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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Use of growlers by gourmet shop licensees

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CLOSED     Opened on 10/10/2011 and Ended on 10/30/2011

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Comment Title Commenter
Yes to growlers. Jeremy Payne  10/30/11  4:06 pm
Support growlers Brian Whitman, no organization  10/30/11  3:44 pm Adam Reed  10/28/11  4:42 pm
Growlers Harry F Sharp II  10/27/11  8:54 pm
Allowing Retail Growler Fills = More $ For Virginia Businesses Dan Kachur  10/27/11  8:02 pm
I support growler sales Bryan Cain  10/27/11  4:43 pm
Allow Growlers for Off-Site Michael Thorpe  10/27/11  4:08 pm
Maison du Vin & Market Cellars in Northern VA Support Growler Sales Rhett Orem, Beer Manager for Maison du Vin & Market Cellars in Northern VA  10/27/11  3:51 pm
Agree with Growlers for Off Premises Sale Nathan Bonds  10/27/11  3:39 pm
Allow Growler Sales Andrew Squires  10/27/11  3:26 pm
Growlers. This won't work. Fern Preavin  10/25/11  8:23 pm
Allow small shops to sell/fill growlers Brad Kennedy  10/25/11  3:39 pm
Allow growler sales. John Stoner  10/24/11  6:58 pm
Yes to Growler Elizabeth Mears  10/23/11  6:23 pm
Yes to Growlers Norm Schaeffler  10/23/11  6:22 pm
Growler Fills for off-premise consumption Sean Reeder  10/22/11  1:14 am
Allow growlers J Morrison  10/21/11  7:05 pm
Support Virginians. J. Stevens  10/21/11  6:32 pm
Growlers! Cassandra Nelson  10/21/11  11:36 am
Make Growlers legal in Virginia Jake Newton  10/21/11  11:02 am
Please make it easier for me to fill my growler! Adrienne Kerr  10/21/11  12:54 am
Allow growlers. Stephen Straus  10/20/11  10:19 pm
Allow Growlers Victor Blanchard  10/20/11  3:36 pm
It Just Makes Sense Jaime Torres, Concerned Citizen  10/20/11  2:57 pm Samuel Davis  10/20/11  2:52 pm
I support the sale of growlers. Andrew Nelson  10/20/11  12:22 pm
Yes for growlers Mitchell Smiley  10/20/11  10:41 am
Yes to Growlers Andrew Rees  10/20/11  10:39 am
I support the legalization of so-called "growlers." Brian Jeffrey Ross II  10/20/11  10:25 am
Say yes to growlers! William Dickinson  10/20/11  9:22 am
Please allow growler sales in retail locations. Michael Glidden  10/20/11  8:31 am
Allow Growlers Logan  10/19/11  9:24 pm
Growlers from Specialty Shops Brian Kinzie  10/19/11  8:24 pm
Yes to Growlers Jamey B  10/19/11  5:09 pm
Support this petition. Lee Welch  10/19/11  4:23 pm
I encourage the amendment of this rule to allow sales of growlers at gourmet shops Daniel White  10/19/11  3:19 pm
Allow Growler Sales at Specialty Stores Jason Mitchell  10/19/11  2:06 pm
Allow growlers Lauri Atkins  10/19/11  1:01 pm
Allow Growler Fills Now Paul Schurke  10/19/11  11:12 am
Allow Growlers Dan Tully  10/19/11  10:15 am
Allow the sale of Growlers! Amanda Carter  10/19/11  8:57 am
Allow the sale of growlers! Kathy Garrett-Cox  10/19/11  8:54 am
Please allow Gourmet Shops to sell Growlers! William T. Phillips  10/19/11  8:50 am
Allow Growlers Karen Martin  10/19/11  8:49 am
Growler law Tony Stubbs  10/19/11  7:31 am
Allow growler sales. James Garrett  10/19/11  7:03 am
Growler Sales Patrick Costa  10/19/11  5:13 am
Growler sales are a win win Cindy Cutler  10/18/11  10:29 pm
I support growler sales at specialty stores. Jason Smith  10/18/11  8:49 pm
Fill the growlers! Michael Connell, Citizen  10/18/11  8:06 pm
Allow! Dave Schulz  10/18/11  6:49 pm
Allow Growlers Kristian Doerken  10/18/11  4:56 pm
Growlers Ed Libucha  10/18/11  3:40 pm
Allow Growlers Anna Krouse  10/18/11  2:23 pm
Allow Growlersat wine sellers Jack Clark  10/18/11  1:52 pm
Support Local Business Eunice Glosson  10/18/11  1:31 pm
Williamsburg needs a growler station! Patty Herrera  10/18/11  1:04 pm
Support the Wine Seller Alex Atkins  10/18/11  12:56 pm
Support Growler refills at gourmet shops and support local small business C. Ingersoll  10/18/11  12:16 pm
Allow small businesses to thrive Sarah Glosson  10/18/11  11:07 am
Allow growlers George Spalthoff HOA President  10/18/11  10:56 am
Growlers: good for small business, for for local community Ben R.  10/18/11  10:47 am
Growlers at boutique stores Susan Park  10/18/11  10:30 am
I support the ammending the law to allow growler sales at gourmet off-site licensees Todd Herbert  10/18/11  9:19 am
I Support Growlers John Massingill  10/18/11  7:23 am
Approve Growler sales Consumer  10/18/11  6:22 am
Yes for Growlers! Tasha Newhouse  10/17/11  10:59 pm
long live growlers Sarah DeWitt  10/17/11  10:33 pm
Please Allow the Filling of Growlers by Gourmet Shops J. David Glass, A Virginia Citizen and Taxpayer  10/17/11  9:40 pm
Allow craft beer retailers to sell growlers Ryan B  10/17/11  9:32 pm
Go for Growlers David Ogilvie  10/17/11  9:29 pm
Allow craft beer retailers to sell growlers Ryan B  10/17/11  9:27 pm
Active Duty, Missing Home. Alfred Whittington  10/17/11  8:48 pm
Please allow Wine/Beer Gourmet shops to sell growlers off premise Phillip Schneider, The Wine Seller in Williamsburg  10/17/11  8:39 pm
Growlers equality NOW! Jonathan E King  10/17/11  8:33 pm
Growlers are great to encourage local beer, boutique beer stores and responsible drinking Ken Rygh  10/17/11  8:26 pm
Growlers Benjamin Medina  10/17/11  8:18 pm
Yes to growlers Trevor Davis  10/17/11  8:06 pm
Growlers! Spreading the Craft Beer Gospel  10/17/11  7:54 pm
Allow Growlers please and thank you Robert Byrd  10/17/11  7:30 pm
Yes to growlers in gourmet shops Mike Adams,. Bon Vivant market  10/17/11  6:52 pm
Allow growlers with off premise licenses Nate Martin  10/17/11  6:51 pm
Allowing filling of growlers at specialty stores Steven Davis, President of Colonial AleSmiths & Keggers  10/17/11  6:42 pm
Allow Growler Sales at Specialty Stores John Smith  10/17/11  6:41 pm
Say yes to growlers. Jeff Stuebben  10/17/11  6:38 pm
Allow growler sales Peter Bernhardt  10/17/11  6:02 pm
Grower Sales Good Idea Nancy Moore  10/17/11  4:34 pm
Allow Growlers Bill Moore,The Wine Seller  10/17/11  4:29 pm
Growler fills, yes! Patrick R. Waynick  10/17/11  4:28 pm
Allow the sale of Growlers. Dominick Bucci  10/17/11  4:02 pm
Allow the filling of growlers by specialty food stores. David Bridges  10/17/11  3:46 pm
Growler Sales Should Be Permitted By Gourmet Shops David Mann  10/17/11  3:17 pm
Growler fills in retail shops DAVID K OAKLEY  10/17/11  3:02 pm
Allow Growlers in Retail Outlets Brad Hemp, Sausage Craft LLC  10/17/11  2:11 pm
Growler Fills at Specialty Beer & Wine Stores Nicholas Standlick  10/17/11  1:37 pm
I encourage the amendment of this rule to allow sales of growlers at gourmet shops Steve Bremer  10/17/11  1:30 pm
Allow Growlers Kelsick Specialty Market  10/17/11  1:09 pm
Growlers Bill Perkins Va Beer seller  10/17/11  12:54 pm
Growler law concerning Gourmet Beer and Wine shops Ray Newhouse  10/17/11  12:46 pm
Gourmet Shop Growler Two Lakes, LLC  10/17/11  12:11 pm

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