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Action Unprofessional conduct - conversion therapy
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8/8/19  12:29 am
Commenter: Mike McDonald, Knights of Columbus

XX and XY Chromosomes are Science Fact. Do Not Deny the Facts.

Parents are held responsible for the feeding, the loving, the education and for providing a moral framework for their child/children. To be able to function within society, we are obliged to teach them basic facts and standards. Examples of this are: Don't play in traffic; Do not hit others; Do not bully other children; Stand up for yourself; Practice basic hygiene; Eat healthy; Respect legitimate authority like teachers, policemen and elected officials; and many others.

Some are based on past experience via science. All women have XX chromosomes. All men have XY chromosomes. Allow therapists to address the basic scientific fact: Chromosomally male beings, despite their desire to transform into the opposite sex, cannot scientifically accomplish this feat... and vice versa. Many scientifically literate families acknowledge this limitation. Therefore, please do not put a limit on free speech of either the family or the counselor they hire. After the child becomes an adult, they should also be able to hire a counselor to help them feel more comfortable in the chromosomally appropriate sex category of their birth. Ipso facto, counselors should have the freedom to speak freely in this regard should the adult patient or the parents of a minor request help in feeling comfortable in the chromosome sex of their birth. That is, if an adult individual or minor individual with XX genes desires to feel more comfortable as a female or her parents desire her to get more clarity on this fact, that individual should have the freedom to do so. Freedom of choice allows for this. The same holds true for an XY individual trying to feel more comfortable psychologically as a biological male. Please give us the freedom to be counseled as we wish or, before adulthood, as the family desires. Thank you for listening, Governor.





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