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3/28/23  2:04 pm
Commenter: Linda Roberts

Please Make Grandparent/Grandparents/Parent/Spouse Paid Attendants Permanent

There should be No Questions Asked about the Grandparent/Grandparents/Parents/Spouse to be Continued to be Paid Attendants PERMANENTLY because they know the child and there Special Needs - some of these needs made be Nonverbal or a Rare Speech Disorder which is Neurological and NO Strangers Can understand there Needs except for immediate Family Members.  It's unfair to place a Child with Special Needs in Care of a Stranger who Does Not Truly Care and are Unrealable and Trustworthy with the Childs Care/Needs.  I myself had to let someone go because of what they said to my Grandchild - cruelty to say the least 

We want our Special Needs Children/Grandchildren to be Safe and Secure.

Please leave Family Members in Place as PAID Attendants PERMANENTLY!

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