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3/20/23  10:30 am
Commenter: Anonymous

This policy violates Olmstead - does VA care at all?

Rural Virginians have very few options for aides or agencies, if we have any at all.  By enacting this policy, you will force rural Virginians who are disabled into group homes and hospitals, taking away their community living option of choice - to be with family who they love and leave the support networks that they have put in place to help them.  How is this not a violation of the Olmstead Act?  Forcing the disabled to do things they don’t want to do by enacting policy is not choice.  At this point, Virginia needs to stop hiding behind the false shields it’s creating and understand that we see exactly what this is - ableist and discriminatory policy geared towards penalizing parents who are already in very difficult situations trying to provide care when there are no other providers by limiting their employment with their child which is the only option to provide care and institutionalizing children who the state seems to want to throw away instead of providing actual options for community living and involvement.  Every month we have these public comments it seems, and every month another decision is made essentially ignoring everything that is said.  The bottom line is that the state will never care for these kids like the families that have given everything they have to do so, and the state is failing the disabled community again if they follow through with this decision.  Stop treating the disabled and their families as though they are second class citizens.

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