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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Requirements for doctor/patient relationship and use of digital scans

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CLOSED     Opened on 6/24/2019 and Ended on 7/23/2019

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 Comment Title  Commenter
Strongly Support this Petition Harlan Hendricks, DDS  7/23/19  11:48 pm
Oppose petition for regulation Doug Gray, Virginia Association of Health Plans  7/23/19  5:10 pm
Digital Oral Scanning Joseph J Siragusa DDS, Joe Siragusa DDS PC  7/23/19  3:55 pm
I strongly agree on all portions Eric R. Shell, DDS, MS  7/23/19  3:48 pm
Strongly agree Dr. Damdy C. Richards  7/23/19  12:11 pm
Strongly Agree Dr. Rodney Kryzhanovskiy  7/23/19  12:07 pm
Requirements for doctor/patient relationship and use of digital scans. Christine Stang, Stang Family Orthodontics  7/23/19  10:43 am
Digital Scans in Dentistry Britt Visser  7/23/19  10:35 am
Agree Kevin Toms, DDS  7/23/19  10:09 am
Agree strongly. Dr. Emily Dimitroff, DDS  7/23/19  6:38 am
Digital Scan requirements Denis Britto  7/22/19  11:06 pm
Strongly agree with this proposal Andrew Glassick  7/22/19  10:27 pm
Looking out for our patients' best interests. Nick Pappas, BBP Orthodontics  7/22/19  8:56 pm
Strongly Agree Sooyeon Ahn  7/22/19  8:36 pm
I Strongly agree that a digital scan is the equivalent to a final impression. Roger A. Hennigh, D.M.D.  7/22/19  8:26 pm
Doctor/patient relationship and use of digital scans Khaled Taha  7/22/19  7:52 pm
Digital final impressions strongly agree Rod M. Rogge, DDS  7/22/19  2:17 pm
Strongly agree Edina Gorman  7/22/19  10:58 am
Strongly agree Marni Voorhees  7/22/19  10:39 am
Strongly agree Taylor Varner, DDS  7/21/19  10:07 pm
I Strongly agree that a digital scan is the equivalent of a dental impression A B Hammond III DDS MA  7/21/19  6:04 pm
I strongly agree Erika Anderson, DDS  7/21/19  10:09 am
I Strongly agree that a digital scan is the equivalent to a final impression. Edward P. Snyder, DDS  7/20/19  10:41 am
Strongly Agree Chad Flanagan  7/19/19  11:45 am
Strongly agree digital impressions are final impressions. Michele Mattioli, DMD Konikoff Dental  7/18/19  10:43 pm
Strongly agree fadi saleh  7/18/19  6:50 pm
Strongly agree with Amendment Daniel Stockburger, DDS Oyster Point Smiles  7/18/19  6:35 pm
Strongly agree Mark Bond, Va Family Demtistry  7/18/19  2:20 pm
I strongly agree! C. Sharone Ward, D.D.S., Galstan & Ward Family Dentistry, Chester, VA  7/18/19  11:21 am
I STRONGLY AGREE! Samuel W. Galstan, DDS, MPH, MAGD, President, Virginia Dental Association  7/18/19  11:14 am
strongly agree Keith Eldridge  7/18/19  11:08 am
strongly agree Michael Newman  7/18/19  9:30 am
Common Sense Brent E. Lenz, DDS, MDS  7/18/19  9:12 am
Commonsense Walter Saxon, Jr. DDS  7/17/19  2:54 pm
Dentistry Drew Fischer  7/17/19  12:27 pm
Strongly Agree Patrick Holmes DDS, MSD  7/17/19  8:18 am
Strongly agree! Merissa MulĂ©, DDS, Virginia Family Dentistry  7/17/19  1:14 am
Strongly Agree Chip Anderson  7/16/19  11:33 pm
Amendment to Dental Regulation Anthony Savage, President of the Southern Association of Orthodontist  7/16/19  9:45 pm
I strongly agree Carter Reeves DDS  7/16/19  7:25 pm
Strongly agree Dr. Mariano Polack  7/16/19  6:56 pm
Strongly agree Erin Sharkey, DDS  7/16/19  6:12 pm
Strongly Agree Dr. Penny Lampros  7/16/19  5:13 pm
Strongly agree on both counts Lina Johnson, DDS  7/16/19  4:46 pm
Strongly agree on both counts Christopher Niebergall, DDS  7/16/19  4:44 pm
Strongly Agree Jina Naghdi DDS, MS, PC  7/16/19  4:23 pm
Strongly Agree Kelly E Morgan DMD,MS  7/16/19  4:02 pm
Strongly Agree Gus Horsey  7/16/19  4:01 pm
STRONGLY AGREE Alka Mahajan  7/16/19  3:41 pm
Strongly Agree Stephen Goldstein, DDS Lighthouse Dental Group / Mahanes Dental Group  7/16/19  2:04 pm
Strongly Agree Alan Mahanes, DDS Lighthouse Dental Group / Mahanes Dental Group  7/16/19  2:00 pm
Strongly Agree Albert Lin, DMD Lighthouse Dental Group / Mahanes Dental Group  7/16/19  1:59 pm
I agree Justin Norbo  7/16/19  1:25 pm
Support to better define Teledentistry Richard L Taliaferro, DDS  7/16/19  12:04 pm
Strongly agree! Patrice Wunsch, DDS MS  7/16/19  12:02 pm
STRONGLY AGREE!! Erik Roper, DDS,MAGD  7/15/19  10:05 pm
Strongly AGREE Allison Purcell DDS  7/15/19  5:46 pm
STRONGLY AGREE John C. Cranham DDS  7/15/19  4:52 pm
Agree to this amendment Shannon Brinker  7/15/19  4:38 pm
strongly agree that digital impressions should be considered equivalent to final impressions!! Charles PooleDMD  7/15/19  12:36 pm
Strongly agree Fallon Berger DMD  7/15/19  11:20 am
Strongly support his suggestion! Mike McCormick  7/15/19  10:03 am
Digital Impressions should be equilavent to current final impressions Albert Konikoff  7/14/19  8:56 pm
Strongly support Scott Parr, DDS  7/14/19  7:07 pm
Agree Narinder Singh  7/13/19  3:26 pm
Strongly agrree with expanding definition final impression to include digital scanning Dr Walt Wexel, Wexel Orthodontics  7/13/19  1:37 pm
Strongly agree! Eser Tufekci  7/11/19  10:55 am
I strongly agree. Pete Appleby  7/11/19  8:32 am
Petition Deborah Bassham  7/10/19  9:13 pm
Strongly Agree Danielle McCormack, Virginia Family Dentistry  7/10/19  8:21 pm
Digital Impressions should be considered the same as final impressions Neil Landy, Landy Periodontics  7/10/19  3:00 pm
Digital Impressions are equivalent to final impressions Deidre Smith, DDS, Wilson Dental PC  7/10/19  2:12 pm
Digital impressions are final impressions. Dr. Marc Gamache, Virginia Family Dentistry  7/10/19  1:50 pm
Strongly Agree! David Jones  7/10/19  1:25 pm
Strongly Agree Dwight Buelow DDS MS, Virginia Family Dentistry  7/10/19  1:14 pm
Agree John Sinclair, Coastal Cosmetic and Implant dentistry  7/10/19  1:01 pm
I strongly agree, MICHAEL DOTY  7/10/19  12:46 pm
Digital Scans are equal to analogue impressions Eric Wilson, Wilson Dental PC  7/10/19  12:23 pm
Strongly Agree!! Mike Catoggio, D.D.S. Virginia Family Dentistry  7/10/19  10:34 am
Strongly agree Brandon Wong DMD  7/10/19  10:15 am
Update to regulation needed! Scott R. Miller, D.D.S.  7/10/19  9:52 am
Strongly Agree with Petition Michael Hasty, Children's Dentistry & Orthodontics  7/10/19  9:16 am
Strongly Agree Richard Marcus  7/10/19  8:48 am
Digital Impressions are final impressions! Frank Iuorno  7/9/19  8:20 pm
Agree Erika Sachno, Short Pump Orthodontics  7/9/19  3:57 pm
Strongly in Favor Diana Almy  7/9/19  2:04 pm
Requirements for Doctor/Patient relationship and use of digital scans Thomas M. Grisius  7/9/19  1:03 pm
Digital Scans are final impressions Steven J Lindauer  7/9/19  12:56 pm
Strongly agree Monika Madan  7/9/19  8:51 am
Strongly agree Yugal Behl  7/9/19  8:50 am
I support the petition Russ Mullen  7/9/19  8:26 am
Strongly disagree Scott Frey  7/8/19  5:25 pm
Doctor/patient relationship and use of digital scans-strongly agree with Petition Sean Murphy, American Association of Orthodontists  7/8/19  12:05 pm
Strongly Agree - "digital impression file," equivalent to the analog "final impression" Dag Zapatero, DDS  7/7/19  10:36 am
strongly agree William Dabney  7/6/19  10:50 am
support of petition to make digital scans same as final impressions George Sabol, DDS  7/5/19  4:42 pm
strongly agree Wm. Graham Gardner D.D.S.  7/5/19  3:35 pm
Strongly Agree Jeremy Davidson  6/27/19  12:12 pm
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