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Regulations for the Geology Certification Program [18 VAC 145 ‑ 40]
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Review Announcement

Pursuant to Executive Order 19 (2022) and ยงยง 2.2-4007.1 and 2.2-4017 of the Code of Virginia, this regulation is undergoing a periodic review.

The review of this regulation will be guided by the principles in Executive Order 19 https://TownHall.Virginia.Gov/EO-19-Development-and-Review-of-State-Agency-Regulations.pdf.

The purpose of this review is to determine whether this regulation should be repealed, amended, or retained in its current form. Public comment is sought on the review of any issue relating to this regulation, including whether the regulation (i) is necessary for the protection of public health, safety, and welfare or for the economical performance of important governmental functions; (ii) minimizes the economic impact on small businesses in a manner consistent with the stated objectives of applicable law; and (iii) is clearly written and easily understandable.

The comment period begins July 31, 2023, and ends on August 21, 2023.

Comments may be submitted online to the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall at
Comments may also be sent to Name: Kathleen R. Nosbisch; Title: Executive Director, Address: DPOR, 9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 400, City: Richmond, State: Virginia, Zip: 23233, Telephone: (804)367-8514, FAX: (866)465-6206, email address:

In order for you to receive a response to your comment, your contact information (preferably an email address or, alternatively, a U.S. mailing address) must accompany your comment. Following the close of the public comment period, a report of both reviews will be posted on the Town Hall and a report of the small business impact review will be published in the Virginia Register of Regulations.

CLOSED     Opened on 7/31/2023 and Ended on 8/21/2023

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Comment Title Commenter
Geologist certification justification Noah Fleischer, ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC.  7/31/23  8:42 am
Geologist License in VA Christina Sullivan  7/31/23  10:04 am
Support of continuing regulation of professional geologists Thomas A. Herbert, PhD, PG  7/31/23  11:32 am
Support of Geologist License Phyllis V. Buff  7/31/23  1:09 pm
In Support of Licensure of Geologists R. Drew Thomas, C.P.G.  7/31/23  2:29 pm
Licensing for Professional Geologists Alberto A. Gutierrez  7/31/23  2:56 pm
8VAC145-40, particularly Part III Sections 90-150 Brian J. Olson P.Geo, C.E.G.  7/31/23  3:06 pm
Geology Licensure Michael Brown  7/31/23  3:41 pm
Support of Continued Registration of Professional Geologists in Virginia Barry Franz, Gemini Engineering LLC  7/31/23  3:45 pm
Virginia Professional Geologist Licensure Laura J Cook  7/31/23  10:08 pm
Support of Continuation of Geologist Licensing Anonymous (218252)  8/1/23  6:59 am
Support of Continueation of Geologist Licensure Dan Centofanti  8/1/23  7:02 am
elimination of the Geologists certification program in Virginia Motgomery Bennett, Haley & Aldrich, Inc.  8/1/23  7:15 am
Professional Geologist Licensure Anonymous (218260)  8/1/23  9:59 am
Why the Certification of Professional Geologists is critical to the wellbeing of Virginia. James Emery-Emery & Garrett Groundwater Investigations a Division of GZA  8/1/23  12:58 pm
Support of Professional Geologist Licensure Amanda L. Reynolds, P.G.  8/1/23  1:48 pm
Continue Geologist Certifcation Ronn Beebe  8/1/23  4:13 pm
Keep Geologist geologing Nick Bass, CPG, PE  8/2/23  10:37 am
Periodic Regulatory Review of Geologist License THOMAS HOUSTON  8/2/23  11:41 am
Support Geologist Licensure Steven R. Edlavitch  8/2/23  12:49 pm
Support of Geologist Licensure Bill DiGuiseppi, Jacobs Engineering  8/2/23  2:26 pm
Support of Certification of Geologists Anthony W. Creech, P.G.  8/2/23  3:06 pm
Professional Geologist License Michelle Wharton  8/2/23  4:47 pm
Support of Geologist Licensure Andrew R. Shontz, P.G.  8/3/23  8:39 am
Support VAC for Virginia Geologists Steven P. Pond, P.G.  8/5/23  11:10 am
Support Certification of Professional Geologists in VA! Eric Bruce Rehwoldt, P.E., C.P.G.  8/6/23  7:25 pm
Professional Geologist Licensure Bryant Mountjoy, PG  8/7/23  9:01 am
Geologists certification program in Virginia John T Popp  8/9/23  8:57 pm
Support for Geologist Licensure Joshua Holloman  8/10/23  9:43 am
Support to retain Professional Licensure for Geologists Krista Tetrick  8/11/23  12:05 pm
Benefits of Professional Geologists to Virginia Bruce Mills  8/13/23  4:46 pm
Support Certification of Geologists Mike Lawless  8/14/23  10:33 am
Licensure of Geologists in Virginia Brian Bruckno  8/14/23  2:51 pm
In Support of Licensing Geologists Andrew Owens, PG  8/14/23  3:34 pm
In support of Virginia PG Licesnure Ron A James, CPG, CEM  8/16/23  1:37 pm
Support of Licensure for Geologists Brent Johnson P.G., P.E.  8/16/23  1:52 pm
Keeping Geologist Licensure in VA Kristopher McCandless  8/16/23  1:56 pm
Professional Geologist Certification in Virginia Eric Seavey  8/16/23  2:07 pm
Keeping Virginia Professional Grologist Licensure Michael G. Jones  8/16/23  3:02 pm
Continue the Geologist licensure program Daniel P Jackson  8/16/23  4:29 pm
Geology Certification Sue Young  8/16/23  7:24 pm
Support for Registration of Geologists G. V. Burbach, PhD, PG  8/16/23  8:00 pm
Review Regulations and Consider Updates (Geologists and DPOR) Shannon George  8/17/23  9:12 am
Virginia Certified PG program Sarah Stinger  8/17/23  11:08 am
Real Estate Development needs the CPG certification Matthew Holbrook  8/17/23  2:36 pm
Professional Geologist License Andrew Harrison, PG, Schnabel Engineering  8/17/23  5:12 pm
In Support of Maintaining/Expanding Virginia's PG Licensure Program David Berry, PG  8/17/23  5:27 pm
PG Support Letter sent to Senators Jan. 2023 Martin J. Woodard, PhD PG PE  8/18/23  8:38 am
Support of Professional Geologist Certification Eric Wollmann  8/18/23  8:44 am
Maintain Geologic Licensure Ashley Lunsford, PG  8/18/23  9:54 am
Support for Professional Geologist Certification in the Commonwealth of Virginia Robin E. Reed, PG  8/18/23  11:09 am
Support of Professional Geological Certification/Licensure Kenny Megginson (Schnabel Engineering)  8/18/23  4:03 pm
Practicing Geology Safety Consideration Guy Rawls  8/19/23  9:03 am
Maintain Certification of Professional Geologists E. Randolph McFarland  8/20/23  12:56 pm
Professional Geologist certification should remain Zack Oremland, PG  8/21/23  8:26 am
Professional Credentials David Cleland, PG  8/21/23  9:17 am
Professional Geologists are Critical to Public Health and Safety for the Citizens of Virginia Jason Early, PG - Stantec  8/21/23  9:39 am
Professional Geology Licensure James F Bernard  8/21/23  10:20 am
PG certification in VA John W. S. Davis, Jr GP  8/21/23  10:42 am
PG Licensure/Certification Craig LaCosse  8/21/23  10:51 am
In Support of Professional Geologist Certification in Virginia John Voorhees, PG  8/21/23  10:56 am
Support for the Geologist Certification Program Anonymous (219579)  8/21/23  3:29 pm
Support for mandatory licensure, continuing education requirement Geologist in Virginia  8/21/23  3:30 pm
Mandating Professional Geology Licensure Yonathan Admassu, James Madison University  8/21/23  5:00 pm
Value Of Professional Geologist Certification Haywood Wigglesworth  8/21/23  5:09 pm

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