. Patterson, University of Virginia  12/10/09  10:07 pm
Opposed to Gov. Kaine's proposed expansion of Health Care Benefits for state employees. John M. Froehlich Retired military  12/10/09  9:42 pm
Kaine health benefits expanded Richard L Johnston Lexington Pentecostal Holiness Church  12/10/09  8:28 pm
DO NOT SUPPORT Betsy Bishop  12/10/09  8:24 pm
Its a ripple effect Hunter  12/10/09  8:21 pm
A step in the right direction for everyone Ben Boone, William and Mary  12/10/09  7:42 pm
Taxes, yes. Coverage, no? Missy Wernstrom  12/10/09  7:30 pm
Stick to the facts. Joseph Bradley  12/10/09  6:34 pm
Think about it. B. J. Pryor  12/10/09  6:13 pm
Support Jodi Fisler  12/10/09  6:06 pm
Strongly Oppose Kaine's Proposal Rev. Bryan Keith  12/10/09  6:02 pm
Support!! Lauren Moore, Virginia Tech LGBTA  12/10/09  4:59 pm
Strongly Support The Rev. Wes Jamison  12/10/09  4:07 pm
Hoping for the best that this pulls through. Garrett Compton, Virginia Tech  12/10/09  3:56 pm
It's about time Deborah Lynch  12/10/09  3:31 pm
A proposal to help many families! Melissa Abell, Virginia Commonwealth University  12/10/09  3:13 pm
Violates state constitution, will break the bank, lead to fraud-20 adults live together!!??!! K. Roper  12/10/09  3:09 pm
Extension of Health Care to Gays Darlene Citizen  12/10/09  3:07 pm
doesmtic partner health care coverage is important Sara Dexter, University of VA  12/10/09  3:01 pm
Voicing support Anna LoMascolo  12/10/09  3:01 pm
Thank you Governor Kaine Jean Elliott, Virginia Tech  12/10/09  2:49 pm
100% Support Christine P. Snider, Virginia Tech  12/10/09  2:47 pm
Yes Yes, long overdue Anne Gregory  12/10/09  2:36 pm
A good idea long time in coming Margaret Edwards, University of Virginia  12/10/09  1:57 pm
I strongly support doesmtic partner health care coverage Nancy Deutsch, University of Virginia  12/10/09  1:51 pm
OQA Benefits Cindy Koziol, Virginia Tech  12/10/09  1:40 pm
Opposed to extension of benefits Gary D. Rose  12/10/09  1:15 pm
insurance benefits for Otherwise Qualified Adult Karen Kallay  12/10/09  1:09 pm
return to compassion Ann Sauls  12/10/09  1:06 pm
Insurance Kathy, VT  12/10/09  12:45 pm
We need to do this! Kelli Palmer, University of Virginia  12/10/09  12:26 pm
Great information OVS Systems  12/10/09  12:10 pm
Kudos to Governor Kaine Cora Schenberg, Ph.D.; U.Va. German Department  12/10/09  12:08 pm
This saves the State Money Aron Teel  12/10/09  11:57 am
Expanding Health CAre Benifits Stephen B. Dysart  12/10/09  11:27 am
Insurance gashaw  12/10/09  11:09 am
Sick of discrimination by any criteria -- I support this action. Nadine Hughes, Virginia Tech  12/10/09  11:04 am
Governor's Healthcare Proposal Elizabeth Lucas, Virginia Tech  12/10/09  11:01 am
Expansion of health coverage to others Louellen Sharp, state employee  12/10/09  10:59 am
Governor Kaine's Proposal to Expand Health Benefits Nancy Burk  12/10/09  10:56 am
Is this a joke? Pat Colton  12/10/09  10:55 am
Sounds like a good idea Judy  12/10/09  10:53 am
It's about time Rhea Epstein, VA Tech  12/10/09  10:52 am
Support this initiative 100% Deborah H Burchard  12/10/09  10:47 am
In support! Terri  12/10/09  10:43 am
Only fair Onabeach  12/10/09  10:29 am
An excellent reflection of diversity committment April Lucas, Virginia Tech  12/10/09  10:15 am
Good For Virginia in Many Ways Robyn Bentley  12/10/09  10:01 am
Kaine's 11th Hour "Act Fast" Routine Hits Virginia Lynn W. Shaw  12/10/09  9:54 am
support it Dale Robinson, Virginia Tech  12/10/09  9:48 am
Health Coverage for OQA Katie Greenleaf, Virginia Tech  12/10/09  9:39 am
Extension of Health Benefits to Same Sex Partners Paula Nachman  12/10/09  9:36 am
I'm for it! Tammy  12/10/09  9:29 am
EVERYONE benefits when access is expanded Theresa Conti, Virginia Tech  12/10/09  9:15 am
I support this change Zack Adams  12/10/09  9:01 am
State employees and the economy Nettie Evans  12/10/09  8:53 am
Totally against adding Mr and Mrs Stephan Aker  12/10/09  8:42 am
NO to expanded benefits Tom Redfern  12/10/09  7:50 am
Opposition to Expanding Healthcare Benefits by Gov. Kaine Todd Childers  12/10/09  7:37 am
Enough is Enough David J Goldman  12/9/09  11:40 pm
Waste of Taxpayer Dollars Janit Jones  12/9/09  10:14 pm
I say NO on expanding health care benefits beyond marriage S Jeter  12/9/09  8:16 pm
Health Care Supporter Lewis M. Wasserman  12/9/09  8:02 pm
Strongly Oppose Janet Robey  12/9/09  7:55 pm
This will cost taxpayers nothing-the employee, not the state, pays cost for mom/adult child/partner Helen Tanqueray  12/9/09  7:52 pm
Health Insurance Anthony L. Crudup  12/9/09  7:45 pm
Health benefits for same sex couples Edyth Parraga  12/9/09  4:08 pm
The people have said they do not want this that is why we put a Reublican in William Poole  12/9/09  3:59 pm
Expansion of health care benefits beyond marriage Janet Danker  12/9/09  3:41 pm
lack of common sense Terri Wyatt  12/9/09  3:39 pm
Health Care Benefits Joy Walker  12/9/09  3:17 pm
State Benefits to Homosexual Partners Richard Nicely  12/9/09  3:13 pm
Strongly support Vivian J. Paige  12/9/09  2:22 pm
McDonnell Opinion Supports Legality of OQA Proposal Claire Guthrie Gastanaga  12/9/09  2:13 pm
Health care benefits for state employees Robert Wilson  12/9/09  1:56 pm
Gov. Kaine's proposal to Expand Benefits Melanie Lesko  12/9/09  1:18 pm
National Health Care Reform Valerie McDonald  12/9/09  1:15 pm
The proposal will negatively affect families Aubrey Blankenship  12/9/09  12:52 pm
no to health plan michele walton  12/9/09  12:37 pm
Budget-busting, Unconstitutional, Immoral, & Plain Silly! David Cox  12/9/09  12:27 pm
I support this plan so vehemently that... Warran Dawson, VCU  12/9/09  11:58 am
Health Care benefits Joseph Hamilton  12/9/09  11:48 am
Yes -on Equal Access to Health Care Val Voci  12/9/09  11:48 am
No to expanded health care. Dixon D. Handwerk  12/9/09  11:37 am
Gov's desire to expand benefits A Nelson  12/9/09  11:29 am
Stop this proposal now Robert Keeton  12/9/09  11:15 am
Expanding Health Benefits Beyond Marriage Josephine Reklis  12/9/09  11:08 am
Don't we have a Budget Shortfall? Jarrett Ray  12/9/09  10:50 am
Sound Policy Jeremy Stewart  12/9/09  10:49 am
spending frenzy wallace  12/9/09  10:32 am
Pathetic! John Chapman  12/9/09  10:19 am
Insurance Benefits Naomi Hubbard  12/9/09  10:15 am
Opposed to Benefits Extension Jeffrey Dean, citizen  12/9/09  10:13 am
YES! It's great for business, and doesn't raise taxes Laura McGinnis, Arlington resident  12/9/09  10:12 am
Gov Kaine's intention to begin the process of expanding health care benefits Don & Lola Fletcher  12/9/09  9:57 am
Benefits Amy Gustine  12/9/09  9:56 am
expanding health care benefits for state employees to include not only same-sex partners but anyone Mike Hirsch  12/9/09  9:48 am
Proposed extension of state benefits to nonmarried partners of state employees Will Thomson, retired professor  12/9/09  9:46 am
A step forward for Virginia Jerry Williams  12/9/09  9:23 am
Benefits Expansion Gloria Breeden  12/9/09  9:20 am
Allow state employees to add Shayna Englin, Englin Consulting, LLC  12/9/09  9:10 am
Supportive Measure Manny  12/9/09  9:02 am
Please don't do it! Tim Wilcox  12/9/09  8:59 am
Health Care Cathy Kirk  12/9/09  8:58 am
Changes to insurance policy for VA state workers. Ginger M.  12/9/09  8:50 am
The proposal to expand health care benefits beyond marriage is a clear violation of the Constitution Pat Gwaltney  12/9/09  8:26 am
A small and important step forward for Virginia Jim Schuyler  12/9/09  7:31 am
Health Care Benefits Paul & Sandy  12/9/09  7:19 am
Good idea (with some restrictions)...too many people have been alienated for far too long. jan  12/9/09  6:19 am
Virginia employees' health insurace program Thomas Greeson  12/9/09  5:40 am
Clearly a violation, Constitution and Moral Robert Clark  12/9/09  5:08 am
An over reach of what Virginians want John Lee  12/9/09  5:08 am
unconstitutional, immoral and politically motivated Bob Taylor, Christian Rights Ministry  12/9/09  3:20 am
abandon a bad idea Ted Ku  12/9/09  3:04 am
abandon a bad idea Ted Ku  12/9/09  3:00 am
I strongly OPPOSE Kaine's Pro-Homosexual Proposal! Bobby May, taxpayer  12/9/09  1:57 am
Supported by history Ginger V.  12/9/09  1:38 am
typical political nonsense Chris Louden  12/9/09  12:27 am
Disappointing to say the least. Renae  12/8/09  10:57 pm
No expansion of health care benefits to non family mambers M Molzahn  12/8/09  10:49 pm
Health Care Benefits Dawn Ward  12/8/09  10:16 pm
Do not expand health care benefits beyond Marriage!! Thomas Russell  12/8/09  10:06 pm
Just say no! Lance Luc  12/8/09  9:50 pm
Saying YES! Leslie D Trew  12/8/09  9:49 pm
In agreement Bruce Taylor, Virginia Community Planning Group, HIV and STD's  12/8/09  9:48 pm
against benefit expansion Kathy Shaibani  12/8/09  9:48 pm
To expand benefits to unrelated persons is ludicrous and will increase costs, like a boarding house Ailleen Velthuis private citizen  12/8/09  9:40 pm
Support Allison Weinstein  12/8/09  9:33 pm
Absolutely! Cara Ziegel  12/8/09  9:30 pm
Kaine's Healthcare proposal . . . E. D. Stewart, Jr. Retired Marketer  12/8/09  9:16 pm
How much lower can we get? Thomas Wilson  12/8/09  9:00 pm
This is a GOOD THING! Mary  12/8/09  8:47 pm
It is about time! Christine Lucas  12/8/09  8:44 pm
Increasing Competitiveness for Higher Education and Employees Lucy Homan  12/8/09  8:40 pm
Support Ali Woodworth  12/8/09  8:33 pm
An Outrage DO NOT ACCEPT Gary L Heath Chilhowie VA  12/8/09  8:21 pm
I oppose the proposed expansion of health care benefits beyond marriage Bonnie Kestner  12/8/09  8:20 pm
About time! Ari Arsani  12/8/09  8:15 pm
health proposal Ruth Winstead  12/8/09  8:07 pm
Expanding health care benefits beyond marriage is a violation of Constitution of VA Gertrude Quinn  12/8/09  8:04 pm
Strongly support this legislation to make Virginia more competitive Julie Marshall  12/8/09  7:49 pm
expanded health care benefits Holly Mosley  12/8/09  7:36 pm
committed partners should be covered if spouses are covered Julie Turner Newsome  12/8/09  7:28 pm
another costly idea as well as in violation of Va's Marriage Amendment Roxie Reed  12/8/09  7:13 pm
Governor Kaine - violating Va Constitution Rev Rex Carter, 1st Amendment Ministries  12/8/09  6:54 pm
OUTRAGE: Benefits for same sex couples ! Glenn Lucy  12/8/09  6:48 pm
Kaine's Expanded Health Care Benefit Proposal Jane  12/8/09  6:39 pm
This is NUTS Anson Garrett  12/8/09  6:14 pm
Better healthcare or just more welfare? Rev. Stuart W. Orr  12/8/09  6:07 pm
Benefits for illegal aliens? Concerned Citizen  12/8/09  5:57 pm
Express my opposition to Governor Kaine’s proposal FROILAN AQUINO  12/8/09  5:52 pm
Do not expand benefits beyond spouses and children Robert Follett, Taxpayer and Voter  12/8/09  5:46 pm
Expanding family coverage Roxanne Edwards, Self  12/8/09  5:44 pm
In favor - actually saves money by reducing number of uninsured all taxpayers pay for John Sternlicht  12/8/09  5:35 pm
Totally support this amendment Kathy Gerber, UVA  12/8/09  5:32 pm
Important action. Matter of fairness. Please support. Kenneth R. Plum, Delegate  12/8/09  5:16 pm
proposal to expand health care benefits JoyceYoung  12/8/09  5:14 pm
Kaine is like Obama the law of the law or state means nothing to them. We have to fight this. Anne Crickenberger  12/8/09  5:07 pm
Violation of State Constitution Tim Graham - Business Owner  12/8/09  5:04 pm
Strongly Oppose Kaine's proposal. Shelby  12/8/09  5:00 pm
Taxpayer cost is zero Molly McClintock  12/8/09  4:50 pm
Why do we add to a broken budget? Robert Bower, Individual  12/8/09  4:47 pm
Is it April 1st already? Mary Martin  12/8/09  4:41 pm
Kaine is head of the DNC John Pezzella  12/8/09  4:32 pm
A HUGE mistake Bea Conner  12/8/09  4:30 pm
Yes! It is time for this change! Jodi, consultant  12/8/09  4:29 pm
Yes! It is time for this change! Jodi, consultant  12/8/09  4:28 pm
2006 Marriage Amendment Shirley Jones  12/8/09  4:25 pm
I oppose Gov. Kaine's proposal. Patty Mattes  12/8/09  4:23 pm
expanded health insurance Judy Moats  12/8/09  4:20 pm
Supporting this change Earl T. Hall  12/8/09  4:19 pm
Not only NO, but HECK NO!!!! J.L. MacMichael, Citizen/Taxpayer  12/8/09  4:18 pm
Virginia voters have already shown they do not support this! Wilke Renwick  12/8/09  4:13 pm
Yes to proposed health care change Dyana Mason  12/8/09  4:03 pm
Absolutely Not! Gwen C  12/8/09  4:01 pm
A little thing called the State Constitution. George Archer  12/8/09  3:59 pm
Will Kaine take us the way that the leaders of Rome took before we fall as the rRmans did? Catherine C. Brooks  12/8/09  3:54 pm
Right on so many levels Liz Anderson  12/8/09  3:49 pm
expanded healthcare for state workers Jean Pollard  12/8/09  3:45 pm
Let's increase our taxes for State Run Health Care by covering anyone... Paul Harbison  12/8/09  3:38 pm
What is the goal? Fay Parpart  12/8/09  3:25 pm
Expansion of adult insurance benefits Rick Hall  12/8/09  3:12 pm
YES! Let's put discrimination and bigotry to bed! Cory Bluefield College  12/8/09  3:08 pm
We have already voted on this - Stop ignoring the will of the people Amy Anzures  12/8/09  3:07 pm
Expanded Health Care Benefit Karen E. Hardison  12/8/09  3:04 pm
action to include an adult in Healthcare plan VCU's RAC/CAB  12/8/09  2:58 pm
Strongly oppose Ellie Gudeman  12/8/09  2:55 pm
Strongly Support This James Fisher  12/8/09  2:51 pm
No Way!!! Ken Rion  12/8/09  2:46 pm
In full support! Tom St.Clair  12/8/09  2:43 pm
This action is wrong, illegal, and I object to it. Bruce Simms  12/8/09  2:42 pm
Security for all - this is a no-brainer! Paula Prettyman, self  12/8/09  2:42 pm
No Dr. David Dinsmore  12/8/09  2:39 pm
ussr? Philip Tobelmann  12/8/09  2:39 pm
Expanding Health Care Benefits Susan Amato  12/8/09  2:37 pm
Strongly Support Kelly Schlageter  12/8/09  2:35 pm
Absolutely about time for this - benefits are benefits, regardless of sexual orientation! Kathy Kreutzer  12/8/09  2:34 pm
Expansion of state health benfits bob Fowler  12/8/09  2:30 pm
No, the premise is all wrong Matt LaPorta  12/8/09  2:28 pm
Expansion of Health Care Benefits Joe Witte  12/8/09  2:26 pm
Absolutely Not! Bill W.  12/8/09  2:24 pm
Majority Rules! Sherry Morgan  12/8/09  2:02 pm
Thank you for thinking of single people FINALLY!!!!!! Renee Edwards  12/8/09  1:59 pm
Emphatic YES for this policy change Carol Schall  12/8/09  1:54 pm
Unconstitutional!!! HA RIst  12/8/09  1:53 pm
extending health care benefits to unrelated partners loretta nicholas  12/8/09  1:48 pm
Other Adults Lester Potter  12/8/09  1:45 pm
I oppose this change. David T. Mason, Analyst, VA Dept of Taxation  12/8/09  1:43 pm
finally. Reed Bohn  12/8/09  1:39 pm
Health care cost will go up. Larry Lewis, retired  12/8/09  1:20 pm
Adds costs to VA Taxpayers. Violates the Constitution. Les Potter  12/8/09  1:15 pm
Health Care Benefits to include non-married partners Cynthia Sholander  12/8/09  1:07 pm
This is a violation of our Virginia Constitution Carol Williams  12/8/09  1:06 pm
Health care benefits Diane Winston  12/8/09  1:04 pm
December 8, 2009 Favorable Editorial in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Richmond, VA Bob Witeck  12/8/09  1:00 pm
Ridiculous Jeremy Codiroli  12/8/09  12:58 pm
Outrageous Action!!! Dave Hawes  12/8/09  12:57 pm
Proposal to expand health care benefits unconstitutional and costly Sue Taylor, Sue Taylor Music  12/8/09  12:53 pm
Gov. Kaine Burning Bridges for Leaving Office! And wants us to pay for it. Larry Lewis, retired  12/8/09  12:50 pm
Get a real plan this one is outrageous! C K Galloway  12/8/09  12:40 pm
Objection to Governor Kaines intention to expand Health Care benefits RoxAnne Lane Christley  12/8/09  12:30 pm
Long overdue! Emily  12/8/09  12:15 pm
Expanding Health Care Benefits Cherry J. McCall, Virginia Resident  12/8/09  12:13 pm
Absolutlely not. Wayne Holcomb  12/8/09  12:03 pm
Don't spend my tax dollars to subsidize non state employees or other "live ins" Don Allman , tax paying Virginian for more than 45 years  12/8/09  11:53 am
Applalling Sandra Vlieger  12/8/09  11:52 am
Rebuttal of previous comments and why this is a GREAT idea. Dylan G.  12/8/09  11:43 am
Oppose Gov. Kaine's proposal to expand state healthcare benefits Edward Paul  12/8/09  11:36 am
Government is not a protector, it's a predator! Billy  12/8/09  11:28 am
Kaine is suuposedly a Catholic - how does he promote homosexuality??? M.F. Sullivan  12/8/09  11:27 am
proposal to expand health care benefits Samantha  12/8/09  11:27 am
Kaine needs to go Betty  12/8/09  11:26 am
Do NOT support expansion of state Health benefits Michael and Maggie Kasey  12/8/09  11:26 am
Is he serious?? Miek Wolfe  12/8/09  11:24 am
No to Kaine's Proposal Pat Guthrie, Citizen of Virginia  12/8/09  11:23 am
Expanded Health Benefits Jeanett Gattis  12/8/09  11:19 am
Possible expansion of healthcare benefits D. Smith  12/8/09  11:19 am
NONONO CLo  12/8/09  11:15 am
Wake up Virginia Claudia Ellis  12/8/09  11:13 am
Opposed to expanding health care benefits beyond marriage definition Brad Shedd  12/8/09  11:03 am
Health Bebefits to All State employees and others in residence. Bill Crouse, Public Citizen  12/8/09  11:02 am
Please honor the will of the people! Melvin Adams, RENEWANATION  12/8/09  10:59 am
The People of VA have already spoken - NO, NO, NO! Tamara Cawthon  12/8/09  10:56 am
Opposed. Kaine the law breaker at it again. No conscience, sacking the treasury in bad times. Henry Dowgielewicz, Citizen  12/8/09  10:55 am
Respect those you work for Rich McKinless  12/8/09  10:51 am
About time LJGW  12/8/09  10:47 am
No to any more laws by Kaine. James Coleson  12/8/09  10:47 am
Raise taxes for an expansion which is a violation of the marriage amendment? L. Turner  12/8/09  10:40 am
a clear violation of the Constitution of Virginia Peter Lockard  12/8/09  10:40 am
Kaine Proposal to expand marriage benefits for state employees. John McVickar  12/8/09  10:36 am
A Good Beginning Toward Equitable Treatment Liz Cramer, VCU  12/8/09  10:33 am
2 reasons for opposition to expansion of benefits for unmarried state employees who live together. Agnes Parks  12/8/09  10:31 am
This is against the Va. constitution!! Robin Thompson  12/8/09  10:29 am
This is unconstitutional and why Deeds and his liberal colleagues lost in VA William & Mary  12/8/09  10:28 am
Expansion of health care benefits for state employees Dwight H Slough  12/8/09  10:28 am
State Health Benefits Charles Saunders  12/8/09  10:26 am
Extended health care for State Employees Ron Smith sr  12/8/09  10:26 am
Do NOT spend VA tax $s to provide health insurance for anything but married heterosexual couples!! Connie Frison  12/8/09  10:25 am
Do not expand health care benefits beyond marriage! Michele Dominguez ( a concerned taxpayer in VA!)  12/8/09  10:23 am
Violation! V  12/8/09  10:22 am
Expansion of Health Care Dr. Douglas G. Holloway, Snow Hill Hollow Farm  12/8/09  10:20 am
Unconstitutional!! Lisa  12/8/09  10:20 am
Kaine's new agenda Lorraine Hartsock  12/8/09  10:19 am
Kains health benifits for homosexuals and live in partners The Voting Majority of Virginia  12/8/09  10:18 am
Don't ignore the citizens of Virginia Dewey  12/8/09  10:18 am
In Favor George  12/8/09  10:18 am
Do NOT Expand Healthcare to Live-In's Jennifer Wollschlager  12/8/09  10:16 am
I oppose this proposal Callie  12/8/09  10:16 am
Kaines proposal to expand health care benefits violation of Constitution of Va. Need Jobs Pat Hutchison  12/8/09  10:14 am
DO NOT Expand State Worker Healthcare to non-married/non-dependant co-habitants P. Holloway  12/8/09  10:12 am
Oppose expansion of health benefits Retired faculty, UVA  12/8/09  10:11 am
1 VAC 55 320 E M A Helm  12/8/09  10:09 am
Health Care support Chuck Warnock, Chatham Baptist Church  12/8/09  10:09 am
Absolutely NOT!! Charles S. Wertalik, retired  12/8/09  10:04 am
benefits for unmarried Phyllis Davenport  12/8/09  9:59 am
Government Against the Will of The People AGAIN! JimmyG American Family Radio  12/8/09  9:56 am
Health insurance benefits for Richard Williamson, citizen  12/8/09  9:54 am
Runaway Short timing Governor Rob Lundberg  12/8/09  9:54 am
Clear violation of the Constitution Sandra Brinson  12/8/09  9:53 am
Benefits for gay State employees Eugene Kiser  12/8/09  9:45 am
It's About Time Harvey Jacobs  12/8/09  8:37 am
Support OQA -- no cost to taxpayer Linda Odum; ThinkWriteSpeak, LLC  12/8/09  6:16 am
Yes on extending benefits Mark Knight  12/8/09  4:16 am
Much needed and fair! KRiver  12/8/09  12:56 am
YES! This is needed *NOW* Michael Clay  12/8/09  12:51 am
Completely Support Matt Paul  12/8/09  12:47 am
Make this Happen! Vanessa V.  12/7/09  10:29 pm
This is a excellent and long-overdue change to state law. Pat Levy-Lavelle  12/7/09  9:42 pm
I favor of this action meredith  12/7/09  9:14 pm
A positive step forward Karyl Owings  12/7/09  9:05 pm
A long overdue change Brian Vogel, wysiwyg gallery  12/7/09  8:53 pm
YES! Eugene Resnick, University of Virginia  12/7/09  8:50 pm
In Support Dawn Traver  12/7/09  8:40 pm
I support this change Matt Manion  12/7/09  8:04 pm
Will Somebody Stop This Insanity Lighthouse Policy  12/7/09  7:45 pm
Yes Yes Yes Mark Sebastiani, Virginia voter  12/7/09  7:32 pm
Health Insurance for "Otherwise Qualified Adults" Larry Hall  12/7/09  7:32 pm
This action will amend section 1VAC 55 320(E) to include adults, other than spouses and incapacitate Edward Dunphy  12/7/09  7:24 pm
In favor Alvin Valdez Norfolk Resident  12/7/09  7:23 pm
I support this. Julian Carr  12/7/09  7:19 pm
state employees option to include either spouse or an “otherwise qualified adult" in insurance Sarah Knorr, private citizen  12/7/09  6:29 pm
I strongly support this measure George Bailey  12/7/09  6:17 pm
Extending health insurance coverage to OQAs George Bailey  12/7/09  6:15 pm
No Cost to Taxpyers; Improves Business Climate in VA JSF  12/7/09  6:14 pm
give me a break Janice Moore  12/7/09  5:47 pm
This Proposal Implements Both Basic Fairness and Good Business Practice Professor Tom Field, Georgetown University Law Cenjter  12/7/09  5:29 pm
Long overdue. John W. Jordan, III  12/7/09  5:13 pm
This action is indeed long overdue. Donna Knicely  12/7/09  5:09 pm
Long Overdue Terrance L Schwartz, D.D.S. (James River Dental Clinic)  12/7/09  4:27 pm
In Favor of Extending Benefits Bob Johnson, voting citizen  12/7/09  4:25 pm
A good first step, but still a source of shame Thomas Jefferies  12/7/09  4:21 pm
are you kidding?? michael montaina  12/7/09  4:18 pm
About time Gerald Mavroidis  12/7/09  3:59 pm
It's About Time Jon Larimore  12/7/09  3:51 pm
Long Overdue Angela Fritz  12/7/09  3:51 pm
In Favor C. Sheets  12/7/09  3:42 pm
I support this vital process Rachel Fletcher  12/7/09  3:35 pm
Go for it. Make health insurance available to more of our professionals Betty Gallagher, IGSA  12/7/09  3:24 pm
Finally! Yes, please! Nora Wainwright  12/7/09  3:17 pm
An excellent plan Cynthia McElroy  12/7/09  3:04 pm
Strongly favor the proposal Jim Edwards-Hewitt  12/7/09  2:51 pm
We need this! Lisa Furr, state employee  12/7/09  2:47 pm
Yes! We need more but we will take this for now Terrie  12/7/09  2:33 pm
Long Overdue Jay Rose  12/7/09  2:16 pm
Finally, YES, YES, YES Rob  12/7/09  2:02 pm
Finally! Insurance for families irregardless of orientation Debbie D/ PinkEssence International  12/7/09  1:48 pm
Unfair Jeb Waters  12/7/09  1:39 pm
I support this action to amend section 1VAC 55 320(E) Kelly Miller  12/7/09  1:37 pm
access to health care insurance benefits is VITAL! Jenn in Arlington  12/7/09  1:36 pm
Access to health care insurance for otherwise qualifined adults Gloria Hintz - private citizen  12/7/09  1:25 pm
I totally support this Laurie Blackburn  12/7/09  1:19 pm
Unfortunately, the state cannot afford until we get OUR unemployed back to work... Mary Steele / Office Support Services (Yorktown)  12/7/09  12:52 pm
Long Overdue C. Colston Burrell  12/7/09  12:48 pm
Let's promote fairness and freedom for all state employees by approving this action Ralph Grove  12/7/09  12:30 pm
Totally in favor Claudine Weatherford  12/7/09  12:26 pm
In favor of Lisa Leichssenring  12/7/09  12:21 pm
Great... but Please Review! Ayana Andrews-Joseph  12/7/09  12:14 pm
Absolutely! Lyndele von Schill  12/7/09  12:13 pm
Support 100% Richard Keech  12/7/09  12:00 pm
It's time, Virginia! Strongly in favor! Maria McLaughlin  12/7/09  11:59 am
It's about time... Alexa Mavroidis  12/7/09  11:54 am
Domestic Benefits Clarence H. Hinnant  12/7/09  11:46 am
Thankyou for this proposal Ted Heck  12/7/09  10:38 am
Moving Forward Andre Hakes, Esq.  12/7/09  9:31 am
Yes to this reform! University of Virginia  12/6/09  2:27 pm
YES, YES, YES Brenda Lambert, PFLAG, retired state employee  12/5/09  5:08 pm
Individuals Pay for Themselves in this Plan Holly Olinger, Charlottesville  12/5/09  4:27 pm
Bravo and it's about time! Claire Kaplan, University of Virginia  12/5/09  12:09 pm
A forward looking proposal to increase health access for Virginians in virginia for 300 years in rural virginia  12/5/09  9:17 am
partner health care Janet Worsham  12/5/09  6:24 am
In favor of partner benefits! Anita Angelone, College of William and Mary  12/4/09  2:15 pm
Excellent Lan Cao  12/4/09  1:57 pm
Equal Opportunity to Pay In for Benefits Caroline Morris, College of William and Mary  12/4/09  1:18 pm
MUCH NEEDED!!! Danielle Currier, College of William & Mary  12/4/09  1:17 pm
No-Cost Boost to VA Competitiveness John S. Mitchell, Jr., Esq.  12/4/09  11:44 am
Support Wendy Webb-Robers  12/4/09  9:39 am
Great idea, long overdue Christy Burns, College of William & Mary  12/3/09  10:00 pm
Strongly support Maribeth Mills  12/3/09  8:53 pm
Justice For All Kate Slevin, Citizen of the Commonwealth of Virginia  12/3/09  8:01 pm
Let's be part of the solution College of William & Mary  12/3/09  2:51 pm
Health Insurance for Adult in Household Carl Strikwerda, College of William and Mary  12/3/09  2:37 pm
Absolutely Necessary Terry Meyers, College of William and Mary  12/3/09  2:13 pm
it's about time iyabo osiapem  12/3/09  2:02 pm
The cost argument doesn't make sense Phillip Merritt  12/3/09  1:41 pm
In Favor Judy Corello, William & Mary School of Law  12/3/09  12:18 pm
In favor of domestic partnrship benefits GMDonato  12/3/09  12:15 pm
Strong, unequivocal support for Virginia benefits plan that mirrors best business practices Bob Witeck  12/3/09  10:05 am
Funding for this insane legislation will cost even more State employees and raise taxes for all. GSMITH  12/2/09  8:36 pm
Help Mike  12/2/09  1:18 pm
and one more thing--- Allison Wildridge, The College of William and Mary  12/2/09  12:48 pm
Health Coverage for OQA Allison Wildridge, The College of William and Mary  12/2/09  12:37 pm
Retain and attract faculty through fair policies Greg Bowers, College of William and Mary  12/1/09  10:50 pm
Long overdue! Jack Martin  12/1/09  10:30 pm
No clear guidelines Call Center Outsourcing  12/1/09  9:50 pm
Can not understand some things. Padangos  12/1/09  2:57 pm
Not kidding, just delusional Charles Reichley  12/1/09  11:40 am
Are you kidding me? Greg Letiecq  12/1/09  10:47 am
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