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Department of Environmental Quality
Virginia Waste Management Board
Hazardous Waste Regulations [9 VAC 20 ‑ 60]
33 guidance documents relevant to this chapter for the criteria specified

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
6378 Virginia Environmental Excellence Program Operations Manual 2/18/2021 
7145 Manual for Processing Requests Pursuant to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act 12/19/2022 
7146 E-Signature Guidance 12/1/2021 
CEM-07 Civil Enforcement Manual - Chapter 4 - Civil Charges and Civil Penalties 12/31/2021 
PREP-2017-01 Pollution Response Program - Base Manual 7/18/2017 
PREP-2021-01 Transportation Incident Management Annex (TIM) – Interim Plan, GUIDANCE DOCUMENT: PREP-2021-01 4/28/2022 
BOARD: Virginia Waste Management Board
6172 Universal Waste Mercury-Containing Lamp Crushing Guidance * 12/1/2016 
6173 Universal Waste Lamp-Crushing Frequently Asked Questions * 12/1/2016 
6409 Hazardous Waste Inspector Handbook - Chapters * 9/30/2017 
6410 Hazardous Waste Inspector Handbook - Appendices and Bibliography * 9/30/2017 
00-2016 Chain of Custody Policy and Procedures - Amendment 1 3/14/2006 
LPR 03-2004 Waste Division Review of Environmental Review Reports as Required by NEPA 5/25/2004 
LPR 16-2002 Guidance for Certification of Waste Oil Burning Equipment for the State Income Tax Credit 8/1/2002 
LPR-2020-01 Guidance for the Certification of Recycling Machinery and Equipment for State Income Tax Credit (rev. 2021) 3/19/2021 
LPR-HW Closure Guidance-Wood Treatment Facilities - Drip Pads * 6/7/2007 
LPR-HW Emergency Permits – Virginia Hazardous Waste Management Regulations and the RCRA Regulations - Guidance Summary * 5/13/2010 
LPR-HW EOD Emergency Response Operations and Emergency Permits Clarification * 3/4/2011 
LPR-HW-01-1997 Discarded Sandblast Grit Policy * 2/14/1997 
LPR-HW-01-2012 "Contained-in" and "Contained-out" Policy Guidance for Soils Contaminated with Hazardous Waste * 7/9/2012 
LPR-HW-01-2018 Hazardous Waste Generated at Remote Site Locations By Utility and Rail Companies * 7/11/2019 
LPR-HW-03-1994 Risk Based Closure - (REAMS) Risk Exposure and Analysis Modeling System * 11/1/1994 
LPR-HW-05-1996 Siting Requirements for Hazardous Waste Management Facilities * 7/26/1996 
LPR-HW-18-2002 Hazardous Waste Financial Assurance Procedures * 8/22/2002 
LPR-HW-2013-01 Waste Procedure No. 5 - Hazardous Waste Emergency Permits * 2/16/2018 
LPR-REM-01-1995 Policy for Handling Investigation Derived Waste * 9/1/2003 
LPR-REM-04-1996 Addendum to Policy for Handling Investigation Derived Waste * 7/24/1996 
LPR-REM-RA RCRA RCRA Corrective Action Risk Assessment Guidance * 11/20/2013 
LPR-SW-03-2003 Tax Certification for Pollution Control 6/18/2003 
LPR-SW-03-2012 Implementation of VELAP Certification * 3/27/2012 
LPR-SW-09-2001 Management of Dredged Material * 12/31/2001 
LPR-SW-2013-03 Waste Information Request and Trade Secret Protection 8/15/2013 
LPR-SW-EE-160 Virginia Waste Tire Program - Standards for Use of Tire Chips in a Residential Septic Drainfield 8/1/1997 
LPR-SW-EE-166 Virginia Waste Tire Program Utilization of Waste Tire Shred/Chips 8/1/2002 

* Document applies to this chapter specifically. Other documents listed apply to the parent board or agency.