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Title Tax Certification for Pollution Control
Document ID LPR-SW-03-2003
Summary The 2003 General Assembly amended legislation (HB 2726) for Tax Certification for Pollution Control Equipment and Materials. Prior to the amendment, the Code authorized DEQ to certify tax exemptions for pollution equipment and material that met two criteria: 1.) the equipment and material had to be required by regulation and permit and 2.) the material and equipment was used primarily to prevent or abate pollution. The amendment to the Code allowed mulching equipment and material to be considered for tax exemption. Since the Code amendment does not require DEQ certification for mulching equipment and because mulching equipment is not required by regulation to prevent or abate pollution, the Department can not certify mulching equipment or materials.
Effective Date 6/18/2003
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[9 VAC 20] Virginia Waste Management Board

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