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3/24/12  11:51 am
Commenter: Carrie, Virginian

Don't make the changes

Staying open later & being allowed to serve more alcohol doesn't seem like a good plan - this is extremely likely to increase DUI issues. Virginia doesn't need to have more intoxicated people roaming our streets and roads!

Have you thought of our construction workers pulling the nightshift along our roadsides? Where these drunks must drive by to get home? What about all the other people on the road?

And what's this about women going topless?! We're not in Las Vegas! Public indecency isn't appropriate, even inside a bar. Every man who walks into a bar doesn't necessarily want to see a half-naked woman. This is disgraceful!

We don't need drunk people hanging out at bars with topless women! And this is going to happen if Virginia changes it's current laws as is being proposed. Think of the impact this will have on the community & crime rates - DUI, general intoxicated people roaming, alcohol-fueled crimes, and quite likely increased rapes. Drunks + topless women = no good!

Where are your morals, Virginia?!

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