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2/22/12  10:44 am
Commenter: Eric, Small Business Owner

review of VAC citation
As a small buisness owner I think it is important that this be retained in its current form.
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3/22/12  6:38 am
Commenter: John

Rules and Regulations

In accordance with its authority under AS 04.11.295 the board will require all applicants for renewal of their liquor licenses as appropriate to provide fingerprints. The board will submit the fingerprints to the Department of Public Safety to obtain a report of criminal justice information under AS 12.62 and a national criminal history records check. Any comments or questions regarding this requirement should be directed to the main office of the ABC Board.

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3/23/12  6:09 pm
Commenter: Patricia Ballard

possible changes for places which serve alcoholic beverages

Have you all lost your minds in considering letting women go topless where alcohol is served.  The

morals in this country are bad enough without making it worse.

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3/23/12  7:09 pm
Commenter: Linda Akers

Virginia's alcohol rules

Please stop this dead in its tracks. We don't want more hours for the bars to sell alcohol! Alcohol detroyes lifes and homes. We don't need to have toppless girls in bars. Would you like if your daughters or granddaughters did this. I know I would not want this ! What has happen to morals .Please say  NO to this!

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3/23/12  7:58 pm
Commenter: Danielle

Where did our morals go??

Alcohol is destroying people's lives. It has destroyed families, killed innocent people, and isinvolved in most of the crimes committed. Why would we need longer happy hours, pitchers of liquor, and topless women in a bar with a bunch of drunks? Have you seen what a large amount of alcohol consumption does to people?? Do we really think this is the best thing for our community? This is what we have resorted to as a means of making more money? Open your eyes people!

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3/23/12  10:13 pm
Commenter: Jennifer

Alcohol and tatas

You have got to be joking....We have enough have dressesd females running around now your gonna give them alcohol while half naked? Have you taken into consideration how many is going to want to bitch and complain to there significate other that either someone looked or touched them wrong? Then here we go with a fight or god forbid another killing over some tatas. Unless this is the goverments way of getting more tax dollars for court costs, lawyers or restitution for some bs trumped up charges you have got to let this go. You cant even walk down the street anymore and smoke but you can serve a pitcher of liquor until 2 am let a bunch of half dressed idiots get behind the wheel of a car then wanna cry when they get kidnapped, rapped or kill thereselves or someone else driving home. And just to think we are the ones voting these bunch of idiots into office that comes up with these ideas. The only logical idea is that the dumba@&% who came up with this was at a bar drinking and attempting to think, just remember those two things don't mix. And by the way its not just the women with there shirts off its the ones who don't know when to stop and for the money the bars keep serving. Has the idiots that thought this up thought about the big picture what happens after the last 2am call? WAKE UP MORONS

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3/23/12  11:47 pm
Commenter: Angela C

Where's the Wisdom?

Visit Virginia where the alcohol is increased, the happy hours last longer, and naked women are encouraged!  I drink socially at bars.  I have children over 21 who do as well.  My father was killed by a drunk driver.  I do volunteer work for non-profits who fight against gender degradation.  (Yes, I know the naked ladies don't think it is, but it is).  And I am so very disappointed in people who would suggest these negative changes, and God forbid, approve them!  People, let's use some wisdom here.  What next, orgies in the streets?  

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3/23/12  11:55 pm
Commenter: Gerry

join the 21st century

It has long seemed to me that Virginia's ABC laws are generally more restrictive than other states I've visited.  I view this as an economic development issue.  Many people enjoy a vibrant night life and are more likely to choose to live in a community with a lively entertainment scene.  Like it or not, the availability of alcohol plays a vital role in that. 

It is already the law that bartenders may not serve intoxicated customers, and that shouldn't change.  Circumstances peripheral to that central issue should be of little consideration in the ABC regulations.  Exotic dancing, advertising happy hour, extending happy hours, and expanding the manner in which alcohol may be served--none of that impacts a customer's danger to self or long as bartenders and proprietors adhere to the current law of not serving intoxicated customers. 

Virginia is no longer a sleepy southern state.  It is a top-tier state in every important measure.  In population, income, diversity, and, as has been true for generations, in higher education, we are, I think, in the top ten among the fifty states.  The much-desired "ceative class" of people seek out this diversity and sophistication, and they are not impressed by ABC laws that focus on issues of morality rather than choice and opportunity. 

In addition, I think that, using the same reasoning as cited above, it is time that Virginia ABC eliminate the distinctions between sales of beer and sales of alcohol in licensed establishments.  Let's join the 21st century!

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3/24/12  12:55 am
Commenter: Susan


It just may be the 21st century and yadda yadda yadda....but, this new "law" that is being considered is  outrageous  Where is the moarality in this....topless women where alcohol is served...there are enough problems in marriages now.....why add to that?   And just because a bartender is NOT supposed to serve someone who is already drunk, doesn't  mean that they won't.  I know...I go to bars occasionally...with a DD...mind you....and have been served and seen people being served that probably shouldn't be served....That means NOTHING!  What the hell is wrong with Virginia?  Aren't there better, more productive things that Virginia could vote into law?   Really! 

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3/24/12  1:05 am
Commenter: Kassi

Changes to Regulations

Watching the local news tonight, I don't believe that the suggestions I heard as changes to the regulations are "good" ones. I am a 21 year old female who, honestly, loves to go out and have a good time, and can see the hazards of serving liquor by the pitcher and allowing women to be topless. I personally believe that the incidence of rapes, fights, and overal drama would be a few of the results from women being allowed to go topless in bars. I don't believe something like that should be a public thing - behavior like that should be kept to "strip clubs". Decisions like this cause will cause many people to stay at home and/or find other ways and places to celebrate, potentially causing many bars to actually lose business. As for extending hours of serving alcohol and serving liquor by the pitcher - I believe incidence of alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents, and alcohol-related accidents in general, would be the result of this. Maybe some changes to advertising policies could be made, but it isn't like bars are hurting - there are always people celebrating milestones and the weekends...and, unfortunately, there are always alcoholics who get their fill and survive their lives one bar trip at a time. Most people that I know who go to bars, regulary or irregularly, feel the same as I do - I feel as though some of these suggestions would actually hurt the business of bars, as the community I live in and those around it have morals and strong religious roots. Bars need to be kept a fun, safe environment for ALL who enjoy the scene and, frankly, some of these suggestions create hazards to the public and those operating/working in the local bars.

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3/24/12  1:59 am
Commenter: Robin

Please do not do this

I actually feel sad now, after having read this. I have watched my son and his friends drink to the point that they would have died had I not been there to turn them onto their stomachs when they vomited in their sleep after a night out in a bar. And adding topless women to a drunken bar will only add more pain in our world. Our men already have enough struggles to face regarding sex and to add topless women to what they already have to deal with is tragic.  Our young women need to respect themselves; encouraging them to go topless in front of drunk men is reprehensible. I enjoy meeting friends for good food and a few drinks at bars but I will never go to a bar again if this law passes.  I will also do all I can to rid Virginia of every lawmaker who has anything to do with this idea unless it is to squelch it. Just the fact that this idea has made it onto a webpage is upsetting to me. I have always been proud to be a native Virginian -- please do not take that away from me and make me ashamed of our great Commonwealth.

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3/24/12  5:34 am
Commenter: Rhonda Cox

Unnecessary Changes

I personally dont believe any changes in to occur.  the currect cut off time is suffucient! There is enough vehicular accidents that occur now so the extension could create more accidents, in additional more alcohol dependendacy.  Any nudity come on Virginia we dont need that either, lets remember what our founding forfathers set and stick with it!!!!

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3/24/12  8:50 am
Commenter: Mary

Where is the class?

Increasing the hours of Happy Hour should be a business decision with the bar owner assuming the responsibility, although I think our current hours and alcohol polices are just fine. Allowing topless women who either don't know any better or feel as though that is the only job they can get, only degrades Virginia (and women) as a class act.  Why would the state work on this regulation than improve education or literacy is beyond me, I know different agency!  I do not agree that this proposal brings us into the 21st century, rather it throws us backward, the 'sophisticated public' DO NOT drink until late in the night ogling at half naked girls. Where is the 'Class' people, do not pass this regulation, it smacks of lobbyism from someone who wants to open a strip joint, and who wants that next door? and besides why would we want to be like Las Vegas anyway? Virginia has charm for different reasons. I also don't think this regulation will increase tourism either, those who want to drink after hours do so in their rooms, and off the roads!

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3/24/12  10:06 am
Commenter: lori, proud virginian

no changes please, abc rules should remain as is.
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3/24/12  11:40 am
Commenter: AP

This isn't Las Vegas

I am horrified that this is even being considered!  Va. just changed the law to allow people to buy as many guns as they want.  I guess drunks in cars will be the next "bullet."  And topless women?  That makes me laugh....All I can say is that Virginia has lost it's dignity.

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3/24/12  11:51 am
Commenter: Carrie, Virginian

Don't make the changes

Staying open later & being allowed to serve more alcohol doesn't seem like a good plan - this is extremely likely to increase DUI issues. Virginia doesn't need to have more intoxicated people roaming our streets and roads!

Have you thought of our construction workers pulling the nightshift along our roadsides? Where these drunks must drive by to get home? What about all the other people on the road?

And what's this about women going topless?! We're not in Las Vegas! Public indecency isn't appropriate, even inside a bar. Every man who walks into a bar doesn't necessarily want to see a half-naked woman. This is disgraceful!

We don't need drunk people hanging out at bars with topless women! And this is going to happen if Virginia changes it's current laws as is being proposed. Think of the impact this will have on the community & crime rates - DUI, general intoxicated people roaming, alcohol-fueled crimes, and quite likely increased rapes. Drunks + topless women = no good!

Where are your morals, Virginia?!

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3/24/12  1:27 pm
Commenter: Darlene O.

I ask why in view of the death toll/violence due to alcohol?

I'm one of the many family members who have lost a member due to a drunk driver.  My cousin, who was killed, was so mutilated that the only recognizable thing was her unique watch.  Sure, most likely, the drunk driver comes out with minor or no injuries while a family has lost someone that time will never come back.  That drunk can still walk into a bar and have another drink, maybe so they can kill another person. 

I think there should be less time for "Happy Hour" versus more.  Back in the day (I'm telling my age) Happy Hour used to be 4-6 p.m.  Why go to 2 a.m.?  The drunk will also be so out of it by an earlier time that a 2 a.m. change won't make any difference.  One in this area need only to think of the man and woman who met at a bar for a drink, left separately and one of the drivers hit and killed a VDOT employee.  The man and woman aren't so "happy" now due to jail time and fines.

Now, ask our police departments and shelters about the abused people and children due to an abusive drunk.  Take a look at some of the pictures of the abused.

Alcohol is a no win for all.  I have lost a cousin due to cirrhosis of the liver.  Alcohol can't bring him back either.

I'm not so naive to think that banning alcohol will take away these problems.  One needs only to look back to the period of Prohibition.  What would eventually cure the majority of the negatives would to be have local churches step in and take the lead in helping rehabilitation of those who choose to drink.  There are many successful programs out there not to mention permanent lifestyle changes.

Please no changes in the "Happy Hour" guidelines.  Too many people are and will be hurt.

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3/24/12  5:05 pm
Commenter: James. Individual

Proposed changes for alcohol rules

The changes mentioned in this article sound as if they are a joke,but not funny at all. Who proposes such nonsense and what is driving this change?  Surely this is not more nonsense comming from our legislators in Richmond? Any proposal such as this should be voted on in a referendum . I do not believe it would ever pass in Virgin





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3/24/12  7:47 pm
Commenter: Tracey


I cant believe this would even be a thought! Topless in a public bar? Are you kidding me?! What are we teaching our children? Our daughters that one day will become mothers. If this is passed it will only cause trouble not help matters. A women that dosent know any better than to flaunt herself around in a bar topless then get mad cause some freek want leave her alone. As she leaves the bar he grabs her rapes her and maybe even kill her then it's on the states hand to justify to her family that there decision wasnt a good one after all. Come on virginia! What are you thinking????

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3/24/12  8:49 pm
Commenter: J Carter

Legal Age to purchase alcohol

Alcohol abuse is something that needs to be discussed. Allowing later sells of alcoholic beverages in nightclubs and convenient stores will only make driving conditions more hazardous since there will be more intoxicated drivers on the streets. There are people that work different shifts and some that travel all hours of the night--and allowing merchants to sell more alcohol at later times will continue to put more people's lives at risk.

Also, changing the age to 23, is not a bad idea either. I remember when I was at age that I could purchase alcohol and participate in nightclub events. Taking account of how much I drank was the least of my worries (except that I wanted to drink as much as everyone else). All I cared about was whether or not I was drunk yet! That is the mentality that most 21 year old's have. Being responsible isn't one's top priority at that age most of the time. Adding a couple of years on the legal age would give those who do choose to drink a little more time to grow up and gain some wisdom. 

This is just a thought. Thank you for taking the time and consideration on this matter.


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3/29/12  11:51 am
Commenter: Linda C. Hancock, Virginia College Alcohol Leadership Council & Others

Comment with evidence based rationale for ABC regulations to reduce harm and cost to society

Numerous organizations from across Virginia that include professionals and concerned citizens in prevention, education, treatment and recovery have prepared extensive comments with 25 research references to submit for this periodic review. Because the comment exceeds this online townhall word limit it will be sent with a cover letter and list of contacts directly to the ABC. 

As Virginians all of those who worked on drafting the submitted comment want to support the VA ABC in retaining and shaping regulations that will most effectively reduce harm and cost to Virginia related to excess alcohol consumption and underage drinking.

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3/30/12  5:52 am
Commenter: Wayne Frith, SAFE Inc

Maintain Virginia's status as a

I serve as Executive Director of SAFE Inc, a broad based coalition in Chesterfield County that collaborates with government and school leaders and the faith community as well as citizens, both adult and youth, to reduce and prevent underage drinking and excessive alcohol consumption. We have seen major gains in our community, and we depend heavily upon the regulations of the Virginia Department of Alcohol Beverage Control to implement effective strategies.

I endorse the comment submitted by the Virginia College Alcohol Leadership Council. As a member of a national alcohol policy advisory alliance, I attest to the fact that Virginia is highly regarded as a "best practice" state when it comes to public policy related to alcohol. Let's continue to offer leadership in that arena.

I also ask that Happy Hour be eliminated in Virginia. From various studies, we know that DUI's  and intoxication increase due to Happy Hour specials. Other nations and states are moving in this direction due to the undeniable harm resulting from the inducement to binge drink during Happy Hour. Let's learn from the history of others rather than repeating it.

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3/30/12  2:47 pm
Commenter: Sue Parr; Bragg Hill Community Coalition/Community Coalitions of Virginia

Current regulations should remain in place-plus some!
As director of the Bragg Hill Community Coalition, representing 4 counties and the City of Fredericksburg, I would like to submit the following comments on behalf of the coalition membership:
1. None of the VA ABC regulations should be "loosened " in any way. The current regulations should remain in place.
2. Happy Hour advertsing should not be allowed in any form.
3. Discount coupons for alcohol should not be allowed.

4. Mixed drinks should not be sold by the pitcher.

In addition to that, the coalition membership supports:

1. All alcohol seller/servers should be required to attend a mandatory training such as TIPS.

2. There should be a "standard pour" measure to ensure the amount of alcohol in the drink does not exceed specified amount so individuals know how much alcohol they are consuming.

3. Placing serving alcohol should not be allowed to sell energy drinks also-this avoids ability to create alcohol energy drinks banned by FDA as dangerous.

4. "Supersized" malt liquor drinks (especially fruit flavored) should not be sold in single serving containers as it basically promotes binge drinking in a can!

5. Though we know that VA ABC Board does not control state law, for the record, the coalition would like to state their support for dram shop & social hosting laws in VA.

Bragg Hill Community Coalition also supports the document submitted by the VA College Alcohol Leadership Council for public comment.

Sue Parr


Community Coalitions of Virginia (CCoVA)

Project Director

Bragg Hill Community Coalition




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3/30/12  2:53 pm
Commenter: Sue : VA Resident


I understand that the alcohol industry might wish to have female patrons be able to expose their breasts more in public-but I don't think the majority of the adult population of VA would support that proposal. Do they seriously think we will find that acceptable?!

Sue Parr


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