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[Repealed] Regulations Governing Dental Practice [18 VAC 60 ‑ 20]
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2/11/12  9:07 am
Commenter: Erika C Mason DDS

I oppose mandatory training and equipment for the dental practitioner

I think that we as dentist are already prepared and trained to handle emregencies in our dental practices and this is just another goverment hoop that we will have to jump through at the expense of our patients. Although it is unfortunate that there were 2 deaths, the percentage of dental procedures daily in thousands of offices prove that we already have a handle on the protocol of handling emergencies in the dental offices. There is already the law in place for those that do sedation to have certification via the DOCS program so I think that is more than adequate to take care of our patients in the case of a medical emergency. Maybe let's focus on better health histories, refusing to do a procedure if blood pressures are at a certain level, and be more proactivce but not reactive in more training. We are already trained. Maybe the Board of dentistry should supply us with a "standard medical history" that makes sure it asks all the right questions, or a standard medical history update each time the patient comes in. Since we all use our own Medical History forms and updates...maybe that is where the focus needs to be to help us screen better for possible medical emergencies.But you always have the situation that the patient might not supply us with the Complete Truth---so that they CAN be treated and we aren't fully informed of possible medical conditions. I think this is a knee jerk reaction and needs to be weighed out more heavily of "mandated training and equipment" might not be the Best answer !  

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