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8/2/19  10:45 am
Commenter: Deborah Fordham

ALL kids experiment around with identity

I have four grown children.  I was a full-time mom. I have find many of the "wise" decisions about child-rearing are being made by people who never parented full-time. They had sitters with the kids more than half of their waking hours!. Or they had only one or two children.

My oldest, when he was four, decided to change his name to Alice and become a girl. I played along. Two days later he decided he was a boy again. That is what kids DO!

Others, along the way, decided they were dogs, unicorns, Mario, etc. Of course Halloween was always great! That's okay. That's normal.

As they hit puberty, I realized that one might become gay. I have seen many children "turn" gay to thwart their parents, and many are truly "born that way." I was prepared in case the child turned gay, I could accept it. But it didn't happen. 

Now a judge somewhere (not a law) decided that sex is the same as gender. That is obscure thinking! And look at the list of genders! Astralgender aligns with the stars! How can anyone study this and not laugh out loud? Fine, align with the stars, be gay, do what you want in your bedroom, but you are still a male or female. A doctor's first words when a child is born proclaims the sex and that doesn't change. 

Women have an extra layer of fat. Women's brains are different from men's. It is far more than sexual organs that make men and women different. 

Sure, as a chemist, I "think" more like a man than a typical woman. I am NOT a girlie girl and disdain makeup. My doctor says I have "men's hips" and therefore had to have C Sections.  There are  crossover traits, but I am still a woman. It doesn't matter if I want to make love to man, a woman, or a dog, I am a woman. Period. 

To try to tell a child that they are not the sex that they were born, or that by changing some hormones or sexual parts they can change their sex is not only wrong, it is child abuse. tells many stories of people duped into believing this. The only person I know that has had a sex change operation regretted it. One young man in Great Britain has changed back and forth several times. 

Instead of accepting a child's fantasies as reality, we need to help them accept the truth. Anything else is just futile and encourages mental illness and bigger problems down the road. 


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