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3/23/12  10:13 pm
Commenter: Jennifer

Alcohol and tatas

You have got to be joking....We have enough have dressesd females running around now your gonna give them alcohol while half naked? Have you taken into consideration how many is going to want to bitch and complain to there significate other that either someone looked or touched them wrong? Then here we go with a fight or god forbid another killing over some tatas. Unless this is the goverments way of getting more tax dollars for court costs, lawyers or restitution for some bs trumped up charges you have got to let this go. You cant even walk down the street anymore and smoke but you can serve a pitcher of liquor until 2 am let a bunch of half dressed idiots get behind the wheel of a car then wanna cry when they get kidnapped, rapped or kill thereselves or someone else driving home. And just to think we are the ones voting these bunch of idiots into office that comes up with these ideas. The only logical idea is that the dumba@&% who came up with this was at a bar drinking and attempting to think, just remember those two things don't mix. And by the way its not just the women with there shirts off its the ones who don't know when to stop and for the money the bars keep serving. Has the idiots that thought this up thought about the big picture what happens after the last 2am call? WAKE UP MORONS

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