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Regulations for the Geology Certification Program [18 VAC 145 ‑ 40]
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7/31/23  8:42 am
Commenter: Noah Fleischer, ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC.

Geologist certification justification

To whom it may concern,


I am writing to you as a private citizen and geologist in Virginia who has not yet earned my official licensure. I will be taking the Fundamentals of Geology exam in October to earn my GIT. I am writing because I strongly believe in the licensure and regulation of licensure in Virginia and the process involved in licensing Geologists in the commonwealth. 

Most people are unaware of the work geologists do, and I wanted to familiarize you with the kind of work that I do specifically. Much like engineers, who are required to obtain licensure before being able to stamp an engineering report, geologists are required to do the same at the current time. The reason being is that our work directly affects the public safety, welfare of the public and the interests of the public on a daily basis. Much of the work I do personally has these broad effects because it pertains to the development and infrastructure that the citizens of Virginia and other states use daily. I am currently working on a roadway expansion project where my expertise is used to log the soils and rock beneath the roadway. It is essential to do this correctly because the engineered design of the roadway is directly impacted, which directly impacts public safety. 

Another essential component of my work is rock slope stability analysis. To complete these analyses, I undertake in geological mapping of a steep rock slope to map the discontinuities on the slope to determine the risk of failure. If failure occurs, human lives, infrastructure and buildings beneath the rock slope are at grave risk of irreparable damage. It is essential to have the expertise of a licensed professional examine these slopes and stamp the projects after completion to ensure that a regulated professional has done the work correctly and properly. 

The regulated licensure of geologists is essential to the public safety and welfare of the citizens of Virginia. It ensures the success of businesses by reducing liability as well as providing a legal certification for the employees to lean on when completing relevant work. It also ensures that geologists understand the fundamental methods and topics in our field which are absolutely crucial to complete our work correctly.

Overall, I strongly believe in the licensure program Virginia has for geologists. I believe firmly that it must remain in place to help ensure the public safety and welfare of our citizens, as well as the many businesses who hire geologists and the businesses whose welfare is affected by geological work on a daily basis.  

Thank you for considering my comment and I hope to see that the licensure program for geologists in Virginia remains in place. 

My sincere appreciation,

Noah Fleischer

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