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3/24/12  8:50 am
Commenter: Mary

Where is the class?

Increasing the hours of Happy Hour should be a business decision with the bar owner assuming the responsibility, although I think our current hours and alcohol polices are just fine. Allowing topless women who either don't know any better or feel as though that is the only job they can get, only degrades Virginia (and women) as a class act.  Why would the state work on this regulation than improve education or literacy is beyond me, I know different agency!  I do not agree that this proposal brings us into the 21st century, rather it throws us backward, the 'sophisticated public' DO NOT drink until late in the night ogling at half naked girls. Where is the 'Class' people, do not pass this regulation, it smacks of lobbyism from someone who wants to open a strip joint, and who wants that next door? and besides why would we want to be like Las Vegas anyway? Virginia has charm for different reasons. I also don't think this regulation will increase tourism either, those who want to drink after hours do so in their rooms, and off the roads!

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