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3/24/12  1:27 pm
Commenter: Darlene O.

I ask why in view of the death toll/violence due to alcohol?

I'm one of the many family members who have lost a member due to a drunk driver.  My cousin, who was killed, was so mutilated that the only recognizable thing was her unique watch.  Sure, most likely, the drunk driver comes out with minor or no injuries while a family has lost someone that time will never come back.  That drunk can still walk into a bar and have another drink, maybe so they can kill another person. 

I think there should be less time for "Happy Hour" versus more.  Back in the day (I'm telling my age) Happy Hour used to be 4-6 p.m.  Why go to 2 a.m.?  The drunk will also be so out of it by an earlier time that a 2 a.m. change won't make any difference.  One in this area need only to think of the man and woman who met at a bar for a drink, left separately and one of the drivers hit and killed a VDOT employee.  The man and woman aren't so "happy" now due to jail time and fines.

Now, ask our police departments and shelters about the abused people and children due to an abusive drunk.  Take a look at some of the pictures of the abused.

Alcohol is a no win for all.  I have lost a cousin due to cirrhosis of the liver.  Alcohol can't bring him back either.

I'm not so naive to think that banning alcohol will take away these problems.  One needs only to look back to the period of Prohibition.  What would eventually cure the majority of the negatives would to be have local churches step in and take the lead in helping rehabilitation of those who choose to drink.  There are many successful programs out there not to mention permanent lifestyle changes.

Please no changes in the "Happy Hour" guidelines.  Too many people are and will be hurt.

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