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3/17/23  12:29 am
Commenter: Shane Phillips

SOF Veteran Caring for Wife 20+ Years

My wife was hit by another driver when she was 19, leaving her in a minimally conscious state. We had been married just over a year and I was on my second enlistment in the Army. I was forced to leave active duty due to Tri-Care not covering long-term-care for spouses. I have been caring for her at home for 21 years (unpaid). I just got approved to work as paid attendant last week. 21 years of praying and hoping for this possibility, enhancing her care, quality of life and happiness were finally realities and now DMAS is proposing to rip it all away? For what? Every study out there shows there is more fraud and abuse with Agency care than there is with CD services. DMAS pays LESS per attendant with CD services than Agencies. DMAS already skirts overtime laws with live-in attendants.


This proposed change is worse for the disabled person and costs the state more. In what world does that type of change make sense? Who benefits? Agencies and that’s it.


As another comment said, “At this point it’s just harassment”. Please do not do this. Please. 

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