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Virginia Department of Health
State Board of Health
Regulations Governing the Newborn Screening and Treatment Program [12 VAC 5 ‑ 70]    (Repealed)
96 guidance documents relevant to this chapter for the criteria specified

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
6820 Certification of Pollution Control Equipment for Tax Exemption Purposes 3/19/2020 
6961 Virginia Newborn Screening Services - Frequently Asked Questions 2/18/2021 
COM-501(Reg) Memo on New Public Participation Guidelines (PPGs) 12/15/2008 
EMS-3047B BLS Student Last Class Paperwork 9/23/2020 
EMS-3048B ALS Student Last Class Paperwork 7/17/2019 
EPI-202 Birthing Hospital Guidelines (Updated 2016) VDH Perinatal Hep B Program 12/29/2016 
EPI-203 VERIP Guide - Guide for Registry Providers to sign agreements for access to registry. 12/29/2017 
EPI-415 VDH Recommendations and Procedures for the Use of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) 12/30/2017 
EPI-606 VDH Freshwater Beach Monitoring Guidance 12/30/2016 
FAM 109 Guidelines for Care Connection for Children Network - Virginia Department of Health Pharmacy Services 5/12/2022 
FAM-501 Low-Income Safety Seat and Distribution and Education Program 1/1/2019 
FAM-600 Sickle Cell Disease Handbook 2/18/2021 
FAM-601 First Aid Guide for Child Care and School Emergencies 12/30/2016 
FAM-VCR-2020 Virginia Cancer Registry User Manual 2/4/2021 
ORH-720-N NRC Gamma Knife Guide 5/25/2016 
BOARD: State Board of Health
EMS-1014 Guidelines for the Expenditure of the 26% Return to Locality Share of Four-for-Life Funds 12/9/2014 
EMS-1015 EMS Surge Planning Template 10/30/2008 
EMS-1050 Virginia Office of EMS Accreditation of PSAP, Guidelines 12/15/2009 
EMS-2001 Regional Council Designation Manual 8/21/2018 
EMS-3010 Medication Kit Storage Clarification Letter 12/26/2013 
EMS-3012 EVOC Equivalents 12/13/2021 
EMS-3013 Alternative Site Application for EMS Programs in Virginia 12/18/2014 
EMS-3014 EMT Accreditation Self Study 12/18/2014 
EMS-3017 Self Study - Advanced EMT, Accreditation and Application 12/18/2014 
EMS-3019 CoAEMSP Standards and Guidelines 10/1/2020 
EMS-3021 Training Program Administration Manual 7/1/2022 
EMS-3040A ALS Coordinator Application 7/1/2019 
EMS-3042F BLS Student Permission Form 1/1/2019 
EMS-3043 Clinical Training Record 2/1/2020 
EMS-3046 Course Roster 2/22/2021 
EMS-3047A BLS Student First Class Paperwork 6/11/2020 
EMS-3048A ALS Student First Class Paperwork 7/17/2019 
EMS-3049 Scope of Practice - Formulary 3/17/2022 
EMS-3050 Scope of Practice - Procedures 3/17/2022 
EMS-6018F EMS Ground Ambulance Checklist 3/23/2017 
EMS-6019F Non Transport EMS Vehicle Checklist 2/4/2014 
EMS-6020 Oxygen Cylinder Guidance 10/5/2011 
EMS-6021F Air Ambulance Checklist 4/30/2020 
EMS-6028F EMS Physician Application for Endorsement 10/11/2012 
EMS-6036 Criminal History Record Verification, Challenge-Appeal Process 6/2/2014 
EMS-6038A Criminal History Record Verification, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) 3/31/2015 
EMS-7008B Trauma Center Fund Disbursement Policy 12/1/2017 
EMS-7015 Virginia Statewide Trauma Registry Reporting Requirements 12/1/2017 
EMS-7016 VPHIB EMS Admin Security Agreement 6/21/2021 
EMS-7021 Logon Requests – VPHIB/Hospital Hub/VSTR 6/21/2021 
EMS-7024 Required Submission of Prehospital Patient Care Reports by Non-transport EMS Agencies 4/17/2017 
EMS-7102 How to Purchase Durable Do Not Resuscitate Bracelets and Necklaces 10/1/2019 
EMS-8004 E-Gift Financial Officer Guide 12/18/2014 
EMS-8005 E-Gift Financial Officer User Guide - non-licensed agency 12/18/2014 
EMS-8006 E-Gift RSAF Grant Application for EMS agency 8/15/2015 
ENV-2008-01 Implementation of House Bill 2102 7/1/2008 
ENV-2013-01 Implementation of the AOSS Regulations Nitrogen Requirements 12/12/2013 
ENV-432 ENV-432 Grade "A" Milk Plant Enforcement Policy 8/19/2011 
EPI-100 Public Safety Employees and Testing for Blood-borne Pathogens 8/7/1992 
EPI-102 Memorandum: STD / HIV Interview Periods for HIV Spousal Notification 3/30/2001 
EPI-103 Memorandum: Bloodborne Pathogen Training for School Personnel and Management of Exposure-Prone Incidents in Schools 6/27/1997 
EPI-104 Memorandum: Law Enforcement Officer and Deemed Consent 7/2/1997 
EPI-301 Virginia Disease Control Manual 6/1/2013 
EPI-304 Guidelines for Investigating Bites and Other Exposures from Nonhuman Primates 12/8/2011 
EPI-306 Beach Monitoring Protocol 3/1/2007 
EPI-309 Communicable Disease Reference Chart for School Personnel 11/1/2011 
EPI-311 Guidelines for Infection Control in Virginia Department of Health Personnel 6/15/2008 
EPI-317 Pandemic Influenza Response Plan 4/1/2009 
EPI-318 Isolation and Quarantine Guide for Communicable Diseases of Public Health Threat 2/6/2007 
EPI-404 Virginia Tuberculosis Control Laws Guidebook 4/4/2014 
EPI-405 Virginia Tuberculosis Homeless Incentive and Prevention Program 1/31/2012 
EPI-406 TB Drug Assistance Program Procedures 12/6/2012 
EPI-407 Drug Assistance Program for Patients Needing Second Line TB Drugs 12/6/2012 
EPI-412 Recommended Sample Collection Schedule for Monitoring Smear and Culture Conversion 12/30/2015 
EPI-413 Policies Regarding Treatment for Active/Suspected Tuberculosis Whose Regimen Did Not Contain a Full Course of Rifamycin 12/30/2015 
EPI-600 Advisory Guidelines for Fish with Dioxin 12/31/2012 
EPI-601 Advisory Guidelines for Fish with Kepone 10/25/2000 
EPI-602 Advisory Guidelines for Fish with Mercury 12/31/2012 
EPI-603 Advisory Guidelines for Fish with PBDEs 12/31/2012 
EPI-604 Advisory Guidelines for Fish with PCBs 12/31/2012 
EPI-605 Virginia Recreational Water Guidance for Microcystin and Microcystis Blooms Provisional Guidance 11/1/2012 
FAM 101 CSHCN Pool of Funds Guidelines 1/21/2021  Changes Being Made
FAM 102 Hospital Protocols for Newborn Hearing Screening 3/10/2018 
FAM 103 Protocols for Diagnostic Audiological Assessment for Newborn Hearing Screening 3/10/2018 
FAM 104 Virginia School Health Guidelines 5/1/1999 
FAM 105 Guidelines for Specialized Health Care Procedures 8/29/2017  Changes Being Made
FAM 110 Virginia's Newborn Hearing Screening Program, Protocols for Medical Management 3/10/2018 
FAM 112 Virginia Bleeding Disorders Program Fact Sheet 5/31/2018 
FAM 112A Virginia Bleeding Disorders Program Pool of Funds Guidelines 4/15/2021 
FAM 201 Virginia Women, Infants' and Children (WIC) Program Policy and Procedure Manual 11/1/2017 
FAM 202 Virginia Women, Infants' and Children (WIC) Program Retailer Manual 4/1/2018 
FAM 301 Guidelines for Fluoride Varnish Programs 3/31/2014 
FAM 302 Remote Supervision Dental Hygienist Agreements 3/7/2014 
FAM 401 Policy on State Funding of Certain Abortions 7/1/2020 
FAM 402 Procedures Manual for the Virginia Congenital Anomalies Reporting and Education System 9/1/2003 
FAM-112B Virginia Bleeding Disorders Program Health Insurance Case Management Guidelines 8/4/2022 
FAM104A Anaphylaxis School Setting Guidelines 12/17/2014 
PRM-002 Virginia Conrad 30 Waiver Program Guidelines 12/30/2016  Changes Being Made
WTR-128 (SF) WTR-128 (SF) Detention/Destruction of Product/Samples 8/11/1988 
WTR-316 (SF) WTR-316 (SF) Relay Purging Standard 7/7/2005 
WTR-328 (SF) WTR-328 (SF) Parameters for Developing Shellfish Buffer Zones 12/5/2007 

Documents listed are for the parent board or agency since they may be relevant to this chapter. No guidance documents apply to this chapter specifically.