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Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities [REPEALED] [12 VAC 5 ‑ 412]
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CLOSED     Opened on 10/1/2018 and Ended on 10/31/2018

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 Comment Title  Commenter
Keep Abortion Safw Laura Larson  10/2/18  9:25 pm
Unnecessary regulation of abortion facilities will not stop abortion Maryann Long  10/5/18  12:27 am
Please Keep Abortion Safe Molly Braswell  10/10/18  11:29 am
Please roll back the TRAP restrictions on abortion clinics in VA PATRICIA WILSON  10/10/18  1:54 pm
Roll Back TRAP Restrictions Sherri Irving  10/10/18  2:03 pm
Roll Back TRAP Sarah Sebrell  10/10/18  2:08 pm
Health Clinics providing abortions Susan Laume  10/10/18  2:42 pm
rollback TRAP Rachel Nadj  10/10/18  3:30 pm
Keep abortions available for all women Melissa Pellerin  10/10/18  3:56 pm
Please allow abortions for all women Susan K. Turner  10/10/18  4:10 pm
Undo TRAP Stephanie Wynne  10/10/18  4:38 pm
Ending TRAP's over-reach is long overdue Elizabeth Lonoff  10/10/18  4:56 pm
Abortion regulations Pam Pouchot  10/10/18  6:52 pm
End Dangerous Restrictions on Abortion Services Alyssa Short  10/10/18  7:51 pm
TRAP REGULATIONS Toby ZAKIN  10/10/18  8:44 pm
Please repeal special restrictions on facilities that provide abortions Cory Ragsdale  10/10/18  10:03 pm
End unfair TRAP Jacqueline Mills  10/11/18  6:37 am
TRAP Karen Salmonson, R.N.  10/11/18  9:34 am
TRAP sandra richmond  10/11/18  2:30 pm
Regulation of healthcare facilities that provide abortions Marjory Ruderman  10/11/18  3:42 pm
Abortion centers Cheryl Forbes  10/11/18  4:20 pm
Abortion Facilities Pam Burton  10/11/18  4:26 pm
Virginia’s abortion facilities need more oversight, not less. Glyn Roberts  10/11/18  4:30 pm
Women deserve protection from sub-par medical services & practices Teesie Howell  10/11/18  4:30 pm
Please don’t Mike N  10/11/18  4:32 pm
Abortion Regulations Victoria DeLacy  10/11/18  4:45 pm
Women deserve to be protected from unsafe abortion clinics Cathy Marshall  10/11/18  4:50 pm
Here are a few changes we recommend the Board make: Nicole Schermerhorn  10/11/18  4:51 pm
Safety Measures John Adams  10/11/18  5:07 pm
Restore safety regulations for mother and child inthe abortion centers. Marilyn McCarty  10/11/18  5:09 pm
Proper inspections & insurance of women's health Karen Brubaker  10/11/18  5:39 pm
Roe v. Wade assures womens' decisional rights in their own reproductive health -Not a right to abort edward, rural resident, public health advocate, human rights advocate  10/11/18  5:42 pm
Abortion centers perform medical procedures and should be regulated as such. Joseph Maltempi  10/11/18  5:45 pm
Do we want Gosnell facilities operating in VA? Lana Schexnayder  10/11/18  6:04 pm
Stop abortion Patricia Marseglia  10/11/18  6:07 pm
Respect Women J.Dominguez  10/11/18  6:12 pm
No Gosnells needed in Virginia Debbie Berg  10/11/18  6:14 pm
keep high standards Ted Ku  10/11/18  6:29 pm
Protect women and children Edward Paul  10/11/18  6:32 pm
Keep existing abortion regulations Lawrence F. Zenker  10/11/18  6:33 pm
Keep women (if not children) as safe as possible! Patricia Ledford  10/11/18  6:54 pm
Humanists: Stop Bullying Christians Thomas L McFadden  10/11/18  7:01 pm
Abortion Mills Need More Oversight, Not Less James Carlini  10/11/18  7:05 pm
Abortion clinics Catherine Baab  10/11/18  7:40 pm
No Deregulation of Baby-Killing Facilities Mary L.  10/11/18  7:43 pm
Abortion facilities need more oversight, not less! Wayne Johnson  10/11/18  7:45 pm
Abortion clinics Patrick Brannen  10/11/18  7:52 pm
Health guidelines for abortion clinics Ginger  10/11/18  7:57 pm
Protect women by keeping abortion centers safe (although not for children!) Becky Johnson  10/11/18  8:04 pm
Virginia's women deserve adequate protection Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Carnell  10/11/18  8:19 pm
Science over religion Arielle K Masters  10/11/18  8:36 pm
Please maintain safety regulations C. Markva  10/11/18  8:39 pm
implement strong health and safety measures that will protect vulnerable women Brian  10/11/18  8:42 pm
abortion clinics need health regulations as do all out patient surgery clinic Mary Frances Maturi Allen  10/11/18  9:19 pm
Protect women - keep safety regulations Mary Mack  10/11/18  10:20 pm
Support Strong Regulation of Abortion Centers Julie Keenan  10/11/18  10:24 pm
over and over? Mary Mann  10/11/18  11:17 pm
Common Sense protection for women CB  10/12/18  9:55 am
Safeguard and Protect Women and Children Rebecca Messe  10/12/18  10:47 am
No more restrictions on health care for women E.M.C.  10/12/18  10:53 am
TRAP regulations are unnecessary Louisa Smith  10/12/18  10:55 am
Make Abortion Clinics Safe JD  10/12/18  11:02 am
Excessive Resistrictions Will Lead To Unsafe Circumstances Aden Rowe  10/12/18  11:10 am
Virginia abortion clinics need more oversight , not less Elizabeth Danley  10/12/18  11:10 am
ABORTION MUST REMAIN SAFE & ACCESSIBLE Elizabeth Towle  10/12/18  11:12 am
Unnecessary and harmful restrictions Kathleen Ryan  10/12/18  11:29 am
Care for women is needed in these facilities Matt Oberlin  10/12/18  11:41 am
Abortion regulation Alexander  10/12/18  11:43 am
Regulations help women Jacqueline Lynch  10/12/18  12:07 pm
Please make the clinics safer Eric Marx  10/12/18  12:34 pm
Stop Restricting My Access To Healthcare Cortney Cline  10/12/18  1:39 pm
Stop restricting access to healthcare Rebecca Wise  10/12/18  1:47 pm
Stop restricting access to women’s healthcare Sara Zirikly  10/12/18  1:56 pm
Undue Burden Charlotte McConnell  10/12/18  2:20 pm
Abortion Clinic Regulations Marlin Sharp  10/12/18  3:41 pm
Abortion Regulations Dr. Harold Diggs  10/12/18  3:56 pm
More restrictions on legal abortion means poor women may try self-induced abortion C. E. Wray  10/12/18  5:30 pm
PTRAP restrictions. Grace Suttle  10/12/18  5:47 pm
Upholding Safety Standards in the Abortion Industry Dr. Chelsea Hamilton  10/12/18  6:04 pm
Abortion facilies Linda E. Stowell  10/12/18  9:39 pm
Women deserve to be protected from unsafe medical clinics Dawn Beutner  10/13/18  10:36 am
Even a vet has standards to meet, why don't facilites that perform outpatient surgery? J. Sadov  10/13/18  9:56 pm
Reinstate health and safety standards J Schulz  10/13/18  11:16 pm
Abortion clinics need regulations Louantha Kerr  10/14/18  12:13 am
Abortion clinics needs regulations! Mary Fick  10/14/18  5:05 am
Make each Gosnell movie problem impossible in Virginia!! Bruce Kemp  10/14/18  6:20 am
Regulations protect women from Gosnell-like predators Stephanie K  10/14/18  7:28 am
Safety and health George Elliott  10/14/18  7:42 am
Protect women!!! Clinics need to have regulations! Beth Cunningham  10/14/18  7:47 am
Reject this republican sham attempt to eliminate abortion Brian Magurn  10/14/18  8:02 am
Protect women patrick Danley  10/14/18  10:53 am
Clinic Regulations Craig Eller  10/14/18  11:19 am
Stop Abortion Cheryl Leadbeater Greater Hampton Roads Diaper Bank  10/14/18  11:30 am
clinic regulatios Nancy Emsley  10/14/18  11:57 am
Abortion clinic regulations Tony Raia  10/14/18  1:28 pm
Abortion maxine erskine  10/14/18  2:36 pm
Regulations Serve to Protect Pamela Wilgus  10/14/18  3:39 pm
Abortion Nancy Archiopoli  10/14/18  4:26 pm
Please Implement Strong Regulations that Hold Abortion Clinics Accountable as Healthcare Facilities Karen Poff  10/14/18  6:57 pm
Abortion Clinic Regulations Keep Women Safe Shannon Renfro  10/15/18  6:28 am
Pass abortion center regulations to keep women safe. Mike Wolfe  10/15/18  8:31 am
Women's Care Matt Hamrick  10/15/18  9:12 am
Focus on Medicine, not ideology. Dave Sobel  10/15/18  12:48 pm
Abortion Larry Burkett  10/15/18  12:48 pm
Remove unnecessary regulations on clinics Kat Wexford  10/15/18  12:50 pm
Remove TRAP restrictions Ernest Ackermann  10/15/18  12:52 pm
Abortion David Scherer  10/15/18  12:52 pm
Eliminate non-medically necessary abortion clinic restrictions! Michael Byrnes  10/15/18  12:55 pm
TRAP restrictions unneeded and cruel Pamela Jiranek  10/15/18  12:56 pm
remove TRAP restrictions Ann Salamini  10/15/18  12:56 pm
Remove Trap Restrctions William Walls  10/15/18  12:56 pm
Do not restrict access to abortion Penny Millson-Martula  10/15/18  12:56 pm
NO TRAP Regulations Kayleigh Hausmann  10/15/18  12:57 pm
Remove TRAP Restrictions Katie Scott  10/15/18  12:57 pm
Protect Abortion Rights Steven Cohen  10/15/18  12:57 pm
Trap Kristy  10/15/18  12:57 pm
Regulations limit choice, do not improve safety Barbara League, Resident  10/15/18  12:57 pm
Abortions Donna Phillips  10/15/18  12:58 pm
Offices Providing Abortions Do NOT need the same restrictive regulations as hospitals Jeff Somers  10/15/18  12:58 pm
Keep safe abortion for VA women Anita Stratton  10/15/18  12:59 pm
Women's Rights Beverly Hassan  10/15/18  12:59 pm
Still assaulting Choice ? Mr. Richard Rutherford  10/15/18  12:59 pm
NO TRAP Regulations Tinni Sen  10/15/18  1:00 pm
TRAP laws Allison Aul  10/15/18  1:00 pm
Remove all restrictions on abortion Greg Jacobs  10/15/18  1:01 pm
TRAP laws Ashley Patenaude  10/15/18  1:01 pm
unnecessary restrictions Karisa Miller  10/15/18  1:02 pm
Remove TRAP restrictions Remove TRAP restrictions  10/15/18  1:02 pm
Protect women from unscientific restrictions Lena Lewis  10/15/18  1:03 pm
Regulate for safety, not to restrict access Nada El-Eryan  10/15/18  1:03 pm
TRAP regulations Judith Andersen  10/15/18  1:03 pm
Remove TRAP restrictions Sheri Lemon  10/15/18  1:04 pm
TRAP Regulations Elizabeth Hammett  10/15/18  1:06 pm
Women's Health Centers Sharon Swinburne  10/15/18  1:06 pm
Medically necessary, evidence-based regulations Elaine Dessouki  10/15/18  1:06 pm
Remove Restrictions/TRAP LM Manning  10/15/18  1:09 pm
Repeal Unnecessary Abortion Clinic Regulations Thomas Edmondson  10/15/18  1:12 pm
Stop interfering with a woman's ri Mr.Robert Whatley  10/15/18  1:13 pm
Repeal Rules Limiting Abortion Access Diana Belanger  10/15/18  1:13 pm
Abortion regulation Glenn Secor  10/15/18  1:13 pm
Repeal sham restrictions on Virginia women’s health centers Edward Savage  10/15/18  1:15 pm
These clinics provide safe, affordable, accessible health care to a wide range of VA residents. Beth Wood  10/15/18  1:16 pm
TRAPS Steve Burgess  10/15/18  1:19 pm
Stop interfering with a woman's constitutional right to abortion Mr. Robert Whatley  10/15/18  1:20 pm
stop limiting acess to abortion margaret derring  10/15/18  1:23 pm
Evidence-based medicine, not ideology! Jane Haxby  10/15/18  1:24 pm
Remove unnecessary restrictions to safe abortions Wm Clendenin  10/15/18  1:25 pm
Replace TRAP with evidence based standards Dr. Robert Anthony  10/15/18  1:26 pm
TRAP regulations Jane Harrington  10/15/18  1:28 pm
Keep Abortion Accessible for All Rob Hammel  10/15/18  1:28 pm
TRAP restrictions on Virginia abortion providers Stephanie Malady  10/15/18  1:30 pm
Health care for women and our nation Deb Fritzler  10/15/18  1:35 pm
TRAP regulations Alyssa Freeman  10/15/18  1:38 pm
Forced Childbirth is More Medically Dangerous Than Abortion Mikki Barry  10/15/18  1:38 pm
Access to women’s health care Melissa Reisland  10/15/18  1:38 pm
Trap Regulations Carol Gilbert Sacks  10/15/18  1:43 pm
TRAP regulations are not only wrong but unconstitutional Rachel M  10/15/18  1:43 pm
Trap regulations Susan Wuchinich  10/15/18  1:47 pm
access to women's health care Dr.Rebecca scheckler  10/15/18  1:47 pm
Abortion access Kristen  10/15/18  1:49 pm
Women's health services Dr. Parkin  10/15/18  1:50 pm
People need access to abortion services Zack Leonard  10/15/18  1:51 pm
Lift restrictions on abortion access The Rev. Dr. Betty Powell  10/15/18  1:59 pm
If the AMA doesn't require it, VA should not require it Chris  10/15/18  2:02 pm
VA Board of Health - regulatory restrictions on access to abortion Suzanne Hurley  10/15/18  2:05 pm
Women’s Healthcare Gray O’Dwyer  10/15/18  2:06 pm
Limiting abortion access costs the taxpayers more Suzanne  10/15/18  2:08 pm
Pro-Life... Jan Miles  10/15/18  2:10 pm
Keep Abortion Safe and Legal Owen McManus  10/15/18  2:10 pm
Remove TRAP Restrictions Monica Craig  10/15/18  2:21 pm
More oversight, not less Scottie Jackson  10/15/18  2:23 pm
Keep abortion safe and legal David Anker, private citizen  10/15/18  2:24 pm
TRAP C. L. White  10/15/18  2:25 pm
More oversight, not less Darlene B Jackson  10/15/18  2:30 pm
Women Shose Wisely: Health Commissioner and Board of Health must rely on evidence-based medicine a Gretchen Boise, MD  10/15/18  2:31 pm
Abortions Randall De trinis  10/15/18  2:32 pm
TRAP sarah savage  10/15/18  2:33 pm
End Abortion Restrictions Louise Cotulla, private citizen  10/15/18  2:34 pm
Abortion Regulations Susan Buniva  10/15/18  2:35 pm
Current taxpayers could die without safe access Wes, NOVA  10/15/18  2:35 pm
Abortion/TRAP Regulations/Pro-life Tamesha Frye  10/15/18  2:37 pm
Repeal rules limiting abortion access Rachel Griffin  10/15/18  2:39 pm
Lift TRAP Restrictions Meredith Mason  10/15/18  2:40 pm
Unnecessary regulation Samantha Duncan  10/15/18  2:41 pm
STOP Infringing on Women's Rights and Mitigating Their Health Julie Weissend  10/15/18  2:45 pm
Abortion legislation:. Let Virginia stand as an advocate for safe and legal abortions. T.Yates. Virginia resident  10/15/18  2:47 pm
End TRAP Regulations now Carol Hendrix  10/15/18  2:57 pm
STOP limited womens’ health and reproductive rights!! Jennifer Loizeaux  10/15/18  2:57 pm
Repeal rules limiting abortion access and healthcare screenings E.F.  10/15/18  3:01 pm
TRAP regulations are unconstitutional and must be repealed Frankie's Folio, LLC  10/15/18  3:08 pm
TRAP Mrs. Whealin  10/15/18  3:09 pm
Stop TRAP reglations now! Harry E Harris  10/15/18  3:12 pm
Protect a woman's right to decide if/when/how to start a family Phuong Tran  10/15/18  3:14 pm
End TRAP Deborah Freed  10/15/18  3:17 pm
End bogus restrictions Marcie Agee  10/15/18  3:17 pm
STOP TRAP Regulations! Sheron Kay Wilkes  10/15/18  3:23 pm
Regulations based on medical data Mike McGurrin  10/15/18  3:26 pm
Stop Trap Regulations! David Langner  10/15/18  3:27 pm
TRAP Mrs  10/15/18  3:28 pm
Women's Healty Laura Singletary  10/15/18  3:28 pm
Scrap the TRAP rules Judith C. Hinch  10/15/18  3:29 pm
Women’s Reproductive Health Rights Diane Hirsch  10/15/18  3:29 pm
TRAP review Rouleau  10/15/18  3:34 pm
Protect Abortion Providers Michelle Maxwell  10/15/18  3:34 pm
TRAP Appalachian Peace Education Center  10/15/18  3:39 pm
TRAP Restrictions Ronnie Mason  10/15/18  3:47 pm
abolish TRAP restrictions Christine Dabrowski  10/15/18  3:56 pm
Regulations JWKerns, MD  10/15/18  4:03 pm
TRAP Regulations Geoscience Information Services Mary Ellen Williams  10/15/18  4:06 pm
Regulate overcharges for patients Gia Scottdale  10/15/18  4:06 pm
Abolish TRAP regulations Elizabeth Jose  10/15/18  4:13 pm
End the undue burden to women seeking reproductive health care including abortion Jennifer Reznick  10/15/18  4:13 pm
Abortion TRAP policy Mary Miller  10/15/18  4:19 pm
Trap Rules Ellen Kabat  10/15/18  4:21 pm
Repeal rules limiting abortion access Barbara Lanebrown  10/15/18  4:22 pm
Replace TRAP regulations with evidence-based guidelines Joan Haverson  10/15/18  4:24 pm
Ablolish medically unnecessary regulations in medical procedures. George Toth  10/15/18  4:25 pm
End TRAP restrictions Pamela Krause  10/15/18  4:29 pm
Trap Restrictions Phyllis T. Albritton  10/15/18  4:32 pm
Please protect women in abortion medical facilities. Mark Danley  10/15/18  4:32 pm
Being pregnant is difficult as is.To restrict a woman’s options places gov’t above the individual. Nancy Gercke  10/15/18  4:35 pm
Roll back TRAP regulations Leslie Durr, PhD, RN, Private citizen  10/15/18  4:38 pm
Abolish Unnecessary TRAP Laws Sara Gann  10/15/18  4:43 pm
Control of women Ms  10/15/18  4:48 pm
Please keep these common sense safety measures in place to protect women: V. Gardner  10/15/18  4:49 pm
Women's Access to Healthcare B. Diann Kirby  10/15/18  4:51 pm
End TRAP Barbara Seaman  10/15/18  4:51 pm
End TRAP Regulations C Michael Barber  10/15/18  5:04 pm
TRAP Regulations C. Ganzel  10/15/18  5:09 pm
End TRAP restrictions Nicholas Gimbrone  10/15/18  5:09 pm
No toTRAP Mr. Robert Oliver.  10/15/18  5:12 pm
NO to TRAP. It is not up to the government to decide what a woman can or can not do with her body. Ilse Snoeks  10/15/18  5:14 pm
NO to TRAP C. Browning  10/15/18  5:17 pm
TRAP Natalie DeBoer  10/15/18  5:26 pm
Kill religious imposed TARP regulations Kenneth Johnson  10/15/18  5:27 pm
End TRAP Barbara Martin  10/15/18  5:27 pm
TRAP Restrictions- They are medically unnecessary and should be removed Robert Navin  10/15/18  5:32 pm
NO TO TRAP Carolyn Sulcer  10/15/18  6:02 pm
Abortion Mrs  10/15/18  6:06 pm
TRAP Sharon Wright  10/15/18  6:10 pm
Trap law Erica Lohan  10/15/18  6:15 pm
TRAP - No! Betsy Lewis Moreno  10/15/18  6:21 pm
It Is Time to End TRAP in Virginia Joseph Sambol  10/15/18  6:32 pm
Abortion - Birth control Hella Viola  10/15/18  6:32 pm
Health care for women must be protected! Kathleen Temple  10/15/18  6:34 pm
Abortion Cathy Nelson  10/15/18  6:36 pm
TRAP regulations are wrong and punish women/families horribly; they must be overturned. Patricia Toner  10/15/18  7:00 pm
NO TRAP Restrictions L L Bethea  10/15/18  7:06 pm
End TARP restrictions Leah Moore  10/15/18  7:09 pm
Repeal rules limiting abortion access Blaizen Bloom  10/15/18  7:09 pm
TRAP Valarie Brown  10/15/18  7:10 pm
TRAP Wendy Craig  10/15/18  7:15 pm
unnecessary restrictions mandy hoy  10/15/18  7:17 pm
No to TRAP Ellen  10/15/18  7:28 pm
No to TRAP Carol Peluso  10/15/18  7:35 pm
End TRAP Restrictions on Abortion Providers Kim Hensley  10/15/18  7:40 pm
Make Abortion Accessible Vaibhav garg  10/15/18  7:41 pm
TARP Jessica Hulse Dillon  10/15/18  7:41 pm
WRONG- We do care about women...(we also, have daughters, sisters, mothers, friends) Patti Hardy  10/15/18  7:43 pm
TRAP Restriction Review Sonia  10/15/18  7:57 pm
Don't unconstitutionally restrict a woman's right to abortion Ted Hochstadt  10/15/18  8:01 pm
End Trap requirements Tanya Cowperthwaite  10/15/18  8:02 pm
regulations Denise Kappler  10/15/18  8:10 pm
No TRAP requirements Abby MacLean  10/15/18  8:21 pm
No to TRAP Karen Schmieder  10/15/18  8:30 pm
NO to TRAP regulations Dr. Rebecca Warburton  10/15/18  8:37 pm
NO TRAP REGULATONS Carolyn Forte  10/15/18  8:40 pm
Stop unnecessary restrictions a woman's right to choice and reproductive health. Vicki Kinsel M.D.  10/15/18  8:54 pm
No to TRAP! Katherine Soderman  10/15/18  9:03 pm
No to TRAP Dr. Anna Leal  10/15/18  9:33 pm
Evidence not ideology John Godfrey  10/15/18  9:33 pm
Remove TRAP Regulations Patricia Kunnmann  10/15/18  9:36 pm
TRAP Regulations Risa Levine  10/15/18  10:01 pm
End TRAP Regulations Risa Levine  10/15/18  10:01 pm
TRAP regulations JoAnn Agnone  10/15/18  10:22 pm
TRAP regulations Lorraine Gruca  10/15/18  10:23 pm
No on TRAP Karen A. Hitchcock-Mort  10/15/18  10:24 pm
End TRAP Restrictions Sheila Winett  10/15/18  10:24 pm
No regulations not based on science Mary Ansoff  10/15/18  10:24 pm
Uphold important health and safety regulations for Abortion facilities Alicia Smith  10/15/18  10:26 pm
No on TRAP laws Dr. Kimberly Cleland  10/15/18  10:45 pm
Remove restrictive refulation Charles Loelius  10/15/18  10:46 pm
VA needs to allow women access to safe reproductive healthcare S. Cohen  10/15/18  10:47 pm
Women's freedom Mr. Richard Larkin  10/15/18  11:03 pm
Please stop the TRAPing of women John Haresch  10/15/18  11:06 pm
Remove TRAP regulations Sheila kryston  10/16/18  12:19 am
Stop TRAP restrictions Donna Reid  10/16/18  2:48 am
A woman's need. Ruth Carlone  10/16/18  2:51 am
No restrictions! Elizabeth Dulemba  10/16/18  2:53 am
Stop unconstitutional TRAP laws Simon Newberry  10/16/18  5:13 am
NO to TRAP Megan Pearson  10/16/18  5:21 am
Recind TRAP regulations Mary Beane  10/16/18  7:14 am
TRAP LOUISA BRADFORD  10/16/18  7:48 am
Remove Trap restrictions Rosemary Atkinson  10/16/18  8:14 am
No to TRAP Karen Hurley  10/16/18  8:33 am
NO to TRAP Jeffrey Halperin  10/16/18  8:36 am
Traps Carol Gross  10/16/18  9:11 am
TRAPS Rhonda Garner  10/16/18  9:30 am
No to TRAP sham regulations Kim Duncan  10/16/18  10:05 am
NO to TRAP Carol Culnan  10/16/18  10:14 am
Put Evidence-Based Health First Maya White-Lurie  10/16/18  10:31 am
Science not ideaology Adriana van Breda  10/16/18  11:13 am
No to TRAP laws David Lyons, retired  10/16/18  11:36 am
TRAP - regulations review John C. Ring, MD, MPH; no organizational affiliation  10/16/18  11:44 am
NO TO TRAP Aj Hales  10/16/18  11:53 am
End TRAP laws Mary Langford  10/16/18  12:06 pm
No to trap laws Maureen mancuso  10/16/18  12:09 pm
Health professionals against TRAP laws Arina Van Breda MD  10/16/18  12:12 pm
Put women's lives ahead of abortionist's profits Werner Lind  10/16/18  12:14 pm
Protect Providers from Unnecessary Regulations! Eden Heilman  10/16/18  12:18 pm
Repeal Virginia's awful, burdensome TRAP regulations Bill Farrar  10/16/18  12:26 pm
TRAP Nancy O'Meara  10/16/18  12:44 pm
Science, NOT Ideology. Lindsay Anton  10/16/18  12:47 pm
Get rid of TRAP regulations Alexa Mavroidis  10/16/18  1:02 pm
No on TRAP. BAD PUBLIC POLICY. Michele Roberts  10/16/18  1:12 pm
Repeal rules limiting abortion access! Alissa Aronovici, ACLU of Virginia  10/16/18  1:14 pm
Moral choices are the individual's to make. Retired School Social worker  10/16/18  1:28 pm
Moral choices are the individual's to make. Constance O'Hearn, Retired School Social Worker  10/16/18  1:30 pm
TRAP Regulations Ashna Khanna, ACLU of Virginia  10/16/18  1:35 pm
Repeal rules limiting abourtion access! ACLU of Virginia  10/16/18  1:53 pm
TRAP Regulations Marcie Hampton  10/16/18  1:58 pm
TRAP Rod West  10/16/18  2:00 pm
TRAP Regulations Mateo Gasparotto, ACLU of Virginia  10/16/18  2:15 pm
TRAP Erin  10/16/18  2:15 pm
"TRAP" Regulations Susan Black  10/16/18  3:39 pm
Virginia's Restrictive Abortion Rules Claire Guthrie Gastanaga, in my individual capacity  10/16/18  4:20 pm
Protect women with common sense legislation Amy  10/16/18  5:25 pm
Trap Regulations Ms. Allison R Miller  10/16/18  6:16 pm
Limiting A Woman's Right As A Sentient Being, For Her Body Decisions Sandra M. Corder  10/16/18  6:31 pm
End TRAP Ryland Potter  10/16/18  8:34 pm
End TRAP Deborah Clayton  10/16/18  9:20 pm
End TRAP: medically unnecessary restrictions Joanne Benner  10/16/18  10:31 pm
Restore common sense health & safety measures - protect women, not pro-abortion ideology Jonathan Clough  10/16/18  10:36 pm
Common Sense David Sudlow  10/17/18  7:34 am
TRAP Regulations Zhue Azuaje, ACLU of Virginia  10/17/18  8:57 am
Safe and legal abortions in Virginia. Dayle Severns  10/17/18  10:01 am
Death facility regulations Scotty Woodward  10/17/18  10:06 am
TRAP regulations Karen Chauvin  10/17/18  10:10 am
End “TRAP” regulations Brett Charbeneau  10/17/18  10:13 am
Protect women - maintain the regulations for women’s safety Jim Hildebrand  10/17/18  10:20 am
Virginia abortion facilities need more oversight, not less! Julie Ehlers  10/17/18  10:25 am
Common Sense Regulations M.F.  10/17/18  10:27 am
No to HHR Richard Cooley  10/17/18  10:32 am
Restore Regulations for safety and decency Carl Russell  10/17/18  10:44 am
Reinstate common-sense measures in regulating Abortion Charles Rash  10/17/18  11:00 am
Stop any form of abortion Richard W. Firth  10/17/18  11:01 am
Women need protection from loose healthcare regs Kate Dentel  10/17/18  11:04 am
Stop All Forms of Abortion Richard W. Firth  10/17/18  11:04 am
Protect Vulnerable Women Deb McFee  10/17/18  11:05 am
Use evidence-based medicine NOT ideology Donna Lawton  10/17/18  11:13 am
regulations on abortion clinics Margaret Quesinberry  10/17/18  11:23 am
Reinstate all of the health & safety Abortion Clinic measures the Board amended during last revision Callie Chaplow  10/17/18  11:43 am
Choice Marietta Baba  10/17/18  11:45 am
Please reinstate common sense safety measures Matthew Carpenter  10/17/18  11:54 am
Abortion Regulations Ronald Smith  10/17/18  11:59 am
Basic Question Mark Fesmire  10/17/18  12:02 pm
Abortion Facility Standards Gary R. Kohl  10/17/18  12:50 pm
Reinstate all Health and Safety Measures Sam Erwin  10/17/18  12:51 pm
At least protect the lives of mothers Margaret Kelly  10/17/18  12:52 pm
regulate abortion industry, protect women's health Mary Ann Suddarth  10/17/18  12:53 pm
Board of Health Regualtions for Abortion Facilites Irene K.  10/17/18  1:21 pm
TRAP Sharon M Schaaf, Retired  10/17/18  1:42 pm
restore all regulations to protect women having abortions Ann Woods  10/17/18  1:45 pm
Abortion clinics Sara Rowekamp  10/17/18  3:13 pm
Please do not loosen abortion clinic regulations Lynn Dimeo  10/17/18  3:14 pm
Abortion Regulations Norman Rush, WOWC  10/17/18  3:15 pm
Please do not loosen abortion regulations LaVerne Waybright  10/17/18  3:30 pm
health and safety standards for abortion centers Patricia Magyar  10/17/18  3:30 pm
Virginia Board of Health Charles D. O’Dell  10/17/18  3:31 pm
Abortion clinics are medical facilities too David Carpenter  10/17/18  3:32 pm
Remove the ability of the Commissioner to grant permanent variances Leroy Hood Jr, Retired  10/17/18  3:42 pm
How to decrease abortions Susan Miller MD  10/17/18  3:51 pm
Heed the advice of medical professionals and legal experts Vishal Agraharkar  10/17/18  3:56 pm
All medical clinics should have the same standards!!! LuAnn Davis  10/17/18  4:03 pm
Abortion Clinic Health Regulations Diane Herron  10/17/18  4:18 pm
Keep women safe with strong standards in abortion clinics Julia Mabus  10/17/18  4:18 pm
safety measures cheryl Crabtree  10/17/18  4:31 pm
Abortion regulations Michelle Montgomery  10/17/18  4:44 pm
Items suggested to be Reinsted, Remove or Required George Gardner  10/17/18  4:59 pm
Science and medical research necesitate health and safety regulation Wade Salverson  10/17/18  5:09 pm
Virginia's abortion facilities need more oversight, not less. Tom Cunningham  10/17/18  5:09 pm
Health and Safety Standards Harry Grant  10/17/18  5:14 pm
Abortion Facility Safety Requirements John Dillender  10/17/18  5:15 pm
Please do not weaken the regulations Carla McMurry  10/17/18  5:18 pm
abortion regulation Douglas McMurry  10/17/18  5:22 pm
Abortion clinic regs... Dee Keplinger  10/17/18  5:30 pm
repeal sham trap restrictions judy marie johnson  10/17/18  5:44 pm
Regulations for Abortion Clinics Douglas Turner  10/17/18  5:47 pm
regulations GARLAND E BROWN  10/17/18  5:56 pm
Lincensure of abortion facilities. 12 vac 5-412 Donna Parton  10/17/18  6:12 pm
Recommendations to the Board of Health Daniel J. Colson, Retired  10/17/18  6:17 pm
Strong health and safety measures protect women Daniel Davies  10/17/18  6:17 pm
comments to Board of Health abortion clinic changes Chris Miller  10/17/18  6:32 pm
Abortion Center Rules Eileen Lehmann  10/17/18  6:48 pm
Please reject TRAP laws Christine Jamieson  10/17/18  6:57 pm
Please respect women's health by strengthening regulations Annabeth Goss  10/17/18  7:06 pm
Bring back safety Jason Mauney  10/17/18  7:24 pm
Don't Let Women Be Put At Risk By Bad Health Standards Dennis Moran  10/17/18  7:32 pm
Women must be presented with alternatives to abortion. Debbie Doyle  10/17/18  7:42 pm
Protect women and children S. Kristin  10/17/18  7:44 pm
Clinic Regulations J. Kohlhaas  10/17/18  8:12 pm
Safety Standards Must be Improved to Protect Women Diane Reynolds  10/17/18  8:33 pm
Regulations Governing Abortion Center Jim Yopp  10/17/18  8:46 pm
safety First Ashley  10/17/18  8:53 pm
Abortion facility regulations Laura Croft  10/17/18  9:20 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Jane Heater  10/17/18  9:39 pm
women's health Christa duVon  10/17/18  10:04 pm
Abortion center regulations Tom Bradley  10/17/18  10:28 pm
abortion regulations Patricia Marra  10/17/18  11:25 pm
require rooms for longer postabortion care stays Noelani  10/18/18  12:22 am
Please strengthen safety regulations to protect the lives of your patients Carolyn Becerra  10/18/18  4:31 am
stop taking lives Carolyn Becerra  10/18/18  4:42 am
Why? Joseph Paul  10/18/18  6:51 am
Abortion facilities Arnold D Carico  10/18/18  7:26 am
Changes are needed for SAFETY! SJ Naber  10/18/18  7:47 am
Abortion Center Health Regulations Rhonnie Smith  10/18/18  8:27 am
Increase the health and safety measures for abortions Daniel Cole  10/18/18  8:58 am
Repeal rules limiting abortion access Tara Casey  10/18/18  9:11 am
Safety standards for women’s health clinics Amy L Brink  10/18/18  11:05 am
Protect the lives of women seeking abortions. James Moynihan, OneChurch  10/18/18  11:30 am
enhance safety measures at abortion clinics Frank Moncher  10/18/18  11:53 am
Evidence-based Medical Regulation of Abortion Service Providers Kevin Silas  10/18/18  12:33 pm
Abortion regulations Susan Thompson  10/18/18  12:37 pm
Please do not loosen abortion clinic regulations Pastor Glenn Dryden  10/18/18  12:42 pm
Board of Health needs to implement strong health and safety measures to protect vulnerable women, Mary Smith  10/18/18  12:48 pm
Women's health in clinics Tim Lingenfelter  10/18/18  12:51 pm
Stop These Terrible Abortions Harry E. Baird, Jr.  10/18/18  2:45 pm
Prevent a Virginia Gosnell and ensure saef health practices for all human beings Robrt McKeever  10/18/18  3:20 pm
Do not loosen these regulaTIONS Dennis Burkey  10/18/18  3:47 pm
Regulations at Virginia’s abortion clinics Patricia Hunt  10/18/18  4:55 pm
Protect the health of Virginians Sharon E. Parker  10/18/18  5:50 pm
Health Standards for Abortion Clinics Doris Smith  10/18/18  5:53 pm
Review needed Jessica Drummond  10/18/18  6:31 pm
12VAC5-412 Re: Modification of current Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Drake Hoffman  10/18/18  6:43 pm
Reinstate a Higher Standard Darvin & Michelle Bell  10/18/18  7:53 pm
Don't further waterdown regulations Jim Kerr  10/18/18  8:19 pm
Virginia’s abortion facilities need more oversight, not less!!! Abe Jacob  10/18/18  9:20 pm
Remove "TRAP" restrictions Susan Dixon  10/18/18  9:32 pm
End TRAP regulations Gail Midkiff  10/18/18  10:01 pm
Evidence Based Cindy Honeycutt  10/18/18  10:04 pm
Reinstate Common Sense Health and Safety Regulations for Surgical Clinics Leanna Baumer  10/18/18  10:13 pm
Abortion centers. Jim Lussier  10/18/18  10:46 pm
Oversight of Virginia's Abortion Facilities Timothy King  10/18/18  11:25 pm
Abortion clinic safety. Carolyn Roberts  10/18/18  11:31 pm
Protect women and strengthen regulations Dave Riggan  10/19/18  12:27 am
End TRAP restrictions Wayne Hachey DO, MPH  10/19/18  8:02 am
Keep existing abortion regulations lawrence zenker  10/19/18  8:09 am
Access to safe abortion and health services Penny Stanley  10/19/18  8:55 am
Legal abortion must be safe for mothers Mary Burke  10/19/18  10:09 am
Abortion providers must follow same safety standards as medical facilities Donald White  10/19/18  10:53 am
Regulations protect patients Michelle Gray  10/19/18  11:05 am
More abortion industry oversight- not less Mary Sidhu  10/19/18  11:54 am
Safety issues Barbara A Tapping  10/19/18  11:59 am
Safety for All Women! Jeanne Marie Bebo  10/19/18  12:59 pm
Abortionist Kermit Gosnell proves we need even more regulation, not less. Rev. Donald Spitz  10/19/18  3:57 pm
Abortion regulations need more oversight not less Barbara Griffith  10/19/18  4:09 pm
Continue oversight for safety Josiah Jones  10/19/18  4:28 pm
"TRAP" regulations Richey L. Scott (no organization)  10/19/18  6:00 pm
Stop harmful abortion Sarah Broomell  10/19/18  10:46 pm
Strengthen Abortion Facility Regulations Douglas McLean  10/20/18  3:41 am
The abortion facility regulations under consideration Victoria Catlett, Virginia resident  10/20/18  11:40 am
Abortion clinics must not not compromise women’s health with lower regulatory standards Lisa Anne  10/20/18  3:10 pm
Restore abortion facility regulations Marianne DuBois  10/20/18  5:15 pm
abortion centers regulations M.K  10/20/18  6:06 pm
End abortion restrictions Laura marko  10/20/18  6:23 pm
Freedom of choice Deborah Quam  10/20/18  6:24 pm
Abortion is a Right Sky  10/20/18  6:38 pm
Protect and take care of women Grace  10/20/18  6:44 pm
Not your body Katrina  10/20/18  6:49 pm
End abortion restrictions Stephanie  10/20/18  6:54 pm
Please protect all women Kyle White  10/20/18  7:27 pm
End trap regulations Sarah  10/20/18  7:37 pm
Keep women safe Jim Saska  10/20/18  7:50 pm
Ensure Safe Medical Procedures and Practices Timothy  10/20/18  9:50 pm
Reevaluate TRAP Emily Olhoeft  10/21/18  11:37 am
TRAP not medically sound Mary Barhydt  10/21/18  3:28 pm
Keep women and babies safe Reginald W. Newcomb  10/21/18  4:32 pm
Women Rights Anthony Cutri  10/21/18  5:01 pm
To Protect Women’s Safety and Wellbeing Catherine Thompson  10/21/18  5:45 pm
VA Abortion Regulaions Loren Wilee  10/21/18  9:19 pm
Repeal TRAP Catherine Fletcher  10/21/18  11:30 pm
Support Life- Be the Board of Health! Elizabeth Higgins  10/22/18  9:55 am
Health and Safety for Women and the Unborn A. W. Walker  10/22/18  12:29 pm
yes to regulations for the health of women Laura Mead  10/22/18  12:48 pm
Townhall comments Gerald Mead  10/22/18  1:14 pm
Reinstate all of the health and safety measures the Board unlawfully watered down Mary Gerken  10/22/18  1:19 pm
Regulation of Abortion Facolities Liz Hildebrand  10/22/18  1:33 pm
Abortion clinic health fuidelines Martha Hurley  10/22/18  1:34 pm
Regulation of Facilities Performing Abortions. Pedro L. Capestany, Sr.  10/22/18  2:10 pm
Board of Health to Amend Rules for Abortion Centers Mike Turk  10/22/18  2:50 pm
Board of Health/Rules Amendments for Abortion Centers Maria Sánchez-O'Brien  10/22/18  3:12 pm
Mr. Rudolph Gasser  10/22/18  3:14 pm
Abortion facilities should be required to follow health and safety procedures! Mary Kapp  10/22/18  6:46 pm
Abortion Centers Lisa Turner  10/22/18  7:43 pm
Keep women safe and healthy James Callahan, citizen of Virginia  10/22/18  11:20 pm
Board of Health Abortion Clinic Regulations Thomas Rea, prolife voter  10/23/18  12:27 am
Women deserve better Jeff Hunter, self  10/23/18  9:31 am
Please defend life Mauri  10/23/18  2:59 pm
Abortion Regulation Jeanne Sause  10/23/18  3:19 pm
I support all means to ensure that the abortion clinics conform to public health practices &prolife. Doug Stormont  10/23/18  3:43 pm
Virginia women's health centers Mike Beaty  10/23/18  5:34 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Robert Katzman  10/23/18  6:32 pm
Respect Women’s rights to safe medical facilities Elizabeth Berger  10/23/18  6:43 pm
Less regulation puts lives at risk MECrennan  10/23/18  6:45 pm
Abortion is Murder Billy Williamms  10/23/18  6:45 pm
Abortion safety Alexis Mazzocco  10/23/18  6:51 pm
Abortion is a Sin Ellie Randal  10/23/18  6:52 pm
Virginia women Mary Cummings  10/23/18  7:04 pm
Abortion should be stopped, however short of that Regulation of Centers need to be required Donald Schwab  10/23/18  7:09 pm
Abortion Center Regulations James Russell King  10/23/18  7:12 pm
End TRAP Eileen Castelli  10/23/18  7:17 pm
Abortion center regulations must be strengthened to protect women. Benjamin J Jacinto  10/23/18  7:19 pm
Abortion regulations Jon Nytes  10/23/18  7:20 pm
Abortion center standards Ethel Pascal  10/23/18  7:21 pm
I would like to see all of theses facilities regulated and monitored as health care facilities Maureen Reilly  10/23/18  7:22 pm
Help keep Women Safe.. Geneva Park  10/23/18  7:25 pm
Preserve health and safety regulations Frank Russo  10/23/18  7:25 pm
Recommendations Lysiane Keel  10/23/18  7:27 pm
Abortion centers should be subject to the same regulations as healthcare facilities Elizabeth A. Claeys  10/23/18  7:28 pm
Abortion centers must adhere to the regulatory standards of other healthcare facilities Lysiane Keel  10/23/18  7:29 pm
Uphold Health & Safety Standards for Abortion Clinics Margaret Whitehead  10/23/18  7:29 pm
Abortion Center regulations Sr. Susan Loise Eder  10/23/18  7:31 pm
Abortion Kayla Blankenship  10/23/18  7:32 pm
Preserve and Enhance Safety Regulations at Abortion Facilities Rebecca E Cataldi  10/23/18  7:34 pm
Abortion kills babies and hurts women. Elizabeth Troiani  10/23/18  7:39 pm
Virginia Board of Health Review of Abortion Center Standards Susan Bond  10/23/18  7:40 pm
Regulations for abortion facilities Mary Cannarella  10/23/18  7:41 pm
Abortion Rev Paul berghout  10/23/18  7:41 pm
Regulations governing abortion center standards Martin Menez  10/23/18  7:45 pm
ABORTION CLINIC REGULATIONS Thomas Richard Collins  10/23/18  7:47 pm
Abortion Centers require health regulations Chris Bowers  10/23/18  7:47 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Roger Fortney  10/23/18  7:48 pm
Abortion Lucille Pardee  10/23/18  7:49 pm
Reinstate regulations on Abortion Clinics Stephen Peters  10/23/18  7:49 pm
Please care for womens health Christine McNerney  10/23/18  8:08 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Michael R. von Spakovsky  10/23/18  8:10 pm
Keep Women Safe Sean Costello  10/23/18  8:16 pm
Abortion is a medical procedure & deserves to be treated as such for the health of the woman. First Name 6  10/23/18  8:18 pm
Common Sense Reform Matthew Burke  10/23/18  8:19 pm
Maintain safe abortion center regularions. Keep Women Safe! Patrick Linehan, PhD  10/23/18  8:22 pm
If abortion is really "health care," then treat it like any other kind of health care Scott Bradford  10/23/18  8:23 pm
Maintaining Safe standards for abortion clinics Rich Bohmer  10/23/18  8:33 pm
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Gordon Goetz  10/23/18  8:35 pm
Keep Virginia women safe Jessica Worthley  10/23/18  8:39 pm
All medical clinics should be safe and regulated Mark Ross  10/23/18  8:43 pm
Regulation of abortion facilities. Anne Kelly  10/23/18  8:51 pm
Regulations to protect women Joe  10/23/18  8:52 pm
Abortion center regulations Melissa Hamann  10/23/18  8:58 pm
Abortion clinics Larry Cirignano  10/23/18  9:09 pm
Considerations for Regulation Kevin Bennett  10/23/18  9:10 pm
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Fr. Stephen Vaccaro  10/23/18  9:14 pm
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Fr. Stephen Vaccaro  10/23/18  9:15 pm
Health care vincent genovese  10/23/18  9:23 pm
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Leanne Seguin  10/23/18  9:26 pm
Justice for all ... don't allow poor decisions ro overrule good conscience Bill DeMaso  10/23/18  9:28 pm
Reinstate Regulations for Abortion Centers Pilar Jones  10/23/18  9:28 pm
Loosening regulations on abortuaries is not prudent peter roth  10/23/18  9:46 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Richard Flynn  10/23/18  9:46 pm
Abortion center regulations are essential and must be enforced. Margaret Culbert  10/23/18  9:54 pm
Abortion Center Regulation to Enhance Women's Health and Safety Mark Crockett  10/23/18  9:55 pm
Improve and require higher standards of care for abortion facilities Jennifer White  10/23/18  10:01 pm
Comments on proposed changes to Abortion Facility Regulations Martha Dreon  10/23/18  10:07 pm
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Kent E. Willyard, MD  10/23/18  10:11 pm
Regulations and standards Chris Russo  10/23/18  10:19 pm
Abortion center regulatory standards Sarah Fortunato  10/23/18  10:25 pm
Please Protect Women by Maintaining High Medical and Safety Standards at Abortion Facilities Patricia Long  10/23/18  10:28 pm
Reinstate Regulations to Keep Women Safe Joan  10/23/18  10:30 pm
Please Keep Virginia Women Safe Joan  10/23/18  10:32 pm
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Jason Williams  10/23/18  10:32 pm
Abortion center regs Bob McKenna  10/23/18  10:34 pm
Strong regulations for abortions Eileen T. Simmons  10/23/18  10:54 pm
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women klark  10/23/18  10:55 pm
Preserve vital health and safety regulations for Virginia women Patricia A Seiler  10/23/18  11:25 pm
Preserve vital health and safety regulations for Virginia women Patricia A Seiler  10/23/18  11:28 pm
All recommendations sound important. L. Mersch  10/24/18  12:35 am
Comment on Regulatory Action Elena Wiechowski  10/24/18  5:40 am
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Edward Krattli  10/24/18  6:48 am
Protect Women of Virginia Fr. Kevin Dansereau  10/24/18  6:49 am
Abortion Facility Safety Regulations ANN FISHER  10/24/18  7:10 am
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Lori Gallagher  10/24/18  7:28 am
Abortion Center Regulations Diana Pullin  10/24/18  7:28 am
Abortion facilities needs to meet healthcare standards Jacqueline Manapsal  10/24/18  7:29 am
Abortion Center Standards Linda Brown  10/24/18  7:31 am
Abortion Providers Regulations AnnNiermeyer  10/24/18  8:18 am
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Brian Coleman  10/24/18  8:25 am
Regulatory action M.T. . Pompei  10/24/18  8:28 am
Abortion Facility Regulations B. Paul Cotter,. Jr.  10/24/18  8:31 am
Restore healthcare standards for women Keith A. Snider  10/24/18  9:05 am
Strong Regulations for Women's Health Camille Karcher  10/24/18  9:05 am
Abortion regulations Sarah E Schraven  10/24/18  9:07 am
Keep women's health paramount Chuck M  10/24/18  9:10 am
Abortion Center Reg. Jim  10/24/18  9:12 am
Safety Really Matters !!! Cathy Tankersley  10/24/18  9:12 am
Strong Regulation Needed for Abortion Facilities John Huber  10/24/18  9:13 am
Preverve the health and safety regulations for Virginia women. Raymond Bernero  10/24/18  9:15 am
Abortion Clinic Regulations Tom Stalzer  10/24/18  9:21 am
Regulations for abortion facilities Marvin Weniger  10/24/18  9:22 am
Abortion facility regulations Marvin Weniger  10/24/18  9:30 am
Healthcare for Women Nancy Obadal  10/24/18  9:41 am
Protect Virginia women Kara Horne  10/24/18  9:55 am
Protect Virginia Women Kara Horne  10/24/18  9:57 am
Abortion Center Standards Thomas F. Griffin  10/24/18  9:59 am
Protect Virginia women Maura K. Hogan  10/24/18  10:02 am
Regulations governing abortion clinics John Bukoski, voter  10/24/18  10:06 am
implement strong health and safety measures that will protect vulnerable women and hold the abortion Catholic Church  10/24/18  10:15 am
The safety of pregnant Virginia mothers necessitates sound common sense regulations of abortion faci Pierre Deslauriers  10/24/18  10:21 am
Protecting Virginia women Mary Klote, citizen  10/24/18  10:23 am
Mass Murder of Children has NEVER been Right and Should be Banned! Pam Watkins  10/24/18  10:37 am
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Earl Anderson  10/24/18  10:41 am
changes to Abortion Facility Regulations Dale W Bain, LtCol, USMCR (retired)  10/24/18  10:47 am
Abortion Facility Regs Warren Corson  10/24/18  10:48 am
Comments on Abortion Center Reform Diana Kregiel  10/24/18  10:50 am
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Lynne Liggan  10/24/18  11:20 am
Abortion facility regulations Elizabeth Lenseigne  10/24/18  11:22 am
abortion center regulations Therese Zepeda  10/24/18  11:43 am
regulations Robert M  10/24/18  12:08 pm
Women deserve to be safe during any medical procedure. Jacqueline Klebenow  10/24/18  12:31 pm
hold the abortion industry accountable Barbara A. Yambor-Kim  10/24/18  12:32 pm
Abortion Clinic Regulations Susan Migliore  10/24/18  12:46 pm
Abortion Facilities Patricia Koch  10/24/18  12:50 pm
A woman's choice is paramount! Fred C. Brooks  10/24/18  12:57 pm
Vital Safety and Health Regulations for all Women Robert R. Kaplan  10/24/18  12:59 pm
Abortion Clinic Regulations Susan Migliore  10/24/18  1:03 pm
Women deserve to be safe and loved Mia B  10/24/18  1:30 pm
Abortion center regulations Joanne Seale  10/24/18  1:37 pm
Virginia women deserve regulated healthcare facilities ........ Lina Ross  10/24/18  2:23 pm
Pro-Woman means Pro-Safety W.M. Melton  10/24/18  2:29 pm
Regulate Abortion Centers for the Safety of Women Irene Maria DiSanto  10/24/18  2:43 pm
Regulations governing abortion center standards Darcy McCabe  10/24/18  2:43 pm
Abortion Centers Require Regulations for health of Women and Babies born alive Irene Maria DiSanto  10/24/18  2:45 pm
abortion regulations Clark  10/24/18  2:55 pm
Preservation of Health & Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Jean-Marie Bralley  10/24/18  3:08 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Michael N Getsi  10/24/18  4:00 pm
Abortion Center Standards WJ Johnson  10/24/18  4:06 pm
Abortion clinic regulations Deborah Shannon  10/24/18  4:13 pm
Get trip of TRAP Danielle Schefer  10/24/18  4:14 pm
Changes that the Board must do Maria Ponti  10/24/18  4:26 pm
Abortion Regulations Dakota Taylor  10/24/18  4:26 pm
Protect Women of Virginia Joanna Melton  10/24/18  5:05 pm
As a health professional (RN, BSN), I cannot stress strongly enough the following appeal. Patricia Froehlich  10/24/18  5:13 pm
Abortion clinic need more oversight Gilda A Wilson  10/24/18  5:23 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Craig Mays  10/24/18  5:31 pm
Abortion clinic regulations Arlene Booker  10/24/18  5:39 pm
Abortion rules nedd to be strict one  10/24/18  6:01 pm
Abortion clinic regulations One  10/24/18  6:04 pm
Strong regulations are needed to preserve the health and safety of women in Virginia Thomas Palumbo  10/24/18  6:18 pm
Ensure Safety Art Bennett  10/24/18  6:20 pm
Abortion center regulations: maintain,do not weaken Thomas Palumbo  10/24/18  6:21 pm
Women of Virginia deserve better healthcare Patricia Gray  10/24/18  6:25 pm
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Dianne Fitzgerald  10/24/18  6:35 pm
Maintain regulatory oversight of abortion facilities Eve Barner Gleason  10/24/18  6:35 pm
Aboo Peter Reyda  10/24/18  6:53 pm
Implement strong health and safety measures Sharon Landrum  10/24/18  7:55 pm
Maintain Regulations Peggy Palizzi  10/24/18  8:12 pm
All abortion facilities should have the same requirements as hospitals Craig Turner  10/24/18  8:20 pm
Abortion clinics Patricia Johnsen  10/24/18  8:38 pm
More Oversight, not less Marie Byard  10/24/18  8:41 pm
Women's Safety in Abortion Facilities Richard Burton  10/24/18  9:10 pm
Women deserve safe healthcare. John Walsh  10/24/18  9:22 pm
Support for retaining regulation [12 VAC 5-412], Licensure of Abortion Facilities Dianne Rencsok  10/24/18  9:29 pm
Regulations Governing Abortion Center Standards Nathaniel Lutovsky  10/24/18  9:53 pm
Implement strong health and safety measures that will protect vulnerable women and hold the abortion Denise Lansdell  10/24/18  9:53 pm
Abortion Facility Regulations Sandra Cuddy  10/24/18  10:29 pm
Safety Measures for Abortion Clinics Mary Whelan Bell  10/24/18  10:33 pm
A Baby Is Growing-With Joy Judi G. Reid, Women of Value  10/24/18  11:10 pm
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women CR Hyde  10/24/18  11:14 pm
A return to back alley? Kathleen Foltz  10/25/18  6:00 am
restoration of regulations Christine Schneider  10/25/18  6:48 am
Abortion center regulations Catherine Szydloski  10/25/18  6:52 am
Keep Virginia women safe Laura Murphy  10/25/18  6:58 am
Abortion center regulations Susan Hallaren  10/25/18  7:52 am
Abortion is not healthcare Michael Metzger  10/25/18  8:11 am
Interject yourself or a loved one; Life has no substitute. Erma Cox  10/25/18  8:22 am
Abortion is not Healthcare Monika F.  10/25/18  8:40 am
Abotion Is a Surgery Michaels' Remodeling....Michael Meredith....  10/25/18  9:00 am
Virginia's Abortion Facilities Need More Oversight Not Less! Anne Freel  10/25/18  9:42 am
Abortion Nancy Clark  10/25/18  9:57 am
fix unnecessary restrictions on women's health clinics Rachel Levy  10/25/18  11:06 am
Strong regulations to ensure safety for all women. Rebecca Ing  10/25/18  11:29 am
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Richard T. Dunbar, Knights of Columbus  10/25/18  11:33 am
Recomendations for the Board to consider... Therese Ryan  10/25/18  11:44 am
Health care safety for women Ruth Kulick  10/25/18  11:49 am
Regulate and inforce the safest health practices for women. Ruth Kulick  10/25/18  11:52 am
Abortion Center Regulations should be strictly enforced. Richard DeLoach, retired  10/25/18  12:19 pm
Women's Health Facility Regulations Marybeth Slocumb  10/25/18  12:33 pm
Virginia Abortion Clinic regulations Bobbie Crowell  10/25/18  12:54 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Barbara Massey  10/25/18  1:02 pm
Abortion facilities Rita Poranski  10/25/18  1:26 pm
EMT says: Women deserve safe, clean facilities Sylvia  10/25/18  2:13 pm
Preserve Vital Health & Safety Regulations for Virginia Women O. L. Sanchez  10/25/18  2:44 pm
Please implement strong health and safety measures Jim Felkel/St. Raymond's parishioner  10/25/18  3:21 pm
Abortion center regulations Pat Mooney  10/25/18  3:48 pm
Nobody Wants Another Gosnell Steve Lockard  10/25/18  5:32 pm
Commonsense Jonathan Darnel  10/25/18  6:47 pm
Abortion center regulations Tracy M.  10/25/18  6:47 pm
Lessons Learned.from Gosnell in Philadelphia, PA - Women's Rights Stephen D Piscitelli, St Lawrence Catholic Parishioner, Alexandria, VA  10/25/18  8:05 pm
Abortion center regulations are essential for the health and safety of Virginia women Michael Giampietro  10/25/18  8:49 pm
Protect VA Women's Health Patty Pacheco  10/25/18  9:07 pm
God calls us to save lives Art Scarano  10/25/18  10:03 pm
Abortion Center Standards Vicki Olenick  10/25/18  10:19 pm
Regulation of abortion facilities Loretta Ray  10/25/18  11:04 pm
health regulations for women at abortion clinics: Please use the same standards for hospitals and h Christine A. Strasser  10/25/18  11:52 pm
Women deserve better Margarita Guerrero  10/26/18  7:28 am
Health & Safety of Women Pam Pascoe  10/26/18  10:29 am
No to trap regs Helen guthrie  10/26/18  11:18 am
Women deserve safety Suzanne Saur  10/26/18  11:23 am
Reasonable regulations for women's safety at abortion clinics in Virginia David Reynal  10/26/18  11:46 am
Need to retain abortion clinics regulations Dr. Scott Cypher  10/26/18  12:11 pm
Retain Current Abortion Clinic Regulations Paul Perrone  10/26/18  12:21 pm
Promulgate Guidelines that apply equally to all Medical Practices Rose Codding, Falls Church Healthcare Center  10/26/18  12:50 pm
Abortion center regulations Joseph Madden  10/26/18  1:31 pm
Regulations concerning Abortion Facilities Diane O'Keefe  10/26/18  1:35 pm
Abortion Regulations Kathleen P Foster  10/26/18  1:55 pm
Abortion Center Health and Safety Regulations Needed Mary Ann West  10/26/18  2:10 pm
Keep Abortion Available Joyce Weinstein  10/26/18  2:33 pm
Women deserve tighter regulations Becky Pilcher  10/26/18  2:48 pm
I oppose adding any restrictions to safe and legal abortions. Kelly Haber  10/26/18  2:53 pm
Abortion facility regulations Margaret A Gregory  10/26/18  3:04 pm
Oversight of Doctors who do abortions James K Disney  10/26/18  3:10 pm
Regulation of Abortion Maureen Barrett  10/26/18  3:18 pm
Regulation of Abortion Maureen Barrett  10/26/18  3:19 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Rita L Colleran  10/26/18  3:38 pm
Reinstatement of Health and Safety Measures Frederick Duca  10/26/18  3:46 pm
Please keep all women safe Beth Martini  10/26/18  4:02 pm
Strong Regulations of Abortion Clinics Ensuring Safety for All Women Corita Bernadette O'Brien  10/26/18  4:35 pm
I agree to keep everyone healthy and happy but we have to submit to GOD presept, since, we are human Luciana Moretti  10/26/18  4:44 pm
safety regulations for abortion centers Richard D Patton  10/26/18  6:31 pm
Abortion Clinic Regulations Kathryn Nowinsky  10/26/18  6:59 pm
Regulations Maria Good  10/26/18  9:29 pm
Maintain safety for women Robert Lee  10/26/18  9:41 pm
Abortion Clinic Regulations William G. Devens III  10/27/18  6:29 am
Syrengthen Regulation of Abortion Clinics Dr. Robert Annott  10/27/18  7:37 am
Protect the emotional and physical health of women Jean Frasch  10/27/18  8:41 am
Abortion regulations Stephen Hertz  10/27/18  9:20 am
Strong health ^ safety measures needed to protect women & bunborn babies Bobby May  10/27/18  9:36 am
Need protection for women and unborn babies Theresa A Brenner  10/27/18  10:07 am
Abortion center regulations are essential for the health and safety of Virginia women Theresa Brenner  10/27/18  10:16 am
Abortion Facility Regulations Joseph Harkins  10/27/18  11:06 am
Abortion Sharon jaeckel  10/27/18  1:13 pm
It's the Unborn baby's body just as much as it is the woman's body ! We are all humans. Cecile Padayodi  10/27/18  2:54 pm
Abortion Centers: regulations Sally Sharp Yenson  10/27/18  4:39 pm
Abortion Patricia A Drahos  10/27/18  5:19 pm
Abortion Rights Carol Chory  10/28/18  10:11 am
Abortion Clinic Regulations Debbie Given  10/28/18  10:35 am
Evidence based not political agenda Michelle C  10/28/18  10:48 am
re: changes to Abortion Facility Regs John Ata, ofs  10/28/18  11:08 am
Stronger regulation of abortion facilities Marylin Ryan  10/28/18  12:43 pm
Access to abortion care Alexis Edwards  10/28/18  1:22 pm
Abortion Rights Rebecca Reed Fredericksburg NOW  10/28/18  4:37 pm
Abortion Limits Patricia Ann Bailey  10/28/18  9:50 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Kevin and Laura Janasiewicz  10/28/18  10:24 pm
Safety Must be Primary Concern at all Health facilities Mary Hansen  10/28/18  10:37 pm
Limits on Abortions Ginger Parson  10/29/18  8:40 am
Abortion clinic regulations Thomas J Morr, citizen  10/29/18  8:43 am
abortion center regulations Mary Lynne Duncan, citizen  10/29/18  9:02 am
Reinstate all of the health and safety measures the Board watered down during its last amendment pro Ken Mangano  10/29/18  10:10 am
Abortion Facility Regulations Kathleen E Walsh  10/29/18  10:25 am
Abortion Facility Regulations David & Barbara Cole  10/29/18  11:49 am
Abortion is murder. Abortion has kill so many babies. It has wipe out several generations. Richard W Nicely  10/29/18  12:00 pm
Stop enabling the religious rights ability to oppress mine Jeff Richard  10/29/18  12:20 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Ronald D Ford  10/29/18  12:54 pm
Abortion Rights diane sinclair  10/29/18  1:00 pm
Hold the abortion industry accountable Sarah Fortunato  10/29/18  1:20 pm
Keep strong regulations in place to protect women Janet Robey  10/29/18  1:25 pm
common sense regulations for abortion facilities Sarah Fortunato  10/29/18  1:42 pm
Oppose regulations Rita J Whetzal  10/29/18  1:45 pm
common sense regulations on abortion centers Dolores Fox  10/29/18  1:45 pm
Abortion Larry Ross  10/29/18  1:56 pm
Facility safety L & L Olson  10/29/18  2:00 pm
More oversight for abortion clinics not less! Protect women’s health! Lisa Anne  10/29/18  2:08 pm
Provide Commonsense medical standards of care for women Kimberly Pickard RN  10/29/18  2:22 pm
Reasonable regulations prevent a Gosnell showing up in Virginia EM Browning  10/29/18  2:23 pm
Virginia needs greater oversight -- it's already bad enough Kathleen Mallard  10/29/18  3:15 pm
Abortion safety Tim Boyette  10/29/18  3:16 pm
Counseling and Construction Measures Rose Nelson  10/29/18  4:06 pm
Oversight of Abortion Facilities Earl K. Edmonds, Jr.  10/29/18  4:08 pm
Regulating Abortion Clinics Dawn Street  10/29/18  5:17 pm
regulate abortion clinics Eileen  10/29/18  7:33 pm
Science not opinion or personal religious beliefs should guide the BOH Andrew M. Klein, M.D.  10/29/18  7:52 pm
Evidence-based medicine Hillary Ostermiller  10/29/18  7:58 pm
Abortions-over 60,000,000 so far Mary Nadwodny  10/29/18  8:17 pm
no gosnell in VA Harold A Roberts  10/29/18  8:44 pm
End TRAP regulations Beth Edelstein  10/29/18  9:06 pm
Trap Dr Alice Hirata  10/29/18  9:07 pm
Be the Board of Health Elizabeth Higgins  10/29/18  9:29 pm
Abortion is a surgical procedure and should be regulated in order to protect the lives of women Sheila Furey, MD  10/29/18  9:33 pm
Health and Safety for Women Lauren Gassman  10/29/18  9:35 pm
Stop the Unnecessary Regulation of a Safe Procedure Judith Nelson, BS, RN  10/29/18  9:58 pm
No TRAP! Virginia Tyack  10/29/18  10:19 pm
No TRAP Sharon Logan  10/29/18  10:32 pm
Health Department Regulations for Abortion are unnecessarily strict Janet Meyers  10/29/18  10:47 pm
No TRAP Susan Layman, private citizen, Virginia resident  10/29/18  11:01 pm
Leave medicine to Doctors and their Patients- NO TRAP or other abortion restrictions Abbey Grobe  10/29/18  11:02 pm
No TRAP Adele Karp, LCSW  10/29/18  11:09 pm
No TRAP Ashley Taylor  10/29/18  11:19 pm
Unnecessary restrictions Heather Turbyne-Pollard  10/29/18  11:25 pm
Virginia's abortion regulations do not protect patients William Nelson  10/30/18  12:13 am
No TRAP C M Hendricks  10/30/18  7:05 am
No TRAP Jolynn Hamelman  10/30/18  7:52 am
Absolutely NO TRAP - leave procedures to patient/doctor. Stay Out! Patricia Pearsall  10/30/18  8:12 am
Abortion Cheri Cardon  10/30/18  8:28 am
Regulate abortion to protect women John Murray  10/30/18  9:12 am
TRAP regulations have no basis in science. Sally Camp  10/30/18  9:30 am
TRAP is a trap for women Frances F Goldman  10/30/18  9:59 am
Abortion is surgery Amy McInerny  10/30/18  10:34 am
No TRAP Erin Poston  10/30/18  10:50 am
Restore Safe Abortion Regulations For The Safety Of Virginia Women Mr & Mrs David Ostrowski  10/30/18  10:52 am
Keep ALL women safe. Julie Lawhorn  10/30/18  10:53 am
Abortion - Male Control DIana Veazey  10/30/18  11:07 am
TRAP regulations serve political motives, not Virginia women Jessica M. DeMay, MD  10/30/18  11:18 am
Pro-lifers should consider role of glyphosate in spontaneous abortion. Priscilla King  10/30/18  11:31 am
protect women -- Abortion centers need MORE oversight, not less Scott Dreyer  10/30/18  11:43 am
Defend Women's Health Erin Gistaro  10/30/18  11:47 am
TRAP laws and abortionn Lisa Walker, citizen  10/30/18  11:47 am
TRAP Laws Christiane Miller  10/30/18  11:47 am
TRAP Laws Anna Brooks  10/30/18  11:50 am
Women's Health Services Ms. Jessie Barringer  10/30/18  11:52 am
Women's Safety is Paramount Lisa Corbin  10/30/18  11:53 am
Public Comment regarding TRAP laws Mary Kepferle  10/30/18  11:54 am
Save full service, best practices women's health care Alexandra Brown  10/30/18  11:57 am
Women deserve better Kristin Gorak  10/30/18  12:02 pm
Regulations affecting abortion providers Susan Land  10/30/18  12:03 pm
Clinic Regulations Jane Kuhls  10/30/18  12:05 pm
Health care for women Francine G Rosenfeld  10/30/18  12:10 pm
Protecting vulnerable women John Scully  10/30/18  12:10 pm
Get rid of TRAP laws Carole Muncy  10/30/18  12:17 pm
Regulations for women’s health centers Evelyn Waring  10/30/18  12:22 pm
Public comment - Targeted Regulations on Abortion Providers Michele Pugh  10/30/18  12:35 pm
Maintain the highest of standards Bryce Weaver  10/30/18  12:44 pm
Women's health BARBARA HAMPTON-BARCLAY  10/30/18  12:47 pm
TRAP laws Kimberly Martin  10/30/18  12:49 pm
Upgrade to Regulation Requirements Patricia Rothwell  10/30/18  12:55 pm
No TRAP Marlene Meade  10/30/18  12:55 pm
NO to TRAP Muriel Azria-Evans  10/30/18  12:58 pm
Say no to TRAP Linda Price  10/30/18  1:11 pm
No TRAP Faith Kallman  10/30/18  1:11 pm
Access to abortion clinics Kay Jordan  10/30/18  1:22 pm
Science Erika  10/30/18  1:25 pm
NO to TRAP Cristina Kincaid  10/30/18  1:26 pm
Abortion Clinics Safety Susan Lascolette  10/30/18  1:30 pm
Please don't restrict my constitutional right to an abortion Chelsea S Blink, resident of Virginia (not representing any organization)  10/30/18  1:33 pm
Keeping Women safe means getting rid of TRAP laws Megan Cassidy, MD  10/30/18  1:55 pm
recommendations for change Mary D. Edmonds  10/30/18  1:59 pm
No unnecessary abortion restrictions Patricia L Donohue  10/30/18  2:01 pm
The likes of criminal Gosnell got away with murder because lack of and enforcement of regulations! Janet Gilbert  10/30/18  2:03 pm
regulations related to abortion providers Karen Sanderlin, private female citizen  10/30/18  2:17 pm
ACLU VA: Repeal Burdensome TRAP Regulations The ACLU of Virginia  10/30/18  2:25 pm
Abortion center regulations Barbara Firich  10/30/18  2:28 pm
TRAP Deb Fritzler  10/30/18  2:56 pm
Amend abortion regs Thomas Cranmer, VP, Fairfax County Taxpayers' Alliance  10/30/18  3:05 pm
Health for women Cristina Pereira  10/30/18  3:15 pm
Virginia abortion policy Tonya jackson  10/30/18  3:16 pm
Undue Burden on Patients Neha Mistry  10/30/18  3:24 pm
access to Healthcare and abortion Lily Panoussi  10/30/18  3:34 pm
Evidence Based Abortion Care NOT Restricted TRAP Care Jessica P.  10/30/18  3:35 pm
Abortion Mary Hayden Hogue  10/30/18  3:37 pm
Reproductive Rights/Board of Health Barbara Williams  10/30/18  4:05 pm
Undue burden to women Kristen  10/30/18  4:14 pm
against the ending of innocent lives Michael Neely  10/30/18  4:19 pm
Pro Choice Maria  10/30/18  4:19 pm
Abortion Regulatory Action - Women's Health Caitlin Ritchie  10/30/18  4:32 pm
Abortion centers are not able to self-regulate Thomas Beber  10/30/18  4:44 pm
Pro choice Jessica  10/30/18  4:44 pm
Keep abortion access available J D  10/30/18  4:56 pm
ProChoice Digna C.  10/30/18  4:57 pm
Make abortion safer for women Kristina Luckey  10/30/18  4:59 pm
Safe abortions James B. Kenley MD  10/30/18  5:00 pm
TRAP Kathy Miller, RN  10/30/18  5:18 pm
Trap Penelope Smith  10/30/18  5:19 pm
Protecting women’s health protects the Public Heal Sara Imershein MD MPH FACOG  10/30/18  5:27 pm
safe abortions Betty G Kenley  10/30/18  5:31 pm
True healthcare for women Meg kilgannon  10/30/18  5:31 pm
Amend the Regulation after Assessment and Receipt of Public Comment Andrea Bayer  10/30/18  5:44 pm
I support these regulations Grace Kilgannon  10/30/18  5:46 pm
protect women's health Carol L King  10/30/18  5:48 pm
regulations for abortion facilities Susan Nekoba  10/30/18  6:08 pm
As a physician I know that an abortion is an operation that requires a professional with the abiity Martha Maturi  10/30/18  6:27 pm
I support these regulations Katherine Beutner  10/30/18  6:29 pm
Abortion is not healthcare, it ends lives and does harm Karen Hasselman  10/30/18  6:31 pm
Women deserve the best Lucy M. Lukacs  10/30/18  7:04 pm
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Patrick Suess  10/30/18  7:28 pm
Womens' Health Ann Smith  10/30/18  7:49 pm
Please support a woman's right to choose Roy Perkins  10/30/18  7:58 pm
Women's Health Paula J Hass  10/30/18  8:04 pm
PROTECT WOMEN'S HEALTH AND SAFETY Cara Cline-Thomas  10/30/18  8:27 pm
Protect Women and reinstate regulations Maura Burkhalter  10/30/18  8:40 pm
Strengthen the Safety Standards JAMES SHEA  10/30/18  8:41 pm
Strengthen the Safety Standards JAMES SHEA  10/30/18  8:45 pm
Please make these Changes! Cindy Hatcher  10/30/18  9:09 pm
Reinstate these items Lou Di Leonardo  10/30/18  9:21 pm
Abortion must be safe Tyna Gaylor  10/30/18  9:26 pm
Preserve safety regulations for Virginia women! Emily G Macedonia  10/30/18  9:26 pm
Protect women and reinstate regulations DJ  10/30/18  9:31 pm
Abortion centers must be regulated BJH  10/30/18  9:45 pm
TRAP LAWS Jan Paul Fruiterman, M.D. & Assoc., P.C.  10/30/18  9:48 pm
Crucial health safety regulations to protect Virginia women! L. Fine, M.A. Counseling Psychology  10/30/18  9:52 pm
No TRAP Sharon Kenna  10/30/18  9:55 pm
Protect Women and Regulate Abortion Centers Nicholas James Macedonia  10/30/18  10:10 pm
Protect women with common sense regulations Anthony Jones  10/30/18  10:23 pm
Restore lawful oversight of abortion facilities Nancy Piotter  10/30/18  10:42 pm
Abortion clinics must be strictly regulated Vickie Luchini  10/30/18  10:48 pm
Making abortion services more readily available Sally London  10/30/18  11:33 pm
Abortion center regulations are essential for health and safety M.M.  10/30/18  11:54 pm
TRAP Regulations Patricia D. Fishback, Ph.D. League of Women Voters  10/31/18  12:02 am
Scrap Trap18 Robert Harris Jr, Father in Virginia  10/31/18  2:20 am
Protect Women Lauren LeHanka  10/31/18  3:16 am
TRAP Mindy Mitchell  10/31/18  3:29 am
Abortion clinics need oversight, women deserve safety regs Cathy Ruse  10/31/18  5:46 am
Comment on NOIRA: Periodic Review of Chapter 412, Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities Galina Varchena, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia  10/31/18  6:49 am
NOIRA TRAP Comment Jessica DeMay, MD, FACOG, Fellow, Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine  10/31/18  6:54 am
Deregulation Rebekah Kusterbeck  10/31/18  6:54 am
NOIRA TRAP Comment Jill C. Abbey, President and Administrator, W.K.G. & J, Incorporated  10/31/18  6:59 am
NOIRA TRAP Comment Kris Kennedy, MD, FACOG  10/31/18  7:00 am Molly  10/31/18  7:02 am
Please Reinstate/Remove/Require Kelley Pinzon  10/31/18  7:03 am
NOIRA TRAP Comment Tarina Keene, on behalf of Virginia Coalition to Protect Women's Health  10/31/18  7:17 am
TRAP amend so only medically necessary Katherine Hoffman  10/31/18  7:25 am
Women’s reproductive rights Paige Hausburg, private citizen  10/31/18  8:25 am
Health and Safety of Virginia Women Teresa Kastroba  10/31/18  8:40 am
Basic protections for women Lila Stephens  10/31/18  8:56 am
Virginia’s abortion facilities need more oversight, not less. KK  10/31/18  8:58 am
Safety regulations are essential to protect women Beth Jones  10/31/18  9:06 am
TRAP Carol Gilbert Sacks  10/31/18  9:26 am
Ultrasounds and inspections Denise  10/31/18  9:29 am
Infanticide Dr Joseph G Smith  10/31/18  9:30 am
Medically unnecessary and unconstitutional regulations Debby Porter  10/31/18  9:32 am
Medically unnecessary restrictions on abortion are a wrong to all women. Tom Olshefski  10/31/18  9:39 am
Remove this Regulation Gwen M. Doddy Lowit  10/31/18  9:43 am
Onerous Regulations for Abortion in the Commonwealth of Virginia Becky L. Schergens  10/31/18  9:49 am
Please ensure the safety of all women. Elizabeth A. Isbell  10/31/18  9:53 am
TRAP laws are not about protecting women. Elizabeth Florek  10/31/18  10:17 am
Stop Unnecessary regulations Kathleen Green  10/31/18  10:37 am
Virginia Women Deserve Better Laura  10/31/18  10:42 am
Women and Children's Health H Delano  10/31/18  11:17 am
Just asking to maintain basic standards... Liz Paradise  10/31/18  11:18 am
Abortion should be accessible and available to every women Monica  10/31/18  11:23 am
Targeted Regulations on Abortion Providers Richard Baker  10/31/18  11:46 am
Abortion is an invasive procedure that must be regulated! Andrea DelVecchio  10/31/18  11:53 am
Opinion from a voter who votes pro-life in EVERY election. Joseph Harrington  10/31/18  12:00 pm
preserve vital health and safety regulations for Virginia women veronica mcvickar  10/31/18  12:04 pm
abortion clinics Zoey Maraist  10/31/18  12:18 pm
Health and Safety for Women J. Beres  10/31/18  12:22 pm
Keep women safe at abortion clinics! Jennifer Cole  10/31/18  12:26 pm
Please ensure women's safety! Emily Ott  10/31/18  12:26 pm
Please support health and safety measures JP Campbell  10/31/18  12:27 pm
Abortion facilities Margaret Kelly  10/31/18  12:32 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Christopher Deloye  10/31/18  12:37 pm
Abortion center regulations are essential for the health and safety of Virginia women Kateri Ambrow  10/31/18  12:46 pm
Abortion is NOT healthcare Emily C. Hurt  10/31/18  12:47 pm
women's health -- regulations Mary Hasson  10/31/18  12:49 pm
Hold Abortion Clinics Accountable Mary Hazzard  10/31/18  12:49 pm
Women’s Health Roger Fortney  10/31/18  12:53 pm
Abortion center regulations need to stay strong! Robin Maas  10/31/18  12:54 pm
Health and Safety for Women Kathryn Lyons  10/31/18  12:56 pm
Safety regulations for Virginia women Peter Weir  10/31/18  12:57 pm
Abortion regulations. Yong Kwon  10/31/18  1:02 pm
TRAP Susan Shome  10/31/18  1:05 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Paul Amrhein  10/31/18  1:08 pm
Health and Safety Regulations for Women Loretta Fleming  10/31/18  1:13 pm
Abortion Regulations Katlyn Lawler  10/31/18  1:14 pm
Abortion facility regulations Anne Alexander  10/31/18  1:15 pm
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Abortion Edward Krattli  10/31/18  1:15 pm
Health and Safety Regulations for Women Loretta Fleming  10/31/18  1:17 pm
Abortion center regulations George Moss  10/31/18  1:19 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Selena W Robinson  10/31/18  1:20 pm
Comment on health regulations David Chopski  10/31/18  1:21 pm
Protect Women Anne Rouleau  10/31/18  1:23 pm
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Awatif H Abuzeid  10/31/18  1:23 pm
Abortion center regulations Benjamin Coonfield  10/31/18  1:25 pm
Keep Safety Standards Therese Bermpohl  10/31/18  1:26 pm
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Edward Pezzullo  10/31/18  1:32 pm
abortion center regulations Gregory Robinson  10/31/18  1:35 pm
TARP Regulations Elizabeth Hodges  10/31/18  1:38 pm
Strengthen Regulations for Abortion Centers Hugh Owen  10/31/18  1:41 pm
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Rachel Montanaro  10/31/18  1:41 pm
Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Bibiana Quiambao  10/31/18  1:46 pm
TRAP Laws Aaron Goldberg, MD, FACOG  10/31/18  1:47 pm
Remove Restrictions on Abortion Access Feminist Majority Foundation  10/31/18  1:48 pm
Safety regulations must be maintained just as for any other medical process Marcus Migliore  10/31/18  2:01 pm
Abortion is murder Frederick Pechin  10/31/18  2:03 pm
Abortion Regulations Leslie S Rubio  10/31/18  2:04 pm
Virginia Regulatory Town Hall: Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women William S. Elliott and Christine A. Elliott  10/31/18  2:06 pm
Protect women's health Patricia (Trish) Capps  10/31/18  2:09 pm
Regulation of Abortion Facilities Atwood Brooks  10/31/18  2:11 pm
Please maintain health standards Katherine Rings  10/31/18  2:14 pm
Abortion provider regualtions Mary Green  10/31/18  2:15 pm
Abortion center regulations Ron Adamo  10/31/18  2:16 pm
Abortion facility regulations. Anthony Rimicci, MD  10/31/18  2:27 pm
Regulations for abortion centers. Charlotte Chow  10/31/18  2:33 pm
Health of women William Broadfoot  10/31/18  2:34 pm
Changes to abortuary regulations Susan Needham  10/31/18  2:36 pm
Changes to Abortion Facility Regs Bruce Ianacone, retired  10/31/18  2:38 pm
Reinstate and adhere to all health and safety measures of healthcare facilities Christine Martinez  10/31/18  2:41 pm
Keeping abortion safe for women Janet L. Smith  10/31/18  2:42 pm
Healthcare Regulations Paul D. Whitehead  10/31/18  2:50 pm
Get rid of TRAP laws! IC  10/31/18  2:50 pm
TRAP regulations are not needed Deborah Cohen  10/31/18  2:51 pm
Science over politics Kimberly Kirby, Mother/Woman/Human  10/31/18  2:58 pm
Women's Health Ronald McKinley  10/31/18  3:04 pm
Baby Slaughter House Paul Rinderle  10/31/18  3:04 pm
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Rev. Thomas P. Ferguson, Catholic Diocese of Arlington  10/31/18  3:04 pm
Abortion center regulations are essential for the health and safety of Virginia women and must be ma Hermano Ignacio Harding OFM  10/31/18  3:06 pm
Abortion is a medical procedure subject to serious complications it needs to be done only in facili M. Reilly  10/31/18  3:10 pm
Regulations Governing Abortion Center Standards Cara Cook  10/31/18  3:14 pm
Comments on Amending Regulations for Abortion Facilities Kathleen Braga  10/31/18  3:19 pm
Please ensure the health and safety of all women Thomas Farr  10/31/18  3:23 pm
TRAP Regulations Should Protect Access to Health Care for All Women Constance Cordovilla, VA chapter, National Organization for Women (NOW)  10/31/18  3:29 pm
Abortion facilities. George Griffin  10/31/18  3:29 pm
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women George & Xuan Dhuy  10/31/18  3:43 pm
Regulate abortion clinics Hilary Towers  10/31/18  3:43 pm
Protect Women's Health Laraine Bennett  10/31/18  3:48 pm
Comments Regarding Clinic Safety Standards Brian Frank  10/31/18  3:49 pm
Safety standards save lives Cathy Tankersley  10/31/18  3:50 pm
Strengthen Clinic Regulations lester gabriel  10/31/18  3:54 pm
Regulations governing abortion center standards Toni DeLancey, Ph.D.  10/31/18  3:57 pm
Safe Healthcare for All Virginia Women Bruce Borzino  10/31/18  4:01 pm
Health and Safety of women in Virginia Illig Enterprises  10/31/18  4:02 pm
Healthcare Requirements for Abortion Facilities Jean L Porte  10/31/18  4:05 pm
Comment on TRAP NOIRA Missy Wesolowski, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia  10/31/18  4:13 pm
Abortion is violent murder Kristen Tascone  10/31/18  4:21 pm
No short-cuts on women's health Catherine Mays  10/31/18  4:24 pm
Abortion is a vital part of reproductive healthcare Kat Patterson  10/31/18  4:42 pm
abortion regulation Elizabeth Black  10/31/18  4:55 pm
safety regs for all -- because women deserve better Sarah  10/31/18  5:17 pm
Amend Abortion Regulations Madeline Malarkey  10/31/18  5:19 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Thomas J. McCabe  10/31/18  5:22 pm
abortion restrictions Sheridan Collins  10/31/18  5:24 pm
regulations governing abortion center standards Christina Mac Cabe  10/31/18  5:26 pm
Abortion center regulations James McCracken, Virginia Knights of Columbus  10/31/18  5:27 pm
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women MARIANNE MAZZATENTA  10/31/18  5:29 pm
Maintain Safety Regulations for the Health of Virginia Women Richard T. Kaplar  10/31/18  5:30 pm
Abortion regulations change commenty Joe McDonnell  10/31/18  5:38 pm
abortion clinic regulations for women's safety Phillip McDonald  10/31/18  5:43 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Monica Pedagno  10/31/18  5:43 pm
Abortion Center Standards Michele M Kresge  10/31/18  5:45 pm
Strong Regulations for Abortion Facilities are Critical to Virginia’s Plan for Well-Being Victoria Cobb, President of The Family Foundation of Virginia  10/31/18  5:59 pm
Abortion clinic regulations Elaine OMalley  10/31/18  5:59 pm
I support these regulatory actions. Debbie Marden  10/31/18  6:00 pm
Keep the Safety and Health Regulations. They Protect Women in Virginia Elvira V Banks  10/31/18  6:06 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Patricia Brown  10/31/18  6:10 pm
Regulations for Abortion Facilities Joanne Hansinger  10/31/18  6:13 pm
TRAP laws are burdensome on low-income Virginians, unconstitutional, and must be removed Jennifer Wang, Policy Director for the DC Abortion Fund  10/31/18  6:27 pm
Abortion center regulations Ralph and Jean B.  10/31/18  6:31 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Marie Riedel  10/31/18  6:40 pm
Abortion Facility Regulations Joseph Flaherty  10/31/18  6:46 pm
Keep Women Safe Michael Sims  10/31/18  7:00 pm
Va. abortion regulations Pierre Deslauriers  10/31/18  7:24 pm
Va. abortion regulations Pierre Deslauriers  10/31/18  7:24 pm
Make reproductive healthcare more accessible Anne Hilborn  10/31/18  7:29 pm
Improve access to reproductive health care Jeremy Monat  10/31/18  7:36 pm
Abortions ARE safe Stephanie Eller  10/31/18  7:37 pm
Repeal the restrictive regulations around reproductive healthcare clinics. Kenneth Wheeler  10/31/18  7:39 pm
Abortion center regulations Jeffrey Datt  10/31/18  7:44 pm
Abortion regulations Myriam Perez  10/31/18  7:45 pm
Let's keep women safe. Anne  10/31/18  7:56 pm
Preserve Vital Health and Safety Regulations for Virginia Women Maria Ruhl  10/31/18  8:04 pm
The true protection of women is paramount Susan McCready  10/31/18  8:10 pm
Maintain current health care regulations for abortion facilities. Mary Lee Ruby  10/31/18  8:13 pm
Enforce safety regulations Jeanne Lee  10/31/18  8:13 pm
Health and safety regulations for VA women Gigi Allas  10/31/18  8:14 pm
Women's Health Facilities Betsey Soulsby  10/31/18  8:18 pm
Abortion center regulations must be maintained, not weakened Pia DeSantis Pell  10/31/18  8:19 pm
Safety standards Julie Jennings  10/31/18  8:19 pm
regulations are essential for health and safety Pia DeSantis Pell  10/31/18  8:21 pm
Reinstate Health Laws For Abortion LaChanda R Sumbler CWA Virginia  10/31/18  8:25 pm
Maintain Health and Safety of Virginia Women in Abortion Centers Ed Weber  10/31/18  8:25 pm
Abortion CAROLYN J. YEHL  10/31/18  8:41 pm
Keep health and safety regulations Thomas Pell  10/31/18  8:43 pm
Protect women: keep abortion health and safety refs in place Diana Snider  10/31/18  8:47 pm
abortion regulations Dawn Garabito  10/31/18  8:47 pm
Abortion Rights Miguel Penaloza  10/31/18  8:52 pm
Abortion facility regulation Dolores Flessner  10/31/18  8:58 pm
Clinics should have same safely standards as hospitals Mary Claire Robinson  10/31/18  9:01 pm
clinics whould have the same safety regulations as hospitals Mary Claire Robinson  10/31/18  9:02 pm
Abortion facility regulation Dolores Flessner  10/31/18  9:06 pm
Respect Women! Anna M Ahlbin  10/31/18  9:08 pm
Protect the health and safety of the patients Gerald Calhoun  10/31/18  9:10 pm
Health and Safety Measures for Abortion Facilities Andrew Montanaro  10/31/18  9:11 pm
regulations Janice GALLAGHER  10/31/18  9:11 pm
A Few Changes That My Husband and I Both Recommend the Board Make Mallie White  10/31/18  9:13 pm
Why regulate abortion clinics? See "Gosnell" Marilyn Greene  10/31/18  9:14 pm
Regulate abortion centers just like all other health centers Audrey Kasenge  10/31/18  9:15 pm
All life is precious, women must be protected Patricia C. Martin  10/31/18  9:20 pm
Abortion Facility Standards Jessie Z  10/31/18  9:26 pm
No more Gosnells -- Enforce stringent regulations Joanne Girard  10/31/18  9:27 pm
Keep the regulations, protect women, abortion is not safe. M. McElfresh  10/31/18  9:34 pm
Abortion Center Regulations David Curcio  10/31/18  9:39 pm
Abortion Center Regulations Duane Schatz  10/31/18  9:39 pm
Regulate Abortion Centers for Women's Safety Elizabeth Spoth  10/31/18  9:41 pm
Amend regulations for licensure of abortion facilities Laura Brooks, citizen  10/31/18  9:41 pm
Put safety regulations back in to place - just like in any other health facility. Ann Robeson  10/31/18  9:54 pm
Make Regulations to Post Truth: Abortion Results Can Ruin The Opportunity to Have Any Descendants M. White, A Woman with No Descendants  10/31/18  9:55 pm
Pro-life, Pro-women, Pro-safety - regulations should be increased Andrew Jones, citizen  10/31/18  10:04 pm
Abortion Regulations need to change Rachel Revelle  10/31/18  10:09 pm
Please maintain abortion center regulations Madeline Christen  10/31/18  10:12 pm
My body my choice Liv Mumma  10/31/18  10:22 pm
Burdensome regulations target women's health facilities MG  10/31/18  10:30 pm
Killing Children in the Womb is Harmful to Women Ruby Nicdao, Lifeguard  10/31/18  10:30 pm
People over politics Tom Valentine  10/31/18  10:33 pm
Base regulations on science Charlotte Gibson  10/31/18  10:41 pm
Abortion facilities Tanya Willoughby  10/31/18  10:44 pm
Changes to abortion facilities regulations Tammy  10/31/18  10:45 pm
Health standards need to be high Lisa Ruhl  10/31/18  10:56 pm
Women Deserve Better CT  10/31/18  10:58 pm
TRAP restrictions are inconsistent with best practice and DO NOT improve outcomes Dr. Serina Floyd  10/31/18  11:04 pm
Review of Regulations Governing Abortion Center Standards Tom Trykowski  10/31/18  11:08 pm
implement strong health and safety measures Janna B.  10/31/18  11:08 pm
Inspections and accountability keep women safe Jeannette Borneman  10/31/18  11:12 pm
health and safety regulations for Virginia women Angela O'Connor  10/31/18  11:19 pm
Unnecessary and overly burdensome regulations Laura B  10/31/18  11:29 pm
BOH:Ammend Abortion Facility Reg to implement strong and healthy measures for wonen Kay Kale  10/31/18  11:29 pm
keep regulations for abortion facilities the same as for any other health clinics Carol Dick  10/31/18  11:51 pm
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