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Virginia Department of Health
314 guidance documents relevant to this agency for the criteria specified
Documents applying to multiple boards may be listed under each board.

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
6820 Certification of Pollution Control Equipment for Tax Exemption Purposes 3/19/2020 
6961 Virginia Newborn Screening Services - Frequently Asked Questions 2/18/2021 
COM-501(Reg) Memo on New Public Participation Guidelines (PPGs) 12/15/2008 
EMS-3047B BLS Student Last Class Paperwork 9/23/2020 
EMS-3048B ALS Student Last Class Paperwork 7/17/2019 
EPI-202 Birthing Hospital Guidelines (Updated 2016) VDH Perinatal Hep B Program 12/29/2016 
EPI-203 VERIP Guide - Guide for Registry Providers to sign agreements for access to registry. 12/29/2017 
EPI-415 VDH Recommendations and Procedures for the Use of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) 12/30/2017 
EPI-606 VDH Freshwater Beach Monitoring Guidance 12/30/2016 
FAM 109 Guidelines for Care Connection for Children Network - Virginia Department of Health Pharmacy Services 5/12/2022 
FAM-501 Low-Income Safety Seat and Distribution and Education Program 1/1/2019 
FAM-600 Sickle Cell Disease Handbook 2/18/2021 
FAM-601 First Aid Guide for Child Care and School Emergencies 12/30/2016 
FAM-VCR-2020 Virginia Cancer Registry User Manual 2/4/2021 
ORH-720-N NRC Gamma Knife Guide 5/25/2016 
BOARD: State Board of Health
ADJ-004.1 COPN (Certificate of Public Need) IFFC (informal fact finding conference) Policies and Procedures * 10/30/2013 
ADJ-005 Suggested Instructions and Model Petition for Good Cause in COPN Cases * 6/3/2005 
CHS-002 Eligibility Guidance Document * 6/13/2019 
EMS-1014 Guidelines for the Expenditure of the 26% Return to Locality Share of Four-for-Life Funds 12/9/2014 
EMS-1015 EMS Surge Planning Template 10/30/2008 
EMS-1050 Virginia Office of EMS Accreditation of PSAP, Guidelines 12/15/2009 
EMS-2001 Regional Council Designation Manual 8/21/2018 
EMS-3010 Medication Kit Storage Clarification Letter 12/26/2013 
EMS-3012 EVOC Equivalents 12/13/2021 
EMS-3013 Alternative Site Application for EMS Programs in Virginia 12/18/2014 
EMS-3014 EMT Accreditation Self Study 12/18/2014 
EMS-3017 Self Study - Advanced EMT, Accreditation and Application 12/18/2014 
EMS-3019 CoAEMSP Standards and Guidelines 10/1/2020 
EMS-3021 Training Program Administration Manual 7/1/2022 
EMS-3040A ALS Coordinator Application 7/1/2019 
EMS-3042F BLS Student Permission Form 1/1/2019 
EMS-3043 Clinical Training Record 2/1/2020 
EMS-3046 Course Roster 2/22/2021 
EMS-3047A BLS Student First Class Paperwork 6/11/2020 
EMS-3048A ALS Student First Class Paperwork 7/17/2019 
EMS-3049 Scope of Practice - Formulary 3/17/2022 
EMS-3050 Scope of Practice - Procedures 3/17/2022 
EMS-6018F EMS Ground Ambulance Checklist 3/23/2017 
EMS-6019F Non Transport EMS Vehicle Checklist 2/4/2014 
EMS-6020 Oxygen Cylinder Guidance 10/5/2011 
EMS-6021F Air Ambulance Checklist 4/30/2020 
EMS-6027 Local Government Acknowledgement of Compliance with EMS Response Plan * 12/7/2017 
EMS-6028F EMS Physician Application for Endorsement 10/11/2012 
EMS-6036 Criminal History Record Verification, Challenge-Appeal Process 6/2/2014 
EMS-6038A Criminal History Record Verification, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) 3/31/2015 
EMS-7008B Trauma Center Fund Disbursement Policy 12/1/2017 
EMS-7015 Virginia Statewide Trauma Registry Reporting Requirements 12/1/2017 
EMS-7016 VPHIB EMS Admin Security Agreement 6/21/2021 
EMS-7021 Logon Requests – VPHIB/Hospital Hub/VSTR 6/21/2021 
EMS-7024 Required Submission of Prehospital Patient Care Reports by Non-transport EMS Agencies 4/17/2017 
EMS-7101F Authorized DDNR Form and Instructions * 7/23/2017 
EMS-7102 How to Purchase Durable Do Not Resuscitate Bracelets and Necklaces 10/1/2019 
EMS-8001 RSAF Grant Program - Reimbursement Instructions * 12/17/2014 
EMS-8002 E-Gift Agency Super User Guide * 8/31/2016 
EMS-8004 E-Gift Financial Officer Guide 12/18/2014 
EMS-8005 E-Gift Financial Officer User Guide - non-licensed agency 12/18/2014 
EMS-8006 E-Gift RSAF Grant Application for EMS agency 8/15/2015 
EMS-8009 E-Gift User Guider for non-EMS agency * 8/15/2015 
EMS-8010 E-GIFT OMD User Guide * 8/31/2016 
EMS-8011 E-GIFT Users Guide for Nasal Narcan * 10/31/2017 
EMS-8012 E-GIFT Financial Officer User Guide for Nasal Narcan * 12/20/2018 
EMS-8013 E-GIFT OMD User Guide for Nasal Narcan * 12/20/2018 
ENV(F)-2019-01 Certified Food Protection Manager Exemption Guidance under HB1663 (2019) * 9/19/2019 
ENV(F)-2020-01 Guidance for Outdoor Cooking Operations at Permanent Food Establishments * 11/26/2020 
ENV(GS)-2018-01 Residential-Style Rentals * 3/7/2018 
ENV(GS)-2018-02 Legal Authority Regarding Sales of Bedding and Upholstered Furniture through Consignment * 8/24/2018 
ENV(WB)-2021-1 Guidance for Cyanobacteria Bloom Recreational Advisory Management * 4/15/2021 
ENV-1990-01 Private Well Regulations Implementation Manual * 9/1/1990 
ENV-1992-01 ENV-066 Environmental Health Considerations of Sewage * 9/4/1992 
ENV-1993-01 Preliminary Approval of Discharge Systems * 3/2/1993 
ENV-1993-02 Enforcement consideration for Discharging Regulations * 4/28/1993 
ENV-1993-03 Enforcement of 10/10 Effluent Standards * 6/2/1993 
ENV-1993-04 Sampling Port Requirements * 6/7/1993 
ENV-1993-05 Construction Standards for Existing Discharging Sewage Treatment Systems * 6/22/1993 
ENV-1993-06 Permitting Sewage Disposal Systems in Utility Rights-of-Way * 6/28/1993 
ENV-1993-07 Revalidation of Permits-Expired or Unexpired * 9/10/1993 
ENV-1993-08 Estimated versus Real Water Use as it Relates to Soil Absorption Field Design * 9/21/1993 
ENV-1993-09 Guidelines for Designating Prohibited Discharge Areas * 12/21/1993 
ENV-1994-01 Discharging Sewage Treatment systems not Registered Under the VPDES General Permit Operating Without a Current Individual VPDES Permit * 5/17/1995 
ENV-1994-02 Sand Filter Systems Permitted under Individual VPDES of NPDES Permits which do not discharge * 5/17/1994 
ENV-1994-03 Sand Filter Systems Which do not Discharge Which were permitted under LHS-120 Permits or Constructed Before Permits Were Required * 5/17/1994 
ENV-1994-04 Inspecting Pump Station Electrical Controls * 6/20/1994 
ENV-1994-05 Defining Onsite Sewage Permit Construction Backlogs * 6/24/1994 
ENV-1994-06 Water Softener Regeneration Discharge into Drainfields * 8/11/1994 
ENV-1994-07 Questions from the Field on Senate Bill 415 * 10/25/1994 
ENV-1995-01 Preliminary Approval of Sewage Discharge Systems * 6/13/1995 
ENV-1995-02 Mass Drainfield Reviews * 6/29/1995 
ENV-1995-03 Spray Irrigation Sewage Systems * 7/14/1995 
ENV-1995-04 Discharging regulations implementation manual * 10/1/1995 
ENV-1996-01 ENV-013 Variance from Maintenance Contract Requirements in Discharge Regulations * 6/6/1996 
ENV-1997-01 Time limit to Appeal Certain Case Decisions * 8/26/1997 
ENV-1998-01 Completion Statement Waiver * 8/4/1998 
ENV-1999-01 Graywater Use Guidelines * 2/1/1999 
ENV-2006-01 ENV-132 BORA-CARE and Standoff to Wells * 1/31/2006 
ENV-2006-02 Tire Chip Aggregate * 8/15/2006 
ENV-2007-01 Indemnification Fund Policy * 7/26/2007 
ENV-2008-01 Implementation of House Bill 2102 7/1/2008 
ENV-2008-03 Procedure for issuing certification letters in lieu of sewage disposal system construction permits under the Sewage Handling and Disposal Regulations; validity and renewal of permits * 8/20/2008 
ENV-2008-04 Permanent Pump and Haul - General Permit * 12/17/2008 
ENV-2009-01 Engineering Plan Review Process * 1/13/2009 
ENV-2009-02 ENV-148 Betterment Loan * 7/1/2009 
ENV-2009-03 ENV-150 Borate-based Termiticides * 7/23/2009 
ENV-2010-01 Verifying licenses of persons who submit work to the Virginia Department of Health * 6/11/2010 
ENV-2011-01 Rainwater Guidelines * 3/31/2011 
ENV-2013-01 Implementation of the AOSS Regulations Nitrogen Requirements 12/12/2013 
ENV-2014-01 Disposal of spent peat media * 5/14/2014 
ENV-2015-02 Collection of Global Positioning System * 5/15/2015 
ENV-2016-01 Trench Design and Construction Requirements * 3/24/2016 
ENV-2016-02 Fee Regulations Implementing Policy * 4/22/2016 
ENV-2016-03 TL-3 Field Testing * 5/12/2016 
ENV-2017-01 Onsite Sewage Application Expectations and Requirement * 11/16/2017 
ENV-2017-02 Revisions GMP 2004-01 and GMP 2011-02 * 11/16/2017 
ENV-2017-03 Safe, Adequate, and Proper Reviews * 11/16/2017 
ENV-2017-04 Implementation ofthe Onsite Sewage Quality Assurance Program * 11/16/2017 
ENV-2018-01 Enforcement Manual for AOSS Regulations * 7/30/2018 
ENV-2018-02 Procedures Associated with Change in Definition of Maintenance * 7/30/2018 
ENV-2018-03 Implementation of HB-888; Transition of Evaluation and Design Sevices * 7/30/2018 
ENV-355 ENV-355 Boil Water Notice * 8/22/1991 
ENV-356 ENV-356 Clarification to Boil Water Notice * 11/21/1991 
ENV-363 ENV-363 Venison Donated to Charitable Food Establishments * 4/10/1992 
ENV-401 ENV-401 Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)Guidelines * 4/1/1997 
ENV-403 ENV-403 Handling Milk and Dairy Product Complaints * 7/1/1997 
ENV-408 ENV-408 Approved Water Supplies * 3/1/1998 
ENV-414 ENV-414 Members of Exempt Organizations * 3/4/2003 
ENV-418 ENV-418 Foodservice Protection - Continental Breakfasts * 5/17/2005 
ENV-420 ENV-420 Condemnation and Impoundment of Food * 12/1/2017 
ENV-421 ENV-421 Re-use of Plastic Pickle Buckets * 4/11/2006 
ENV-422 ENV-422 Establishment Fees * 11/20/2007 
ENV-424 ENV-424 Foodservice Protection - Temporary Food Establishments * 3/7/2017 
ENV-425 ENV-425 Foodservice Protection - Disposal of Used Cooking Oils * 8/17/2009 
ENV-429 ENV-429 Enforcement of Virginia Indoor Clean Air Act * 3/31/2010 
ENV-431 ENV-431 Establishment Fees * 5/25/2011 
ENV-432 ENV-432 Grade "A" Milk Plant Enforcement Policy 8/19/2011 
EPI-100 Public Safety Employees and Testing for Blood-borne Pathogens 8/7/1992 
EPI-102 Memorandum: STD / HIV Interview Periods for HIV Spousal Notification 3/30/2001 
EPI-103 Memorandum: Bloodborne Pathogen Training for School Personnel and Management of Exposure-Prone Incidents in Schools 6/27/1997 
EPI-104 Memorandum: Law Enforcement Officer and Deemed Consent 7/2/1997 
EPI-201 Minimum Immunization Requirements for Entry into Child Care and School * 3/22/2012 
EPI-201:A Supplemental Guidance for Required Vaccines * 6/9/2017 
EPI-201:B Acceptable Evidence of Varicella Immunity * 7/6/2023 
EPI-301 Virginia Disease Control Manual 6/1/2013 
EPI-302 Virginia Guidelines for Rabies Prevention and Control * 9/1/2017 
EPI-304 Guidelines for Investigating Bites and Other Exposures from Nonhuman Primates 12/8/2011 
EPI-306 Beach Monitoring Protocol 3/1/2007 
EPI-309 Communicable Disease Reference Chart for School Personnel 11/1/2011 
EPI-311 Guidelines for Infection Control in Virginia Department of Health Personnel 6/15/2008 
EPI-317 Pandemic Influenza Response Plan 4/1/2009 
EPI-318 Isolation and Quarantine Guide for Communicable Diseases of Public Health Threat 2/6/2007 
EPI-404 Virginia Tuberculosis Control Laws Guidebook 4/4/2014 
EPI-405 Virginia Tuberculosis Homeless Incentive and Prevention Program 1/31/2012 
EPI-406 TB Drug Assistance Program Procedures 12/6/2012 
EPI-407 Drug Assistance Program for Patients Needing Second Line TB Drugs 12/6/2012 
EPI-408 Tuberculosis Guidelines for Determination of Completion of Treatment * 7/2/2013 
EPI-409 Screening for TB Infection and Disease * 9/3/2013 
EPI-411 Guidelines for the Use of Isoniazid/Rifapentine for Treatment of Latent TB Infection in Health Department Settings * 10/1/2012 
EPI-412 Recommended Sample Collection Schedule for Monitoring Smear and Culture Conversion 12/30/2015 
EPI-413 Policies Regarding Treatment for Active/Suspected Tuberculosis Whose Regimen Did Not Contain a Full Course of Rifamycin 12/30/2015 
EPI-600 Advisory Guidelines for Fish with Dioxin 12/31/2012 
EPI-601 Advisory Guidelines for Fish with Kepone 10/25/2000 
EPI-602 Advisory Guidelines for Fish with Mercury 12/31/2012 
EPI-603 Advisory Guidelines for Fish with PBDEs 12/31/2012 
EPI-604 Advisory Guidelines for Fish with PCBs 12/31/2012 
EPI-605 Virginia Recreational Water Guidance for Microcystin and Microcystis Blooms Provisional Guidance 11/1/2012 
FAM 101 CSHCN Pool of Funds Guidelines 1/21/2021  Changes Being Made
FAM 102 Hospital Protocols for Newborn Hearing Screening 3/10/2018 
FAM 103 Protocols for Diagnostic Audiological Assessment for Newborn Hearing Screening 3/10/2018 
FAM 104 Virginia School Health Guidelines 5/1/1999 
FAM 105 Guidelines for Specialized Health Care Procedures 8/29/2017  Changes Being Made
FAM 110 Virginia's Newborn Hearing Screening Program, Protocols for Medical Management 3/10/2018 
FAM 112 Virginia Bleeding Disorders Program Fact Sheet 5/31/2018 
FAM 112A Virginia Bleeding Disorders Program Pool of Funds Guidelines 4/15/2021 
FAM 201 Virginia Women, Infants' and Children (WIC) Program Policy and Procedure Manual 11/1/2017 
FAM 202 Virginia Women, Infants' and Children (WIC) Program Retailer Manual 4/1/2018 
FAM 301 Guidelines for Fluoride Varnish Programs 3/31/2014 
FAM 302 Remote Supervision Dental Hygienist Agreements 3/7/2014 
FAM 401 Policy on State Funding of Certain Abortions 7/1/2020 
FAM 402 Procedures Manual for the Virginia Congenital Anomalies Reporting and Education System 9/1/2003 
FAM-112B Virginia Bleeding Disorders Program Health Insurance Case Management Guidelines 8/4/2022 
FAM104A Anaphylaxis School Setting Guidelines 12/17/2014 
GMP 2019-01 GMP 2019-01 Hardship Guidelines * 1/4/2024 
ODW-2022-01 Field Operations Manual * 3/30/2023 
ODW-2023-01 Policy on Administration of the Equitable Access to Drinking Water Fund * 3/30/2023 
ODW-2023-02 Project Review & Permit Procedures Manual * 7/6/2023 
OIM-067 CCRC Historical Filing * 12/19/2014 
OIM-071 Income Statement Reconciliation * 12/13/2011 
OIM-072 Ambulatory Surgical Hospital Historical Filing * 12/2/2014 
OIM-073 Hospital Historical Filing * 12/2/2014 
OIM-074 Nursing Home Historical Filing * 12/2/2014 
OIM-075 Psychiatric Hospital Historical Filing * 12/2/2014 
OIM-076 Rehabilitation Hospital Historical Filing * 12/2/2014 
OIM-077 Ambulatory Surgical Hospital Indicator Definitions * 12/13/2011 
OIM-078 Hospital Indicator Definitions * 12/13/2011 
OIM-079 Nursing Home Indicator Definitions * 12/13/2011 
OIM-080 Psychiatric Hospital Indicator Definitions * 12/13/2011 
OIM-081 Rehabilitation Hospital Indicator Definitions * 12/13/2011 
OIM-082 Freestanding CON Reviewable Services Historical Filing * 12/2/2014 
OLC-1005-G Disaster Exemption for Temporary Bed Increases * 1/9/2020 
OLC-3000-G Mandatory Reporting by Administrators of Home Care Organizations, Home Health Agencies, and Hospices * 4/1/2021 
OLC-3002-G Designated Support Person Implementation * 4/1/2021 
OLC-3003-G Triennial Audit Requirement for Hospices and Home Care Organizations * 6/10/2021 
ORH-700 Guidance for the Retention of X-Ray Records * 3/2/2023 
ORH-705 Policy on Bone Densitometry Equipment and Operator Licensure * 12/5/2018 
ORH-706 Guidance on Healing Arts Screening Programs * 12/5/2018 
ORH-707 Guidance on Film Processing Chemicals: Disposal or Reclamation * 4/13/2023 
ORH-708 Guidance For Inspections at Mammography Facilities * 12/5/2018 
ORH-709 Guidance For Mammography Facilities Regarding Patient Notification Requirements: Poor Quality Mammograms * 12/5/2018 
ORH-720-A Portable Gauges * 3/9/2016 
ORH-720-A1 XRF Devices * 3/9/2016 
ORH-720-B Industrial Radiography * 3/9/2016 
ORH-720-C Fixed Gauges * 3/9/2016 
ORH-720-D Self-Shielded Irradiators * 3/9/2016 
ORH-720-E Pool Irradiators * 3/9/2016 
ORH-720-F Academic, Research & Development and other Licenses of Limited Scope * 3/9/2016 
ORH-720-G Medical Licenses * 4/14/2022 
ORH-720-H Broad Scope * 3/9/2016 
ORH-720-I Radiopharmacy * 3/9/2016 
ORH-720-J Well Logging * 3/9/2016 
ORH-720-K Sealed Sources * 3/9/2016 
ORH-720-L Manufacturing and Distribution * 3/9/2016 
ORH-730 Guidance on the Disposal of X-ray Equipment * 6/22/2023 
ORH-733 Guidance on Lead Aprons used as Protective Barriers * 12/5/2018 
ORH-734 Guidance for X-ray Machine Operators * 12/5/2018  Changes Being Made
ORH-740 ORH-740 - Registration Fees, Quality Management Program * 1/19/2023 
ORH-741 Access to Regulations, Forms, Quality Management Program * 12/5/2018 
ORH-744 Radiation Safety Procedures for General Radiography RH-F-40 (01/2020) * 11/23/2023 
ORH-745 Radiation Safety Procedures for Dental Offices RH-F-41 (01/2020) * 11/23/2023 
ORH-746 Radiation Safety Procedures for Veterinary Offices RH-F-42 (01/2020) * 11/23/2023 
ORH-747 Radiation Safety Procedures for Non-Medical Devices RH-F-43 (01/2020) * 11/23/2023 
ORH-750 Radon Testing and Mitigation * 12/5/2018 
ORH-751 Radon Mitigation Discharge Vent Pipes * 12/5/2018 
ORH-752 Post Mitigation Radon Testing * 12/2/2019 
ORH-753 Citizens with Complaints Against a Radon Professional * 4/24/2019 
ORH-754 Tamper Resistance and Other Good Practices for Radon Testing * 12/5/2018 
ORH-755 Radon Test Reports and Documentation * 12/5/2018 
PRM-002 Virginia Conrad 30 Waiver Program Guidelines 12/30/2016  Changes Being Made
PRM-003 Virginia State Loan Repayment Program (VA-SLRP) Eligibility Guidelines, 2017 * 12/30/2016  Changes Being Made
PRM-004 Virginia Nursing Scholarship Program Guidelines, 2017 * 3/16/2023 
QHC-009 Criminal Records - Barrier Crimes * 11/1/2014 
QHC-011 Extended Power Outages * 10/7/2002 
QHC-012 CNA Training Waiver * 8/1/2001 
QHC-016 Notification of ombudsmen * 11/1/2002 
QHC-017 Nursing Facility Investigations of Abuse * 10/10/2006 
QHC-020 Feeding/hydration Assistants in Nursing Facilities * 10/27/2003 
QHC-021 Consumer guide to restraint usage in nursing facilities * 8/19/2004 
QHC-022 Electronic monitoring of resident rooms * 8/1/2004 
QHC-023 Receiving out of system medications * 9/9/2004 
QHC-024 About nursing home inspections * 11/15/2003 
QHC-026 Nursing facility informal dispute resolution process * 8/29/2006 
QHC-027 Frequently asked questions for nursing facilities * 7/1/2004 
QHC-028 Compliance with COPN conditions * 2/13/2004 
QHC-030 ADLs for HCOs * 10/1/2005 
QHC-031 Design and construction of health care facilities * 1/30/2011 
QHC-033 Nursing Facility Emergency Planning * 9/15/2006 
QHC-035 Home Care/Hospice Emergency Planning * 9/6/2006 
QHC-038 COPN Electronic Submission * 11/20/2006 
QHC-040 Sex offender advisory * 4/1/2009 
QHC-041 Restraint usage in nursing facilities * 12/20/2007 
QHC-043 Extended Care Facility Response Guideline * 1/24/2008 
QHC-045 Scope and Severity matrix and Definitions for Nursing Facilities * 12/1/2007 
QHC-046 Accreditation Option for Medicare Payments for Home Care Organizations * 12/30/2007 
QHC-047 Exemptions from Home Care Licensing * 12/3/2010 
QHC-050 Using the Hospice Designation * 11/9/2009 
QHC-051 Hospice Advisory regarding Medical Direction * 8/1/2010 
QHC-053 Peer Utilization Reviews on Reconsideration of Adverse Action * 9/1/2010 
QHC-054 Home Care Initial Licensure Checklist * 8/1/2010 
QHC-055 Nursing Facility Emergency Planning Resources * 11/1/2007 
QHC-056 Hospice Initial Licensure Checklist * 8/1/2010 
QHC-057 Nursing Facility Bed Hold * 12/12/2011 
QHC-060 Child ID Blood Spot - Hospitals * 6/3/2013 
QHC-061 Child ID Blood Spot - Parents * 10/26/2012 
QHC-064 Resident Transfer or discharge * 12/3/2012 
QHC-065 Generator Testing in Nursing Facilities * 12/13/2012 
QHC-069 Impact of Criminal Convictions on Nursing Licensure or Certification and Employment in Virginia * 12/10/2015 
QHC-070 Multiple Location License * 12/10/2015 
QHC-071 Hospice FAQs * 12/10/2015 
QHC-083 Adverse Events - Guidelines for Non-Long Term Care Healthcare Facilities * 2/20/2020 
WTR-128 (SF) WTR-128 (SF) Detention/Destruction of Product/Samples 8/11/1988 
WTR-136 (SF) WTR-136 (SF) Application for Shellfish /Crustacea Plant Process Schematic * 12/22/1988 
WTR-137 (SF) WTR-137 (SF) Compliance with Uniform Statewide Building Code * 1/17/1989 
WTR-2019-01 (W) Source Water Manual * 10/31/2019 
WTR-2019-02 (W) Office of Drinking Water Guidance on Main Break Types and Responses * 10/31/2019 
WTR-2020-02 (W) Enforcement Manual * 11/26/2020  Changes Being Made
WTR-2021-01(SF) Policy for Virginia’s Public Health Shellfish Program * 3/18/2021 
WTR-217 (SF) WTR-217 (SF) Approval Process for an Existing Well * 1/27/1993 
WTR-218 (SF) WTR-218 (SF) Sewage Discharge Buffer Calculations for Single Family Facilities and Graywater Discharges * 1/27/1993 
WTR-244 (SF) WTR-244 (SF) Marine Biotoxins * 11/12/1993 
WTR-265 (SF) WTR-265 (SF) Shoreline Survey Preparation and Procedure * 11/7/1996 
WTR-275 (SF) WTR-275 (SF) Wet Storage Permits * 12/20/2018 
WTR-276 (SF) WTR-276 (SF) Intermediate Processing Plan * 12/22/1997 
WTR-278 (SF) WTR-278 (SF) Hard Clams as Bait * 7/7/1998 
WTR-282 (SF) WTR-282 (SF) Classification Guidelines * 8/20/1998 
WTR-287 (SF) WTR-287 (SF) Inspections at Campgrounds and Trailer Parks * 6/16/2000 
WTR-300 (SF) WTR-300 (SF) Adoption of the HACCP Rule as Policy * 4/18/2001 
WTR-307 (SF) WTR-307 (SF) Pesticide and Heavy Metal Sampling in Shellstock * 9/10/2002 
WTR-316 (SF) WTR-316 (SF) Relay Purging Standard 7/7/2005 
WTR-328 (SF) WTR-328 (SF) Parameters for Developing Shellfish Buffer Zones 12/5/2007 
WTR-330 (SF) Plant policy, Issuance of certification numbers * 12/11/2008 
WTR-331 (SF) Certification Periods and Cancellation/Deactivation/Reactivation Form * 2/20/2009 
WTR-336 (SF) Contingency Plan for Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contamination of Shellfish * 11/29/2010 
WTR-340 (SF) Shellfish harvest restrictions in Virginia from May 1 – September 30 * 5/19/2011 
WTR-341 (SF) Relay Period May through September * 6/4/2012 
WTR-343 (SF) Shellstock Oyster Ice-slurry Method * 6/19/2012 
WTR-344 (SF) Restricted-Use Shellstock Oysters: Vibrio Concerns * 6/18/2012 
WTR-345 (SF) Shellstock Shipper Certificates of Inspection * 10/3/2012 
WTR-346 (SF) Virginia’s Vibrio Control Plan * 4/29/2021 
WTR-348 (SF) Plants – Cooler Process Study * 4/11/2013 
WTR-350 (SF) Policy for Virginia's Public Health Shellfish Program * 10/24/2014 
WTR-813(W) Well Development * 3/24/2017 
WTR-839(W) UV Disinfection Systems for Public Water Supplies * 6/10/2013 
WTR-880(W) Treatment - Hollow Fiber, Positive Pressure Driven Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration and Ultrafiltration Membrane Filtration Technology * 9/14/2012 
WTR-898(W) Compliance Sampling and Reporting Guidance Manual * 9/29/2017 
WTR-899(W) Ozone Treatment & Disinfection Credit * 11/18/2010 
WTR-910(W) Surveillance & Regulations – Ground Water Rule Implementation Procedures * 10/14/2015 
WTR-917(W) Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) Implementation Procedures * 12/5/2017 

* Document applies to one or more specific chapters and not to the board as a whole