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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Require training and equipment for medical emergencies for licensure and renewal

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CLOSED     Opened on 1/30/2012 and Ended on 2/19/2012

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Comment Title Commenter
Six Links Petition Stepen S. Radcliffe, DDS  2/19/12  11:33 pm
Oppose petition Claire Kaugars, DDS  2/19/12  11:32 pm
Support the petition! Tammy Quirola  2/19/12  11:25 pm
What if it were your Child? N. Rello  2/19/12  9:45 pm
I oppose additional training and equipment for dental emergencies for licensure and renewal Gus C Vlahos DDS  2/19/12  9:45 pm
Important & Critical My Granddaughter Died at the dentist Ramona M. Zavada  2/19/12  8:55 pm
New Dental Practice Regulations Michel Hurley, DDS, MD  2/19/12  8:42 pm
oppose petition Roger Wood, DDS VDA  2/19/12  8:09 pm
Oppose unnecessary regulation Berkeley Pemberton, DDS  2/19/12  7:26 pm
oppose additional regulations Justin Norbo, D.D.S.  2/19/12  5:28 pm
support Albert Schatzhuber  2/19/12  5:08 pm
support Rey Delossantos  2/19/12  5:07 pm
support John Delossantos  2/19/12  5:06 pm
Support Eva Schatzhuber  2/19/12  5:04 pm
Please help Mario Blanco  2/19/12  4:51 pm
oppose additional regulation Joseph A. Catanzano III  2/19/12  3:28 pm
Require training & equipment for medical emergencies for licensure and renewal Hersche L jones  2/19/12  3:17 pm
Opposed Mark Reitz DDS  2/19/12  3:04 pm
Support Cathy Garger  2/19/12  2:49 pm
continuous train Jennifer Blais  2/19/12  12:42 pm
Emergency preparedness Rhonda J Shodis  2/19/12  11:25 am
VSOMS Comment Virginia Society of Oral @ Maxillofacial Surgeons  2/19/12  10:42 am
I support this petition! What is the harm in EXTRA preparedness? H.L. Wilson  2/19/12  10:03 am
I support emergency training!! Jackie Miller  2/18/12  10:55 pm
EVERY SINGLE child should be protected by preparedness J. Gresham  2/18/12  9:45 pm
Against additional regulation Jack Weil, D.M.D.  2/18/12  9:36 pm
DDS Dr. Anna Abel  2/18/12  9:11 pm
Oppose Sarah E. Allen, DDS  2/18/12  9:02 pm
I SUPPORT this rule change Debbie Hagan  2/18/12  7:29 pm
Oppose petition Todd Wynkoop, VDA member  2/18/12  6:07 pm
IN FAVOR of this proposal Tim Wells  2/18/12  3:24 pm
Oppose- Current regulation already has strict requirement on Emergency Response Julie Tran  2/18/12  1:32 pm
Petition to change general anesthesia regulations Mitchell J. Bukzin, D.D.S., Virginia Dental Association  2/18/12  12:41 pm
death after denistry Christine Austin-Williams  2/18/12  10:40 am
Opposed to the proposed changes in regulations Howard Hoffman, D.D.S., F.A.G.D.  2/18/12  9:02 am
Oppose Samuel W. Galstan, D.D.S.  2/17/12  11:27 pm
Not allo the same Don Trawick DDS  2/17/12  11:21 pm
oppose the added regulation Elena Black, DDS, PhD  2/17/12  11:18 pm
oppose the added regulation Elena Black, DDS, PhD  2/17/12  11:18 pm
Oppose more regulations Madelyn Gambrel, DDS, MS  2/17/12  11:18 pm
oppose additional regulations Timothy A. Leigh, D.D.S.  2/17/12  11:08 pm
Emergeny dental staff training William Bennett  2/17/12  10:33 pm
A father in opposition Scott R. Miller, D.D.S.  2/17/12  10:25 pm
Why wouldn't you? K. Grant  2/17/12  10:10 pm
Not Necessary for Non-Sedation Dentistry Catherine Lynn,D.D.S.  2/17/12  9:51 pm
Opposed Sayward Duggan, DDS  2/17/12  9:36 pm
opposed, as I am preparing to take the Pediatric Advanced Life Support Course Christopher Hamlin, DDS  2/17/12  8:30 pm
Opposed Guy Levy  2/17/12  8:02 pm
oppose Kirk M. Norbo, D.M.D.  2/17/12  7:03 pm
against the petition Greg Zoghby, Commenwealth Oral and Facial Surgery  2/17/12  6:46 pm
Petition Against Increasing Additional Training Requirements Albert F. Creal, D.D.S.  2/17/12  6:10 pm
Oppose more regulations P. A. Lott DDS  2/17/12  5:46 pm
unbelievable comments left by dentist. georgean ware  2/17/12  5:40 pm
Please, mandate the new training & regulations. R.M. Crawford III  2/17/12  5:25 pm
Strongly against this reg Robert J Feild DDS  2/17/12  5:20 pm
Please consider this from a different angle.... Shelly Shum  2/17/12  5:08 pm
Oppose Cynthia M Southern,DDS  2/17/12  5:04 pm
Increased regulation does not insure increased safety Jon Piche  2/17/12  4:45 pm
Opposition to new regulation Dr George A Jacobs  2/17/12  4:45 pm
Oppose additional requirements Steven J Barbieri  2/17/12  4:33 pm
reuirement for all dentist to be certified in advanced life support systems dr harvey c woodruff iii virginia dental association member  2/17/12  4:02 pm
Oppose Jerrold H. Epstein, DDS  2/17/12  3:56 pm
Redundant Regulation Richard Rubino, DDS  2/17/12  3:52 pm
Opposed Regulation for Six Links of Survival in Virginia Townsend Brown, Jr.,DDS ,PC  2/17/12  3:48 pm
government Catherine Cash Staley  2/17/12  3:37 pm
Oppose Proposed New Emergency Protocol W. E. Saxon, Jr. DDS  2/17/12  3:20 pm
My vote is a resounding "YES", I am in favor of this petition. Sheida Fortunato  2/17/12  2:48 pm
Oppose Barry I Griffin  2/17/12  2:29 pm
Dental EMT Regulation Larry Jewell  2/17/12  2:29 pm
Opposed Danielle Cohen  2/17/12  2:25 pm
opposed Heath Cash  2/17/12  2:06 pm
Opposed to the Six Links Steve Forte  2/17/12  2:03 pm
oppose Sharon C. Covaney D.D.S.  2/17/12  1:38 pm
oppose Sharon C. Covaney D.D.S.  2/17/12  1:38 pm
Oppose Michael J. Covaney, DDS  2/17/12  1:31 pm
Dental Petition Randy Adams DDS  2/17/12  1:19 pm
Oppose Six Links Survival Ruling Benjamin T. Watson DDS  2/17/12  12:13 pm
Emergency preparation courses and guidelines for dentists already in place Elizabeth Miller DDS  2/17/12  12:10 pm
Current Rules are Enough Carl O. Atkins, Jr., D.D.S.  2/17/12  12:05 pm
Current Rules and Regulations are sufficient Ken Stoner  2/17/12  11:29 am
opposed Elizabeth Cash, DDS  2/17/12  11:14 am
Opposed to the Six Links Proposal John Denison, DDS  2/17/12  11:11 am
Six Links May Not be the Answer Frank Iuorno  2/17/12  10:04 am
six links petition Ron Downey, DDS  2/17/12  9:44 am
opposed to six links petition Gregory K. Kontopanos, D.D.S.  2/17/12  9:41 am
Good intentions with unintended consequences Paul K. Hartmann  2/17/12  9:20 am
Oppose This Regulation William Griffin  2/17/12  7:22 am
With current so called regulations...deaths are still occuring. Lorraine Perez  2/17/12  12:13 am
This proposal is unnecessary Richard F. Roadcap, DDS  2/16/12  10:10 pm
Proposed Regulation is not necessary Mark Crabtree  2/16/12  9:43 pm
Duplicative regulations into what All Dentists must do! Michael J. Link, D.D.S.  2/16/12  8:53 pm
Oppose Peter Murchie DDS  2/16/12  8:52 pm
Oppose duplicate regulation David E Black,DDS  2/16/12  8:47 pm
Healthcare professionals Lauren Marie Gonzalez  2/16/12  6:23 pm
Six More Facts to Support the Six Links & Medical Emergency Preparedness Sarah Selbe  2/16/12  5:47 pm
Six Facts to Support the Six Links & Medical Emergency Preparedness and a Response to CADP Nicole Cunha  2/16/12  5:42 pm
Educate to Save a Life Christie Nicholas  2/16/12  5:34 pm
Emergency preparedness and licensure renewal Robert D Argentieri,DDS  2/16/12  5:25 pm Maria Cohen  2/16/12  5:06 pm
more government regulation? Ronald Mamrick  2/16/12  1:48 pm
dental preparedness hope mechelle herrington  2/16/12  1:37 pm
Support preparedness H Elder  2/16/12  9:26 am
Emergency Training for Dentists Karon P. Hardy  2/16/12  6:25 am
This is necessary to enjoy the safety of everyone! Jelisa Joseph  2/15/12  11:56 pm
No Question About This...Approval is Necessary Lorraine Perez  2/15/12  11:17 pm
What if your child died due to lack of Medical Emergency Preparedness? More 2 Give Inc  2/15/12  9:44 pm
YES Jamie S.  2/15/12  7:51 pm
Dental Safety Seth-Deborah Roth  2/15/12  7:27 pm
100% FOR THIS IN ALL STATES! Melissa Burell  2/15/12  6:42 pm
get the word out !!! Maria Blanco  2/15/12  5:44 pm
Strongly Support the 6 links petition Katy Sargent  2/15/12  5:09 pm
I say "Yes" to Medical Emergency Preparedness Continuing Education Training for all Dentists in VA Sandra Pennecke  2/15/12  4:25 pm
How many more children must die? Pamela Bonesteel  2/15/12  4:05 pm
Oppose Ron Vranas, DDS  2/15/12  2:30 pm
Petition for New Regulations R.S. Mayberry DDS  2/14/12  5:48 pm
Six Links petition Brian Hoard  2/14/12  2:56 pm
Against Six Links petition Lanny R. Levenson, DDS  2/13/12  9:27 pm
Oppose Jon Piche, DDS  2/13/12  6:50 pm
Patients already feel dentistry is too expensive; Do we really want to add to the expense? Albert Sasala  2/13/12  2:33 pm
Dentists already know how to respond: Use our CPR Training, have an emergency kit, and call 911! Fred N. Kessler, DDS  2/13/12  11:59 am
Against Over-regulation Flavio W.Nasr, DDS  2/12/12  9:40 pm
Be Cautious! Don't be Fooled, Don't play into the empathy game! Watchdog for Coalitions Against The Dental Profession (CADP)  2/12/12  5:43 pm
oppose- all denists are currently trained in CPR William Dougherty III  2/12/12  2:27 pm
Strongly Disapprove Art Halstead  2/12/12  7:39 am
A noble premise but the devil is in the details. Oppose! Barry D. Laurent DDS  2/11/12  11:32 am
I oppose mandatory training and equipment for the dental practitioner Erika C Mason DDS  2/11/12  9:07 am
Oppose renewal of license linked to new requirements Elaine Sours, DDS  2/10/12  10:40 am
Another costly regulation that does nothing to help public welfare Paul W Callahan DDS  2/9/12  9:35 pm
Dentists handling of medical emergencies Stan Dameron  2/9/12  7:21 pm
I am in support of this petition. Rebecca Angus, DDS  2/9/12  4:39 pm
Training for medical emergencies E. Thomas Elstner, Jr. D.M.D.  2/9/12  3:54 pm

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