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3/24/12  8:49 pm
Commenter: J Carter

Legal Age to purchase alcohol

Alcohol abuse is something that needs to be discussed. Allowing later sells of alcoholic beverages in nightclubs and convenient stores will only make driving conditions more hazardous since there will be more intoxicated drivers on the streets. There are people that work different shifts and some that travel all hours of the night--and allowing merchants to sell more alcohol at later times will continue to put more people's lives at risk.

Also, changing the age to 23, is not a bad idea either. I remember when I was at age that I could purchase alcohol and participate in nightclub events. Taking account of how much I drank was the least of my worries (except that I wanted to drink as much as everyone else). All I cared about was whether or not I was drunk yet! That is the mentality that most 21 year old's have. Being responsible isn't one's top priority at that age most of the time. Adding a couple of years on the legal age would give those who do choose to drink a little more time to grow up and gain some wisdom. 

This is just a thought. Thank you for taking the time and consideration on this matter.


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